Kenzie Reeves Video Interview

Kenzie Reeves Video Chat with Javi Mac at the 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Kenzie Reeves tells us about getting into anal, her hoeyest hoe moment, and her supportive family.

Thanks to the Javi Mac for two years of AVN Expo Porn Star Video Interviews!

A few Kenzie Reeves quotes from the video:

“I’m gross. I like it really really nasty and dirty.”

“Growing up Mormon, nothing is allowed in this hole.. I was afraid of putting anything in my vagina… It was anal and bj all the way.”

“I’ve reached full orgasm just from giving head… giving pleasure gets me off.”

“I want to fuck as many people as possible. I want that strange dick. I like new dick and new pussy.”

Kenzie Reeves Video Interview

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