2017 Adult Expo Interview: Joanna Angel

Captain Jack interviews Joanna Angel

Joanna is a legend in this industry. She started out as a fan and now has an empire at BurningAngel.com. She has been in the business for well over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. I finally got a chance to speak with her at the just-completed Adult Entertainment Expo 2017.

Joanna Angel - Adult Entertainment Expo 2017

CJ: First off, Joanna, I was quite taken by your emotional press conference last year to promote your hosting duties of the AVN Awards. Looking back from a year, how was the experience?

Joanna Angel: It was amazing. It’s a little sad this year knowing that I’m not a part of hosting the show. It definitely made me nostalgic. But it’s a part of my life that I’ll remember forever! I still can’t believe I did it. I know they only pick the absolutely top girls in the industry to do that. To think of where I started; as a fan coming to the Expo trying to figure out how to host my own website to hosting the show about 13 years later. It feels kind of surreal.

CJ: Would you like to do it again?

Joanna: Absolutely! But I don’t think they will. (laughs) It’s a one-time gig. I think Jesse Jane was the only girl who hosted twice.

CJ: You mentioned that you had never worked with your co-host before. Have you and Anikka Albrite worked together since then?

Joanna: No we haven’t! I only work for myself and we tried to do a cam show together a couple times but it just didn’t work out. We’re both very busy people. I love her and we’ve become very dear friends. That was another one of those great experiences about hosting the show, getting to know her. I feel like her and Mick are the sophisticated version of me and Small Hands. (laughs)

CJ: You have had a long and storied career in the adult industry. How and why did you first decide to get into porn?

Joanna: I started my own website when I was in college. That’s how it happened. I had an idea in college to make a site with tattooed girls.

CJ: It’s a big career move for any girl to make. Was there one moment that happened where you said that this is more than a job; that this is going to be my life’s work?

Joanna: Honestly, from the minute it started, I knew. I had this fire inside me where I really wanted to take Burning Angel and do something amazing with it. I knew from the day it launched, even though it was a website with just photos on it, nothing really. But I knew. I was driven to do so much more with it.

Joanna Angel - AVN Awards 2017

CJ: How do you get the girls who appear on Burning Angel?

Joanna: A lot of girls come to me on Twitter. We also have a model application on the site. Other girls come from agencies.

CJ: In your long and varied career, if someone would want the ultimate Joanna Angel scene or scenes, what would you recommend?

Joanna: Oooooh. The Nightmare Before Xmas was very memorable. My scene with Nacho that’s nominated is also very good. It’s in Professional Anal Whores. We had sex on a beach in Spain. It wasn’t even really a beach. Nacho called it a beach, it was more like a rock in the middle of the ocean.

CJ: At this point in your career, is it just a job or do you still get excited by working with a new person?

Joanna: It’s very exciting to me! I still get giddy; I still get nervous before every scene. I still get self-conscious even though I’m the director. (laughs) It’s hard being the director though because, at the end of the scene, everyone says, ‘Are you good?’ ‘Do you need more?’ You never get that, ‘Oh my God! Good job!’ There’s no one there to tell me I did a good job so I look around and they’re like, ‘Do you need any more footage?’ ‘Do you want this?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Can’t someone just tell me that I did amazing?’ (laughs)

CJ: On the personal side, when you have free time, what are your hobbies and interests?

Joanna: We cook. We like to cook.

CJ: What’s your specialty?

Joanna: I make a Cauliflower crust pizza that’s pretty amazing.

CJ: How can the fans get ahold of you?

Joanna: Twitter is @JoannaAngel and Instagram is @JoannaAngel. Also, BurningAngel.com

Joanna Angel - AVN Awards 2017

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