Chloe Carter Interview

Captain Jack Interviews Chloe Carter

Chloe is a new tattooed girl on the porn scene with an interesting back story. She told me everything and didn’t spare the details! I liked her attitude and think she has a future in this industry. Plus, I fell in love with Chloe’s Southern accent! Let’s learn a little bit more about Ms. Carter!

Chloe Carter

Captain Jack: Tell me about Chloe Carter.

Chloe Carter: I grew up in Texas. I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. I’m a Texas girl. I lived in Texas until I was 13. I moved to North Carolina and then I went back to Texas. I stayed there for about a year and then I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina and that’s when I met Eva Lovia. I wasn’t there for very long until I came out here to visit. I was back and forth between Texas and North Carolina growing up.

CJ: Where’d you meet Eva Lovia?

Chloe: Her husband owns a bar in Wilmington, a very popular college bar. Wilmington’s a very college town. It’s pretty small and most of the population is college kids. I was working at a strip club and her husband came in one night with a couple people from the bar. At this point, I was pretty new to Wilmington so I didn’t know anyone. Everyone knew who they were but I didn’t. Her husband confronted me and asked me if I ever thought about camming. I guess at that point in time, he was trying to be an agent. He asked if I had ever heard of Eva Lovia. I had always been intrigued by the porn industry. Always. But I wasn’t super familiar with porn stars or different companies. I wasn’t a full porn fan but I was intrigued by it. When he asked if I knew who Eva was, I told him that I didn’t know her. He explained that it was his wife and she was a Digital Playground contract star. He said I should meet her and he gave her my contact info. When Eva was back in town, we ended up meeting at Starbucks. I met her and became her personal assistant way before I even considered doing porn. So I was her personal assistant for 4 or 5 months even before I thought, ‘Hey, I should try this!’ I text her all the time and thank her. It was so amazing having that opportunity to be able to see it before jumping into it. You hear so many horror stories about it; everyone has heard horror stories. For her to be able to show me beforehand and just by watching her, seeing how she reacts to things or does things was invaluable. I would go to photo shoots with her, see her do solos, go with her when she feature danced… I just paid really close attention to things. I learned so much from her. That helped me a lot and I finally told her that I wanted to try this. She said, ‘Oh cool! Let me help you!’ So she helped put me out there. I definitely give a lot of credit to her for how far I have come since I have been in the industry.

CJ: How long have you been shooting now?

Chloe: It hasn’t even been that long. I started my website before I even shot for any companies. I no longer use that website but that was about March of this year. So it’s been very recent since I started shooting. Probably around June.

CJ: How old are you?

Chloe: I’m 19. I’ll be 20 years old in January so I’m still a teenager. (laughs)

Chloe Carter

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Chloe: I was 13.

CJ: After the first one, did you become promiscuous?

Chloe: No, I actually didn’t. I kept to myself actually. From 13 to 15, I wasn’t sexually active at all. I was in a relationship for 4 years starting when I was 14 ½. I just got out of that relationship when I was 18. It was with a girl. I was with a girl for close to 4 years so I hadn’t really had a lot of sex with guys. I probably slept with only two or three before I started porn. So this is all new to me and that’s why I love it.

CJ: Your girlfriend, was that your first sexual experience with a girl?

Chloe: Yes. I was super young.

CJ: You said your mom didn’t care, did she care that you were a lesbian?

Chloe: I was very open. I’ve always been very open about things that I’ve done because I think with the way things are nowadays, everyone’s going to find out anyways. So even when I first started experimenting with girls, I made it very clear to my mom. My mom had always picked on me and told me I was going to be gay because I had never liked boys. Her and my sister both. So when I started dating a girl, it wasn’t like I was flat out dating a girl, it was obvious. I would stay with her all the time and my mom finally said, ‘Alright, are we going to confront this? Or are you going to keep beating around the bush?’ I told her I liked girls. She didn’t make a big deal out of it. I had family members who did but I didn’t really care. I am who I am. Before I even got into the industry, I sat my mom down. We don’t even have that good of a relationship but out of respect for her, I told her. I didn’t want someone going up to my mom and showing her a picture of me taking dick. So I told her that’s what I wanted to do. I want to sexually express myself and I enjoy it. It was hard for her at first. I think it’s hard for any parent to hear that. Now, she thinks it’s awesome and loves hearing about it. It’s pretty cool.

CJ: So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all these people around. Were you intimidated? Nervous? Turned on?

Chloe: I was so excited about my first scene. My first scene ever was with Burning Angel. I actually had been tweeting at them for months. I finally got Joanna to notice me. She sent me a message on Twitter, ‘Wait, do you do porn?’ (laughs) I had never done anything before. There was nothing on my Twitter and, also at the time, I don’t think my Twitter had XXX in the handle or my bio so she was kind of confused. I told her I hadn’t done anything yet but I want to, etc. She said she wanted to shoot me. She wanted to put me in her first class series and she wanted me there that weekend. And that was it. As soon as she said it, I was there. I was super excited because I’m so in love with Joanna and Small Hands. She says, ‘You’re going to be working with my boyfriend!’ YES! It was awesome. I showed up and they were so amazing. They were so welcoming. They made me feel like I knew them for so long. The whole crew was awesome. I was nervous on the ride there but as soon as they said ‘hi’ to me, I was fine. It was great. That’s one of my favorite scenes!

Chloe Carter

CJ: How long did it take you to master the little tricks that girls have to do like arching, opening up and all that stuff?

Chloe: Honestly, the first scene I did, I don’t think I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t told anything because they wanted that innocent vibe, they wanted that new girl look. So I wasn’t told anything but I think that scene turned out great. Because I wasn’t worried about it, it was great. It was natural. Now, they are telling me how to pose and saying ‘don’t put your hand there, it’s going to block that!’ ‘Don’t put your face there, it’s going to block that!’, it’s so much more than I thought it was. I’m still getting used to everything. I like the natural porn thing where the director just tells you how to have fun. I don’t like whenever people are so hard on positions and stuff. I get it. I get why they’re like that but I also think there should be a limit to how much they stress that. It feels so staged otherwise. When you do your thing, it just makes you look so much better on camera. I’ve learned a lot so I’m about halfway there but not fully. People still have to tell me a few things but I’m getting there.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Chloe: Doggie. That’s my favorite one. I don’t know what it is about it but I have really big vagina lips and when I’m in that position and really arched, I can feel it in my clit and in my vagina. So it’s perfect for me. That’s how I feel about it. That’s why I like it so much. (laughs) I don’t know about other girls who say that but it definitely is my favorite. Plus, I like showing off my butt. (laughs)

CJ: Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship?

Chloe: Let me think about that….Yes I have but I didn’t know it at the time. I was dating a guy when I was in high school. It wasn’t for a long time so I won’t count that as a relationship. We hung out a lot and I was under the impression he was 19. Being a freshman, I was 15 or 16. He was always at my house. My mom started to question things about him. A lot of his stories weren’t really adding up. Then he got kind of weird. Finally, he sat my mom and myself down. He said he had something to tell us. It turned out he was 24 and he was married with a kid on the way. All this kind of stuff. (laughs)

CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Chloe: No it doesn’t. Everytime I work with someone, there’s always something that I end up finding attractive about that person. I’ve never worked with anyone that I haven’t wanted to work with. There’s a lot of older guys that I’ve worked with. Whenever I talk to people, I get on the same level as them and try to have a real conversation with them before we’re on set, before we’re in front of the camera. Then I just feel like I know who they are. I always find something attractive whether it’s their personality or maybe I like the way they look. There’s always something. So it’s not hard for me to work with older guys.

Chloe Carter

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Chloe wet?

Chloe: It really depends on the person and the situation. Some people make me feel different ways. Gosh, that’s such a good question. What turns me on? I don’t know. I have to be in that certain situation and mood. The mood changes everything. I always like heavy breathing on my neck. That always turns me on. It doesn’t matter where I’m at or anything, that will always be the #1 turnon. Always. Other than that, it just depends.

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant?

Chloe: I’m very submissive. I can not be dominant at all. Everyone thinks I’m dominant because of my tattoos and my look but I’m not. I’ve been asked to do so many dominant scenes but I can’t do it! I can’t be mean to people! I suck at it. Unless they really, really, really, really make me mad, I can’t be dominant. I did a Cuckold scene for ATK and I’m being fucked by this big black dude and I’m talking shit to this white guy. I was like, ‘Oh my God! I don’t even know what to say!’ So I was laughing and trying to be really mean. They had to cut! I don’t know how to be mean!

CJ: Have you ever been in a 24/7 BDSM relationship?

Chloe: No I haven’t. I haven’t even been dominated before! I just did a BDSM scene and that was the first time I had even been tied up before. I’m very new to that whole thing.

Shay Fox was dominant to me once and I loved it! I thought it was amazing! It was so awesome, she spit in my face and everything. It was pretty cool. Other than that, that was the only time I was ever dominated. It wasn’t super intense, she just had to talk down to me. It wasn’t even a sex scene or anything like that. It was definitely a turn-on.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Chloe: I masturbate a lot. I don’t know. Probably 4 out of 7 days of the week.

CJ: Favorite method?

Chloe: Hitachi. That’s my number 1, I love it!

Chloe Carter

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Chloe: I like it on my chest most of the time. Or on my butt. That’s another reason I like doggie, you can just pull out and go straight on my butt. Perfect.

CJ: Do you swallow?

Chloe: Yes, sometimes. Not always. Sometimes I don’t feel like it and just tell them to cum on me.

CJ: Will you do creampies on camera?

Chloe: I don’t do creampies. I’m not even on birth control.

CJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Chloe: Actually, I’m not too picky about size but I also do like black people too. So I like big cocks. (laughs) So there’s no certain size that I like but I like big cocks.

CJ: Are you going to do anal on camera?

Chloe: I’ve been asked that. In my personal life, I did anal once and I didn’t like it. I always told myself that I would never do anything that I don’t do in my personal life on camera just for comfort reasons. I don’t want something out there that I don’t like to do just to make money. I feel it takes away from me enjoying what I do. I don’t want to get blinded by dollar signs like a lot of girls do. I’m not sure that I would do anal on camera. I’d have to start liking it in my personal life before I do it on camera. There’s certain ways you have to do it in order for you to enjoy it. I’ve never been with anyone and said like, ‘Hey, put it in my butt!’ So I’m not really sure. It’s a good question though. I guess we’ll have to see.

CJ: You were in a relationship with a girl so what do you look for in a girl off camera?

Chloe: I like boyish girls and I’ve always been a huge fans of tattoos. I don’t even know if I’d be in another relationship with a girl again. I love messing around with girls and having sex with girls for fun but I’m not sure if I’d actually be in a relationship with one. She kind of ruined me! (laughs) Girls are fucking crazy so I’m not sure if I could do that again. Guys are a lot easier for me to get along with. (laughs)  As far as being attracted to one, I just like when people really express themselves. I’m really big on that. I like whenever people do things that other people don’t do. So if you stand out, that automatically attracts me to someone. Same thing with a guy. Personality is a big thing. I don’t really base it on looks a lot. There have been a lot of guys that I’ve been with and attracted to, even doing scenes, that I never thought I would be attracted to. But just talking to them and having a conversation with them, I find them attractive. Being able to have a real conversation with someone gets to me.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Chloe: I sing. I love to sing. Love it, love it, love it. I taught myself how to play piano when I was 12. My biggest inspiration has always been Amy Winehouse. She was so talented and I wish she could have carried that on but she didn’t. I also like to draw. I still want to be a tattoo artist. I grew up in a tattoo shop so I’ve always learned stuff about that. I’m more of an artsy person. I like decorating, I used to be in interior design classes. I’m a pretty creative person. Anything that has to do with art, I love it. Outdoorsy stuff. I like experiencing things.

CJ: You sing, what type of music do you like?

Chloe: I pretty much like all music but I don’t like newer country. I like older country like Johnny Cash. I love Amy Winehouse. Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Halsey. She has a unique voice and real music that has stories behind it. I like music that tells a story to which I can understand it and show that I care about singing. If I’m just singing about nothing then what am I singing about?

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Chloe: My #1 is probably Pulp Fiction. The Runaways, Breakfast Club and Blues Brothers also rank up there. Me and my dad dressed up as the Blues Brothers one time for Halloween.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Chloe: I don’t watch a lot of TV but when I did, I really, really, really liked Breaking Bad. Right now, if I’m watching Netflix, my go-to is something funny like Family Guy or Bob’s Burgers or something like that.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Chloe: I guess broccoli doesn’t really count as food. I love broccoli. I eat it all the time! Even Joanna, when I come over or is on her set, she always makes sure she has broccoli out. Other than that, my second favorite is sushi.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Chloe: So far, the kinkiest thing that I’ve done is the sister’s wives thing. My friend and her husband are super obsessed with having a little sister wife, being told what to do and have sex all the time. So that’s probably the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done. They’ve played with me and I’ve had sex with both of them. Other than that, I haven’t done a lot of kinky stuff in my life.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Chloe: On Twitter, I’m @XXXChloeCarter. I love my Tumblr, that’s my go to social network. They’re not really strict about what you put on there. It’s My Instagram is @RealChloeCarterXX. And Facebook is just ChloeCarter.

Chloe Carter

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