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I first met Isiah when he was an agent. Since then, he has become a full-time performer and appeared in over 200 productions in 2018 from the latest figures I saw. He always brings his A game to the set and the ladies love him. Let’s get to know a little bit more about Mr. Maxwell!

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Captain Jack: Tell me how you got your start in porn.

Isiah Mezwell: I started in 2011 as an intern. Later, I became a publicist. I did that for about a year and worked my way up to an agent and started performing.

CJ: I met you when you were an agent. Do you still do that or are you out of that game?

Isiah: I got out of that game last year.

CJ: You were an agent, how did you transition into performing?

Isiah: In the beginning of my career, I was just working behind the scenes. After a year, when I thought I was going to be in the industry for a while, I started talking to the girls. They suggested that I should actually go in front of the camera.

CJ: What did you do before porn?

Isiah: I worked at all different odd jobs. I was a driver, I worked at a Burger King right before I got in.

CJ: I’m a Burger King alum too! Before porn, in your personal life, were you the typical guy that tried to get laid every weekend?

Isiah: I was a typical guy always trying to get laid but before porn, I was in a shell. I wasn’t that outgoing as I am now. I was just dating here and there.

Isiah Maxwell

CJ: Now, 9 out of 10 guys will say that they can do it. Tell them why it’s not as easy as it looks!

Isiah: It’s a combination of things. I know guys that have never had any issues and they do a scene and they have issues. When the camera’s in your face, there’s a lot of pressure. You have to get hard on command and stay hard. And then cum when they tell you too. A lot of people depend on you so there’s a lot of pressure.

CJ: I know how working the 9 to 5 is and some days you just don’t feel like being there. Have you ever felt that way in the industry considering you get a new hottie to bang every day?

Isiah: Not yet. I don’t want this job to feel like a job. (laughs) Like I said, I came from Burger King so I’m very grateful for everything I do.

CJ: Have you ever been booked with a young babe and it’s difficult to contain yourself?

Isiah: In the beginning, yes, it was definitely tough. I wasn’t having sex with girls that hot. Over time, you know your body and know what works for you. And you realize, all these girls are very down to earth. The hottest girls are sometimes the nicest.

CJ: As an African American male, do you ever get tired of the racial aspects of the scenes?

Isiah: I want to say it’s rare. If it’s not required, then it’s cool. But if it’s required for the site I’m working for then I won’t make a big deal out of it.

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CJ: Do you like acting roles? Or do you prefer gonzo?

Isiah: I prefer gonzo just on an everyday basis. But if it’s sprinkled in, I do like dialogue. The dialogue adds an extra element.

CJ: What’s your favorite part about the industry?

Isiah: Being with all these hot girls! (laughs) My favorite part of the job as a publicist is I would be walking down the street with hot girls and people would be wondering, ‘How did he get that?’ I’ll let you think what you think. (laughs)

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Isiah: On Twitter, I’m @IsiahMaxwell. Instagram is @Isiah_Maxwell

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  1. I’m amazed that you never mentioned his famous father who was a legend in the industry and still is.

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