Lexi Luna Video Interview

Lexi Luna Video Chat with Javi Mac at the 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Lexi Luna reveals her puzzle fetish! and shows us recent releases — Two Broke Sluts (with a lot of sexy firsts,) My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend 26 (with JMac,) and an array of blowjob videos.

Thanks to the Javi Mac for two years of AVN Expo Porn Star Video Interviews!

A few Lexi Luna quotes from the video:

“Family Therapy… opened my eyes to the fetish and the taboo. So now it’s a lot of what I do… The family dynamic, stepmother stepson… I like the nurturing part of that but also playing the strong female lead.”

“I am nothing without my fans. They have already won my heart just by being my fan.”

“I love working with Lauren Phillips… She’s a joy and a delight. I always learn something new from her.”

Lexi Luna Video InterviewPhoto by @seandps. See more Adult Expo photos #ADTatAVN.

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  1. i wish you had some of us on hear they all white girls

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