Cali Carter Is The 2017 Arch Angel

Captain Jack interviews Cali Carter

Cali was one of the first interviews I ever conducted and I have been back to the well 3 times now. She is a very friendly petite blonde with a smoking hot body! Her first showscase movie was recently released and I had to talk to her about it. She does her first IR, her first IR boy/boy/girl, her first IR anal and her first IR blowbang. Plus, she does a rare creampie in the release. So all the fetishes should be covered in this release! Enjoy this interview then go buy Cali Carter Is The Arch Angel!

Cali Carter is the ArchAngel

Captain Jack: I just saw your first showcase movie, Cali Carter is The Arch Angel. How did you get the title?

Cali Carter: I have been working with Arch Angel for about a year now. I was actually a fill-in for my first shoot. It was for Pour It On Me. Mimefreak liked me and wondered why he hadn’t shot me before. He told me that they would be definitely shooting more of me in the future. Over the course of 6 months, I shot with them a couple more times. Shortly after, he asked me to come in because they wanted to discuss some potential stuff with me. I walked in and they said they were thinking of signing me to a contract for interracial. I thought it was great, I was waiting 3 ½ years of my career to do that, waiting for the right company and the right time. I was definitely open to it. We talked back and forth and were deciding what to do with it. They met with me again and said they were thinking that not only did they want to make me a contract girl but they also wanted to make a showcase. And with the showcase being part of it, they wanted to make me the next Arch Angel. I was so down with that! It was so exciting! That’s how we collaborated together over the past year. They saw something in me.

CJ: There are a lot of firsts in it. The first scene is with Prince for your first IR. But moreso than that, you said in the BTS that you had only let 2 guys cum inside you in your life. How did Prince get the honor of cumming inside you twice?

Cali: I’ve always wanted to shoot with Prince due to our fanbase. Since I’ve gotten into the industry, my fans have been saying they can’t wait for me to do IR and they especially wanted me to do it with Prince. It was an ongoing thing for the last 3 years. When we finally got to go through the scene, we were about a quarter of the way through it and we stopped for a little break. We toweled off a little bit, got some water and just relaxed for a minute. I asked where was the popshot going. They said that since it was my showcase, where did I want it? I told them that I wanted the pop in different locations throughout the scenes. I wanted one to be a creampie, one on my tits, one on my ass, one on my face…just spread it out over the whole thing. They thought it was cool but what about this one and I said that I was totally easy and was up for whatever they wanted. Sometimes the male talent prefers a spot. We called in the fans. I tweeted something on Twitter and Instagram for an instant poll and the fans picked it. The second time was just because of the scene. The boy/boy/girl was the last scene we shot. At this point in time, we had already got one on my tits, in my pussy, on my face and they said since Prince was technically my boyfriend in this movie, and there’s another man around, the only way to own a woman is to creampie her. I was like, ‘Dude, whatever.’ And since Prince had already creampied me once, he might as well do it twice. That’s how we picked the second one.

CJ: As you mentioned, the second scene is your first IR boy/boy/girl. How was it with Prince and Rico Strong? Those are two big boys!

Cali: It actually went really, really, really good. I will admit that when I did my first IR with Prince, I was so fucking nervous. I had big dicks before but that was a whole nother level of big dicks! I was super nervous! (laughs) I watched Prince’s performances on camera before so I knew what to expect. So I pulled down his pants to see his penis for the first time and I was, ‘Oh, it’s totally different in person than what I expected!’ (laughs) I got excited about it. ‘I can handle this!’ The first scene went smooth. The same thing happened with Rico. I had seen him on film but never in person. And I swear to God, the things you see on-camera and the things you see in person are totally different, I feel like! (laughs) The same thing with Rico. We were kind of teasing each other just before the scene while we’re doing the leadup to it. I could start to feel Rico’s size in his pants and I was, ‘Alright, alright. I can handle this! He’s a little big but I’ve got this.’ Then I pull him out and he was so fucking large! I said to myself, ‘How am I going to handle this!’ They both were super gentle with me. It was really easy. I even had to discuss with them about different angles and what I liked and didn’t like and it ended up working out really, really well. And it wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be. It was really exciting and very easy.

Cali Carter

CJ: Finally, your first IR anal with Sean Michaels!

Cali: That scene went just as good. I was super nervous going into it just because I had done only one anal scene before him. I was wondering how I was going to handle him but every girl I had ever talked to said the best guys to do anal with are the guys who aren’t circumsized because it slides a lot better. So my first one was Mick Blue and my second one was Sean. Not only did he take my first on-camera but he took my first ever because I had never had a black man in my ass ever in my life. Mick was my first anal on-camera but I had done anal plenty of times in my personal life. That was kind of a cool first that Sean took. Sean Michaels is a lover. He’s not a pounder, he’s not super rough or anything like that so the first scene went really, really, really smooth.

I was super nervous going into it, like I said, and we went to this really nice hotel. It was so pretty and elegant and then I said, ‘The bed’s white!!’ They asked what the problem and I was nervous because it was anal and what if I had an accident! Even the cleanest buttholes aren’t that clean!! Everyone tried to reassure me that I’d be fine but if I was nervous before, now I’m 10 times nervous! That put a lot of pressure on me! ‘Can we change the bedsheets? I don’t really want them to be white! Please, please, please, please!’ ‘Cali, you’re going to be fine!’ And, sure enough, I was 100% fine and there wasn’t even one tiny little slipup at all! I think the bedsheets were more intimidating than Sean Michaels was!

CJ: You did your first anal last year in Freaky Petite 2 with Mick. Now this one and you do anal in your personal life. Are you going to become an anal queen now?

Cali: I might, actually. I shot for Mike Adriano for Evil Angel shortly afterwards, about 2 months ago. It’s coming out this week or next, I believe. Mike is pretty fucking big so if you can take Mike Adriano, you can take anybody. Mike loves me, he always shoots me for ass-to-mouth which is really cool or for blowjobs in general. He generally hires me once a month and when he found out I was doing anal, he said he was going to get me. It was only my third scene. I got there and told them I was ready. They asked how much time I needed to prep. I said 10 minutes and no one could believe me because most girls take up to 45 minutes. I said, ‘I got my shit on lockdown, I’m ready!’ In and out in 15 minutes and we did the scene. Mike kept telling me I was doing really good and we got down to the very end after he had popped  and he says, ‘I have to admit Cali. You’re a great performer and I’ve shot a boy/girl with you but anal is just a whole nother ballpark. Even if a girl is a good boy/girl performer, sometimes she’s just not good at anal. And you fucking killed it today.’ I was, ‘Yay!!!! That’s so exciting!’ Especially coming from Mike because that’s all he ever shoots. It definitely makes me super excited about that. So those are the only 3 scenes I’ve shot for anal but I have 2 anal scenes coming up.

CJ: The last scene was an IR blowbang so you can show off your oral skills!

Cali: I absolutely loved that scene. I had just done 2 blowbangs before that so I got a little bit of practice in beforehand so that was good. I had a better understanding after watching those two scenes. I knew what I liked and I knew what looked good. So I did a little bit of studying beforehand which was great! I loved this scene because Mimefreak and myself really brainstormed about how this scene should look. Most typical blowbangs are going to be raunchy and dirty and nasty and slutty. And this one is all that but I wanted it to be more elegant to start with. We came up of the idea of The Bachelorette/Bachelor type thing. One by one, the guys come out and hand me red roses. Originally, we wanted to do a really big staircase and I would come down in a long dress with the guys in tuxedos, handing me roses. We took that idea and ran with it. We didn’t have a staircase but I got to ride in in a Rolls Royce which was really fucking cool. We got the whole elegant, classy, high end type of look and, after that, I just wanted to be a fucking whore and I deserved to be a whore so have at me. It was definitely a lot of fun doing that scene. I loved these guys. I’ve known them for years but never had a chance to work with them because I hadn’t opened myself up to interracial. It was really nice to work with talent that I had known for a while.

CJ: How do black guys fuck differently than white guys? Is there a difference?

Cali: I don’t believe so. Black or white, color doesn’t really matter. (laughs) Dick size sometimes changes but other than that, they all fuck the same.

Cali Carter

CJ: Since you started, you have some enhancments. What size are they?

Cali: I got them done in September of 2015. So they’re a year and a half old now. Technically, if it’s Vicotria’s Secrets size, it would be a 32 DDD or a 34DD. I definitely went from a medium size B to a full size double D.

CJ: Why did you get them?

Cali: I always wanted tits. Actually, I had bigger tits when I was younger, like elementary school going into high school. I had pretty big boobs, I would say I had size D boobs. But I lost a little bit of weight during high school, so I lost a little bit of perkiness and size. Then, when I got into the industry, I was able to make the money that I wanted to and was able to afford them. It was something I always wanted but it wasn’t really a priority for me. My first year in the industry, I wanted to get them with my first paycheck but my first agent convinced me not to get them. I had to continue shooting with the new girl look, the teenybopper look. I said ok, cool. Then going into my second year, I switched agencies and the new agent told me that he thought I could have a long-lasting career with the teenybopper look. He said I could prolong my career if I waited. So I waited then, in my third year, I went independent so I didn’t have anybody telling me what to do and what not to do. I decided to go get them done on my own. Something I always wanted to do. I’m very curvy, I have thicker thighs, I have a big butt so I thought it would proportion out my body, having my top and bottom match together. Now I have curves like a woman. (laughs)

CJ: You also have a tremendous hard body. What’s your workout regimen?

Cali: I switch it up all the time because you’re not supposed to really stick with the same routine because your body will get used to it and you won’t see results. A lot of it is not just working out, I would have to say it all comes down to the diet. I’m a very clean eater. I don’t eat a lot of carbs; if I eat carbs, it will only be in the morning. I do lots of protein, lots of veggies. And I also never skip out on cardio. I do 35-45 minutes of cardio each day. Then if I can squeeze out extra time to get a workout in, I will. Usually, I end up doing full body workouts. I’ll do a circuit, I’ll do my biceps and my triceps and my quads and I’ll rotate between those 3 going back and forth. I just switch it up a little, just mainly eat healthy. I’m not a junk food eater at all.

CJ: I ask you this all the time. Did your parents ever find out about your career?

Cali: Yes they did. They probably found out my second or third year in the industry. Everything’s been great. I brought it up one time, we talked about it and they weren’t 100% supportive at first because they didn’t understand it. But, over the course of time, they realize I’m responsible with my money, I’m not a druggie, I’m doing this to better my future. They became more supportive. At first, it was shocking to them, that I was making the wrong decision and religious reasons. The usual stuff. When they realized, you can take something that’s “bad” and do good, they found I was doing really well. I own 2 different properties, I have cars, I have credit card debt paid off and I’m doing really well for my age so they said they wouldn’t criticize me. As long as I’m happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.

Cali Carter

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant?

Cali: I switch back and forth, actually. Mainly, I’m very submissive but in a dominant way. It’s hard to explain but a lot of the time, a guy will be ‘Suck my dick’ and stuff like that. OK, I like sucking dick so that’s not making me do anything I don’t like to do. And, usually, when I’m sucking dick, I’m in control. I know how to make you cum and when to cum and when not to let you cum. So they think they’re dominating me but, realistically, at the end of the day, I control everything. (laughs) I switch back and forth but, when it comes to women, I’m definitely more dominant than submissive. I can be submissive here and there but, a majority of the time, I know what I like and how I want it so I tend to be more controlling in a girl/girl scenario.

CJ: OK, you said you can control the orgasm when you’re blowing someone, if a guy’s about to pop, what do you do to prevent that?

Cali: I stop stroking it and go down to their base and lick their balls and stare at them. What you need is that constant stroke to make you pop. You can feel when someone’s about to pop because their dick gets 10x harder and it starts throbbing, his body starts shaking, he starts to tense up and when you feel all that, I tend to slow it down and not stroking it as fast. Longer strokes, slower strokes, and I go back to almost a massage to relax him and bring him down a ways from the cum and then build him back up again. It’s fun. It’s like a game for me. It keeps me entertained longer. (laughs)

CJ: You webcam, what is the strangest thing you’ve put in your pussy?

Cali: Usually not strange things, I get the usual panty stuffing. They’ve asked me for random things but I usually say no and move on to other things just because I don’t want to get a yeast infection. It might sound sexy but a girl’s vagina is so delicate, I don’t need to be shoving stuff up there to make it go all crazy because then she’ll hate me for the rest of the week. (laughs)

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you most like to fuck?

Cali: Ryan Reynolds has always been one of my top celebrity crushes, so I would go with him. For females, I go back and forth. I have a hard time. One day, I’ll be into Carrie Underwood, then other days, I’ll go for Jennifer Aniston, then other days, someone else. I’ll go with Carrie Underwood. She’s hot. And she has muscular thighs like I do. (laughs)

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Cali: On Twitter, I’m @MissCaliCarter. Instagram and Snapchat are the same. I also have It’s up and running. It’s not 100% the best but it’s up and running right now. I’m going to start doing webcam shows to help promote it a little bit more. A lot of stuff on there is holder stuff and I don’t want to constantly be removing stuff until I have a higher amount of members. I want to give members something special right now. I’m going to start doing weekly Wednesday webcamming so every Wednesday I’m going to do an hour long show. The first half hour will be a solo toy show so I can connect with my fans. Then the last half hour will be a boy/girl show or a girl/girl show. The first half members will get for free then the second half, members will get a discount. If it’s $10 or something, they’ll get 50% off so it’ll be $5. That will also bring people in who want to watch me webcam but don’t want to buy a full membership. The shows will also be recorded and archived to the website. That’s a way to have content on there and the fans will be able to interact with me.

Cali Carter

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