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Rosco Fuji Interviews Camille Black

Camille Black is not a diamond in the rough. Camille Black is a shiny diamond in a field of other shiny diamonds and she’s the first one your eyes will gravitate towards and you pick up. I had the opportunity to visit the set of her upcoming anal showcase for Desperate Pleasures called; Daddy’s Anal Princess with a release date of 10/8. While I didn’t get a chance to stick around and watch her shoot, I did chat with her for close to an hour on a variety of topics ranging from; butt sex, age play, creampie cleanups, tattoos, Star Wars, gay Batman sex, and French Fries. During that hour, probably a good 15 minutes or so was devoted entirely to laughing hysterically as Camille is such a delight to be around as she has an infectious giggle and laugh. Another thing about Camille is that you don’t have to worry about being too geeky around her but quite the opposite; you have to worry about being geeky enough. I’ll be right up front, I’d met Camille 3 times previous to our interview and now that I chatted with her at length, I’m smitten. Her latest release, Father Daughter Seductions Part 2: Mommy Quest just came out this past Thursday 8/6.

Camille Black

RF: Tell me about yourself?

CB: I’m Camille Black and I love video games and butt sex, but I like comics too. At one point I was a suicide girl and also on a site called Fet-life where I was discovered by a photographer who referred me to the Desperate Pleasures production company. I don’t know what else to say.

RF: Elaborate on being a Suicide Girl.

CB: When I turned 18, I joined the Suicide Girl Society and my photos were half assed to say the best. So I was like 1% off from going from a hopeful to being whatever it is they do, it was like I’m 18 and I’m going to get naked and be a Suicide Girl, and I was 1% off dammit.

RF: What do you mean 1% off?

CB: When models try to join Suicide Girls, the actually go through a stage called the Suicide Girls Hopefuls and the community as a whole gets to vote to see if you’re a Suicide Girl or not, and I was 1% off, and it was some weird ratio that members get to vote yes or no so you can go onto the next level. It’s so stupid and the only level I really want to go onto further is my video games. Suicide Girls is weird.

RF: How long have you been in the adult industry?

CB: Well, I started taking my clothes off for money and photographs when I was 18. I worked as a dancer from 18-22, from 22 to 24 I was a cam girl on stream mate at a studio in Tampa, and around last November, I was working at the Night Moves awards and I said, “you know what, I work these awards every year for the last 5 years, and I want to be nominated for an award next year. So, I quit my job and started to do porn.”

RF: Does your family know you’re a performer?

CB: Yes and no. My mom knows, but my dad doesn’t know. When I was younger he told me that if I ever painted my fingernails black, he would disown me. So, as I got older he found out I was a dancer and said, if he ever caught me dancing again, he would pull my ass off stage and embarrass me. Since then I’ve done a really good job of keeping it on the down low. He’s full blood Italian, old, and ornery and aggressive. My half sister who’s my dad’s daughter knows. Everyone on that side of the family knows, except my dad. He’s a unique father.

RF: What’s your average day like when not shooting a scene?

CB: Wake up at 7, update Clip Store, I do Hope Harper’s Clip Store, edit some content, blog, upload photos, and do all the BTS things in porn that people don’t normally get to see. A lot of models don’t get to see what goes on either.

Camille Black

RF: Do you find the average civilian treats you differently once they find out you do porn?

CB: So far no. This is going to sound really bad, but most people are just normal everyday people who have known me, and are like, “I always knew you’d grow up to do porn.” People that haven’t know me before are like “what do you do?” I’m always like, “I do porn, whatever”, and they’re like, “Oh that’s fucking awesome!” and I’m like, “yeah, it’s kind of cool! I mean, I just like getting fucked, and if I can get paid for it, and other people can jack off to it, I’m cool with that!”

RF: Were you nervous at all on your first shoot?

CB: Yes, my first shoot was with JW (owner of Desperate Pleasures) and I didn’t know he was going to be there. It was with Grandpa, and boy was it a hot mess.

(Interviewer note: Grandpa was referenced in the Hope Harper interview)

RF: Was this a threesome with JW and Grandpa?

JW: (Pipes up from the background with a resounding) NO!

CB: I did a Syrian scene, a fucking machine scene; I did my first anal scene as my very first scene ever. JW actually showed me the raw footage, and I was thinking “what the fuck was I doing?”

RF: So where was Grandpa in all of this?

CB: He was the one behind me with his dick in my butt.

RF: Favorite position whether it be in porn or real life?

CB: (Ponders the possibilities) Damn, that’s a tough one. Basically, I’m going to say, ‘Fuck, can I roll with any one as long as there’s a penis in my butt?

RF: Yeah, it works for me.

CB: As long as there’s a penis in my butt, I’m pretty cool, and as if there’s a Hitachi involved, I’m definitely cool then.

RF: So, you’re saying you like anal?

CB: Not at all! (Laughs the sweetest laugh), I love it! (Laughs hysterically)

Camille Black

RF: When did you first do Butt Sex?

CB: In my personal life?

RF: First time ever?

CB: Oh my god, I think that before I ever masturbated by myself, I think I fingered my butt before I ever fingered my pussy. I don’t think I really know. I’m probably going to say 17 give or take.

RF: What’s you favorite scene so far?

CB: That’s a tough one; I’m going to have to say my girl girl scene with Mandy Muse because I really loved licking her pussy.

RF: Are you bi?

CB: I am bisexual in real life, but how do I explain this……. Girls are crazy, so I like to play with them and what not, but I would never date one, but I don’t like to talk to them because they’re just crazy. I know how I am and I couldn’t handle two of that. That’d be a total train wreck for sure.

RF: Is there a type of scene that you haven’t shot yet that you’re looking forward to doing?

CB: Well, I’ve shot my first DP already for Facial abuse or Face Fucking and that was pretty fun, I’m not going to lie. That was a pretty fun experience. MMMMMMM I’m going to say a Taboo DP just because there’d be a pretty big difference between getting attacked and DP’d then there being a plot, I really like that plot behind taboo porn and the establishment of the raunchiness of porn that people secretly look down on but love it and won’t admit it.

RF: So you have no problem playing a 13 year old?

CB: Yeah, I mean when I was a Cam Model, I used to do a lot of age play and a lot of taboo role play and sometimes I would go home and say, “Man, I should probably go to church.” But other times I was like it’s really not that bad because I would rather role play with someone a pretend to be much much younger than I am than have them go out and live out that fantasy with someone who is actually that age. So, if that saves somebody’s life and everything that would come along with the consequences of someone doing that by me role playing and doing that for them or acting that out for them, then I’m okay with that and I can sleep at night.

RF: Does any aspect of shooting a scene turn you on?

CB: Yes, yes it does. (Laughs) There’s just a bunch of ways that could be answered. I’m just going to go with yes!

RF: How long do you plan on doing porn?

CB: Well, I mean, GILFS are really popular right now.


CB: Grand moms I’d like to fuck.

Camille Black

RF: What’s the next time of scene you’re going to be shooting?

CB: Butt Sex! I was complaining to JW about how my showcase Anal DVD called Daddy’s Anal Princess doesn’t have enough butt sex in it, so we’re going to do another butt sex scene to add to the ones already there. So probably an anal scene.

RF: How many scenes will there be in the release?

CB: I think we’re going to top out at 8 butt sex scenes, but I’ll know better when we get closer to the release date. And, just so you know, I make reference to my daddy having his cock in my ass during some of the scenes. I’m such a bad bad daughter. (Laughs hysterically)

RF: When does it come out?

CB: It has a release date of 10/08.

RF: When I was looking through the Desperate Pleasures website, did I see you did a creampie scene?

CB: Many.

RF: No, I’m talking one where another girl took the popshot and your face was down close to her dripping pussy.

CB: Yes. I am Creampie Cleanup Camille. Apparently, I’ve become infamous for cleaning up Daddy’s creampie.

RF: So how was it?

CB: Thick.

At this point, the whole room breaks up into laughter.

RF: (Trying to regain composure) I wasn’t asking about that.

CB: How did you mean to ask the question, it was just how I interpreted it?

RF: Well, from a female’s point of view, cleaning up another female’s cum filled pussy.

CB: It was pretty hot! It was my idea.

RF: God bless you!

CB: It was my idea to clean up Daddy’s creampies. And on a creampie cleanup note, Father Daughter Seductions Part 2: Mommy Quest comes out Thursday, 8/6. In this scene I play a bad bad daughter who cleans up a load of Daddy’s hot and thick cum out of Mommy’s freshly fucked pussy. I’m such a bad girl.

RF: On that note, describe your ideal creampie cleanup scene.

CB: Does it have to be porn related or could it be my own personal fantasy?

RF: Personal.

CB: My personal fantasy would be to clean up Deadpool’s creampie out of X23. X23 is the 23rd version of Wolverine. He was the original weapon X and X23 is the 23rd clone of Wolverine and the only female clone of Wolverine. Deadpool is actually a clone of Wolverine also, so it’s kind of like a Taboo creampie, but I don’t know. Fuck, I can’t get away from Taboo even if I tried. Oh no, my mind is such a dirty place. I hope anyone who is reading this is wearing a condom. (At this point, Camille is laughing so hard, she’s almost crying.) Inside my mind is weird I don’t know what to do. That’s why I said I was so nervous to be interviewed in depth, because I don’t know, I just kind of think off the beaten path. I’m going to be so embarrassed when people start talking to me about this.

RF: What’s your ideal first date?

CB: Probably, playing video games with one another.

RF: Do you have any favorite games?

CB: I do! On Xbox its Call of Duty and on PC it’s going to be Marvel’s Heroes. I haven’t gotten to play games in a long time unfortunately. But, yeah, playing video games and going out to a Mexican restaurant, because I love Mexican food and lot and then going to a comic book store afterwards and relaxing. I don’t like the water, so we wouldn’t do a beach thing.

Camille Black

RF: How many tattoos do you have?

CB: Good question. I have no idea. I was never one to count, but I knew that I liked the way they looked and I like that its something that meant something to me and I could take to the grave with me, because there’s not very many things you can take to the grave.

RF: Do you have any favorites?

CB: Damn, it’s always a tie between my Storm trooper on my ribs, and the side of my hands which says Forgive on one hand and Forget on the other. Actually, and I forgot this one here on my upper arm, it means a lot to me also. It’s a dead hooker in a garbage can. Seems like it wouldn’t have a meaning but it does. A very very very personal meaning.

Interviewer note: I knew well enough not to ask what the significance of this particular tattoo was.

RF: If you could force 2 celebrities to have gay sex who would you pick?

CB: Do I have to choose people who I’d like to see have gay sex or more like……

RF: However, you’d like to answer.

CB: Oh fuck, (laughs hysterically) I would like to see Christian Bale and, let’s see, somebody who’s really awesome. Hmmmmm, what about Christian Bale hmmmmmmm, I want to see Christian Bale and Michael Keaton for the battle of the Batmans. I think I could do Ben Affleck and Christian Bale because it would be just as bad. Actually, let’s go with Ben Affleck and Christian Bale, because I love Michael Keaton, and I want to see who the better Batman is.

RF: And who is on top?

CB: Okay, who’s on top, I’m going to say, Christian Bale because Ben Affleck is such a pussy.

RF: And would they be wearing any sort of Batman apparel or utility belts?

CB: They’d be wearing the Batman suit with nipples and Affleck would be wearing a Gimp mask.

RF: Who would your famous person hookup be?

CB: Please don’t laugh at me for this but, Jay Baruchel.

RF: Who?

CB: Jay Baruchel.

RF: He’s that skinny guy in the Seth Rogan crowd, right?

CB: Yeah, he’s so fucking sexy! Everyone’s always like, “Really that’s it.” I’m like, “yup, or Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

RF: Who would your Star Wars three-way be with give the choices of; a combination with Jar Jar Binks and Jabba the Hut, or Yoda and one of the band members from the Cantina?

CB: Yoda and the Cantina musician. I can’t stand Jar Jar Binks; I couldn’t even bring myself to. I couldn’t even with Jar Jar, I’m dying right now.

RF: Now this is for the fate of humanity, if you could make one of the Kardashians or Jenners bob for French fries while they’re still in the fryer who would you pick?

CB: While they’re still in the hot grease? My god, is there any possible way I could do all of them at once? Is this a small McDonald’s fryer or is this like a massive fryer, because I would prefer them as a package deal, but if I had to pick one by themselves, mmmmmmm.

RF: All of them are fine.

CB: Let’s go with that then.

RF: Thoughts and feelings on TGI Friday’s Endless Apps?

CB: I don’t think I’ve ever been to Friday’s, but I do like nachos, so if nachos were on the endless appetizers list when then yeah.

RF: Do you have any upcoming appearances?

CB: I’ll be attending the Fetish-Con show in St. Petersburg Florida 8/13-16. I’ll also be appearing at the Night Moves awards show on 10/11 at the Gold Club in Tampa where I’m nominated for Best Inked Starlet. I’ll also be at the Inked Awards in NJ on 11/14 and also the Exxotica Show in New Jersey from 11/13-14. I’m also planning on being in Las Vegas in January.

RF: How can fans get a hold of you on social media?

CB: On Twitter its @Camilleblackxxx, on Instagram its @RealCamilleBlack, and on Tumbler its CamilleBlackXXX.

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