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Angela White Talks with Captain Jack

Angela White is the top female performer currently in the adult industry. She has been in porn all of her adult life and has created quite an empire. She has her own production company — AGW Entertainment — which has produced many great releases! She made her way to the United States 2 years ago and moved to the porn capital of the world and put herself on an even greater level! She won the Female Performer of the Year award at the last AVNs which was the pinnacle of her career. What else does she have left to accomplish? Well, if you thought she would rest on her laurels, you don’t know Angela! In this latest interview with the beautiful Ms. White (this is our 5th), I talk about her just completed year and what’s on the horizon! All pictures are courtesy of Evil Angel.

Captain Jack: First, congratulations on your Performer of the Year award from AVN. I haven’t talked to you in person since then. What did that honor mean to you?

Angela White: It was an incredible honor. It’s…it’s hard to describe just how much that award means to me. Obviously, it’s been an unbelievable journey and I’ve been on this journey for a long time and it means so much to me.

CJ: I can tell you’re still overwhelmed by it.

Angela: Yes I am.

CJ: You also hosted the awards show last year. You were great but how do you think it went?

Angela: It was an incredible experience. I’m very grateful and honored that AVN asked me to host. It just went by so quickly! Joanna Angel warned me about this because she hosted in a previous year. She said to just try and enjoy every moment because you think it’s going to take a long time but you snap your fingers and it’s over. That’s really how it felt.

CJ: And you won 13 awards that night so you were quite the busy girl!

Angela: Yes, that was another incredible experience!

CJ: After achieving the pinnacle of your profession, what comes next? I know you’ve been working all year but do you have any other goals or things you want to achieve in the industry?

Angela: Obviously, a lot of the goals I have achieved with these three showcases. I want to do a lot more collaborating, which I’ve done this year. I did a big collaboration with Bree Mills earlier in the year for Pure Taboo, The Weight of Infidelity. That had been something that I had wanted to address for a while and I also wanted to work with Karla Lane for quite some time. That collaboration allowed me to bring on Karla and be more inclusive and address some issues that I wanted to address for quite some time. Later, I did a collaboration with Greg Lansky, I Waited For You, which was a very romantic piece. I shot with Manuel Ferrara and I really wanted to show that there’s room for love and romance in porn. It got a very positive response. And then, obviously, the huge collaboration I did with Jonni Darkko where we did this aesthetically pleasing piece with stunning teases and hardcore sex. These collaborations were definitely a goal of mine for this year and I’ve been able to achieve them. And doing my first trans scene was another goal and working with Rocco Siffredi has been a dream of mine for a long time. I did a lot of the things I set out to do this year.

CJ: Since you brought it up, let’s talk about Angela by Darkko. How did that collaboration come about?

Angela: Jonni and I had been in discussions for a long time about doing something creatively together. We both love each other’s styles. I love the way that Jonni shoots. I love that he focuses on this high-end, beautiful fashion photographer and he pairs it with this filthy, nasty pornography. For me, that’s always been my vision. When I first created AngelaWhite.com, I wanted to serve a dirty disk on a clean plate. So I wanted to have these raunchy scenes but deliver it in a clean, minimalist website. So Jonni and I are very similar in that regard and so coming together and joining forces and creating something together just seemed very natural, like something we should do. And we both wanted to do something different, something creative. And with those tease sequences, we really went all out. With the snow tease, the rain tease, the glitter and the gels, we went for it and I think the results are stunning.

CJ: Did you bounce ideas off each other?

Angela: Yes. It’s absolutely a collaboration so it was produced by AGW Entertainment and Darkko Productions, distributed through Evil Angel. We both went in 50/50 on ideas, 50/50 money, 50/50 everything. It’s a true collaboration and we ended up achieving what we set out to do which was something creative without any restrictions or thinking about budgets or the financial return. We wanted to do something creative regardless of what was out in the market right now and what was proven to be selling. Thankfully, I just looked at the charts, Angela by Darkko has sold really, really well which is fantastic but that wasn’t our main objective. Our main objective was to be creative and we enjoyed the process of that.

CJ: You had a great scene with Markus Dupree. You squirted like an out of control garden hose!

Angela: (laughs) I certainly squirted a lot with Markus. He made me squirt over 30 times in that scene which was definitely the record.

CJ: How did you like the gangbang? Most of the gangbangs you’ve been in was for your own productions but how was this one directed by Jonni?

Angela: I loved it! It was such an incredible experience and it actually took some of the pressure off, having Jonni there directing it. I could enjoy the experience more. All the other gangbangs I have done have been for myself, and I still consider this gangbang for myself, because it was co-produced by me. I loved the gangbang and what I loved especially was how well the triples were captured. I’ve never seen in any other gangbang ever, triple penetration captured so beautifully and so cleanly. You can see each cock penetrating the holes and you can see my face looking back and smiling. It’s just the cleanest and so so beautiful. It’s a very tough shot to get because, obviously, the guys’ bodies can get in the way and block the penetration and their bodies can create shadows…there are all sorts of things that can happen that can make that shot not perfect. But it really was captured PERFECTLY by Jonni’s expert lens and I’m so proud of it!

CJ: You also have I Am Angela by Evil Angel Films that is a porn documentary. Tell me about that one.

Angela: Yes, it’s a XXX Documentary. It’s a hybrid, so it’s a documentary with porn scenes. It’s the most unique project I’ve ever been involved in! It was an incredible experience. I was so thrilled when Evil Chris approached me about filming I Am Angela because it was the first time I was given an opportunity to be truly showcased. I think that this way of showcasing performers by not only showcasing their performances, the sex, but also by showcasing them as humans, as real beings; looking at their lives, looking at their backgrounds. In the movie, I bring fans into my apartment and share myself fully with the audience. I have never seen an approach to showcases done so well that really gives fans an insight to the performer and their life.

CJ: The highlight is probably the Rocco Siffredi scene that everyone’s talking about. Tell me about that one!

Angela: Everything was so amazing that it’s hard to say something was a highlight but that Rocco scene has gotten a lot of attention. It’s the craziest scene I’ve ever done. It’s very intense. It’s very unique in that Rocco and I started fucking from the moment we met. It’s a very, very intense scene.

CJ: Even more intense than the scene with Manuel in Angela 3?

Angela: It’s a different kind of intensity. That scene with Manuel was incredibly intimate and very sensual. It really penetrated me, if I can use that word (laughs), on an emotional level as well as physical. And it was another life changing scene for me! They were very, very different. It’s hard to compare them. The scene with Rocco was very animalistic and carnal and rough and intense whereas the scene with Manuel was very sensual, almost romantic in its tenderness and affection. Vastly different scenes that changed my life in different ways.

CJ: How did this one change your life?

Angela: It definitely showed me my strength. There were moments during the scene that were sooo intense and I never, ever stopped. Rocco even says in the documentary, “She never says ‘stop’.” And there were definitely moments during that scene where I’ve never experienced that kind of intensity from a man. It was very rough, it was a physical challenge. I walked away from that scene feeling like I was just in a gangbang. It was a one-man gangbang. I was always ready for more. I was always up to the challenge. I like when I can go through a scene and learn about myself and in that scene, I learned that I have a lot of length and courage and can stand up to the best of them.

CJ: What else is in there?

Angela: The first scene is an airtight DP with Mick Blue, Markus Dupree and Steve Holmes. A fantastic team of men! It goes form an airtight DP to double anal, double vag and triple penetration. It’s very, very intense and very different from my other scenes. There’s a big focus on dirty talk in that scene and I don’t necessarily consider myself much of a dirty talker but, in this scene, I look directly into the lens and talk about all the dirty things that are going through my head. It’s very unique in that sense. Then there’s a girl/girl/girl scene directed by Dana Vespoli who also appears in it. It’s a lesbian anal POV scene with myself and Joanna Angel. It’s a fantastic scene and there’s a lot of intimacy and connection while still having really intense anal sex. There’s a lot of DP action with toys and, in the web version, there’s actually anal fisting. That couldn’t make it onto the DVD but on the web you will see Dana anally fist myself and Joanna. And that was transformative for me. I was shaking from the intensity of having them deep inside me. The final scene is my first trans scene with Chanel Santini. That was another incredible scene. Obviously, it’s amazing just to be able to do my first TS scene with a company like Evil Angel who have been a pioneer in mainstream trans content. Then to have it directed by Joey Silvera himself, that was an honor! It was wonderful. It’s a beautiful scene. Very, very intimate, very sensual, very connected. Fans that have seen it so far, I’ve gotten very good feedback.

(ED NOTE: The following 6 questions were asked about 2 weeks after the original interview after I saw I Am Angela.)

CJ: You show us your apartment which is just barebones. It’s actually a production office. Do you ever just relax? Just sit on the sofa with a drink and watch TV? What do you do to relax?

Angela: No, my TV is still in the packaging it came in. My relaxation tends to come in forms that still contribute to my work. I’ll go to the gym or pilates for my stress relief. Or I’ll take a bath with Epsom salts for muscle recovery and to heal the inevitable bruising that comes from fucking on unconventional surfaces like kitchen benches and hardwood floors. My work is my passion and my life.

CJ: Dana Vespoli said something that I 100% agree with. You never give a bad performance but that’s because you don’t perform. Everything is authentic. What percentage is performance? (If you can put a number on it.)

Angela: I never aim to “perform” in a scene. I’d much rather create an authentic connection with my on-screen partner and experience real pleasure. That’s why I enjoy gonzo scenes so much because performers have more freedom to engage in the type of sex they enjoy. Of course, there are some scenes that require me to act as a certain character or to cum on command. During scenes like that, I have to perform a little more. But I still always look for a way to develop chemistry with my on-screen partner even if we are playing characters and I still find pleasure in positions that might not naturally lead to orgasm.

CJ: Asa Akira touched on this and I want to emphasize it. Joey Silvera came out of retirement to direct a scene; Dana Vespoli came back to Evil Angel to direct a scene and Rocco flew 10,000 miles or whatever just to fuck you. How does that make you feel?

Angela: It makes me feel incredible! It’s surreal and wonderful to be given the opportunity to work with industry legends that I’ve always dreamed of shooting with. “I Am Angela” has a monumental lineup of directors and performers. I’m very grateful to everyone who was involved in the project and the huge lengths they went to in order to make the movie possible.

CJ: How was your first TS scene? Chanel is hot and with her body and her dick, was it almost like doing a boy/girl/girl scene?

Chanel: My scene with Chanel was absolutely incredible! I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds. But when we were having sex, I never thought about anything other than the connection and chemistry we had together. I just got lost in the moment with Chanel. It was a beautiful encounter.

CJ: When you first saw Rocco, you asked him a question or two and just pounced. What was it about him that made you act like that?

Angela: There were three months of anticipation and pent up sexual tension leading up to that scene with Rocco. When we were finally in the same room together, we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It’s difficult to explain what came over me. I just felt this sexual pull towards him and I went for it!

CJ: Lastly, and most importantly, how can I gain what Rocco has or has that shipped sailed?

Angela: (laughs) I think that’s a question for Rocco to answer. Rocco has a sexual presence that just pulls you in and his confidence makes him incredibly sexy.

CJ: Finally, for your own production company, you have Angela Loves Anal 2. Tell me about that one!

Angela: Oh man! That was a blast to shoot! I had so much fun with that release! It starts off with a high energy, all anal scene with Markus Dupree and it is fire from the get go! It is such an intense, crazy scene. I know the fans are going to love that! Then it moves into DP with the Spaniards, Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar. It’s my very first time getting fucked by the Spaniards! That was very exciting for me and highly anticipated by fans. It’s an incredible DP with double vaginal and double anal. It’s just a lot of fun. The chemistry that those two men share is incredible! They just have fun! They make jokes while fucking! It was a fun DP! Then it moves into my first anal creampie with Manuel. Obviously, I did my first vaginal creampie with Manuel because we have a very special connection so I decided to do my first anal creampie with him as well! Like all of our scenes, it’s very intimate and very connected. There’s a lot of passion. I know fans are going to be very excited to see my first anal creampie since many, many fans have requested that! The final scene is a DP with Mick Blue and Markus Dupree, who I’ve done a DP with before but this is on a whole other level! This DP is fucking insane! I was shaking after it! When you see it, you’ll understand? The way that these two fuck me is so raw and animalistic… WOW! It’s not like any other DP I’ve ever done.

CJ: You mentioned before when we talked about the DP. You said you could just enjoy the sex instead of worrying about the directing duties, so do you enjoy the sex more when you’re not directing it?

Angela: Sometimes. Most of the time, I’ve already set everything up so I can enjoy the sex. For example, my gonzo movies, I work closely with Chris Streams as my videographer and he knows what I want to capture in the scene. And if there’s anything else I want then I’ll tell him before the scene and I trust him to capture it the way I want. For the most part, no, I still enjoy the sex just as much as when someone else is directing. But I will say, when you are directing the scene and are producing it yourself, there is a little bit more stress upon your shoulders that day because you know you’re paying money out for the location, you’re paying for the entire crew, the data flow relies upon you and all the pressure is on you. So even before we get to the sex, I’m horny and ready to fuck but there still is, in the back of your mind, even if you suppressed it, there has been stress throughout the day and stress that everything goes well. The one good thing about being set for other companies and directors is that I have less to think about.

CJ: You produce your own content and have scenes with other studios. Do you watch any other porn? And is it for pleasure or for research?

Angela: A bit of both. To be honest, I don’t watch much porn. What I do is I see a lot of porn because I’m on Twitter and I see other people tweeting their porn, their photos, their GIFs so I see a lot that way. I’ll watch a lot of trailers as well just to see what everybody’s been up to. It’s rare that I have time to watch porn to get off but there are times that I’m editing my own porn and get turned on and say, ‘Oh gosh, I have to take a moment to…’ (laughs) I’m back in that moment getting fucked by that guy then I remember how incredible it felt so I’ll take a moment to masturbate. (laughs) Occasionally I’ll watch porn.

CJ: You’re a porn mogul and you’re also one of the sweetest people in the industry. You’re intelligent, you have your own production company, obviously you’re known for your breasts. Not so much in porn because you’ve proven yourself but out in public, do you get tired of people only noticing your breasts and maybe treating you like you’re not intelligent?

Angela: I can’t help but think they’re more of a blessing than a curse. I understand that my curves and particularly my breasts have been a part of my success but there’s positives and negatives to everything. I just have to accept the negatives of having these breasts for the positives which far outweigh those negatives.

CJ: You’ve been here for 2 years now. How are you acclimating to the United States?

Angela: I certainly miss Australia and I haven’t had a chance to go back. I miss my family and I miss my friends in Australia but I am doing what I love here. It’s really a great distraction.

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Angela: The sex, obviously. The incredible sex that I get to have! It’s really nice living here in the U.S. because now I’m part of the community. I think when I was living in Australia, I would be looking at people’s Twitter feeds and seeing them all socialize or seeing them on set everyday and yearning for that community, yearning for that part of the community of people who celebrate sex and enjoy expressing and exploring their sexuality together. Now that I’m living here, it’s nice to be part of that community.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Angela: On Twitter, I’m @AngelaWhite. Instagram is @theangelawhite. Snapchat is AngelaWhiteSnap.

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