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Captain Jack Interviews Gia Moore

Gia Moore is a Columbian Sex Symbol who is taking the perfume market by storm! The sexy Colombian model combined her knowledge of pheromones and fragrances to create a line of scents with the ability to appeal to a wide group of people. Gia’s profound belief that specific aromas can serve as aphrodisiacs to trigger an association with erotic emotions and sexual stimulation, led her to create what she calls “sexuality in a bottle.” I had a chance to speak with her at the recent Exxxotica show in Chicago.


Captain Jack: Tell me about Gia Moore. I hear you grew up in South America, what was that culture like?

Gia Moore: It’s a big difference. I grew up in Colombia and came from a humble family. My first time in America, I thought it was so beautiful. It’s a powerful country that can give me opportunities if you work hard to do much better. My goal was to learn English and work hard. I had many opportunities and different jobs. I started modeling and then I decided to get into fragrances. I wanted to turn my love of fragrances into a career.

CJ: How did you research fragrances?

Gia: I made it very clear what I wanted. I’ve been a big fan of fragrances my whole life. I did research by traveling to Europe, like Paris and Italy. I sampled the different perfumes and different styles. And then I wanted to do something different so I added the pheromones. The perfumes are using synthetic pheromones in this case because some people might have a reaction to animal pheromones. So we came up with G by Gia Moore. Gia Moore perfume and Gia Moore cologne, you can get it at www.giamooregifts.com

CJ: How did you get interested in perfume in the first place?

Gia: I’ve always been a big fan. I’ve always thought the way you dress makes an impression and it’s the same way with the way you smell. I like everything that has a good smell to my nose. (laughs)

CJ: Tell me about G for Ladies and G for Men?

Gia: The perfume has a nice smell. It has some roses, some cinnamon. The same for men, I put in some cardamom. So the fragrance is special.

CJ: You were a nominee for the “O” award at the most recent AVN?

Gia: Yes. We were 6 months in the market when we got the nomination. It was nominated for Outstanding Product. It was quite a satisfaction to get the nomination. It just proves that if you find something that you love and are passionate about and you don’t give up, good things will happen.

CJ: Tell me about Gia Moore Nights on XXXPornstarRadio.com

Gia: The show started 2 weeks ago. Every Friday from 7-8pm Eastern Time we talk about sex.

CJ: Any appearances coming up?

Gia: We’ll be at Exxxotic in Dallas and the one in New Jersey. Follow me on Twitter @GiaMoore69 for all my upcoming appearances.

CJ: Last question, you have quite a body on you and you are gorgeous, since this is for a porn website, are you ever going to film a hardcore scene?

Gia: I think so. In the future, however. I have to do things little by little. I’m producing music right now and of course I have always told my followers and fans that I want to do a porn movie. The timing has to be right. I want to do it for my personal satisfaction because I’m very sexual. I want to see how I look on camera and see how I have sex on camera. I think I’m pretty good so I want it to be out there for eternity so future generations can see how fucking good I am. (laughs)

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Gia: Twitter is @GiaMoore69 or @GiaMoorePerfume. My website is www.GiaMooreGifts.com and my PR is through Star Factory at www.starfactorypr.com/gia-moore


PRODUCT REVIEW: I received a sample of G Fragrance For Men and have worn it a few times. It has a very nice aroma and I received some feedback from quite a few girls and they liked it. I didn’t get laid from wearing it but I think that has more to do with my game than with the cologne. LOL. I actually like the fragrance and have worn it for the last week. I highly recommend this product for any men that are looking for a new cologne.


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