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Keith Mason Interviews Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce Porn Movies

Can you tell us how you initially became interested and later involved in the adult business ?

Derrick Pierce: I was dating a girl who was interested in getting started. I was more of a people person than she was so when we attended our first AVN I helped her network. But I really was just an avid watcher of porn at that time. As I got to know some people, I kept getting offered scenes. My girlfriend and I discussed it and I tried it. It went fine and the rest is “history”.

You had a successful 18-year career in fitness, what made you to join the adult industry ?

Derrick Pierce: It was not my intention. I was just tired of teaching martial arts 4 classes a day, 6 days a week.

Where did you grow up ? What was that like?

Derrick Pierce: LA. Los Scandalous, home of the jackers and the crack! Lol. I grew up around a lot of different cultures. I really enjoyed it. I was a “latch key kid” and a troubled youth of sorts. Arrested for petty things here and there. Sports is what really turned things around for me.

After so many adult feature movies and parodies do you enjoy the acting part of a movie ?

Derrick Pierce: Oh hell yes, it can be a lot of fun! Playing the bad guy in almost every movie has worked out pretty good for me 🙂

Have you had any acting classes in the past ?

Derrick Pierce: Yes a few years with with a very good acting coach. I am actually SAG. Which is kinda funny to me. I just keep paying my yearly dues.

For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see.

Derrick Pierce: I think that Underworld was pretty epic. I also love the comic book stuff from Vivid/ Axel Braun.

Derrick Pierce in Underworld

What could you tell us about Wicked Pictures Tuff Love which you were also the director ?

Derrick Pierce: It was a huge project for me. I wrote it, trained Jessica (Drake) for almost 3 months prior to shooting, did all the fight choreography, directed it and played the male lead. To be honest, I would never do so many things in the same movie again. Brad (Armstrong) is amazing for doing something similar all the time. I could not have done it if I didn’t have the crew that I did.

What’s an average workweek like for you ?

Derrick Pierce: Well it consists of getting up around 5:30-6am most days, coaching my bootcamp class 3x per week, then heading to my own training. Usually followed up with my own (adult) work, then back to coach more classes and maybe another workout. Then throughout the whole day it’s fielding phone calls and emails about scenes, directing more movies, outside projects (Crossfit and some real estate projects) not to mention time for friends and personal 🙂

Any interesting stories from the set ?

Derrick Pierce: Interesting? Sure! Things that I can tell you guys… Well…. There was a time when I was jerking to pop on a set and a certain Latin comedian, who was shooting his TV downstairs, crashed our set and was joking with me whilst I was jerking off onto the girl. That might fall into “interesting”.

What are some of your interest and hobbies away from work ?

Derrick Pierce: I hate to say it, but I to love to train. Crossfit and MMA. I have a huge passion for motorcycles and cars. I recently bought a Glock firearm and took up tactical shooting.

Do you watch any mainstream movies and do you read any books ?

Derrick Pierce: I’m a super movie guy. I don’t normally watch network television. Pretty much just movies. The last book I read was “Spartan Up” the story of the man who invented and owns the “Spartan Race” games.

Derrick Pierce Porn Movies

Anything you’d like to say to the readers and your fans ?

Derrick Pierce: Thank you guys so much for staying loyal! Get on those messages boards on these websites!! Request me and the companies will book me just to make YOU happy!!


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Special thanks to Tanya Tate of Star Factory PR for arranging the interview.

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