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Rosco Fuji Interviews Gisele Roxx

I was recently invited by the King of Florida Porn, JW Ties, to visit the set of Desperate Pleasures‘ tentatively titled Spit Roasted Sluts to meet the very lovely, personable, and cute, Gisele Roxx and her sweet looking “Down There.” I love girls like this. Enjoy!

Gisele Roxx

RF: Tell me about yourself.

GR: Well, my name is Giselle Roxx and I’m from Reno, NV and in addition to doing porn, I’m a swinger. I met my boyfriend and we started swinging together and camming on a swinger’s website and we crashed the site out because so many people were watching us. Thus Giselle Roxx was born. I picked the name Gisele because I love Tom Brady’s wife, and Roxx because, well I rock. I’m not a big fan of the Patriots, but I do like Tom Brady. I would so be down for a 3 way with both of them.

RF: How’d you meet your BF, did he talk you into being a swinger.

GR: No, we actually met through the lifestyle. I was single and he was part of a couple which didn’t work out, and I wanted to play with a couple, so I wanted to play with them. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out because she was crazy. He and I fell in love because he turned into my soul mate and we started swinging together and it blew up from there. We’ve been meeting up with people and having a lot of fun. It was a blast and I was good at it, so I decided I wanted to do this for a living and am trying to become a porn star.

RF: Excellent! Now are still with the same guy?

GR: I am indeed, and he’s trying to be a star himself and also become a producer.

RF: So, he’s not a performer just yet?

GR: Not yet, just with me, but he’s online to become a performer.

RF: Once you decided to do porn, how did you gravitate towards becoming a performer?

GR: I started looking into camming and was doing camming and was contacted by a scout for an agent and they brought me down to Florida, and that’s where it started.

RF: You flew in from NV to FL?

GR: Yes

RF: Does this agent have an office in LA?

GR: Yes, but this agent seemed awesome so I wanted to connect with that agent specifically first.

RF: What did you do before porn?

GR: I was in the hospitality industry in Reno, a hotel manager.

RF: For one of the casinos?

GR: I worked for one of the casinos and a bigger hotel chains that just opened up. I loved it and I was good at it, but I got sick of getting yelled out every day.

RF: Does your family know you’re a performer?

GR: Yes they do.

RF: How did that go over?

GR: Ummmm, well, when my dad found out, he just looked at me, shook his head and walked out of the room, and that was then end of that. But, they were a little shocked, but they knew that’s what I wanted to do. They’re going to judge me a little bit, because they’re a little judgmental, but they love me and they’re going to stick by my side and support me. That’s why I love my family.

RF: Did you tell them or did someone else tell them?

GR: I told them. We were sitting in the family room and I just kind of told them.

RF: How do you bring that up? Do you just kind of say, “Mom, Dad……”

GR: It’s just my dad and his girlfriend. I don’t have my mom, but it was Taco Tuesday, the whole family was there and we were drinking. We were just talking and I kind of said, “Well, I put in my notice at the hotel.” They asked, “what are you going to do?” I said, “Photo shoots and adult films actually.” And they just looked kind of shocked and were like, have fun with that. It’s not an end game, but it’s a stepping stone, that’s for sure.

RF: Have you ever been a dancer?

GR: I never have, but I’ve always wanted to.

RF: JW is the first person you’ve shot with, correct?

GR: Yes, this has been a week of firsts for me.

RF: I guess that means you haven’t had any overly obsessive fans yet have you?

GR: No not yet.

RF: That’s good because there are some that are just over the top obsessive.

GR: I believe you. I know what you’re saying.

RF: As a performer, what are you up for, are you open to B/G, G/G, MFM, Anal, Group, DP, and then gravitating towards DV and DA?

GR: I’m up for everything I don’t hold back. I’m still new to anal, I’m still working towards that and Double Penetration. I haven’t gotten too far into it yet, but I’ve experienced it and tried it. But, I want to get to that point where I can do double vaginal in my life. One day I’ll get there.

RF: You just shot you’re first anal scene a few days ago, correct? How’d that go?

GR: That’s correct. It went really well, it was fun, and it was different. I had a good time.

RF: Was that your first time doing anal ever?

GR: No.

RF: When did you first do anal?

GR: When I was 16. My BF at the time wanted to try it, so I let him try it.

RF: When you’re doing anal, do you find that you’re able to get off?

GR: Oh yeah, definitely. I’ve been able to get off and also squirt during anal. I just have to get to that point.

RF: Real squirting or porn squirting?

GR: It’s definitely real.

RF: You’ve also just done your first girl on girl scene on camera with Camille Black, correct?

GR: Yes I did.

RF: Camille is the best.

GR: Camille is amazing, I just love her and I loved the way she worked over my pussy. She got me so wet. It was such a pleasure work with her and it was such a pleasure to experience my first girl girl scene with her.

RF: I see her outside of porn from time to time and she is just so much fun. I love laughing with her.

RF: Were you nervous at all on your first shoot?

GR: Very nervous, but luckily I got to shoot with JW first and he made it very relaxing and exciting, so it was good.

Gisele Roxx porn

RF: What is you favorite position whether it be in porn or real life?

GR: Definitely riding, but I’m also super submissive, so personally I love spooning in a weird kind of way.

RF: When you say riding, do you mean CG or RCG?

GR: Personal its CG, and in porn RCG.

RF: I love RCG as it really gives a good body display.

GR: Yeah, and I have to admit, I have a good body down there.

RF: I love when girls say, “Down there”

GR: Well, you weren’t here for the shoot earlier, so you didn’t get to see it, would you like to see it now?

RF: Well, yeah I want some snacky cakes!

(Note to readers, Gisele took off her thong and had one leg draped over the chair armrest and the other propped up on the table and continued the rest of the interview this way. But ever the trooper, I soldiered on.)

RF: Wow, you have sweet looking “down there!”

GR: Thank you. You can call it a pussy if you’d like, I don’t mind. I’d offer you a taste, but I’m freshly fucked and haven’t had a shower yet.

RF: Well, that’s very sweet of you, but I really don’t like JW that much. LMAO.

GR: You’re too funny, Camille told me to watch out for your sense of humor.

RF: So, I’m assuming you’re pussy is still glistening from your scene? What type was it?

GR: Well, it was a cream pie scene for the upcoming release, “Spit Roasted Sluts.” That’s the tentative title anyway.

RF: Describe your ideal cream pie scene?

GR: It’d have to be a big load and really white so you could see it as it slowly dripped out of my freshly fucked pussy. Probably in doggy would be best as you’d get the slow drip.

RF: While we’re on the topic of cream pies, would you do a cream pie cleanup scene and would be prefer to be the one with the cream pie or the one doing the cleanup?

GR: I’d do it either way, I’d eat another girl’s cum filled pussy, but I’d love for Camille to lick a big load of cum out for my pussy on camera. But, she’d then have to kiss me. We’d both turn to the camera with cum on our lips and smile devilishly to the audience and we’d gently blow the viewers a kiss.

RF: OMG that would put people over the edge for sure.

GR: I’d hope so. I’m proud of my but also, but I need to work out a little more though.

RF: Since I missed it, what is your blowjob technique?

GR: Sloppy and wet and I gauge it off the guy. I like my hands on his thighs. I like to play with it like a lollipop or ice cream cone.

RF: Would a DP be strictly for porn or would that carry over to your personal life?

GR: We’ve been in search of that in private, so, definitely we’d be up for it.

RF: What do you mean, in search of?

GR: We haven’t found someone worthy or someone who actually wants to come home and play with us. It’s really been difficult.

RF: Really, why?

GR: I don’t know, every person we’ve tried to meet up have fallen through lately, whether they’ve been cat fishing us, or just won’t text us back. It happens all the time and we don’t get out much, so it’s hard to happen in real life.

RF: How many scenes have you shot so far?

GR: I’ve been shooting a lot for my clip store which is going to be launched soon, so I’ve lost count. But full length scenes, I think it’s been five or six.

RF: Have you ever done a 3 girl threesome?

GR: No but that would be so cool.

RF: What type of scene are you looking forward to shooting the most?

GR: A hardcore bondage scene or a gangbang scene with many guys.

RF: Okay, since you brought that up. For your porn gangbang, which would you prefer: a group of midgets or a group of old as dirt Texas Albinos?

GR: (Laughing) Oh brother, it’d have to be midgets. That’d be so entertaining. We could dress them, it could be a whole seven dwarfs thing. It’d be awesome.

RF: Do you get turned on while shooting a scene?

GR: Oh yeah, I do, I get really into it.

RF: How long do you plan on doing porn?

GR: I’d love to get back into the hotel business and have my own place. I’d love to go to UNLV for their hospitality program as the hospitality industry is a calling for me. I’d love to be the porn star that has her own hotel chain one day.

RF: What would be your ideal first date?

GR: I liked surprised, so it’d have to be something out of the ordinary like paint balling or laser tag. Something fun or different. I love food, so that’d have to be in there somewhere also.

RF: Your thoughts and feelings on TGI Fridays’ Endless Apps?

GR: Don’t know, I’ve never been there. I’m a big Texas Roadhouse fan. I like seafood and sushi.

RF: Who would your famous person hookup be?

GR: Oooh. Probably, oooh, it’s between three, I don’t know. I’m a big fan of Supernatural, so probably one of the guys from there, Jared Paladecki, Jensen Ackles, or Misha Collins. Probably one of those three or all three together.

RF: On that line, if you could force 2 celebrities to have gay sex, who would you pick?

GR: Definitely those two, Jared and Jensen.

RF: If you could force one of the Kardashians to bob for French fries in hot grease, who would you pick?

GR: Oh god, what? Probably Kim, I’m not a big fan of the Kardashians, but that would fun to see.

RF: What’s the average day like when you’re not shooting?

GR: My average day is consists of video games, Netflix, hanging out with my family, and listening to music.

RF: What type of music do you listen to?

GR: I listen to EDM and alternative rock. I like Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and also my fave is probably Infected Mushroom. They’re music gods.

RF: Infected Mushroom? I’ve never heard of them.

GR: I think they’re from Israel and they’re awesome.

RF: I have to give them props for their name.

RF: Where would you rather work? The Titty Twister or The Pink Taco?

GR: I feel The Pink Taco would be more my style. I like Tacos and after Camille, I definitely like Pink Tacos.

RF: Is your personal sex life, wild and crazy or is it more sedate?

GR: Definitely wild and crazy for sure.

RF: What’s the wildest thing you done sexually as a swinger?

GR: That would be when I was single, I hooked up with my cousin’s husband’s brother and his best friend. I had a lot of threesomes with them and ended up getting into a relationship and bringing him into too. That was my first time getting gangbanged as they were basically family. It was kind of bad, and fortunately my family didn’t find out about them. And then, possibly when I was involved in breaking up my boyfriend and his wife’s marriage as part of a swinging adventure. I was in a polyamorous relationship with them and it fell apart and I got blamed for it. So that was kind of crazy.

RF: Well, that about wraps it up. Do you have any social media sites where fans can follow you?

GR: Why thank you, you’re very sweet. Too bad you’re not a performer, I’d definitely work with you.

Twitter: @GiseleRoxx
Upcoming site:

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