Cali Carter Interview

Captain Jack interviews Cali Carter

I saw Cali in a New Sensations release and was quite impressed with her beauty, her body and her energy level. This girl knows how to work it and I think she could go as far in the industry as she wants to. She’s only been in the industry for a couple of months and I had a chance to talk to her the other night. I hope you glean some insights to what I’m sure will be a successful career.

Cali Carter

Captain Jack: Tell me about Cali Carter. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc.

Cali: I grew up in a small town and I have 3 brothers, 2 older and 1 younger. I played sports, basketball and softball, all the way up to high school. Then in high school, I played competitive softball all year ‘round. I did that all the way up to college. Then I played 2 years at a Community College. I got an Associate’s Degree and now I am enrolling in a nursing program.

CJ: What’s your age and your measurements?

Cali: I’m 23 and 32B-24-32.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Cali: I started in February.

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Cali: A lot of it has to do with my current boyfriend actually. It was kind of just bedroom talk for awhile saying, “Oh you could totally do that!” We talked about it over several months and then we watched a couple of documentaries on the porn life in general. I went online and looked a lot of stuff up. I talked to a few people and read a lot of blogs about it and finally decided it was, more or less, a job. A lot of people put it down and say it’s just porn. Well, it’s not just porn, it’s considered a job just like any other job. Just because you do something different to most people, it’s actually considered a career. So that’s what made me think, ok, this is legit because people are constantly getting tested and there’s a lot of people involved. That’s what made me feel more comfortable and safe about getting into the industry. Once we talked about it, we decided it was worth it, so we went online and filled out an application-like thing. A couple companies got ahold of me, I found an agent, went out to LA and did my first scene.

CJ: So what did the agent do for your first scene? Tell you it was going to be a boy/girl scene and gave you the address? How does it work?

Cali: For my very first scene, it was actually kind of easy because my agent was in the business for about 10 years now. He’s been a producer, he’s been top male talent, he has his own website, so I did my first scene with him. It was a very simple blowjob scene, just me and him. He controlled the camera because he had experience with that. So it wasn’t as nervewracking as it would have been had there been a ton of people around with a huge set. So it was just me and him and especially since I had a couple of days to get to know him, it made me feel a little bit more comfortable going into the situation.

CJ: OK, so the first scene was comfortable because you knew the person. What about the next scene? Were you intimidated? Or were you like, ‘let’s go!’?

Cali: To this day, I still get nervous before my scenes. I still get butterflies. Even though I’ve done it 20 times already, I still get nervous. I think ‘what don’t I wear; what do I wear, what are the producers going to think’ stuff like that. But once the camera lights go on and you know it’s time to work, a switch goes on. All of a sudden you go into sports mode, ‘ok, here we go, this is really going to happen.’ It’s not as nervewracking once everything gets started but when you first go up and meet everybody, it’s kind of nervewracking. If I haven’t worked with my partner before, I’m kind of quiet on stage at first and then once everything gets going, my real personaility comes out.

CJ: When I’ve watched your scenes, I’ve noticed you’re pretty wild. You’re very vocal, you talk dirty, you scream… is that how you are in real life or is that the performer in you?

Cali: Actually, I think it helps in the bedroom to play different scenarios, different roleplays, so I’m just a very talkative person in general in the bedroom. So I think what you see on camera is what you see in the bedroom.

CJ: Do your family and friends know what you do?

Cali: A lot of my friends do know. Actually, what happened was I went out to LA for my very first time before I decided if I actually wanted to be in the business. So it was kind of a trial run, I hadn’t signed any contracts yet. So I went out there, did my first scene on a Friday, went home, Saturday it got put up and Sunday I didn’t hear anything. But by Monday morning, half my town in my age group call me. They were “Oh my God, why didn’t you tell me…”, “Oh my God, you’re Cali Carter…” , etc. I was very shocked. I honestly didn’t think anyone would find out for at least a few months so that way I could decide if I wanted to be in the business or if I could pretend like it was a one-time thing and I could get out of it so that nobody would find out. I was quite shocked and a little bit upset about it. But once I got a chance to sit down and talk with my friends, they were really, really supportive of the whole situation. So it actually made me feel better about it than anything. My brothers found out quite quickly because they’re all around my age group but my parents don’t know yet.

CJ: How do you think they’re going to react when they find out?

Cali: I have an idea of writing them a letter and that way if they end up finding out and they’re really upset about it, it’s like a 2-page letter. They can sit down, take it all in, read about it and I can tell them all about the do’s and the don’ts and how it’s going to help me later on in the future. Then that way, when they’re done reading it, I can communicate without getting cut off or anything. They’ll be able to read it and then get back to me when they want. And if they have any questions or concerns, we can sit down and talk about it.

CJ: Are you into girls?

Cali: Yes.

CJ: Who do you want to work with that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

Cali: I get that question a lot and there’s not one person in particular that I really, really want to work with. No one that would be an ultimate fantasy for me. Obviously, if I could work with any bigger porn stars like Nikki Benz or anybody along those lines, it would be awesome. To work with their experience and see how they work. Just to learn off them is why I would mainly like to work with them. Bree Olson is also a big person who I’m kind of into. I followed her ever since I first started getting into porn. My agent told me about her. I follow her on Twitter so if I could ever meet her or even just sit down and ask her some questions or to work with her in general would be awesome. It’s not a life or death thing but if I could work with them I would feel privileged. Same thing with male talent. I treat this just like a job. I go in, I shake hands with them and say it’ll be awesome to work with you. Then he goes to his room and does his thing and I go to my room and do my thing until the actual scene starts. Other than that, I don’t really talk to the male talent. Usually, I try to keep it separated. Sometimes, it can be kind of like a mind game. If you sit there and you’re talking to your male talent and you’re talking about your baby daddy or your kids back home or any problems, sometimes it can mess with your head a little bit. So I like to keep that completely separated until the scenes all said and done. Then I’ll sit down and talk with them. Say, ‘hey, it was a great scene’ or ‘I enjoyed working with you’. Sometimes we’ll exchange numbers for business purposes and stuff like that. But there’s not one particular person that I really want to work with. Recently, I worked with James Deen, that was a big one because he just won Male Performer of the Year. I worked with him for Virgin Prom Night for Smash Pictures. I think it’ll be out in September. So it was really awesome to work with him because he’s a Producer too. So he knows the cameras and the angles. I actually learned a lot just from that one scene. He kind of positions you differently, he takes control of the situation, there’s not much you have to worry about because he does it all for you. So that was really great and I can see why he won the award for last year.

CJ: You say you don’t really talk to them beforehand, but don’t you want to let them know what you like and what gets you hot so the scene will go better?

Cali: Sometimes right before the scene, when you’re signing paperwork and doing all that kind of stuff and after I take my pictures, we’ll usually a brief two minute conversation, what do you like, what don’t you like, things like that. So usually it’s very brief and quick. And then, during the scene, I can communicate with him and say, I really liked the way you did this or I didn’t like how you did that. Also, when they cut or we switch positions, we can usually communicate at that time.

CJ: So what exactly do you like? What gets Cali off?

Cali: I’m just a very sexual person in general. I’m a pleaser so if I can do anything to please you, that’s what usually turns me on more than anything.

CJ: How often do you cum during a scene?

Cali: Usually once every scene.

CJ: I notice you’re a squirter. Is that something you did before porn? Or did you come across that in the industry?

Cali: That’s something that I just recently learned. I was doing a webcam with a girl named Casey and she was a squirter. She was telling me about it. So we were doing a show for one of the guys on webcam and she got off first and squirted. Then the guy told her to help me out. She asked me if I ever used the Hitachi before and I didn’t even know what that is. Mind you, I had only been in the business for a few weeks at the time! She said it’ll be your best friend. She she pressed the Hitachi against my clit at the same time I was penetrating myself with a dildo. And, next thing I know, it’s like 30 seconds later, I got it. Casey said, “Oh my God! You squirted!” I said no I didn’t and she told me I did. That was my first! It was very exciting actually. It’s a lot more of a powerful orgasm than a normal one.

CJ: Do you have a trademark move or something you’re known for?

Cali: My eyes. Every company I work for or every male talent mentions something about my blue eyes. So that’s one thing and also my blowjobs and my deep throating. Usually after a scene, the male talent will say that I just gave them the best blowjob that they’ve ever had. They say, “You know exactly what you’re doing. It’s almost like you have your own penis because you know what to do.” So I get that quite a bit. I don’t have a gag reflex at all, so my deep throat skills impress multiple people. (laughs) So those three are my trademark as of now.

CJ: Is it weird having sex with older men?

Cali: Not really. I kind of thought so before because before I got into the industry I hadn’t slept with anybody more than a couple of years older than me. So, now I look at it like, “Wow, I have actually slept with somebody 10 years older than me!” Age is just a number so it doesn’t really make that big of a difference to me. Obviously they’re in the business for the same reason I am so it doesn’t make any difference to me at all.

CJ: What’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Cali: It was for a scene I shot right after I started in February. I was nervous because I was working for a big company and I wanted to impress them. I wanted to do everything I possible could so that they’d rehire me. So I get on set and he’s supposed to be a camp counselor and I’m one of the campers. So we walk around under the stars and we’re holding hands and we’re supposed to be romantic with each other. So we get all the pre-story shot and all the photos and then we get down to our scene. So we find out that 1) it had rained the night before and 2) it’s February, so it’s cold out. It was like 65 degrees outside, so it’s still pretty cold especially when you’re buck ass naked and laying on the ground. So, then we find out we’re on this hill where it’s horribly planted. We have no idea how we’re going to stay up without sliding down. So the blanket kept falling down and we were sliding. We had to reset, so we bundle up in the blankets. We try to dig some holes in the ground so we can get some leverage and it was like one of the longest scenes I’ve ever done. They had to keep cutting all the time. There was a mike that was over us so you could hear us and I was holding onto a tree branch at one time so I could keep my grip. And the tree branch kept hitting the mike so we had to stop and redo that. In general, it was just really long. Then, the guy ended up having to bust early. So we were all like, alright, if you have to bust early, are you going to be able to get hard again? He said, yes, I’ll pop another Viagara and I’ll be fine. So we said, ok, go ahead and bust, we’ll do the shot then start up over from where we were. So he nuts early and we get the shot and then we start over again and he can’t get hard. So we try everything we can for 5 minutes and he can’t get wood. So he pops another Viagara and we have to wait for him to come back. So I’m sitting there butt ass naked in the dirt waiting for him The producer comes over and tells me to put some clothes on because it’s going to be a few minutes. So I relaxed and finally, he was ready to go. So something that should have taken only 45 minutes was now taking an hour and a half, almost two hours. So that was definitely a hard shoot.

CJ: So was that your only bad experience so far in the industry?

Cali: I wouldn’t say that was a bad experience, just a tough experience. But I guess you could say that was the worse experience I’ve had. Every other company has been really nice and really sweet. I’ve always had great feedback.

CJ: So you’re young and new to the industry, do you ever feel like fresh meat? Do you have camera people and directors and what not hitting on you all the time?

Cali: Yes, that definitely happens. One of my scenes, we do a whole interview thing and this guy’s brand new and he’s around my age. He just started working and he’s asking me a bunch of questions in the pre-interview part. And afterwards, he says, “Oh, you’re so cool! Do you want to hang out sometime?” He gave me his number so you get that all the time. But, for the most part, everyone’s pretty professional. Usually I don’t exchange numbers. I’ll take theirs so then I’m in control.

CJ: Just like a typical woman in a bar! (laughs) Do you watch your own scenes?

Cali: I watch them everytime they come out, usually a couple of times. I skip through it, I’ll start watching it and remember a certain part, then skip to the next scene, watch a few more minutes, then skip again.

CJ: How often do you masturbate and do you masturbate to your own scenes?

Cali: Quite a bit. Like I said, I watch them right when I get them and I do webcamming. So usually about once a night. At least!

CJ: How often do you have sex off camera?

Cali: Probably 2 times a day, every day.

CJ: Do you ever bring girls home for him for a threesome?

Cali: Definitely! Going out to clubs and meeting people there. We have a house by a lake so there’s always girls running around in skimpy little bikinis that we pick up on. So that’s fun. We definitely have an open relationship.

CJ: How much influence does a director have on a scene? Is he shouting to open up more, switch positions, talk dirty, etc?

Cali: They kind of usually let you do your own thing because they don’t want you to be like every other porn star. I think everybody has their own little niche, some are more talkative, some are louder, some are screamers, some are moaners…so I think they kind of let you do your own thing. Sometimes, depending on the angle you’re at, the director will tell you you’re supposed to be flat and you’re sitting up more to cut yourself out of the scene. So they’ll position you. I was doing a scene for Pretty Dirty and I remember the director telling us to get more dirty. To get more into the scene, so that was probably the most influence someone has had. So they let you do your own things and however it comes out, it comes out.

CJ: What’s your typical day on a porn set?

Cali: It usually takes 3, maybe 4 hours. You get there, you do all your paperwork, you take photos with your ID. After that, you do what are called Pretty Girls, which are pictures without the guy going from fully clothed to naked. That usually takes 30 minutes to take those photos. By the time they’re done with that, it’s about an hour into it. Then the male talent will show up, he’ll do his paperwork, then you do photos together. We take sex stills so we do everything that we’re going to do during the scene. So we’ll do different positions and that takes 30-45 minutes. Then they’ll let you redo your hair and makeup and then get ready for your scene. You can smoke or drink or whatever you have to do to get ready. Then you go into the scene which takes 45 minutes in itself. So it’s all pretty organized.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Cali: I usually end up doing facials. They always want to make a big thing about it. Sometimes they cum on my big ass. I don’t really have a preference but I like to see it most of the time. So every scene I’ve done has been one of those two places.

CJ: So you actually like facials? It’s not just a hindrance of the job?

Cali: Definitely. I like to be able to see it, to watch their face, it’s just a good experience.

CJ: Do you want to branch out? Do you want to do anal? Gang bangs? Take it a step further?

Cali: I actually do gang bangs now. I’m open to blow bangs; girl/girl; girl/girl/anal; boy/girl; threesomes…I have a big opening right now. The only thing I’m not doing right now is interracial and anal with a boy. So, I think after my first year, once I’ve shot with a bunch of companies and everything’s kind of shot out a little bit, I’ll open up to anal and then interracial. I want to shoot with as many companies as I can right now, then when they want something new, I can do that. Now all the companies that shot you before, they know how you are and they like your work, they’re going to shoot you all over again for another product line. So I think that will help extend my career.

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Cali: I do like things a little bit rougher so I like being dommed. So if I could ever really be dominated by somebody, that’d be the closest thing I can think of. But not too rough! Something like a hotel scene, where a guy sees me in the bar and takes me back to his room and has his way with me. Hold me up against the wall, like a head game.

CJ: Just as a fan, let me make one request. Please don’t ever get implants. Your tits are perfect! However, I know you probably will eventually. But you’re perfect the way you are.

Cali: Awww, thank you. I was telling my agent as soon as I got in the business that I’d probably get a boob job. He said, “Do NOT get a boob job!!” Sometimes you get in a scene and you work with this chick that has these perfect, fucking huge boobs and I’m want to be like that! They have these amazing huge big tits that you can play with. I just have my little itty bitty things. (laughs). So I’ll probably wait on it for awhile. There’s quite a few companies out there who don’t shoot fake boobs, plus every single porn star in the industry has fake boobs so it’s kind of a rarity to have someone without them. So I’ll shoot with all the companies that only shoot real boobs. You’re limiting yourself to certain companies when you get fake ones.

CJ: When you have downtime, who do you hang out with? Do you hang with people in the industry or do you hang with your friends back home?

Cali: I like hanging with people in my home town. I like the double life. In LA, I’m Cali Carter and I play up that role but back home I’m me. If girls in LA want to hang out, we’ll go to lunch or take in a movie or something. I’m only in LA for a week at a time. I have family back home and usually don’t like being away for very long. I’ll be gone for a week then I’m home for a week or two. I have a normal job back home too. I’m a server. So when I go back there, I’m not treated any differently, I’m not treated like a porn star. It keeps me grounded.

CJ: So since everyone in your age group knows what you do, isn’t it kind of awkward? Don’t guys come in hoping to get served a drink from a porn star?

Cali: Yeah, that happens. Mainly they’re more shy than anything. They don’t ask me any questions, they’re just smiley. You serve them a couple beers and they’re really nice and they leave a big tip. And that’s usually the end of it. They’re not going to harass you or ask you a million questions. Most of the time they’re just super excited that they met Cali Carter. Sometimes I’ll get texted that someone called again looking for Cali Carter. I don’t work that much. Maybe only 3-4 days a week.

CJ: And what do you do during your time off?

Cali: One of my hobbies is photography so I like to go out and get some nature shots. I have a little OCPD so I tend to clean a lot. (laughs) So what do I do on my day off? I tend to organize stuff. I still play softball every once in awhile. I like playing video games. And I have a beagle and a husky so whenever I get a chance I take them for walks around the park. That’s usually my downtime on my days off.

CJ: Thank you Cali, it was a pleasure to know you.

Cali: Thank you for taking the time to interview me!

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