Johnny and Kissa Have A Very Sinful Life

Captain Jack Interviews Johnny Sins and Kissa Sins

I recently talked to Kissa Sins for the second time and, to my surprise, Johnny Sins was with her. Johnny doesn’t do many interviews so I was happy to get him on the line! They are about to launch a new reality venture so I wanted to find out about it. We then talked about a few other things for a nice conversation.

Johnny and Kissa Sins

Captain Jack: Tell me about your new website?

Kissa Sins: We have a current website. It was our little baby and it was just for fun. There were videos on there but it was nothing serious. We’re taking it to the next level and launching It’s basically a production company now. We’ll film different girls. We just went to LA and filmed August Ames, Karmen Karma, Nina Elle, Dani Daniels and Abigail Mac. We’re also going to feature reality porn as part of our website. The first trip we’re taking is going to be in Mexico. It’s at an undisclosed location in Mexico but it’s on the Caribbean side, on the pretty side. We’re taking Veronica Rodriguez and Morgan Lee. We’re going to be shooting from the day before they come. They’ll be shooting in their bedroom, packing their bags and getting ready for the trip. And we won’t stop rolling until we get off the airplane at home. So for 5 days, 4 nights, we’ll be doing a reality porn series. It’s never been done before, we think it’ll be really fun.

CJ: So fans can go on the website at any time of the day and see what’s happening at that exact moment?

Kissa: We are going to do live streams, yes. I don’t know how many sex scenes will come out of it and some of it will be reality. It’ll all be on DVD eventually.

Johnny Sins: We’re going to do games and competitions, just like a real reality show.

CJ: Say someone logs in at 10 at night but you had sex at noon. Can they go back and look at the archives?

Kissa; Yes, the sex scenes won’t come out until we’re home and we edit it. They’ll be nice productions. Chris Streams will be shooting it. We have a good chemistry with Chris in the way that we start the scene and he does not stop shooting until the end. The live streams will be little live shows and everything will be archived. You can watch them whenever or tune in live.

CJ: Will Johnny be the only male talent involved?

Kissa: Yes.

Johnny: Lucky for me. (laughs)

Kissa: Asshole. (laughs)

Sina TV

CJ: Kissa, the first time we talked, you told me that you only perform with Johnny. Is that still the case?

Kissa: Yes, he’s the only male talent I work with. I haven’t performed with another guy and I don’t see myself doing it. He’s my stunt cock.

CJ: He could be called worse!

Johnny: I’ll take that as a compliment.

Kissa: I can get as much pussy as I want so I’m happy with one nice, beautiful penis.

CJ: When is it launching?

Kissa: It’ll go live this week.

CJ: How much does a membership cost?

Kissa: A membership will be $29.99 for a month and there will be a discount for 6 months or a year. The website is not only porn, it’ll be our entire lives. It’s a reality porn website. We did “A Day In The Life” where we start the camera when we first wake up and don’t stop it until the end of the day. We’re going to put our recipes and our fitness stuff. A bunch of BTS.

Johnny: We shoot BTS of pretty much every scene we’ve done. Boy/girl/girl, everything.

Kissa: And some old Johnny throwbacks from when Johnny first started in the industry.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry now, Johnny?

Johnny: I’ve been in a little over 10 years now. I started in 2006.

CJ: So you’re going to be like the Kardashians of porn!

Kissa: Yeah, hopefully! Only my ass is real! (laughs)

Johnny and Kissa Sins

CJ: Is there anything else we should know about the website?

Kissa: Our merchandise will link form our website as well.

CJ: Are you going to incorporate your current website into the new one? Or is it two separate entities?

Kissa: It’ll all be one. All the scenes from our old website will be on the new site. The new site is really nice and functions really well.

CJ: When do you head off for Mexico?

Kissa: At the beginning of May. Johnny and I go on May 2 and the girls will go a week after us. We’re going to be doing our own stuff at first and then they’ll come for a week.

CJ: When we first talked, you hadn’t even shot your first scene yet and you said anal might be coming down the line. Are you going to do anal for the website?

Kissa: I have not done anal yet but I will do it for our website. I love anal so I’m very excited for that.

Johnny: Everyone’s waiting for that one!

CJ: Kissa, did you watch porn before you got into it?

Kissa: Yeah, I’ve always loved porn. I think the first porno I watched was when I was 10 or 11 and it was a Seymour Butts video. I’ve been hooked ever since.

CJ: What was your favorite genre.

Kissa: It’s been a transformation over the years. At first, it was threesomes, two girls and one guy. Then it was gangbangs a year ago and now I’m really into blowjob porn.

Johnny and Kissa Sins

CJ: Johnny, did you have any favorite stars?

Johnny: I never really was that into porn that I knew people’s names. But I worked with a few people that I was definitely a fan of. I don’t want to say who. You build it up a lot bigger in your mind a lot better than it is. When you finally get to work with them, it’s kind of disappointing.

CJ: How is your sex life different off camera than on?

Kissa: I think it’s better off-camera.

Johnny: Sometimes we do record our sex life at home.

Kissa: Our voyeur type videos that are also on the website, I cum a lot harder in those. We’re not trying to open up to the camera and we don’t have to cut all the time. It gets so intense in those moments. We’re just into each other. Those are cooler but they’re also recorded.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Kissa: I’ve learned a lot. My sexuality has completely changed. Even when I watch our first home videos of me sucking dick, I was so bad at it. I’ve changed a lot sexuality and I feel it growing. I’ve learned a million things.

Johnny: It’s the same for me. I was very shy growing up. I got laid pretty often but nothing crazy. I never did anal before porn; I never had a threesome before porn. A lot of new experiences because of porn.

Johnny and Kissa Sins

CJ: Johnny, how did you get into the industry? It’s every guy’s dream but I know it’s harder than it looks!

Johnny: I always watched porn and there was a girl I went to high school with, Alexis Monroe, that always came back to my college. We hooked up and she told me to come out to LA to do porn. She thought I was perfect for it. At the time, I was 21 and in college so I didn’t even think about it. I graduated and I was working in construction. I was hating life, working 6 days a week and it was always in the back of my mind. I figured it was now or never so I quit my job, moved to LA and started answering ads on Craig’s List and Sexy Jobs and wherever. I eventually got in. I started doing the Kick Ass 10-Man Blowbangs and worked my way up from there.

CJ: What celebrity would you most like to fuck?

Kissa: It used to be Vin Diesel but right now it’s The Rock. There are so many girls that I would like to fuck!

Johnny: I like the fitness girls like Paige Hathaway. She’s a competitive fitness girl.

Kissa: I think I would take The Rock and Jen Selter for a threesome.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Kissa: On Twitter, I’m @KissaSins and @JohnnySins. Instagram is @JohnnySins  and @CoyoteLovesYou. And the website is and

Kissa Sins

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Johnny and Kissa Sins

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