Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Kelly Klaymour

Wendy Williams interviews Kelly Klaymour

Kelly Klaymour is a Kansas City native, born and raised in the wholesome Midwestern USA. Her plunge into the world of Adult Entertainment began in late November of 2013..and she’s been making her mark in the TS Industry ever since!

Kelly Klaymour

When did you start identifying as a Transsexual Woman?

I had always experienced dysphoria for as long as I can remember, but when puberty(the first one) hit, it became crystal clear. Also, I don’t identify as trans, but rather as female.

When did you start transitioning and how did your circle of friends and family handle or deal with it?

I started transition a few months after my 18th birthday when I was legally able. It took a roadtrip from Kansas City, MO to New Hope, PA in order to get the prescriptions for HRT.

When growing up what type of Porn did you watch and do you remember the first time or what you watched?

The first time I remember seeing porn, was in the 6th grade. One of my friends had stolen his dad’s Playboy and cut out the pictures. We taped them to the inside of the pages of a paperback book and would pass the book around during recess. Over the next couple of years I would sometimes set my TV to turn on around 2am to watch whatever was playing on the Skin-e-max(Cinemax) channel. I remember liking Planet of the Babes and Lord of the G-Strings. All throughout highschool and up until about a year ago, I can honestly say I never watched porn.

How do you define your sexuality or attractions?

I define my sexuality as Lesbian with a preference for Natal-born women, or Post-op transwomen.

What made you decide to get into Porn? How long have you been doing it?

I got into porn to have the chance at raising the money for SRS. It was a seemingly impossible goal to reach when I was working dead-end customer service jobs. I’m still not any closer to my goal, but I’m hopeful. I did my first solo almost exactly a year ago! Towards the end of November, 2013.

Kelly Klaymour

Describe for us and with whom your first Porn scene?

My first scene was for Deviant Entertainment, and my scene partner was Chad Diamond. Both the Director (Michael Adam) and Chad were very kind to me, and made my nerve-wrecking first scene completely fine.

You have quickly become the “IT” girl of Transsexual Porn, what makes Kelly Klaymour so popular?

I’m completely flattered by this! I certainly don’t consider myself anything special, though I have been very fortunate in the amount of support and castings I have received! As for social media, I’ve been told many times that people admire my honesty and down-to-earthness. As far as my scenes go, I often hear about my size, so I’m guessing that the pole plays a role hahah.

In 2014 alone you have 6 DVD releases, which of those DVD’s stand out as some of your favorite scenes , producers or companies to work with?

I really, really hate to have to pick favourites! I’ve had so many wonderful scenes and interactions with producers. Rain DeGrey (Best sex of my life, caught on camera!) on The Next Shemale Idol #9, Tinslee Reagan (Wildly sexually radiant!) for American Shemale X #6. Since both of those were filmed by Joey Silvera, I suppose some praise for him is well-deserved! Joey is always wonderfully kind. He sets up a little buffet of fruits and cookies, etc for us every time we shoot! He always hires the best makeup artists, too. The makeup, comfortable environment, and his elite photography skills really pull the scenes together into something wonderful.

You received 2 Nominations for the TEA Awards and 2 for AVN Awards, how does it feel to be recognized and receive this nominations? Which was most surprising?

It feels amazing to have these nominations! Never had I thought I’d be here a year ago when I was just starting out. I still don’t feel like I really know what I’m doing, but this makes me feel like I’m doing something right! The most surprising was being nominated for TEA hardcore performer, and AVN transsexual performer. As far as I’ve pigeon-holed myself in this industry, I never expected to have an “Overall” type nomination. Especially from 2 different awards shows!

What things do you wish to make happen as a Transsexual PornStar?

Honestly, I strive to stay neutral with my platform. I treat this as any other business, so I try my best to keep any potentially risky opinions out of the public’s eyes.

Kelly Klaymour

What are some things that you didn’t expect and or perceive about the Adult Industry that you know notice or perceive?

I think the first time I went to work for completely opened my eyes. Here I was, brand new and very nervous, hanging out with 6-8 recognizable pornstars in the Greenroom waiting for our turns in makeup. Everyone was so down to earth and *normal*. That experience took my own flawed perspective and put it in check, that, people in porn are completely regular and very fun!

What social media sites can fans find you on?

I am on Twitter mainly, but I also have accounts on Facebook, Tumblr, Fetlife and I offer a paid Snapchat membership.

Are there any female, male or TG models you would like to work with and why?

Of the girls that I know work with TS, the following are on my list:
Kara Price, Mona Wales, Jeze Belle, Ella Nova, Daisy Ducatti, Katrina Zova, Holly Heart, Amber Chase.
There are many more, but I’m unsure if they work with TS.

Any upcoming projects or shoots you would like to share with us?

So far the schedule is empty! I’ve got 3 tentative scenes planned, but they’ve been in limbo for quite some time now. I’ve been hustling the webcam shows to try to raise money to produce my own hardcore this month also, I hope to make it happen! My solo clips have gone over well, and I want to venture into the huge budget and endeavour of hiring talent to see if it pans out.

What things would you like to plug and or leave your fans with?

I have to plug my website: My friends with the SOTW Podcast back home in KC (, Slimfast and Lazlo of 96.5 KRBZ for my first interview’s signal boost, Aiden Starr for landing me my first hardcore, Blackula&Frank for getting my out to the TEAs last year and getting to meet everyone!

Fans, I love you all! I couldn’t keep getting to work the best job ever without your support! Thank you<3Kelly Klaymour

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Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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  1. dear Kelly,
    I think you are really beautiful! you are the best looking ts ive ever seen. I would love to meet you and get to know u better. I know this may be a long shot but its worth a try. I would love to do a scene with you!

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