Jillian Janson: The Fans’ Interview

Captain Jack and The Fans Interview Jillian Janson

Jillian is the first girl that I have interviewed 3 times. She certainly deserves it and has a wealth of information to offer. Since I last talked to her about 6 months ago, I thought I would open this up to the fans. A couple of the questions are mine but the rest of them are yours. And Jillian answered them gladly. My thanks to manb, Mister Farenheit, allelsefails and Anonymous64 on the ADT forums and Old&YoungPorn on Twitter for the questions.

Jillian Janson

Captain Jack: You signed for the first time at the Adult Expo! Did you have fun in Vegas?

Jillian Janson: Oh my God! I had so much fun! It was probably the most fun I ever had. I had a lot of fun even though I was busy all week. I was signing for my first time and I was the trophy girl so I wanted to be on my A game so I didn’t really party at all. I went to my room and hung out with my friends when I wanted to. I wanted to stay on top of my game to be on time to sign for Jules. You saw me at it last year but I was new, I was just walking around like a fan. I didn’t know anything and I was in this new environment. This year was so much better because people knew who I was and I got to interact with people. When people came up to me and take a picture and hug me, it was awesome. For me, it was heart stopping to feel their heart pounding. My little ritual is what I’m going to do every time is when I take a picture with a fan, I put my hand on their heart to see how fast it’s pitter pattering. And it’s so cool! That’s surreal. It’s so cool to see how happy they are to see me and, ‘Wow, they’re that excited to take a picture with me?’

CJ: I don’t even remember you doing that. You must have done it so subtly that I didn’t even notice.

Jillian: I do it casually and they don’t really know that I’m listening to their heartbeat. The actual event itself was so cool. It was great to be on stage when the winners came up.

CJ: This is our third time doing an interview! People are going to start talking!

Jillian: (laughs) Yes, absolutely!

CJ: You continue to blow up, what is your favorite type of scene to do? Lesbian, anal, teen, IR, amateur?

Jillian: I do a variety because I love it. I know a lot of people in the industry tell girls to hold off on doing some things but, for example, I did interracial right away. Why? Because I love it. I’m not going to hide what I love. The same thing with anal. I had never done that before and the first time I did it was on camera. That was like the hottest thing to me. But I really love girls because I didn’t have a chance to experiment much with them. I’m not going to lie, I love cock but I’ve had so much in my life already. It’s like when you have a schedule, you get so used to it, you don’t even have to think about it anymore, it just comes naturally. The same thing is with me and guys and cock. I may be a woman but I would love to have a woman who is the opposite of me. I have smaller titties. I want a woman with bigger titties, real natural titties. I have a pussy that’s a little smaller, I want a girl with bigger lips. And when it comes to personality, I’m an old soul, I’m independent, I’m sophisticated… I don’t want to sound cocky, but I guess I’m classy and I want a girl that is really fun and outgoing and doesn’t give a fuck about what people think about them and I want to experiment more with them. Otherwise, I love exactly what I’m doing. I love the variety, that’s what turns me on.

CJ: You mentioned IR. What is it about IR that you like?

Jillian: I don’t know how to explain it but there is a difference. A white guy is just casual and it’s just regular to me, I don’t know how to explain it. With a black guy, I really like the color, the contrast. I don’t want it to sound weird but I do like that black guys have swag. The way they talk dirty to me is so hot. If you think about it, black guys have an accent, different than white guys. You sound different than a black guy but you’re both males, you’re just different races. It’s hard to explain.

Jillian Janson

CJ: Do you fuck black men in your personal life?

Jillian: Honestly, I’ve never really had an interracial relationship out of the industry. I’ve had sex with a few but I’ve never had a relationship. But I’ve never had a girl before either. (laughs)

CJ: Your new release coming out is for HardX, Brunettes Go Black, tell me about that one.

Jillian: That was super fun. It was good because Mason always catches your eye perfectly. It’s sensual, it’s very clear and the way she shot it was absolutely stunning. That was my first time working with Jon Jon. He actually had just gotten back from an injury. It was a long day but it was great. Everything went fantastic and the scene turned out beautifully. The house we were shooting at was gorgeous. And I loved the outfit. That outfit, a fan bought me actually so I was super excited to wear it.

CJ: How is Mason as a director?

Jillian: She’s the kind of director that I’ll be when I direct someday. I love how she’s so into it. I’ll be sucking a cock and she’ll say, “Oh God yes!!! Deeper! Oh my God!” She just gets into it and it’s so hot and I think I get more into it as well. It’s different when a director is giving you orders or something. I’m not turned on, don’t give me orders, I’ll do what I want! And Mason will also stop when it comes to photos and make sure you look beautiful. If there’s a hair out of place, she’ll stop and tell us. A lot of directors and photographers, unless they are really precise, they’ll just go with whatever happens. And it’s alright because it’s all natural but us girls do care about what we look like in the photos. In the videos, we don’t care, we’ll get as fucked up as we want to get. But the photos are around forever and they are constantly showing up everywhere. The videos take a while. They take him and put them on disks and put them on videos, which is cool, but it’s not always at your fingertips like photos are. I care about photography a lot. I care about my content, I really do.

CJ: There are a couple other prominent female directors, Jacky St. James, Dana Vespoli, a few others, is it different, in general, having a woman direct you?

Jillian: Yeah I think so. I feel with a woman, it’s more about the art. With a man, it’s more about thinking with the penis. (laughs) Girls can obviously get into it too because it’s so hot but it’s the artwork that turns us on too. At least for me

CJ: You did a scene for Reality Kings in which it looked like you were in pain when you did your first anal scene. How did you get past that because now you’re an anal queen?

Jillian: (laughs) Basically what had happened that day was that I was scheduled for a regular boy/girl. But I had worked so much that week, that my vagina couldn’t handle it; it was cut. I was sore. I was doing Criss Strokes and he has a long penis and, at that moment, I realized that my vagina was that bad. When he put it in, I cringed, it hurt so bad. I love Greg Lansky to death and you can’t just quit on him. Once he starts, he likes to finish, like most men. (laughs) I felt so bad, I didn’t want to give up so I said, ‘Can you just stick it in my ass?’ (laughs) And Criss said, ‘Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!’ (laughs) Greg said, ‘OK, if that’s what you want to do!’ So I was not prepared, I did not clean out my booty, I did not put Imodium in my stomach, I was not prepared at all. And that’s probably why I was cringing and couldn’t handle it because I had a 10” cock in my ass for the first time. (laughs) And I probably had steak and potatoes the night before too, I can’t really remember. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and it was awesome that my first anal was on camera.

Jillian Janson

CJ: You’ve worked with performers from the UK like Danny Mountain, Tanya Tate and Kieran Lee. Is there any difference in their sexual styles than performers from the U.S.?

Jillian: I feel people from other countries have been around different kind of sexual experiences than those in the US. I don’t know what kind of experiences until I personally experience them but when it comes from people out of the US and having an accent? I am there! (laughs) I remember working with Danny for the first time and he was my first real guy with a deep accent. It was for Mason working on a romantic set and it was perfect. I was able to relax and not go really hard until we got into it. I was able to relax and really enjoy him touching me and talking to me with that accent. It just shoved me over the edge right then and there. I could have cum with him just touching me. (laughs) And Tanya, oh my goodness. Tanya! I remember when we actually met, we were in Dion’s office at Filly Films. I was there talking to him getting ready for shoots that week and Tanya was talking to him that she needed a girl because she lost one for that week. ‘CoughAhemCough’ hoping she’d pick me! (laughs) I had just talked to him about how much I loved Tanya and her accent just before she walked in. I said, ‘I would love to work for you this week! Please!’ (laughs) and there it was. We had a great scene for Lesbian Family Affair 2. It was also with Abby Cross and it was so hot hearing her talk to me. Just hearing her say ‘hello’, I’m like melted butter in her hands! And she’s my publicist, it’s even more amazing. She texts me all the time and I’m like ‘Tanya, why don’t you call me more often?’ She called me a couple days ago and that was the first time hearing her voice since AVN and it’s a change of culture for a second. It just turns me on because it’s not something I hear everyday. I tell her, ‘Tanya, why don’t you call me more often! You have such a sexy accent and it’s going to waste!’ (laughs)

CJ: Is there any role model in porn that you look up to?

Jillian: Not porn, porn. I’ve always looked up to Marilyn Monroe, her iconic image. That’s exactly what I want to do in this business, the symbol of sex. I didn’t really know anyone before I got into the industry so I can’t say I idolized anyone. I just wanted to do me.

CJ: So you didn’t really watch porn before you got into the industry?

Jillian: I did. I watched A LOT of porn but I didn’t notice anyone’s name and I didn’t focus on the girl’s faces. I looked up the lesbian categories and whatnot but I skipped to the good parts. The good parts didn’t really show their faces. (laughs)

CJ: Who are some of your favorite performers to work with both male and female?

Jillian: I really wanted to work with Bonnie Rotten and Adriana Chechik and I got a chance to work with them. They are both great women to work with. And I really want to work with Anikka now because I signed next to her at AVN and couldn’t stop staring at that booty. Especially when she was in that police outfit. I mean, puh-leaze! And Riley Reid, I want to work with too. She’s just the sweetest. We went out for breakfast 3 days in a row in Vegas. It was so fun. And for males, Danny Mountain is a good one. Chad White. I work with a lot of people more than once and I like them all. If I work with someone multiple times, I really like them. I don’t really have a lot of people on my ‘no’ list.

CJ: You mentioned that the oldest guy you were with off-camera was 50. Is that about your limit or would you do someone even older?

Jillian: I will never do that again. The oldest I will go is 30. I realize that I will be slowed down   if I date anyone older than that. They usually won’t accept what I do for a living. I just need a younger personality is what I need because I’m young.

CJ: What about on-camera?

Jillian: It doesn’t look like it but I’m finding out what I prefer. I don’t know I don’t like something until I try it.

CJ: What is the best part about doing porn?

Jillian: I love expressing my personality, sexually, mentally and physically. Whatever it is, I’m expressing myself in any way, shape or form I want to without having to disguise who I am. If I worked at McDonald’s or something, I couldn’t show my tits and vagina because that’s what I want to do. (laughs) I love doing that!

CJ: What is the worst part about doing porn?

Jillian: The fact that you are having contact with a lot of different people. You can get sick a lot easier by having contact with that many people. You just have to keep your immune system and keep healthy when it comes to food and exercise. Don’t do what I’ve been doing for the last week and partying. (laughs) That won’t bring up your immune system, that’s for sure!

CJ: What’s your favorite scene that you’ve done?

Jillian: I don’t have a favorite. I would definitely say that my favorite is something that hasn’t come out yet, I haven’t even seen. I can’t wait for the Bonnie Rotten and Manuel one to come out. The orgies have probably been the most exciting because it’s not the same thing, it’s not repetition. It’s out of the ordinary for me. I have never had sex with that many people. (laughs) I’ve always wanted to but never had a chance to in a safe environment until I got into the industry.

CJ: You live almost full-time in LA now. Have you made many new friends out of the industry?

Jillian: It’s been a lot more recently because I’ve been opening myself up to everyone. When I’m busy, I stay really busy and I don’t try to interact that much. Lately it’s been going to the club, I have a friend who’s a promoter and I’ve been meeting more people that way. It’s fun. And I can meet people randomly at the beach or something. I met a really good friend of mine at the mall. I was walking in a hurry and he saw me on the escalator. He said, ‘Oh, you’re so pretty.’ I was about to blow him off but he kept lingering around as I was walking and somehow it came out that we were both from Minnesota. He mentioned a town that I lived near. I didn’t want to blow him off anymore! No one knows a Minnesotan like a fellow Minnesotan (laughs). So we talked for awhile and he’s actually another promoter and he owns a bar. I let my personality open to a random person and I made a good friend out of it. I’m really starting to look at life differently. I’m still a pretty outgoing person but I don’t friend everyone.

Jillian Janson

CJ: When you entered the industry, you had some insecurities about your body. Has porn helped you overcome that?

Jillian: Oh yes, completely. Whatever insecurities I had before, they’re gone. Maybe the only security I have is that I lost some weight and I lost my ass. When you are upclose and you take a photo of it, it’s an ok booty but if I’m just standing there, if I’m not sticking it out, it looks like I have a flat ass. So I want to be able to get my booty back to the point where if I’m just standing there, it looks like I have a boulder on my ass. (laughs)

CJ: Last time we talked, you said you would do a DP eventually. Have your plans progressed any further?

Jillian: I’m still waiting! I think a blowbang is going to come before a DP.

CJ: Any news about a blowbang?

Jillian: Yes, there might be. You’ll just have to wait. (laughs) (Note: Jillian filmed a blowbang for Mason and HardX three days after we talked.)

CJ: You have done quite a few creampie scenes. Do you like that type of pop?

Jillian: Yes I do. I liked it at first but now I’m more cautious about it because of the risks involved. Both the health risks and the baby risks. (laughs) I think I might be done with that for a while to be on the safe side.

CJ: Do you prefer condoms or no condoms?

Jillian: I prefer no condoms. Fuck condoms. They hurt me. I like everything so it can move and I feel that condoms stop me.

CJ: Would you consider going over to Europe to film?

Jillian: Fuck yes. In a heartbeat! I would go tomorrow if I had my passport. Europe is my #1 place to go. Paris is my dream place.

CJ: Do you have any plans to feature dance?

Jillian: You’re so funny. It’s actually in the works. Keep your eyes open as to where I’ll be dancing!

CJ: What is something about you that your fans don’t know? Do you have any special skills?

Jillian: I never really said this before, I just do it with my friends, hanging out. I’ll just do some rhymes. I’m into grammar a lot, I like writing. So when you’re good at grammar, you’re good at rap, you know how to rhyme. Rapping is rhyming. I feel like I have a lot to say. I think it’s boring to put it all out there in an interview. I want it to be catchy in a song. I want to put my life in a rap song but in a different way. I want to be revolutionary. I want to change the porn and music industry and put them together.

CJ: Once again, what’s your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

Jillian: On Twitter and Instagram, it’s @XOJillianJanson. Vine just suspended me so I had to make a new one so just search for me. And I’m on Tumblr as well.

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