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Dire Desires is a new ProAm site that has recently popped up. They are gaining a good foothold in the industry and they want you to see their content! I recently sat down with the creator of the site to find out what it’s all about!

Dire Desires

Captain Jack: Tell me about Dire Desires. What can the fans find on there?

Dire Desires: Very good content. High quality content that you don’t normally find from a Pro Am company. I’m in the middle of professional with a whole team and amateur. I’m the male talent for the site.

CJ: How did this all start for you?

Dire Desires: This is my 10th year being in the adult industry. It started off when I was semi-homeless in 2013. I met a female and we slept together. There was something about her that was familiar but I couldn’t think of what it was. After we slept together, she told me she was an adult performer. I asked her if she could put me in touch with a director. She took pictures of me and sent them to him and I did my first scene the following week. I always had a CEO’s mentality. After my first scene, I thought about starting my own. So, I started some research. And research and research. I had a site back in 2013 but I had to get rid of it because a girlfriend didn’t like the fact that I was on it. I was doing it part-time because I had a full-time job. Then I met another guy, Mike Dirty, and he’s the guy that really pushed me. He helped me wrap my mind around it. Then, in 2016, OnlyFans started. I was on Clips 4 Sale and I was selling content on there. I wasn’t making a lot of money but it was something to do and it gave me a platform to put my videos out there. OnlyFans was an app back then. They didn’t know there was going to be adult content on there. I started doing OnlyFans and then I lost my job. The same guy, Mike Dirty, told me that now I have to take it serious. And that helped me make money. I thought it was time for me to start another site and go at it again. In 2018, I got an LLC and started DireDesires.com.

CJ: It’s ProAm so you’re shooting mostly amateur girls?

Dire Desires: Yes but I have some people that have shot mainstream. For example, I shot with Elsie Later, she had a contract with Brazzers last year. I shot with Princess Emily, she’s a ProAm performer, she was on Ricky’s Room and put out a scene today with Dredd. I’ve also shot with Baby Gemini who did her first professional scene with Reality Kings. So, I have a mixture but my fans have come to love my unknown female talent. That’s what the site was built on. Back in 2016, girls weren’t doing OnlyFans as much as they are now so I had to find ways to find talent. One thing I love about my site is it allows customers to buy a membership or buy each video individually. I’ve done my research on other sites and no other site offers that.

CJ: You also got nominated for an UrbanX award

Dire Desires: This is my first time being nominated and I got nominated for Best ProAm site. And this has been one of my best years as far as growing the brand. I wouldn’t recommend this job to everyone because you have to have the mentality for it. You have to have the mental stability for this. I was having a conversation with a female that I was about to shoot with and I told her that if there’s 5 items that I have to check off, sex is the last thing. Marketing, finding the right talent that fits my mold and be professional. Sex is the last thing I think about. Once you dive into the area of having an LLC, now you have a company that could possibly be sued. If you’re professional and take care of your business, you shouldn’t have any problems. On social media, you always see people arguing and that just takes away from the time that you could be spending on something that benefits your business.

Dire Desires

CJ: You said you’re looking for a certain type of girl so what kind of girl are you looking for?

Dire Desires: If we’re talking about specifics, slimmer girls, dark skin girls, the amateur look. If you ask me about preference, that’s what I’d say but I know the body type doesn’t matter, the skin tone doesn’t matter, if I look at you and am turned on by your value. So throw that preference thing out the window. If I’m turned on by your content then you’re somebody I want to shoot with.


CJ: When you were just performing, what was your stage name?

Dire Desires: I had a couple. Jay Stone was one. When I first started, I was Mr. X List Her. The reason I had that name was the producer I was working for, he didn’t show their faces so you had to wear a mask. And he wanted his talent called Mr. X-something. The reason he gave me that name was because I had a list of females that I wanted to shoot that he shot with. So, Mr. X List Her.

CJ: Since you’re the male talent, is Dire Desires shot in POV?

Dire Desires: No, it’s only me. Now we’re going to dive into my, not to sound arrogant, my filming genius. There’s a female that I’m going to be shooting with soon and she asked if I have a camera guy because it looks like it. No, I just studied film for so long from YouTube University. But I studied film so long, I had to do background acting on sets. I was an extra on SVU, Power, a lot of TV shows. When I was on set, I would ask the camera guys some questions. When I’m filming, I’m also thinking. As I’m filming, I’m thinking about how I want to edit it. I’m thinking about sex, filming, lighting, all of that while I’m filming. Let’s say I have to change the angle of the camera and I have the female in doggie style. With sex, it’s in and out, in and out so if I know I have to change the camera, I’ll pause on the out, So when I cut it and edit it, it looks like the camera guy just moved the camera.

CJ: How often do you update the site?

Dire Desires: Every week. I’m actually scheduled all the way up to September. I can schedule it like a clips platform where it drops by itself. If I can give anybody advice on dropping content, if you can’t go back and get turned on by the content that you filmed, how do you expect anyone else to?

CJ: And how can the fans find you?

Dire Desires: It’s DireDesires.com. On Twitter, I’m @TheDireDesires. OnlyFans is btsofdesires


Dire Desires


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