Callie Klein Tells Me All Her Slutty Stories!

Captain Jack Interviews Callie Klein

I first interviewed Callie when she was a porn newbie. Now, she’s been in it for a year and she has some tales to tell. I had a chance to talk to her and she was quite open and expressive. I think you’ll enjoy this!

Callie Klein

Captain Jack: When I first talked to you, you had been in the industry for only 2 weeks. How are things going now?

Callie Klein: My first year was so much fun. I loved it. There was so much I wasn’t expecting and I think that’s what made it so much better for me. The person I was when I got into the industry, that isn’t who I am today. I changed a lot within a year and that’s the best part about everything.

CJ: So how did you change in the past year?

Callie: My maturity level is way higher than it was. I’m much more of a humble person today. When I was 18, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m the Queen of the World! I’m awesome!’ just everyday teen bullshit. I’m not really like that now. I’m super chill and not as high strung. I totally went from being uptight to super relaxed. I guess all the gangbangs took the big ol’ stick out of my ass! (laughs)

CJ: You’re only 19, how do your friends react? Are they like, ‘Ewww, that’s gross!’ or are they ‘That’s awesome! Tell me all about it!’?

Callie: I actually lost the majority of my friends when it came out that I did porn because I was Mormon. I lost all my religious friends but the friends I kept, they said, ‘Oh my God, Callie! Tell me everything? What’s it like? How do you do it? How do you get into it? Do you like it?’ every question you can think of, they ask. So at one point, I would write down answers and copy and paste because they got repeated so often.

CJ: I have to ask you about a story you told me last time. You told me you blew your teacher at 16 in order to raise your grades. First off, what grade did you get in that class?

Callie: I got an A.

CJ: I was gonna say, you better have gotten an A!

Callie: Right? I better have! That was a good blowjob!

CJ: Was it a one-time thing?

Callie: Actually, I had quite the affair with him. (laughs) It was something that lasted for about a year. We never had vaginal sex so we did a lot of anal. I was doing anal before I actually had vaginal sex.

Callie Klein

CJ: You told me you lost your virginity at 17 so when was the first time you had anal?

Callie: 15.

CJ: Boyfriend?

Callie: It was my teacher.

CJ: The same one?

Callie: Yes.

CJ: You said you were Mormon, is that why you did anal instead of vaginal?

Callie: (laughs) It’s because I’m religious, actually. It’s called God’s Blindside. (laughs)

CJ: How did this affair start with the teacher?

Callie: He was a young teacher so, to put it in perspective, he was 22, 24, something like that. He was just out of college and I knew his brother growing up. I had seen him before and thought, ‘Day-um, he is fine!’ Then, he became my teacher and I was ‘What? WHAT?’ I used to flirt with him prior to him being my teacher. Me and him were talking and I asked him to tutor me. So we were afterschool, alone in his classroom and I thought, ‘Girl, there is no way you’re going to remember any of this and you are not going to pass this test!’ So I said to him, ‘I can suck your dick if you give me an A!’ So then I went at it. But everything else was on him. I’d do anything for that A!

CJ: Was that the only teacher you fucked?

Callie: No. (laughs) I was with a lot of my professors in college. Again, just anal and blowjobs.

CJ: And you’re in college right now, correct?

Callie: I graduated. I got my Associate’s about a month after you interviewed me. I got it in Applied Sciences but, underneath that, I have a degree in Surgical Technology.

CJ: You told me last time that you only fucked 11 guys before porn. Does that include all the anal experiences?

Callie: That’s only vaginal guys. I’ve been with 20 or 30 guys anally. I like my butthole getting fucked! I always have! Sometimes when I masturbate, I think, ‘Why isn’t my hole stuffed?’ and then I go over and grab my dildo and put it in my butt.

CJ: You also said the oldest guy you had ever been with was 33. Is that still the case?

Callie: The oldest guy I’ve been with in my private life was Tommy Pistol. We had sex after our scene and he was 40-something. He was older than my dad. The oldest guy on-camera was probably about 60 in one of my gangbangs.

CJ: Is there anyone out there that you would love to work with but haven’t had a chance to yet?

Callie: Yeah. There are so many directors and performers but if I could pick out my perfect scene, it would be with DarkX or HardX because I really like Mason and I really like her work. Or Jules Jordan. It would be my first DP or double anal. That would be perfect.

CJ: And who would be the talent?

Callie: The best in the business from what I’ve been told is Mick Blue and Markus Dupree for a DP. So those two.

Callie Klein

CJ: Last time, we talked about your natural D’s. But what about your ass? How big is that?

Callie: My ass is 40”! I love it because when I’m coming to you, you’ll see my big ol’ titties and you’ll think, ‘She looks good coming from the front!’ and then I’ll turn around and ‘She looks good leaving too!’

CJ: And just for the record, what size are your tits?

Callie: I have 32 D’s. I love ‘em! It’s bad but I don’t like wearing a bra and so I’ll be in public and grab my boobies and rub them! All my friends say they can’t take me in public! I’m kind of crazy like that. One time, I was wearing a tank top and I put pasties on my nipples. Me and my roommate were walking at this big intersection. I pulled my shirt up and then pulled my pants down just under my butt and I twerked in the middle of the intersection. I’ve done that like 3 times now.

CJ: Last year, you said you were going to wait before doing anal but now you do it on camera?

Callie: Yes. I wanted to wait until October-ish because I was advised that was how long you should wait. So I waited and then I put my foot down and waited until I got 20,000 followers, then I did it. I wanted to set a follower count to allow me to grow and do an anal scene. And it did.

CJ: And you just said you want to shoot a double anal pretty soon?

Callie: I do want to do double penetration before I do 20.

CJ: What about double vag?

Callie: I’m so nervous about double vag. (laughs) My ass can take a lot and it’ll still tight. My pussy will stay tight but it can only take so much dick. So I feel like 2 dicks in there might blow out my pussy. I’d rather have 3 guys in my ass than 2 in my pussy. I want to do a triple anal too!

CJ: You haven’t done a DP on-camera yet but have you done one in your personal life?

Callie: No, I haven’t and I want to do it so bad!

CJ: I might have to take away your slut card!

Callie: (laughs) There are no guys that are down for DP’s in this state. They’re all little pussies about it! They’re like, ‘My penis is going to touch another penis!’ OK, your penis gets touched when you both go in my mouth at one time! Get over it!

CJ: Where’s the most odd or uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Callie: I’ve been in so many uncomfortable places! I think the one that’s going to make me go to hell is having sex in a bathroom at a playground. I’m going to hell for that one, that’s for sure. There was no one around but still! Right when we pulled out clothes on and walked out, some family showed up. I told him that he was lucky that he nutted quick. I think another odd place was the movie theatre, which I’ve done 20 times.

CJ: I take it you were riding him so that no one would notice?

Callie: Oh yeah. No one noticed. This is what’s crazy! I’ve literally had a dude right next to my man and a ho next to me with her man and I didn’t give a fuck and pulled my man’s dick out and started sucking it. And no one was paying attention! It was a scary movie so it was loud and dark!

Callie Klein

CJ: So you’ve told me some of your slutty stories, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Callie: It’s not going to be considered wild because I’ve done so many gangbangs but I had a gangbang in my real life. There are these guys that shoot for some gangbang scenes and one of the guys named Kyle invited me to go out to eat with a few others right after a blowbang. I sucked all of them dry so the least they could do is treat me to dinner. Treat a lady after she swallows your load. (laughs) We were talking and invited me to hang out and they said they were going to a gangbang. I was curious and I went and got fucked by a bunch of girls. I also sucked a lot of dick. It was nice! I had a girl eating me out while I was sucking one dick and jerking off two at the same time.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you want to live out on camera besides a DP?

Callie: I want to do an actual real gangbang with a DP. I want to do double anal real bad. I want to have sex with a black guy. I haven’t done that ever! And I want to SO bad! That’s definitely a fantasy. And I haven’t done a boy/boy/girl on camera yet. I have quite the fantasies.

CJ: You’re cute. You have tits. You have an ass. You have a personality. You should be able to go out to any bar and pick up a black guy!

Callie: I wish it were so easy! I have tried but I look like a white girl and, for some reason, black guys where I live don’t like white girls. I don’t understand! I get blown off every time! I tell them I don’t even want to get to know them, just have sex with me and they say they would but I’m white! I’m not even white, I’m Mexican and Italian but ok!

CJ: You mentioned that when you go out shopping, you don’t wear a bra. How do you dress? Casual? Or all made up?

Callie: I do both. Most of the time, I don’t give a fuck and will have my hair all tied up on top of my head and still have my night makeup stuck to my face and just wear a crop top with no bra and yoga pants and no panties. And when I try to look nice, I’ll wear my Calvins and I’ll wear a crop top and jeans. Those are my two types of styles. And both consist of me not caring about my face. Because my body speaks for me.

CJ: When you hang out with friends, are they in the industry?

Callie: I have a few friends that are in the industry like Mila Jade and Buzz Aviani and his son, Ian. I also hang out with my dad, who’s in the industry. Or my roommate, he does gay porn. Most of my friends are boring and hang around me because I’m wild.

Callie Klein

CJ: How was your first AVN?

Callie: It was so much fun. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!! I can not wait to go back! I went there last minute and had so much fun. I met one of my local friends in Vegas and I got him a pass to the Expo and we had a lot of fun. I couldn’t go to the awards because I went at the last minute. I wasn’t even sure how to get a ticket. I saw all the girls in their pretty girls and all their dresses. I watched it on the little TV’s they had at the hotel. I had a great time!

CJ: You’re only 19 so you couldn’t really party, so what did you do at night?

Callie: Yeah, I couldn’t do anything fun, no parties for me. I hit some local parties. But I’ll be 21 in a year and a half so you’ll see me tearing it up on the dance floor then.

CJ: So did you have any sex during AVN?

Callie: Oh yeah. (laughs) I shot a scene while I was out there but the guy and I had sex the night before. Then I had a friend that I had sex with and he had his brother with him. I thought his brother was pretty damn cute. Everyone wanted to get drunk but I couldn’t be at the bar.  So I got kicked out so I went upstairs with a friend and had sex. And two days later, I met this local and he ate my pussy for 45 minutes but we didn’t have sex.

CJ: Why didn’t you want to have sex?

Callie: He just wanted to please me! It was awesome! I never used to be a pussy eating fan on my side. I loved eating pussy but I didn’t care if anyone ate me out because guys don’t know what they’re doing. But he ate me out so good! So good! I came all over his face a couple of times!

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about doing porn?

Callie: I have two favorite things. My favorite thing is that I can be sexually expressive. And I’ve never been sexually open and free about it. I grew up in this weird sexual environment in my family. We’re all very sexual people but we bring such shame with it at the same time. And so, I was like genetically made to really love sex because both my parents love it and they both do sex work too. It was really hard for me growing up so when I finally got into porn, I wanted to do something so crazy and so unlike the person I was at the time and it was the most incredible experience. The way I felt when I sexually opened up myself, it was life changing. It was the best feeling in the world and it became the favorite day in my life. And then the second favorite thing is the fans. I probably would have retired by now if it wasn’t for the fans. It’s not that I don’t love the industry. I have a real job out here. I work for my dad and I do bookkeeping for my grandpa’s company and make good money. But I’m always interacting with the fans and they’re awesome fucking people. I have some of the sweetest, most caring, most awesome fans. They’re not even my fans; they’re family. I’ve actually formed a couple of really close relationships.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Callie: They deleted my Instagram because I posted a picture of myself smiling while I was getting banged from behind! You couldn’t see anything! All I have right now is a Twitch and a Twitter. On Twitter, I’m @CallieKlein143 and Twitch is @Callieforniababe

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Callie Klein

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  1. Captain Jack, did you notice her implausible statement?
    In the first interview she said she took it in the butt only two times before her career, and that she never liked it…!???

  2. Great job, Callie! You so TOTALLY rocked it! 🙂

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