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Keith Mason Interviews Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Keith: Let’s start at the beginning: How did you initially become interested – and later involved – in the adult industry ? What made you start Burning Angel ?

Joanna Angel: Some people think I was in the industry as a performer for a while- and then started BurningAngel (that is the usual route of performers) but I got into the industry through BurningAngel. I have had my own company since day one!

But my original intent in starting the company – was really, because I wanted a cool job. I didn’t want a boring job! I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to do something fun- and I liked how wrong and tabu the porn industry was. I have always sort of been drawn to the dark side, if that makes any sense. That sums up in a nutshell my original interest in adult, and starting my own porn company.

Keith: Tell us a little about yourself growing up.

Joanna Angel: I grew up in a Jewish religious family. My life revolved around religious activities until I was about 14 years old and I discovered Rancid. My love for punk rock took over my devotion to the Jewish faith. That’s an overview of the first 18 years of my life!

Keith: For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see.

Joanna Angel: Oh man! Ahh! That’s a tough one. I have so many favorite ones, and so many good ones that are coming out in the near future. But if I just had to pick a few – I would say Band Sluts is one of my favorites, and then Walking Dead…. and Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore. A mix of zombies, gangbangs, comedy, and music!

Joanna Angel Filthy Whore

Keith: Do you think you’re a better actress or a better performer ?

Joanna Angel: Um- I don’t know! That is more of a question for the fans to judge. I enjoy doing both of them! They are both exciting and both challenging in their own very different ways.

Keith: What’s your favorite part of having sex on screen ? What is a typical day on the set like ?

Joanna Angel: I really do enjoy the whole process. I like to compare getting ready for a scene as superman does when he steps into a phone booth as a regular dude, and comes out as a super-hero. I feel like the combination of the makeup, the heels, the lights and the camera transform me into some kind of sexual super-human, and I get off on not just the sex, but the idea of people watching it.

I only work for my own company and I am quite comfortable with my own crew. These days when I perform the crew usually jokes around about how awkward it’s going to be to watch their boss have sex. And then… well… my camera guy, lighting guy, and me all pick on our PA in a very loving but antagonistic way. And once that is done, I tell everyone what I want for the scene and everyone does their own part and makes it happen. Sometimes I am in the mood to do something kind of intricate and artsty- sometimes I want a lot of dialogue, and sometimes I just want to shoot in a big bright room and fuck all over the place, gonzo style. The whole experience feels like a bizarro porn summer-camp.

Keith: How many tattoos do you have ? Do you plan any new ones ?

Joanna Angel: When you have a lot of tattoos, you just stop counting them. It’s sort of like the number of people you sleep with. These days I just count areas instead of singular tattoos. I have my back done, the back of my legs, both my arms… and well, my newest additions are my knuckles, and my left hand. They are still healing and ouch! They hurt!

Joanna Angel

Keith: What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working ? Any hobbies ?

Joanna Angel: I love to cook, and hike, and oh well- even though this is still kind of “work” – I sort of have a band now. We have two songs !! We’re called “Joanna Angel and the Gigolos.” We actually have two songs on Itunes – and when everyone in the band has some free time (which never really happens) we really like writing new stuff.

Keith: Let’s talk about music. Tell me about some of your favorite bands and singers.

Joanna Angel: Well I really love a whole lot of music but I will tell you who is on my most listened to bands on my Itunes at the moment. Ghost, Against Me, Hot Water Music, The Misfits, The Bouncing Souls, Lana Del Rey , and Robyn.

Keith: Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote ?

Joanna Angel: My newest movie comes out in the near future called Vampire Cheerleaders – please check that out! I am quite proud of that one. Or just always go to and check out the new hot girls- and whatever the hell I am up to.


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