Captain Jack interviews Jodi West

At the recent Adult Expo in Las Vegas, I did a couple interviews with the girls at the Forbidden Fruits booth. I was quite taken with who I soon found out to be the owner of the company, Jodi. I didn’t know a thing about her before hand but I’m a sucker for beautiful women! LOL. I did some research and was quite impressed with her background. We set up a time to talk and I hope you enjoy!

Jodi West

Captain Jack: Tell me a little bit Jodi West.

Jodi West: I am a 48-year old mom. I have 2 grown children and they know what I do.

CJ: Going back even further, what was your childhood like?

Jodi: I was a tomboy, I have 3 brothers and was raised in a very, very religious household. Just normal childhood and normal upbringing. Got married in my early 20s and got divorced in my very early 40s. Have 2 wonderful children who are happy, healthy, well-adjusted and are in great relationships. I had a career in the real estate field. Retired and thought what do I want to do?

CJ: Going back to your high school days to the time you became a swinger, in between that, were you very sexually repressed? When was your first time?

Jodi: It was prom night and I was 18 when I lost my virginity. So, yes, I was very sexually repressed. I would grind myself against anything I could find and I didn’t know why. (laughs)

CJ: Did you ever go nuts during that time? From the time you lost your virginity, at any time did you sleep with a lot of guys?

Jodi: Oh yeah. Between my first marriage and my second marriage, I went absolutely nuts. I was determined that I would find someone who was sexually compatible with me and I did, I found that.

CJ: I assume you were with girls before the industry too?

Jodi: I had never been with a girl before my husband. He was obviously into girls and I said ‘Nooo, I don’t think so!’ Probably about 3 years before I got into web camming or anything in the adult industry, I had an opportunity to be with a girl and was completely blown away. I would say that I have been with far more women off-screen than on-screen.

CJ: How did you go from real estate to porn?

Jodi: Well I met my 2nd husband and he introduced me to the swinging lifestyle. I found out that I was an exhibitionist. I wondered why I did a lot of things and it really struck me when I found that out. We started camming just for fun on a swingers site with some folks. And they were just blown away and brought in some friends to watch. They suggested we start charging for it but we thought better of it at first because I was not done with real estate. Then the crash happened and I retired from real estate and started camming full time. We were on one website for a year, IMLive, and we killed it. We cammed every day for about an hour. That’s how we got in tune with people because we really listened to what they wanted. We did it for 200-some straight days. We loved it and made a great amount of money. Then we started making little video clips because we liked the creative aspects of it. We thought ‘this is way more fun!’ and we started doing that. My husband, Jay, never takes no for an answer and never leaves a door closed started inquiring about how do we make a movie? He found out it would take about $30,000. We figured we didn’t have any expertise and we would have to hire all the people. So he called his favorite company at the time, which was Vivid. They looked at our website and said we had a nice, clean look… no tattoos, we just looked like normal everyday people… and they thought we could do well with this. They thought we had the basics of it done and he said we need to get an agent, and he suggested a few, and that’s what we did. I shot for other companies for 3 months and he went with me on every shoot. We wrote down everything we could possibly find out about filming and we started filming.

Jodi West

CJ: Did you find that getting into the industry at a later date was more advantageous than getting in when you were 18?

Jodi: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I was already in my 40s. I had already had my kids. I didn’t really have to explain something that I had done, I was going to explain something that I was going to do. So I could make a decision based on the kids opinions. We had done webcamming without them knowing about it but we were on the precipice. We could either go screaming forward and really be successful or halt and just do what we were doing. We sat down with my daughter who at the time was 20 and we prefaced it by telling her we were going to tell her some things and she’d be shocked. She braced herself and we told her and she said, ‘That’s so fucking awesome!’ And then she told her brother, who wasn’t the greatest with it but we never changed as people so they loved us and we just went forward with it. To me, having the kids and then having the porn career was good. I had already made the choice of what I was going to do and I wasn’t going to go into another field where someone would find out I did porn and it wouldn’t affect me. It wasn’t going to be a liability for me.

CJ: You said you shot for other companies for 3 months and then you made your own movie. Is that how Forbidden Fruits got started?

Jodi: We made clips for a couple of years for Clips4Sale and we listened to everything that people told us and requested. We were still camming, although we don’t do that anymore. Before that, for about 2 years, we made clips. We made handjob clips, we made blowjob clips and then we started into MILF’s and the whole fantasy family type of thing. At the time, when I was still filming for other people, we were in California picking up some stuff from Pulse Distribution. We were in a parking lot, asking directions, and we happened to meet Howard Levine who at the time was with Vivid. We told him we were going home to make some movies. He shot, produced, edited and he told us don’t shoot for anybody else, to make out own content. We told him that’s what we wanted to do and he told us to come back and talk to him when we had 200 scenes. We came back to him when we had 400 scenes. You never know who you’re going to talk to or who you’re going to meet and how they’ll influence your life. So Forbidden Fruits Films only started about a year-and-a-half ago.

CJ: Forbidden deals with a lot of taboo subjects, how do you come up with the storylines?

Jodi: We don’t do incest, we do a lot of blended family stuff…stepmothers and stepsons, stuff like that. They’re extended families and a lot of storylines come from some of the swingers we hung out with. That’s how we got the ideas. People would tell us things and being my age and background, playing the role of a mother, a woman of that age, who would have a child who has a friend who wants to fuck his mom. It was just a natural thing for me. And the taboo nature of the blended family just wasn’t being done. We just decided to explore the niche and we did a lot of research on it and started doing movies.

CJ: One thing I always wondered about, 30 years ago, one of the most popular and infamous titles was Taboo, which released many volumes in which mothers were with sons, fathers with daughters, etc. Now, if someone releases an incestuous themed title, it’s always a stepmother or something like that. Was there a law passed that you can’t depict direct family members having sex?

Jodi: Obviously it’s illegal to film actual incest. But the depiction of it is not. It’s just one of those lines that, for me, is one of those lines that I will not cross. There are a lot of people who do cross that line. We always film from the position of a ‘step’ and whatever the viewer wants to fill in is up to them.

CJ: Do you find it tougher to shoot down in Florida rather than porn valley?

Jodi: There’s a lot of new people here in Florida. The new energy is great. One of our problems is that there is virtually no male talent down here. They are all sucked up by BangBros who shoot every day. They keep the guys very, very busy. And the genre we do, we need a certain age group. So it’s kind of hard to put a 40-year old guy in there that’s supposed to be your stepson, that just doesn’t work. We do have a difficulty with that so we are actually going to start filming about 60% of our content in Vegas. Probably around May.

CJ: You have 3 titles released in February, but one I’m intrigued by is C yoU Next Tuesday #2. I obviously get the acronym, but what’s that title about?

Jodi: (laughs) It’s about a book club that meets on Tuesday nights. This is a catty group of women and you’d think they’d meet and complain about their husbands. They’re not. They’re having sex with each other because they’re not satisfied with their husbands.

CJ: You also have two other films coming out this month, Mother Son Secrets 3 and Virgin Manipulations, do you want to talk about them?

Jodi: Mother-Son Secrets 3 is about new mothers who just married to a man who is too old for them so they end up getting with their stepsons. Basically a blended family situation. And Virgin Manipulations is all about young girls getting fucked, not really their first times, but capturing their emotions behind their first time. Levi Cash is doing a great job for us. He’s a male talent that we had used and we’ve used him for about 2 years. He started directing some of his own stuff and we decided to bring him on. He’s been great!

CJ: What’s the dynamic with you and your husband when you’re making the movies…do you both perform, direct, produce…everything?

Jodi: Jay doesn’t perform in any of the films we do for Forbidden Fruits. He’s more valuable behind the camera than he is in front of the camera. I would say 90% of the photography is his. He is mostly behind the camera, holding the camera. We usually use two cameras and he’s on one of them. If I’m not in the scene, I’m on set on camera. If I’m in the scene, we either put it on a tripod or someone is on that camera. Sometimes we’ll even have the girls hold the camera. I will usually dream a scene and even before my husband gets a cup of coffee in the morning, I’ll say, ‘Hey, what about this?’ We’ll talk about the idea and he’ll say ‘It’s awesome but…’ and we’ll try and morph it. Once the cameras start rolling, we both direct depending on the type of scene it is. And we know if we argue during the scene, it’s going to be really good.

CJ: Your studio is off to a good start, you received 4 AVN Nominations including MILF Performer of the Year and 7 XBiz Nominations.

Jodi: We didn’t win anything although I felt we should have. (laughs) We did win an XBiz for a ProAm release, Mother’s Indiscretion.

CJ: So now let’s get to the sex. Do you have any favorite scenes that you’ve shot?

Jodi: I love the couple scenes I’ve shot with Levi. One of them was when his dad was in the shower and we’ve been carrying on for a while. We have sex on the bed while you still hear the shower running in the background. The shower turns off and the sex is done. And we did a scene that’s one of my favorites. It is where I’m supposed to be very formal. My hair is in a bun, I have a white blouse on. I’m wearing glasses. And, of course, I’m wearing sexy lingerie underneath. I’m playing this school marm or resident advisor or something like that. I catch this young man with porn on his computer and I’m concerned with what he’s watching. It involves older women and I feel he may have questions about the female body and older women and why he likes mature women. We said what we wanted is a very, very short amount of sex and to focus on the dialogue. I never even took off any of my clothes during the scene. By the time he stuck his penis in until the time he came was 25 seconds. We have had actual reviewers say that if you buy this movie for only this scene, it’s worth it!

Jodi West

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Jodi: My favorite position is doggie style.

CJ: You’ve said you’ve slept with more women off-screen than me recently, do you prefer women to men?

Jodi: It’s about 50/50. It depends on my mood. I’d say that I’m a true bisexual woman. I love the softness and sensuality of a woman but a lot of times I just need a man to get the job done. I’d say really to me, it’s about the person rather than the sex of a person.

CJ: Who eats better pussy, men or women?

Jodi: I’m going to say women only because they really have to. If you’re going to make a girl cum, you have only one choice, your mouth or your fingers. I would say girls eat better pussy than guys.

CJ: So besides the obvious, what do you really like sexually to get you off?

Jodi: There are two areas of my body that I love having nibbled on and that’s behind my ear, on my neck and below my waist and just above my crotch. You’ll see me in a movie, if I’m with a girl, I always go to that area because it’s very sensitive. You can see a girl absolutely cringe or twitch when you get it and it’s a good spot for her.

CJ: How often do you cum, if ever, during a scene?

Jodi: As often as I can. A lot of times, I’ll hold somebody’s head down there until I do cum. (laughs) If they’re doing it right, I’ll cum every time. But that’s not always the case. It depends on what you’re thinking about and if I can let myself relax during a scene, I will cum. And usually multiple times. If I’m worrying about something and my mind is someplace else, just like when you’re having sex off camera, no matter what happens, you might not get there. But it will always be a fun time.

CJ: What’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Jodi; In my butt. (laughs) I’ve always wanted to say that! The most uncomfortable place I’ve had sex is on a table. We were in a nightclub and there were all these beautiful couches. My husband was the male talent and it was a POV scene and we were on a table. The position was doggie style for a very extended period of time. And my husband was worried about how uncomfortable I was and I was worried about it and then he looked over and saw that the camera was on stand-by. So he had not been filming for 10 minutes of uncomfortableness and we had to do it all over again.

CJ: You are producing, so you obviously watch your scenes…do you ever get sexually excited from them? Do you ever rub one out to them?

Jodi: Oh yeah. The first time I ever cut one of my scenes, we were in this hotel room in Los Angeles and we totally fucked to it and I rubbed one out to it. Since we started doing porn, we have not watched another scene from another company. Ever. We don’t want anyone else to influence what we do. Every once in a while we’ll watch a trailer to see what the hype was about something, but we never watch anybody else’s porn. And we’re pornoiseurers so we like our porn.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Jodi: I don’t masturbate near as much as I probably should. I get so much sex right now, I’m on sex overload. For example, this week we’re filming a feature and we film probably 3 days a week. I’m in 3 scenes for 2 different movies.

CJ: How often do you have sex off camera?

Jodi: I have sex off camera probably twice a week.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Jodi: It depends on who it is. If I trust the person, I don’t mind it in the mouth or face. I don’t like facials, I don’t want it anywhere near my eyes. Boobs, stomach, butt. I like a good creampie every now and then.

Jodi West

CJ: Do you prefer producing to performing?

Jodi: I like both. A lot of times I’ll be watching a scene that I created and I think I could have done it better. (laughs) But I like watching what other people can bring to it because it’s something completely different a lot of times.

CJ: What does the future hold for Jodi West? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Jodi: I never want to be the gal that people are saying, ‘Holy crap, she should have stopped a year ago!’ I never want to be that girl but I think I know my own limits. I just love making movies. I love the process, so any capacity whatsoever, I love it. I love fan interaction. I read every single e-mail that a fan writes to me. I don’t respond to most of them but I read every one. We’ll be doing the movies until it’s not fun anymore. And I just want to thank our fans. A lot of them have been there since Day 1 and I have the best fans in the world. I know everybody says that but I truly believe it. They’re just so kind and wonderful.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Jodi: On Twitter, I’m @JodiWest1 And for the company, it’s @ForbiddenFFilms. I have a facebook at Forbidden Fruits Films. And I have a website

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