Carter Cruise Interview

Captain Jack interviews Carter Cruise

Carter is a newer girl who is making quite an impact in the industry. In fact, she just became a Spiegler Girl which is a badge of honor in this industry. She’s very engaging when you talk to her and she has a great sense of humor. I hope you learn something about this beauty in this interview!

Carter Cruise

Captain Jack: Tell me about Carter Cruise. Where did you grow up? What kind of girl were you?

Carter Cruise: I’m from North Carolina. Pretty normal childhood. Just a typical Southern family upbringing. My family’s pretty open-minded so even though they’re pretty traditional themselves, they’ve always encouraged us to be open minded to new experiences. Yup, I grew up like that, pretty boring, nothing crazy or exciting. (laughs) I quit school in North Carolina to do porn.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Carter: Since the very end of August last year.

CJ: How old are you?

Carter: 23.

CJ: What were you like in high school? You are very cute, did you drive all the boys wild?

Carter: I guess I was known as a flirt but I’ve always been a little bit of a tomboy. If there was a guy that all the girls liked, I decided I wasn’t going to give him any attention. (laughs) I was very outgoing but still a tomboy.

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Carter: I was 16.

CJ: Is there a good story behind that?

Carter: Not really. It was my first boyfriend and I was definitely ready to have sex loooonnng before I lost my virginity. I really wanted to have sex but I also wanted my first time to be with someone I really cared about. I never had a boyfriend before and when we started dating, I wanted to have sex. (laughs) We’d been dating for about 3 months and we were on spring break. Once we had sex, I said, “I want this all the time!” (laughs)

CJ: Were you very promiscuous after that?

Carter: Well, I dated that guy for about 4 years so he was the only guy I had sex with for four years and we had a lot of sex. (laughs) When we broke up in college, I had a period when I went a little crazy because I was used to having sex all the time and then suddenly I didn’t have a boyfriend. You know, the college life where everyone’s sleeping around anyways so I went kind of crazy. (laughs)

Carter Cruise

CJ: How many years of college did you get through?

Carter: Four-and-a-half years and I was real close to graduating.

CJ: Are you going to go back?

Carter: Nope. I don’t want anyone to ever attribute any of my success to college. I’m glad I went to college and it was a good experience and I learned things and grew as a person but I felt, educationally wise, it was a big waste of time. And I just hate how people say, ‘It’s good to have your degree’. If I ever become successful, people will say ‘Aren’t you glad you have your degree?’ when I know that it didn’t help at all. So it’s like I’m sticking my middle finger to the man. (laughs)

CJ: Were you with girls before porn too?

Carter: Kind of. It was a few months before porn and I always wondered if I was into girls. The only girls I knew who hooked up with girls would be drunk at a party making out just to turn the guys on. So I never knew any girls who were into girls. Then in college, my best friend got drunk one night and said she might be into girls. We both had boyfriends at the time and we went out of town for my birthday. We were both drink and horny and we went back to our hotel and she came onto me, which was very weird because she was very laid back. So we tried it but we didn’t do too much since neither of us had been with a girl. It was just kissing and shit like that. It wasn’t anything too crazy. The first time I had sex with a girl, it was on-camera.

CJ: Do you like it now?

Carter: Yes. I’m definitely more into dudes. But I love women. I think women are sexy and amazing. I can be dominant and I love doing scenes with new girls. I have fun and can definitely get off with a girl but I like being submissive and it’s easier being submissive with a man.

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Carter: I’ve always known I wanted to do something in the entertainment industry. When I went to college, I really wanted to go for acting but my parents wouldn’t pay for that. (laughs) I’ve been acting my whole life and I’ve danced competitively; I just love performing. Whatever it is, I’ve done so many things in the performing aspect. And I’ve always loved sex, obviously. I’ve been masturbating as long as I can remember. (laughs) I just love sex, I’ve always been fascinated by it. But porn was something I never really thought about. I watched it once with my boyfriend back in high school. We watched Girls Gone Wild and I never figured out why that was hot. It didn’t do it for me. I mean, I was a little turned on by it but, for me, it was something that boys watched. When I masturbate, I don’t watch porn to masturbate, I watch porn and then fantasize about it later.

I would read Vice magazine and they had a whole section in there about pornstars. I would end up reading interviews with pornstars and was really impressed by their perspective on life and how intelligent they were. By reading them I thought I could hang out with these people. I watched Portrait of a Call Girl with Jessie Andrews because I read an interview with her and I was really interested in her. She was doing all the things I wanted to do with my life. I thought, how is this girl doing all this and she’s younger than me? I watched the movie and thought, ‘This is art!’, ‘This is hot!’ That was the kind of thing I wanted to make. I started researching the industry for a good year while I was still in school. But I was very, very modest.  I could never, ever do porn because I don’t even like wearing a bikini, much less getting naked on camera. Then life happened and certain things happened and I ended up meeting this guy in North Carolina. Which was very weird because no one down there has ever heard of anyone that has been involved in the porn industry. But he happened to be in town for a couple weeks and he was trying to find girls to shoot. But no one would do that in North Carolina so he didn’t have much luck. I happened to find his ad on Craig’s List, I was trying to find a photographer to take head shots, and met with him. We ended up talking about the industry for 2 hours. He asked me to try to take some pictures and said whatever I was comfortable with, we could do. I ended up getting topless and that was a really big deal for me. I felt like a completely changed person. I felt free, I guess. When I woke up the next morning, it was such a weird thing. I said I was going to do porn, this was what I was supposed to do.

Carter Cruise

CJ: Does your family know what you do?

Carter: Yes they do. I gave them an ultimatum. I told them I was going to do this and they could either accept it or I would never talk to them again. They know how I am, when I make my mind up about something, it’s made up. Their main concern was that I was going to be sold into sex slavery or shooting up heroin or something. They were more concerned about that than the social stigma. I told them that they raised me well with morals and just trust that and see how it goes. I was a very different person a year ago, I was in college but I hated it so much. I wasn’t healthy in a lot of ways… emotionally, physically because I was so stressed out. So when I got out of that situation and took control of my own life, I completely changed as a person. My parents didn’t really get it but they know how much I love sex and they can see how happy I am. They get more and more cool with it by the day. At first, they didn’t even want to know my stage name but now they want to come to AVN. (laughs)

CJ: What was your first scene like? Was there any nervousness when you started filming? I mean all these people are there watching you fuck.

Carter: I was really nervous. It was In The VIP for Reality Kings. So there were a lot of people involved. There are two main girls and two main guys and a bunch of extra girls. The girl that was paired with me was Teagan Summers. She was getting ready to retire from the industry, it was her last week and it was my first week. I was so terrified and didn’t eat all day, I was shaking. She was so cool to me. She told me to hold her hand and said she’d take care of me. She totally took me under her wing. I felt pretty good about it until we got there and I saw her having sex. Even if you’re good in bed at home, it doesn’t mean you’ll be good at porn. Porn is about how things look, not how they feel. Plus the guys dicks were so much bigger than I ever experienced so I didn’t know what to do with it. (laughs) I said, ‘I don’t know how to suck this! It’s so big!’  (laughs) I also didn’t know how to do the crazy positions and the director was very loud and he kept yelling at me to open up. And I thought, ‘I don’t know how to suck this dick normally, much less open up to the camera.’ About 15 minutes into the scene, I took a break to get some water and I was almost in tears. I thought I made a huge mistake. I went back in and everyone was counting on me to finish this scene. So I thought I would finish it for them and just threw myself into it and didn’t think about it too much. I ended up having a great time and I was super excited about it.

CJ: So how long did it take you to get comfortable in front of the camera?

Carter: I’m still getting comfortable in front of the camera. I think the Pretty Girls before the scene are the worst for me. (laughs) But I like being on video so it only took a little while. Even after that first scene, it was so much better. I can still tell every scene that I do gets so much better. I can feel myself progressing each and every time.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Carter: I’m not sure, I’ve shot a lot.

Carter Cruise

CJ: I have a couple in mind, Anal Cuties was very good. Your butt is amazing! You were fun in that scene. You were working with the butt plug in the back of the limo, you found a pair of panties, that was a good scene.

Carter: Thank you. I was really nervous for that scene. It was my first full-bore anal scene so I was really, really nervous about it.

CJ: Have you done any anal scenes since then?

Carter: Yes, I just signed with Spiegler so I do a lot of anal. (laughs) I’ve done a lot of girl/girl anal scenes lately. I just shot an anal scene with Manuel yesterday. I wanted to work with him since I first got into the industry. It was for Wet Asses for William H. and Jules Jordan Video.

CJ: I also just saw you in Our Father for New Sensations. That was sexy. The way you kept saying ‘daddy’ in that scene was hot!

Carter: Thank you. That was one of my favorite scenes.

CJ: You’ve done a few incest fantasies, do you enjoy those or is it just one of those things you do because it’s porn?

Carter: When I first got into the business, I kind of got tricked into doing a scene. It was a stepdad scene and then they changed it to a father-daughter scene. I was really new and I’m really shy when I don’t feel comfortable. I went along with it and I really felt guilty about it because my dad is so cool about me doing porn and I’m such a Daddy’s Girl. Even though I understand the difference between fantasy and reality, I don’t necessarily think my parents would understand that. So, for me, the incest stuff, I’ve learned to get into it because at first I thought it was so weird. (laughs) But then I became more open-minded about it as long as in the script it’s stated that it’s a stepdad then I’m totally fine with it. Even calling him ‘daddy’, that’s fine. Even though my dad doesn’t see my porn, I just would never in any way want him to think I did a scene like that because it’s disrespectful to him. But on a personal level, mom-daughter stuff, I don’t care about. (laughs) I understand it’s a fantasy and the porn I personally watch is weird and fucked up and I’m pretty vanilla in my personal sex life so I’m ok with it.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Carter: Missionary.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Carter wet?

Carter: I like choking, definitely. I always have, my whole life. I like a lot of eye contact and intensity. Whether it’s intense physically, emotionally or mentally, I just like to feel that intense energy from another person. There are a ton of different ways it can be expressed and that’s what’s fun about sex for me.

CJ: Is it weird having sex with older men?

Carter: I’ve never really been into older guys. The oldest guy I had sex with before the industry was 34 and I was 22. But that was a random thing that happened, I usually didn’t go for older guys. When I got into porn, I was a little weirded out by the whole thing but I realize it’s just part of the job. Actually, one of my first scenes was with a guy who was my dad’s age. But he was so sweet and he walked me through everything. He actually gave me my first on-camera orgasm. Now, older guys are my favorite guys to work with.

Carter Cruise

CJ: Nice segue way, How often do you cum, if ever, during a scene?

Carter: It just depends. I don’t fake ever unless I really have to. I don’t like to fake during porn. For me, the hottest thing is the girl cumming. So in my scenes, I want to make it authentic. But every once in awhile, you’ll get a scene where how the director wants you to fuck just does not feel good at all. It happens where sometimes it’s work! So it all depends. Sometimes it’ll be once during a scene and sometimes it’ll be three of four times.

CJ: Where’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Carter: I think one of the most uncomfortable scenes was also one of my favorite scenes. It was for Cute Little Babysitter 3 for New Sensations. Me and Toni Ribas were on a kitchen counter. I was just covered in squirt and sweaty and soaking on the tiles. It was extra uncomfortable and I kept falling into the sink. (laughs) So that was uncomfortable but it was also fun at the same time.

CJ: You squirt?

Carter: Not crazy squirting but if the guy does it the right way¸ I can. Sometimes I cum really hard and I don’t squirt but then the other day, we did an average scene, nothing crazy, and I was squirting like crazy. My body’s weird! (laughs)

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Carter: No I don’t. I’ll watch the trailers, usually, because I want to see how it turned out but I don’t like to watch myself. (laughs)

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Carter: I was actually masturbating when I answered your phone call. (laughs)

CJ: Well, don’t let me stop you! You have a sexy voice, so if you cum for me, I’ll consider that an honor!

Carter: (laughs) On set, if we’re not doing anything, I’ll be sitting there masturbating. The other day I was shooting for B.Skow for Girlfriend Films and he said, ‘You really do love your clit, don’t you?’ Yeah, for me, it releases dopamine, serotonin and all these awesome natural drugs into your brain, why wouldn’t I be touching it all the time?

CJ: What’s the preferred method? Hands? Toys? Hitachi?

Carter: Because I’ve been masturbating for so long, I stick with my fingers. But if I’m feeling extra lazy, I’ll use my Hitachi. I do love the Hitachi but I don’t think anything can beat my fingers.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Carter: I like creampies. The absolutely hottest thing to me is the guy cumming inside of me. I love that. Half the time, it can make me cum just from that. Other than that, nothing really does it for me. Whatever the guy likes because I’m a pleaser. I really like to see the other person get off, that’s what gets me off. I remember my first boyfriend asked to cum on my face. I didn’t get it, I didn’t really watch porn and wondered why he wanted to cum on my face. But he really liked it and I liked it because he liked it.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Carter: Actually, I was just thinking about this last night for a little bit. One of the reasons I got into porn was because I wanted to explore all the sexual sides of me. Did I have any fetishes? How would I know unless I experienced them. I think I definitely learned how much of a submissive I am. Before porn, in my personal sex life, I was always pretty dominant. I was never submissive because I had all this sexual energy that no one could really dominate me. Then I got into porn and started fucking guys who are naturally dominant and I really loved that. It also caused me to be so much more open-minded. I kind of see how things are hot that I never even thought about, like the incest stuff. But now I think things are hot because other people think they’re sexy.

Carter Cruise

CJ: blueboykc from the ADT forums loves your bush. He wants to know how long you’ve had it? Is it just a porn thing? Do you plan to keep it?

Carter: I’ve had it since NOvember. I had waxed/shaved it since I hit puberty because I don’t like body hair but my bush grew in when I took a few weeks off work for school and I ended up loving it so I kept it. I think it photographs well and it’s fun to play with. I always keep it shaved on the lips because it feels more clean to me.

CJ: He also asks since you love your clit, are you ever going to get it pierced?

Carter: No! I would never get it pierced BECAUSE I love it so much! Piercings don’t bother me (obviously, I’ve had plenty) but they can affect sensation and I would never want to risk that on my clit. Too many things can go wrong and I love it the way it is.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Carter: Hobbies? Right now I’m learning to be an adult. It’s a full-time job and no one tells you that! (laughs) I’m a very work orientated persons. I’ve always wanted to have a career that I can dedicate my life to. I don’t like to half-ass things. I want to be the best I can possibly be.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Carter: I like everything but I’m really into electronic music. I’m actually learning how to produce music. Hopefully, I can be a DJ, as well as do porn.

CJ: What’s your favorite book?

Carter: I like Blonde from Joyce Carol Oates. It’s a fictional but based on reality, biography of Marilyn Monroe. It’s very creative.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Carter: I’m pretty vanilla off-camera. I kind of had a half-threesome that I got sucked into but I didn’t really like it. I don’t have a lot of sex outside of work, I can’t remember the last time I got laid. (laughs)

CJ: What does the future hold for Carter Cruise? Where do you want to take your career?

Carter: Oh my goodness, I don’t even know. Actually, things are going very well for me and I’m actually ahead of where I thought I’d be at this point. Signing with Spiegler was a goal for me ever since I got into the industry. I want to win awards. I want to direct my own stuff. Right now, I’m just learning the industry as a performer and once I achieve everything I want to achieve as a performer, then I want to move on to producing, directing and writing.

CJ: Any upcoming scenes that your fans can look forward to?

Carter: I’m shooting with Kink for the first time. I’ve wanted to shoot for them ever since I got into the industry but I’ve never been booked for them. I’m really excited about that. The scene with Manuel will be awesome and I just did a movie for Jacky St. James, it’s a romance movie called Second Chances. I have two sex scenes in that one, one with Brendan Miller and one with Chad White. So there’s something for everyone, (laughs) the anal hardcore straight-up gonzo porn, the Kink fetish stuff and then a romance movie. (laughs)

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Carter: On Twitter, I’m @CarterCruise and I’m looking to get my website up and that’ll be

Carter Cruise Movies

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