Kayden Kross Interview

Keith Mason Interviews Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross

Let’s start at the beginning: How did you initially become interested – and later involved – in the adult industry ? Is it a true story that all started for a pony ?

Kayden Kross: It’s true that I came in the first day for a pony. I stayed for less noble reasons. I didn’t think I’d take to stripping as well as I did. Porn came about two years later.

Where did you grow up ? What was that like ?

Kayden Kross: I grew up in the foothills outside of Sacramento. It’s like I imagine Steinbeck country probably is, minus the high incidence of meth use and strange misuse of the word “seen”. I had a horse and a goat. I loved them dearly.

For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies – adult or mainstream –they should see. Can you tell us a bit about your experience filming each of these movies: Code of Honor, Fighters, Top Guns and Body Heat ?

Kayden Kross: “Body Heat” was my favorite of the big budget movies we did. Of the smaller budget movies, I loved “The Smiths” most. They were shot around the same time. It may have been my peak.

What makes for a good day on the set of an adult movie shoot ?

Kayden Kross: A good day on set doesn’t start before the sun rises and also ends before it rises again. It also features an awesome caterer and always always features the talent one ideally wants to work with. And cookie butter. The caterer should provide cookie butter.

Any interesting or humorous stories you can share ?

Kayden Kross: I have plenty of humorous stories but they are all incriminating and probably exactly the sort of thing Cal OSHA would like to get its hands on. If you think it’s happened, it’s probably happened.

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try ?

Kayden Kross: I think tantric sex is something that everyone should try once. Finding the partner who would try it, though, is not easy.

Do you enjoy the acting element of performing in adult movies ?

Kayden Kross: I do enjoy the acting. I remember on my first set it was the thing I was most afraid of. I thought they’d see me try to deliver lines and fire me on the spot. Turns out porn doesn’t care… or at least the acting element is not a make or break thing.

Kayden Kross

Were you always aware of your sexuality ?

Kayden Kross: I was hyper sexual and mostly perverted from a pretty young age. I got dumped twice for wanting too much sex. When I was seventeen I actually had a boyfriend who asked if we could maybe just try talking once.

Were you more comfortable in front of the camera than you thought you’d be ?

Kayden Kross: I am far more comfortable in front of the camera than I expected I’d be. Somehow it has made me more insecure though. Feel free to analyze that.

Are you interested in pursuing further mainstream opportunities?

Kayden Kross: As far as mainstream opportunities go, I take them as they come. I don’t pursue it to any great length but I enjoy the work I’m able to do. I actually have another indie movie coming up in a couple of weeks.

What do you do in your leisure time to feed your soul and to enjoy life ? Does it include writing ? When did you first develop a passion for it ?

Kayden Kross: Writing is absolutely it. That started for me around age twelve, I think. I’d like to think my end goal is to eventually spend all of my time pursuing writing but I always manage to take on more distractions rather than fewer.

Do you watch any mainstream movies and do you read any books ? Do have a favorite genre ? What about zombie movies, do you like watching The Walking Dead TV series ?

Kayden Kross: I read constantly. I love Steinbeck and most of the great American novels. I love Cormac McCarthy. David Foster Wallace is on the level of some sort of deity for me at this point. Zombie movies no. Manuel watches Walking Dead and I sort of cover my eyes and skitter past when it’s on. I can’t handle things jumping out.

Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention ?

Kayden Kross: My fleshlight and website (clubkayden.com) are always in the works! And then there’s my blog — unkrossed.com — I like to think I put a fair amount of effort into it.

Oh, and my first anal scene in this decade is releasing through Evil Angel for Manuel Ferrara’s “Evil Anal 22” in June. I hear it’s good.

Kayden Kross

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