Dana Vespoli Interview

Captain Jack interviews Dana Vespoli

Dana has been in the industry for over a decade. I was turned on to her when she first started performing. She is just a gorgeous,  volcanic performer. Lately, she’s been doing a lot more directing but still appears in front of the camera occasionally. I had the opportunity to talk with Dana about her early days in the industry to being one of the top female directors in the industry.

Dana Vespoli

Captain Jack: Tell me about Dana Vespoli. What were you like pre-porn?

Dana Vespoli: I went to college in the Bay Area. I was a dancer at Mitchell Brothers right after college. I worked a little bit in the financial district and ended up dancing. It became challenging for me to make any money so I left and moved to Los Angeles.

CJ: Is that when you got into porn? How did you make the jump?

Dana: I moved to LA and did some second AD work on soft core movies and met people. I’ve been a fan of the industry since I was 12 watching old Caballero movies. So all throughout college and even as a dancer, I met people and somebody finally asked why I wasn’t doing it. At Mitchell Brothers, I did girl/girl sex shows which is pretty much all I did. I was a terrible stripper. Rather, I was a terrible hustler. I didn’t like to do dances and trick these guys into thinking something was going to happen. I was more comfortable working with girls and letting people know what they were going to get for their money. People were happy and I didn’t feel like a jerk. I was comfortable having sex in public, that wasn’t a problem. I had a problem with things being on the internet and DVD form and that type of stuff. I thought about it, I was 31 and finally thought, ‘I don’t have anything to lose at this point.’ I was into the movies so I did girl/girl very briefly to make sure I wouldn’t freak out. I was fine and it went on from there.

CJ: So what was your first scene like? You obviously fucked in public but there weren’t any cameras there. How did it go?

Dana: It was very easy. I came in and my very first scene ever was for Ed Powers. I came in and did a girl/girl scene and then did a couple more scenes for different companies and it was pretty amateur. It was just me and another girl and a person with a camera. And then my first boy/girl was with Ed Powers again and it was easy. Then the productions got a little more elaborate after that. I was happy to work with Randy West because I had been watching him for a long time and was pretty excited. I also liked working with TT Boy and it went from there. It was easy. I wasn’t scared or nervous really.

Dana Vespoli

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Dana: I have a few I like a lot of stuff that I did for myself. I like the scene I did with Valentina Nappi and Ramon for Girl/Boy. I like the scene with Dana DeArmond and Ramon in Borders of Desire. And for other people, I liked working with Mick Blue and Mark Davis for John Leslie in his movie Drop Sex. And a scene I did with Nica Noelle. There’s quite a few actually. No one singular scene stands out, there’s a few of them.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Dana: Mish. I like eye contact.

CJ: That leads into the next question, what do you like sexually? What gets Dana wet?

Dana: There’s no one thing. It depends on my mood. I like connection and passion. There are times that it’s like, ‘Hey, just stick it in’ and there’s times that it’s really drawn out. I just really like to feel connected to the person.

CJ: How often do you cum, if ever, during a scene?

Dana: There are times when I haven’t at all. It’s really hard if I’m being over-directed which is why I tend to, when I shoot, let the performers go unless we have to stop. If I’m being over-directed it doesn’t happen because there are those directors that micro-manage you. If a director’s telling me to be loud, I always ask him, ‘Do you want me to cum or not?’ If you want me to pretend to cum, I can do that.  If you want me to have a real orgasm, I’m a quiet person. I’m a whisperer. I talk and then I need to get inside myself to get an orgasm out. I have more orgasms from anal than I do from vag which is why I prefer anal scenes. And it depends on who I’m working with too. If I’m really used to a guy and more comfortable, then it’ll happen more often.

CJ: What’s the difference between and anal orgasm and a vaginal orgasm?

Dana: For me, vaginal has to have clitoral stimulation with it. With butt sex, it’s like a weird, full body experience where my hair stands up and I get goose bumps which is why I’m a big fan of butt sex.

Dana Vespoli

CJ: Since you’re bisexual, I have to ask, who eats better pussy, men or women?

Dana: It depends on the person. I’ve had girls do it really great and I’ve had guys do it really great. I don’t think it’s a male/female thing. Some girls don’t know what the hell they’re doing. It depends on the person.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Dana: I like internals but I don’t do it on camera. At home, I like internals. On film, I like it in the mouth or on the face. It doesn’t really matter.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Dana: Probably had someone pee inside my asshole while it was open with a speculum. That’s probably the kinkiest thing.

CJ: Nowadays, you are known more for your directing duties rather than your performing. Which do you prefer?

Dana: Directing. I think it suits me better. I think I’m a good performer when I’m in control of the situation meaning I’m orchestrating it. I’ve gotten spoiled where I’m in a fortunate position now that I can choose who I’m working with and what we’re doing. There are a few directors out there that I love working for and I’m happy to work with them because I feel that their tastes align with me. Back in the day, it was so new and I was so excited to just try this crazy thing, performing. And as I’ve gotten older and been in this industry longer, I’ve developed preferences. And now I can indulge those preferences. So if I’m working for myself, I’m very happy to perform because I can choose the people and come up with the scenario and I’ve very excited. If it’s between general performing and general directing, I’m happy to orchestrate scenarios and shoot them. I’m really a voyeur at heart and I think that’s what brought me into the business. I love to watch. I really, really enjoy watching. With all the high tech cameras now, I’m really happy to get in there and shoot gonzo sex. I can get close to the performers and smell them and feel their sweat splash onto my face. It’s really hot. I feel like I’m fucking them but I’m shooting them.

CJ: Pornboy wants to know what is more satisfactory for you, your success as a performer or your success as a director?

Dana: In reality, I don’t put myself on the same level of performers as Dana DeArmond or Adriana Chechik. Right now, I think she’s the best in the business. I credit those performers with always, always giving a good scene no matter what. I’ve never seen Dana DeArmond fail. I think she’s underrated. I think male or female, she’s in my top 5 ever. She’s really amazing. For me, I think I’m a really sensitive person and it gets in the way of me being consistent. And I can tell you, there are scenes out there where I couldn’t bring it. I just think I’m a better director than I am a performer. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t turned in good performances. There’s performances of me out there that I’m proud of. I just don’t have what they have which basically is an inexhaustible ability to just constantly go. As a director, I think I have that. As a performer, I don’t think I did.

Dana Vespoli

CJ: TOMBone wants to know if the new crop of female directors has influenced your work at all?

Dana: To be honest, I don’t watch anybody any more. The directors I watched when I came into the industry, Mason had a profound effect on me because she was the only female next to Francesca Le’ that was actually physically shooting camera. In the old days, you had a big name, you called yourself a director, you showed up, said ‘hi’ to the talent and left and everybody else directed your movie. So Mason made me realize that it was possible for me to pick up a camera. And then Nica is sort of a pioneer because she ushered in the style of directing as far as the art of seduction. What she does is far and away different from what I do but I learned how to slow down because of Nica. She really took time and paid close attention to the seduction aspect of the scene, which I really appreciated.

CJ: I don’t really think there’s a question in here but LCF says In your 2013 birthday you provided some naked pictures of yourself all natural with no make up nor photoshop and with some signs of your pregnancies , did you realize you were providing some of the hottest pictures around ? You depicted yourself as a true and real woman instead of the usual plastic dolls and that was what made them very special and made you even more attractive than ever.

Dana: That’s really sweet. Thank you. That’s really awesome.

CJ: You had one of the big releases of the year with Sovereign Syre’s Hollywood Babylon. And I was impressed that you didn’t even advertise on the box cover that it included her first boy/girl scenes.

Dana: In part because I didn’t think that was the most remarkable thing about it. I let her know that people will know but more importantly, it was her performance that really stood out. And it being her first was secondary to the performance. It came about because we were having a conversation about Steve Holmes and imagining him as this sort of old time doctor, with allusions to the Black Dahlia and this period of time in Hollywood. I had just watched LA Confidential and we were talking about a project where she would do boy/girl and she mentioned that would be a great concept for a movie. I couldn’t picture anyone else that could do that type of performance. It sort of came about that she wanted to do boy/girl and she didn’t feel like going to Brazzers or anything. Of course, I don’t have millions of dollars to make these kind of movies, so I restructured from being kind of an LA Confidential type of situation but I had to restructure it to fit the budget. I had also just read Charlotte Perkins’ Girl With The Yellow Wallpaper, which is a Victorian short story about a woman who is driven mad by the men in her life. And I thought Sovereign had the chops to basically pull off being a character who is driven mad by this industry. That’s how the story came about and it was a labor of love.

Dana Vespoli and Sovereign Syre

CJ: One of your past releases that I was impressed with was Fluid. You have Fluid 2 coming out, tell me about that!

Dana: I had done Fluid and I really enjoyed it and I just didn’t think I could do a Fluid 2 or how I would do it. Then one day, I was on set with Casey Calvert. She mentioned how she got into the industry and how she had worked as a professional mermaid in Florida. I was fascinated and she said it was a breath play thing because people were turned on by it. So I thought about it and I asked her if she could be a mermaid for me if I did Fluid 2. She got her fin and tail from Florida and then I was thinking about blowbangs and all this kind of stuff. I was thinking of a TS girl like Vanity with some guys and putting a Go Pro camera at the bottom of a tub. I was feeling around a little bit then cast Adriana Chechik in it too. There’s also a scene in there with Manuel and Misha Cross. It was originally supposed to be a one-on-one with Manuel and Ashlyn Molloy. But then I shot Misha for Sweetheart and she asked if she could be in the movie because she enjoyed the first one. She’s a gorgeous creature and for my stuff, I had never shot Manuel with two girls. So that was fun. And then the last scene was with Kayden Kross. That’s how it came about and it just kind of fell into place. But I really, really loved shooting it. The girls who are in it were really excited and enjoyed their work.

CJ: You also have a couple of Mile High releases coming out, Tombois 3.

Dana: The first Tombois that was ever done, Mile High had a lot of success with it. It’s clearly something that works well. The second one was the trickiest part was finding butch girls that had a broad enough appeal. I met Jiz Lee and I adore her. I think she has a lot of appeal of being boyish yet having a lot of feministic components. But it gets tricky with some people. Tombois 3, I got really fucking lucky. Somehow these people fell into my lap. Nikki Heart, who’s newer but has a pretty pixie face with a lot of boyish attributes as well. Lily Labeau had just come off of shaving her head so she had very short hair and had that allure as an androgynous beautry. Sinn Sage is really feminine but she has a boyish quality. And then there’s Ash Hollywood. I just got lucky with finding a good crop of believable butchy yet universally appealing girls.

CJ: Are girl/girl films made in regards to lesbians? Or are they for men who like watching pussy?

Dana: I make them for me. I always say, it might be my undoing, but I can’t think of anyone else’s interests with the exception of what I shoot for Sweetheart because I don’t own those movies. But when I shoot for Evil Angel, I’m shooting for myself and what I like to see and I’m working under the assumption that I can’t be so terribly unique that there are people out there who are like-minded. I shoot people who I want to have sex with and I shoot things that turn me one and just hope for the best. I don’t know any other way.

CJ: And finally, a new idea, Prison Lesbians.

Dana: I just shot that one. It’s with Lily Cade, Charlotte Stokely and Karlie Montana. We just wrapped a couple of days ago.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Dana: I like to sleep when I can. I work a lot. If I’m not shooting, I’m writing. I’m a mom so I do things with my children. We do different activities. I’m in a relationship too. I watch movies, I read a lot. I’m a fairly active person so I run. I’m also a big fan of traveling although I don’t get to do it as much as I would like.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Dana; I like sooo much. I’m a big Zeppelin fan. I love the Rolling Stones. I’m a real rock and roll aficionado, I really, really love rock and roll. Newer stuff, I’m a huge Radiohead fan. I like the Strokes. Fiona Apple. I like the Roots a lot.

Dana Vespoli

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Dana: Jesus, that’s a tough one. I have soooo many. Off the top of my head, I’m a big Woody Allen fan. Blue Jasmine was amazing. I like absurd comedies. There are also movies that are really amazing and beautiful and moving that you don’t want to see again. And then there are silly movies that you watch over and over again.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Dana: I don’t really watch TV because I don’t get a chance too. But I was a big Dexter fan. I love American Horror Story. And Six Feet Under was great. I cried like a baby during the series finale.

CJ: What does the future hold for Dana Vespoli? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still directing?

Dana: God, I hope so! I’m finally going to be doing a website when I shoot stuff that I don’t put out on DVD. I’ll probably be focusing a lot of Femdom stuff. And I’m going to be shooting another TS movie this year. A follow-up to TS I Love You.

CJ: You mentioned Femdom, are you dominant or submissive?

Dana: I am a switch. What’s funny is that I’m usually cast as a dom. With Kink, I’ve only been a sub, but I’m usually cast as a dom, more now than ever

CJ: What can the fans look forward to out of you? Any new projects other than the ones we talked about?

Dana: Fluid 2 comes out in August. There should be a trailer up soon. The Prison Lesbian move will be a couple of months away. I’m doing another lesbian fetish title for Evil before I do the Femdom. And I’ll probably get another feature out before the year’s out.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Dana: On Twitter, I’m @DanaVespoli and on Instagram, I’m VespoliDana

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  2. I am huge a fan of Dana from Pakistan.May God bless Dana lots of happiness and good health.

  3. Dana you are very sexy from head to toe. I’m very bad that you and Manuel are not together because as sexy as he is and you are very sexy that y’all should have stay together. As long as you happy that’s all that matter.

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