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Captain Jack Interviews Karla Kush

I will admit, I have a little crush on Karla. I think she is absolutely gorgeous with a great body. She’s also a very nice girl who I had a chance to talk to quite a bit in Vegas at the recent AEE. I first talked to Karla back in 2014 and it was long past due for a follow-up. We had a wide-ranging chat. Enjoy!

Karla Kush

Captain Jack: I have really been impressed with your performances. You are just outstanding. You appear in a lot of New Sensations taboo fantasies playing a sister or a daughter. How do you like playing those roles?

Karla Kush: I just feel like everyone’s doing that a lot because it’s the trendy thing in porn right now. I don’t really think about it because I’ve done so much of it now. That’s just the plot and it doesn’t have anything to do with me or my performance. It might have to do with the dialogue but that’s as far as I let it intrude into my brain. It’s not hot to me. I think the only thing that’s kind of hot to me, I think I told you in our last interview, I hooked up with my stepbrother years ago and that was hot. So I guess that’s the one thing of incest that I find hot! But the whole stepdad or stepmom thing is a little creepy. (laughs)

CJ: Actually, you didn’t tell me that. About a week after our interview, I heard about your stepbrother in a BTS segment. So you have to tell me the story!

Karla: Really? I feel like I tell it every time! I’ll tell it again, though, for the record! Basically, he and I didn’t grow up together, he is my stepdad’s wife’s son but they stayed super involved in my life so I saw him 5 times a year from the time I was 8. I always had a crush on him; I thought he was super cute but he was kind of my brother too so it was kind of weird. I just accepted it and went on. It was right before I started in porn so I was like 22. I was in my hometown of Vegas staying at my family’s house. He was supposed to go out but then changed his mind. So we were hanging out and he was drinking and I was smoking. One thing led to another and I said, “Well, I’m in a relationship but it’s an open relationship! “Oh that’s interesting,” and the next thing you know, we’re making out. (laughs) His mom and my stepdad came home in the middle of all that all drunk and interrupted us. We passed it off as we didn’t know what we were doing. They went up to bed and we jumped right back on each other and we ended up having sex! All night! Like 1000 times! I never had a guy fuck me so many times!

CJ: Was that the only time you hooked up?

Karla: Yup, that was it. One time. He treated me really weird after that. I think it made him uncomfortable.

Karla Kush

CJ: Have you been in any other inappropriate relationships?

Karla: The only other thing I ever did that was like that was when I was barely underage, I was working at a clothing store and my manger, who was in his mid-20s, decided to take a liking to me. He was alright but he was the man in charge. I remember one day he told me to meet him in a back room. I forget how he convinced me but he convinced me to grab his dick. I did it too! I reached into his pants and grabbed his dick and then I got all freaked out and ran out of the backroom so that was that.

CJ: For my money, you have one of the best bodies in the industry. Do you follow any special workout routines?

Karla: That’s makes me feel so nice that you say that. No, not really. I always heard that your diet is a big part of it. You can not even work out very much if your diet is a certain way. I think that’s probably what it is. I’ve been a vegan for a while. Not totally, I still eat eggs but I’ve been a vegan since I was 18, so 7 years now. I’m strict about it. I don’t go off of it because I get sick if I eat meat or something like that. I think that helps. Always eating fruits and vegetables and not much of anything else. People on set are always making fun of me because I’m like a traveling grocery store, the produce section. I have like 10 apples and oranges and bananas and broccoli and I’m just filling up on fruits and vegetables all day long. And, then, I do like to hike. I do yoga so I’m naturally active but I think it’s mostly my diet.

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Karla: It’s pretty simple really. I was Sweet Kush when I was performing as a webcam girl. I would go to these fetish parties and try to figure out these other camgirls secrets. I wasn’t a very good camgirl. (laughs) One girl told me that I needed a name, a real name. Sweet’s not really a name. I went home and looked at baby books. I thought of a bunch of really cool, unique names and I just stumbled across ‘Karla’. That’s not a weird or unique or exotic name but I had an aunt named Karla who I really liked and I always thought the name was cute. It was simple and sexy and kind of the girl-next-door sounding but not too much and that was pretty much it.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Karla wet?

Karla: I really like dirty talk but it has to be good dirty talk. There’s a certain type that’s good and a certain type that’s bad; I guess everybody has their preference. I like to be submissive but not super submissive. I really like to be fucked in doggie style with my hair pulled, that’s my favorite position. That’s the way I feel sexiest and the way I get the most turned on. I like to be submissive with guys but with girls I like to be dominant. With a girl, I get really turned on if she lets me do whatever I want.

Karla Kush

CJ: Did you watch porn before you got into the industry?

Karla: A little bit but not too much. I joked about this but I was really not a huge fan of porn before I got into it. I had a lot of misconceptions about it. I didn’t think of the performers as actors, I thought that porno is just something you do randomly and then, every once in a while, there’s a star like Jenna Jameson. I always just thought it was these random people making bad decisions and then they go back to their regular lives. (laughs) I was all freaked out about STD’s and I was like the rest of the population and totally misinformed about porn. I had this love/hate, judgmental relationship with it. What I did watch, what I could get off to, is I would watch lesbian porn but I would also watch gay porn, guy-on-gut stuff. I liked seeing things where it looked like both people were 100% into it. When you watch lesbian porn, you can tell when both girls are into it and when you watch gay porn, the guys are really into it. It was hard for me to find boy/girl scenes where the girl was really, really into it. Now I know better, I know what to look for. Back then, I didn’t really know what to look for. I thought boy/girl porn was this weird, abusive, unhappy thing.

CJ: We touched on this last time but if you that it was people making bad decisions, STDs running rampant, abusive…why did you get into it?

Karla: I was concerned about it. I had done webcamming for about 6 months before that. On Twitter, I was becoming more aware of porn girls but I was interested in reading their Tweets and a lot of them spoke out about issues in the industry and out of the industry so I gained more respect. When I flew out to Florida for my first scene, I was speaking to my agent at the time and she was explaining the process to me. She told me how legitimate it was… we’re going to fly you out, we’re going to put in this place, we’re going to get you photos and tested and here’s who you’re working with. It all became clear that it’s all regimented and clear and organized. As soon as I saw that, I said, ‘Oh, I was wrong.’ And I was able to accept that I was wrong.

CJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Karla: (laughs) Not really. Obviously, if it’s really small, that’s not good. I think the average vaginal canal is only 6 or 7 inches deep and as long as they can meet that requirement, that’s all that matters to me. Honestly, I would prefer a more normal sized guy in my day-to-day life just because I don’t want to be sore all the time. I’ve dated guys that were really big and I was sore all the time. He’d go, ‘Man, I want to fuck you!’ and I’d be hurting!

Karla Kush

CJ: You just did your first anal scene. How did you like it?

Karla: It was really intense. Honestly, my first wasn’t as difficult as my second, which sounds weird. My first one was with Criss Strokes and my second one was with Manuel. Manuel vs. Criss is a total difference. And the scene was supposed to be a boy/girl/girl, and it was, but I didn’t realize it was a complete showcase of me. So I got 3 positions and Zoey (Monroe) only got one. Zoey is a really extreme anal performer and I was completely inexperienced so she helped me through it. But it was tough, for sure.

CJ: Are you going to continue to do it?

Karla: I am. I’m actually extending my contract with Tushy and Blacked for now. So all my IR anal will be with them but I’m going to continue doing them.

CJ: Someone on the ADT forums has said that you have said publicly that you prefer women to men and implied that you’re straight for pay. Is that true?

Karla: (laughs) Who said that?? (laughs) That’s funny! I like that I come off that way. (laughs) I would rather be straight for pay rather than gay for pay, that’s for sure. I don’t know where he’s drawing that from, maybe he’s taking it from the energy in my scenes or misinterpreting something I said. If it is from just looking at my scenes I can see why someone would think that because I’m soooo passionate. I’m passionate in all my scenes but in my girl/girl scenes, I just fall in love with the girl and make love to them. I hold them like they’re my woman. I can see how a guy would say, ‘Oh, that girl’s gay.’ I had this phase when I was 20 when I dated only girls but I’m definitely not a lesbian. I think that’s an insult to lesbians. (laughs)

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?

Karla: At some point, I would really like to get into playing more of a domintrix. There’s a few Kink dominitrixes that I just look up to and adore. I would really like to do some domming on a girl or a few girls. I don’t have much interest in domming a guy. I’d do it but I’d really like to become more of a domintrix and be able to do a lot of stuff.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Karla: He has to be ok with my job. Actually, the guy I’m with right now, that was the main thing that made me fall for him. He realized it was just a job so that’s important. Someone who’s a stoner like me. Someone who likes to be outside and go out into nature with me. And someone who is health orientated like me. I can’t be with someone who eats junk food because I would just judge them. (laughs)

Karla Kush

CJ: What do you look for in a girl off camera? Or is it the same thing?

Karla; Pretty much. It’s hard to find a woman. I was on Tinder for a long time last year trying to find girls that were ok with what I do. It was really difficult. It’s tough to find a girl who’s open minded about porn which I get because I used to be that way too. (laughs)

CJ: SeanDPS wants to know what are some of your favorite movies?

Karla: This is a random one but I was just watching Metropolis on Netflix. It’s from 1927. It’s super freaky, ahead of its time. It’s like CGI but it’s not, it’s their own version of CGI. There’s demonic robots and really cool scenes and concepts. They breakdown the unfairness of the separation of the classes. I like weird movies, I like foreign cinema. I don’t watch any dramas, I pretty much only watch comedies and documentaries. I love old foreign films.

CJ: I’ll have to check out Metropolis.

Karla: Honestly, if you can, if you can watch it on your computer because there’s a version online that has remastered music. Like electronica music but it goes with the whole movie. It’s bad ass.

CJ: If there was going to be a Karla Kush Award, what would it be for?

Karla: Best Scene While Baked. (laughs) That’s not good because we’re all supposed to certify that we’re not under the influence of drugs or alcohol—and we’re not—but I am always stoned, I’m not going to lie.

CJ: What do you hope to cross off your bucket list this year?

Karla: I don’t really have a bucket list. I do want to get a cool bus and travel around and visit different farms. I do want to learn how to sustainably farm and grow my own food. I want to learn how to be more self-sufficient.

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you most like to fuck?

Karla: That’s hard. They’re probably all old ones. Can they be dead? A guy would be Hunter S. Thompson. I just love him so much. Girl would be Amelia Earhart, someone weird like that so I could learn her secrets. (laughs)

CJ: If you could pick one Kardashian to bob for french fries in hot grease, who would you pick?

Karla: That would have to be Kim, right?

CJ: Ron Jeremy, yes or no?

Karla: (laughs) He exists, so yes.

CJ: Would you fuck him?

Karla: Absolutely not.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Karla: On Twitter, I’m @KarlaKush420.  I also have a couple content sites www.mygirlfund.com/SweetKush and extralunchmoney.com/user/SweetKush

Karla Kush

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