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Captain Jack interviews Courtney Page

Last week, I received an e-mail from Courtney Page. She was in the industry from 2007 -2011 and then abruptly quit. No big deal, girls come and go in this industry all the time. She said she missed the  industry and wanted to come back to the industry and shed her old “bad girl” image. Courtney is now represented by ATMLA and hopes to make a big impact on this second go round in the industry. She sounds like she’s committed to being professional and wants to regain her old fans and make some new ones! I started out by asking why she’ s coming back.

Courtney Page

Captain Jack: Hi Courtney, so you’ve been retired since 2011 and you’re about to come back. Why did you retire in the first place and why come back now?

Courtney Page: I missed it like crazy. I tried different things while I was taking a break from porn like web camming and other little things but I’m good at porn so I decided to come back.

CJ: So you just did web camming? Or did you have other little odd jobs?

Courtney: Just web camming. Actually, the day they announced I was back in porn, I started killing it on webcam! It took me 3 or 4 years to get a good base!

CJ: So have you filmed any scenes yet since you’ve been back?

Courtney: No, not yet. I live in Arizona and have to fly out to LA.

CJ: You said in your e-mail to me that you had a reputation as a “bad girl” before and want to change. Can you tell me why you were a “bad girl”?

Courtney: I had a really bad reputation that I didn’t intend on getting but I did because I was a huge bitch. And that is not something that you should bring on set. It wasn’t like I was late or anything, I just had a bad attitude. And nobody wants to work with that.

CJ: Was it just in general? Or towards the other talent?

Courtney: It was just in general and then to add to it, I thought I was famous and was the shit so that even added to the bitchiness. It was just a bad combination.

CJ: When you were getting the bad reputation, didn’t anyone take you aside, like your agent, and tell you to straighten up your act?

Courtney: No one said anything to me. I wish someone would have!

CJ: So was it just self-reflective? Something you discovered about yourself?

Courtney: I noticed I wasn’t getting booked or anything. My work was good, I thought. I showed up on time and I’m not a crazy person on set. So I knew something was up.

CJ: Pretend I’m a company that wants to hire you, what would you say to them so that they would believe that you’ve changed. Why should they hire you?

Courtney: I have no idea, they’d just have to go on my word and my work. And my work speaks for itself, I hope. I actually got to prove myself to Dungeon Corp. I was so bad that I walked off the set. And for some reason they gave me a second chance. And I got a chance to show them that I’m much more professional. That I have much more respect for everyone on set. And they were so shocked with the differences. And I was so glad that I was able to do that. They actually sat me down and explained to me how I acted the first time the first time they hired me. Because I had no idea. The things they told me affected me so much that from that moment, I changed.

CJ: Why did you quit? Did you just want to try something else?

Courtney: I just wanted to explore the industry but not in front of the camera. I tried PR for a little bit but that’s hard when you’ve been a porn star. I write for I tried to be an XCritic reviewer. So I tried different avenues.

CJ: Before you retired, one thing I loved about you was that you had such a natural look. Is that still the case? You didn’t get any enhancements or plastic surgery, did you?

Courtney: I’m completely natural except I had my lip pierced.

Courtney Page

CJ: Can I ask how old you are now?

Courtney: I’m 27 years old.

CJ: How long were you in the industry the first time?

Courtney: I got in when I was 21ish. I had just lost my virginity at 20 so I think I was 21.

CJ: OK, we have to get into this. You lost your virginity at 20, which is kind of late. How did you go from losing your virginity at 20 to getting into porn a year later?

Courtney: When I lost my virginity, I just exploded into a huge slut bag. Something was unleashed, I don’t know.

CJ: Before that, you were pretty well-adjusted? Normal family life? School life?

Courtney: Well, I appeared that way. I was brought up that sex is very taboo. I remember getting pulled out of sex-ed in school so deep down secretly, I was obsessed with sex. Because I could never learn about it or see it or know about it.

CJ: I know exactly what you mean. I went to Catholic school, now look at me. I’m reviewing porn and talking to porn stars!

Courtney: (laughs) I’m sure it means something!

CJ: OK, if you were always curious about sex, why did you wait so long? Why didn’t you have sex when you were 18? Or 16? Why did you wait so long?

Courtney: Because a lot of my friends and girl friends were losing their virginity throughout those ages and they were always talking about how horrible it was. And it hurt and how the guy acted weird afterwards. And sex was so important to me that I didn’t want my first experience to be awful. I just had to wait until I really trusted someone and the situation was perfect.

CJ: You said you became a slut bag. Did you sleep with a lot of different guys then? Or was your boyfriend the benefactor?

Courtney: I was with him for a while then after we broke up, I had to test the waters. So I really tested them! (laughs)

CJ: So you decided to get into porn, what did you do? Start sending out your pictures to different agencies?

Courtney: I contacted a couple different porn sets on MySpace. But only one of them contacted me back and they said you should contact Derek Hay. So I sent him a picture I took of myself with my cell phone. He told me to come to LA immediately.

CJ: What did he do? Did he audition you? Or put you in a scene right away?

Courtney: He put me in a scene right away. I’ve been with him twice but I have a really bad time with authority figures. He’s a huge, strict person and I didn’t get along with him. And he didn’t like that. If you don’t follow the rules, you have to leave. It’s the best agency but it’s hard to be a hard ass.

CJ: Do your friends and family know what you do?

Courtney: That’s actually how I got the push to go. Because my mom found out. She found some information and said, “I know what you’re trying to do. I’ll give you two options, you can either check into a mental hospital or you can get out right now.” Well, I wasn’t going into a mental hospital, so I flew out to LA to get into porn. And she said, ok, you’re plane ticket’s waiting for you at the airport. Then, I couldn’t stand being out there with her being mad at me. So I took that 2 year break and finally she came around.

CJ: Are you into girls?

Courtney: Yes, definitely. Not all girls, I’m not bisexual. There are some girls that catch my eye that I think are really sexy.

CJ: Was that before porn or afterwards that you discovered you were attracted to women?

Courtney: That was before. I explored all kinds of stuff before.

CJ: Do you have any goals during this comeback? Or do you just want to have fun and make some money?

Courtney: My goals are that I really, really, really want to be on a cover of a magazine and I want to win an award. So obviously I have to be at the best of my ability, so I’ll just have to go hard this time and really shine!

Courtney Page

CJ: Is there anyone you want to work with that you haven’t yet? Or anyone that you have worked with that you want to make amends to?

Courtney: Not really, I’m pretty cool with everybody.

CJ: Is there anyone you want to fuck just to fuck?

Courtney: Rocco Reed. Always Rocco Reed.

CJ: He’s doing gay porn now.

Courtney: I know! I did one scene with him before he did that and it was like the best scene I’ve ever done.

CJ: What do you like sexually?

Courtney: I like gay porn.

CJ: What about on a set? When you’re with someone, what do you like from them?

Courtney: Um, compliment me. I don’t really know. Sex is so mental for me so it’s not like a touch, it’s more if I connect mentally on some level. That gets me going.

CJ: Is it weird having sex with older men?

Courtney: NO! It’s preferred! They know what they’re doing!

CJ: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with?

Courtney: The oldest was 52.

CJ: What’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex on camera?

Courtney: Oooh. It’s going to sound crazy because it’s my favorite scene ever. But it was with Rocco in a shower in Very Bad Wives. We had to do these positions that were insanely hard and I think the sex would have been even better had we been in a normal atmosphere.

CJ: Was it like a standing mish under the water?

Courtney: It was a reverse cowgirl squat on tiles with running water so I couldn’t get any leverage.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Courtney: Blowjobs.

CJ: So you like facials then?

Courtney: Yes. But not if it’s in my eyes! I really can’t stand that, but yes, I like facials!

CJ: Do you like swallowing too?

Courtney: Yes.

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Courtney: I just started to a year ago. But I watch them with my hands over my eyes. (laughs) I think I’m good but I feel like I’m not supposed to watch them. However, my Andrew Blake scenes? I love them, I could watch those all day long on a reel. Allll day long!

Courtney Page

CJ: Do you watch other porn?

Courtney: Yes.

CJ: Do you have a boyfriend right now?

Courtney: No, I don’t believe in boyfriends.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Courtney: Well, since I’m web camming a lot, every day!

CJ: What’s the best way to get you off? Fingers? Toys?

Courtney: My Hitachi! All the way!

CJ: So on webcamming, do the guys turn on their cameras and you watch them jerk off?

Courtney: Yes, Sometimes I’ll go on Streammate and set my fees to 99 cents and all I do all night is sit fully clothed and watch men jerk off. And I love it!

CJ: All shapes and sizes? I’m sure you get some disgusting guys.

Courtney: Um, yeah. But I also get some amazing looking people which is NICE when that happens.

CJ: I’m sure the cameras are just focused on the dicks so you don’t really see the faces.

Courtney: Well I try to encourage people to show their faces. I like it because I’m fascinated by the penis so of course I’m going to enjoy it!

CJ: Since you webcam all the time, do you ever have sex off-camera?

Courtney: Actually, since I’m pleasing myself so much, I’m not really out there looking for it that much. It’s definitely affected my sex life.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera if you were looking for someone?

Courtney: Well, I like them older. I’m really into astrology, so if they were a Leo, that would be perfection. And they have to have a pretty penis.

CJ: Do you ever watch Seinfeld?

Courtney: Yeah…..

CJ: Well, there was one episode where Jerry’s girlfriend was running around naked and he started getting sick of it. Elaine tells him that men should NEVER be seen naked. So it’s a long way of asking you, what do you think makes a pretty penis?

Courtney: Definitely circumcised. Not circus huge. Shaved. Not curved.  (laughs)

CJ: Have you ever role played a scene off camera that you first did on camera?

Courtney: Um, no. I haven’t. I don’t think so. I really want to do a cuckold but it’s hard to find guys who want to do that.

CJ: You mean being a sub in a cuckold scene?

Courtney: Yeah, a guy sucking another guy’s dick while I watch!

CJ: So I take it your more dominant than submissive?

Courtney: Um, I think so. I don’t know. I haven’t really explored that part of me too much. I think I’m more dom. But I could play any role and enjoy it.

CJ: Since you’re trying to remake your image and already have a reputation, do you think this foray into porn is going to be more difficult than the first time?

Courtney: I feel like I gave myself enough time away from the industry. But I didn’t completely leave, I kept a presence by being silly and being friendly. And trying to eliminate some of the bitchiness from the first time. And I feel like I did the smart thing by getting out of people’s minds. Get rid of all the negative images and whatever. Everyone loves a comeback story!

CJ: Are you planning on doing any anal or interracial this time?

Courtney: I hope to do interracial. I would really like to but that’s not really my choice. Anal is still something that I’m thinking about. I do it in my personal life and I like it. Just on screen, that’s my last thing, it’s my last trick!

CJ: Has porn cock ruined you for regular cock?

Courtney: Not really. My vagina is really teeny tiny and people think that porn stars need 12” huge cocks. That’s not true. 6” is plenty for me! So I’m really good on that. (laughs)

CJ: So how can the fans contact you?

Courtney: I’m on Twitter Instagram is NotCourtneyPage

My profile on My Free Cams is:

I have a Facebook fan page at with that second letter being a zero.

I have clips for sale at

And I’m represented by ATMLA if anyone wants to book me!

CJ: Thank you Courtney, and I hope your comeback is successful. I’ll be watching!

Courtney: Thank you for the interview!

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Courtney Page

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