Ginger Banks from Cam Girls: The Movie

Ginger Banks Talks with Captain Jack

Ginger has been a cam girl for quite a while now and has decided to make the jump into professional porn. She is one the stars of Evil Angel’s Cam Girls: The Movie along with Jenny Bligh and it is the talk of the industry! I recently had a chance to have a brief chat with the star of the show.

Ginger Banks - Cam Girls

Captain Jack: Tell me about Ginger Banks.

Ginger Banks: I grew up in Northern Arizona. I had a big family. My parents got divorced and then they both remarried. I went to Arizona State University for college and that’s when I started webcamming.

CJ: How old are you?

Ginger: I’m 28.

CJ: How long have you been webcamming?

Ginger: 8 years.

CJ: Why did you start webcamming?

Ginger: Because I was already messing around online for free like on websites like Chat Roulette and other things. So I already knew what camming was and I decided to try it out.

CJ: You’ve been doing it for 8 years and have quite a following. What’s the strangest request a fan has made of you?

Ginger: Asked to put cheese slices on you.

CJ: After 8 years, you’re making your first porn film, Cam Girls for Evil Angel. How did that come about?

Ginger: They reached out to me and asked to do a documentary style project. I knew they were one of the companies I was interested in working with. Things seem to be working out because I wanted to show the behind the scenes of it and just wanted to show people how I really wanted to be doing this. It seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Ginger Banks porn

CJ: In the film, how many sex scenes do you have?

Ginger: There are 3.

CJ: Who do you perform with?

Ginger: Jenny Blighe, the other cam model that is in the film with me, Mick Blue and Manuel Ferrara.

CJ: You started out with two of the best all-time performers!

Ginger: Yes, I’m really excited.

CJ: How was it? Even though you have webcammed, you are still in the room by yourself. How was it with the people there watching you?

Ginger: I was totally fine. I’m a professional. I’m really good at my job so it didn’t make me nervous at all.

CJ: You said Evil was one of the companies you were interested in. Are you going to be working for other companies? Are you going to be a full-time porn star?

Ginger: I don’t think I’ll ever do it full time. I have a short list of people that I want to work with and I’ll work with them and then focus on my own productions.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Ginger: Missionary.

CJ: Did you watch a lot of porn before you made your first porn film?

Ginger: Yes.

CJ: Did you have a favorite genre?

Ginger: Not really.

CJ: Did you have any favorite stars?

Ginger: I liked Dani Daniels a lot. She was pretty much the only one.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Ginger wet?

Ginger: Having a connection with a person.

CJ: When you were with Jenny, are you bisexual or was that your first time with a girl?

Ginger: I’m definitely bisexual and I’ve shot a ton of porn before I shot for Evil Angel. It just wasn’t professional, on-set porn. I think I have 250 videos before I was on set with Evil Angel. Some are girl/girl, some are boy/girl…there’s a wide variety of stuff. Yes I’m bisexual and no, that wasn’t even close to my being the first time with a girl.

CJ: Do you do anal?

Ginger: Yes, I do anal in my videos now and I’ll definitely do it in the future. I don’t know if I’ll do it for another production company or not. We’ll decide when the time comes.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? When you have free time, what do you do for fun?

Ginger: I like to play League of Legends, I like to smoke marijuana, I like to watch TV with my sister and I like to walk my dogs. Just regular shit.

CJ: What kind of dog?

Ginger: Shih Tzu-poodle mix.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Ginger: Breaking Bad, Big Little Lies. I’m not big on favorite things.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Ginger: Twitter is @GingerBanks1. Instagram is @GingerBanks. OnlyFans is GingerBanks1. And I have a free Snapchat which is Banksy.69

Ginger Banks - Cam Girls The Movie

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