Layla Price: Not The Retiring Type!

Captain Jack Interviews Layla Price

Layla is a bubbly blonde with a great look about her. All natural, this babe has curves in all the right places. There was an unfortunate rumor going around Twitter that I thought we should clear up and that’s how we started this interview.

Layla Price

Captain Jack: First off, I have to start about that crazy rumor last week. They said you were retired!

Layla Price: I had an agent for the last couple years and I fired him a week before AVN. Since then, I’ve been booking myself. A week ago, I shot for a director and when I got to set, he said, ‘I thought you quit the business!’ I asked, ‘Who the hell told you that?’ It turned out to be my old agent and it turns out he was trying to book me for months. I tried to be nice but I had to make a point and put it out on Twitter. I don’t know how many people he had told that I had retired!

CJ: OK, let’s get right into it, you’ve done a couple double anals and a couple double vags. How was it? How did they feel?

Layla: Oh my God! I loved it! It was fucking amazing! I love double anal and I love double vag…it was just fucking incredible!

CJ: Is there anything else like that coming up?

Layla: I haven’t done double anal in a long time. The last one I did was for William H. and it was with Erik Everhard and Mr. Pete. I haven’t been booked for it yet but hopefully I will be again because I love doing those.

CJ: You told me 2 years ago that your family didn’t know what you did for a living. Now that you’re a bigger name, are they still in the dark?.

Layla: Yeah, they just found out about a month ago. My sister sent them a video and I know it was my sister because she sent me a gift off my Amazon Wish List and there was a note from her saying she wanted to check in and see how I was. I didn’t respond back to her so I think she got pissed off and sent the video to my mom. My mom freaked out and we’re not talking right now. I think I’ll give her a call in the next couple of weeks when Mother’s Day rolls around.

CJ: Now that you’re established, if anyone doesn’t know who you are, what would you recommend as the ultimate Layla Price scene or scenes?

Layla: A DP scene. DP is my favorite sex act. I have a lot of favorites so it’s hard for me to pick one but I would suggest Manuel DP’s Them All 2 with Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes; Big Wet Asses 24 with Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar and that one had double anal in it; DP My Wife With Me 8 with Erik Everhard and James Deen and Asshole Explorations with Erik and Mr. Pete. Those were all fucking great scenes.

Layla Price

CJ: Who are your favorite performers to work with?

Layla: For guys, I love Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara and Ramon. As far as girls, Kelsi Monroe and Sarah Shevon but they both quit, unfortunately.

CJ: Is there anyone out there that you would love to work with but haven’t had a chance to yet?

Layla: There are a few people that I would love to work with. I don’t want to name names because I don’t want to jinx it but there’s a ton of people I would love to work with but haven’t had a chance to yet.

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant and is it different with men than with women?

Layla: I’m a switch however, I would rather be submissive with a man. With women, I can either be dominant or submissive.

CJ: Did you watch porn before you joined the industry?

Layla: Oh yeah.

CJ: What was your favorite genre?

Layla: I watched a little bit of everything, to be honest with you.

CJ: Do you have any “go to” stars when you want to get off a quickie?

Layla: If I was to watch porn before I got into the business, I would always watch girls that resembled me so that I could fantasize that it was me in the video instead of that girl.

CJ: I have to ask, you have a very nice rack, what size are those babies?

Layla: They actually grew over the last couple of years. I’m a 34 DD now.

CJ: And perfectly natural!

Layla: Yes. It’s weird because when I got into the business, I was a medium D or large C and now I’m a double D! I just got measured and I was like ‘Holy shit!’ I don’t know if it’s from guys smacking my tits around or what but I’m happy!

Layla Price

CJ: What about your ass? Have you ever gotten your ass measured?

Layla: Yes, it’s 42” but it fluctuates from anywhere from 39-42”. My weight goes up and down so it just depends.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Layla: I was at a swinger’s club and I did a 20-guy gangbang!

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Layla: I would to do more gangbangs and more double anal and double vag scenes but there’s one scene in particular I want to do. I want to do a double anal scene with Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes. We almost did a double anal. I did a DP with them and we were almost going to do double anal. I really wanted it to happen but, for some reason, I was really tight that day so we decided not to do it.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Layla before her first scene, what would you tell her?

Layla: Not really, I would do it all over again. The only thing I would make sure of is to get a good agent. The ones I had, oh boy… (laughs)

CJ: Are you still repping yourself or do you have another agent?

Layla: I’m still repping myself however, I will be going with another agent real soon. I will be making an announcement in the next couple of weeks. I can’t say who yet because I don’t want to spoil it.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Layla: There’s tons of stuff I never thought I’d do or be willing to do.

Layla Price

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Layla: I like to smoke weed, I like to work out, I like to go to the beach, I like to travel…just the typical 24-year old girl.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Layla: Mainly rap, that’s what I listen to.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Layla: My favorite movie of all time is Eight Crazy Nights with Adam Sandler. It’s fucking hilarious. I also like, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Layla: South Park.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Layla: Everything!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Layla: My Twitter is @LaylaPricexoxo

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Layla Price

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  1. Hey jack. . What happened to kiera king? Can you find her out?

  2. If a girl retires, she usually doesn’t want to be found out so, no.

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