Brooklyn Blue Interview

Keith Mason Interviews Brooklyn Blue

Brooklyn Blue

Keith: Let’s start at the beginning: How did you initially become interested – and later involved – in the adult industry ?

Brooklyn Blue: I’ve always been interested in the adult industry! I’ve always watched porn and always thought the female pornstars were so hot!!!! I love sex and I love having sex on camera so to me porn was great! I actually got into the industry because of an ex boyfriend who cheated on me five times! Yes…. U heard that right. Five times lol. So as revenge I shot a porn scene and posted the DVD of me fucking ANOTHER man to his house! It then ended up turning into a full time career after my first brazzers scene cockorobics!

Keith: Where did you grow up and what was that like ?

Brooklyn Blue: I grew up in London in England! I grew up with both my parents married and they still are today and I went to full time performing art school my whole life! Which was so much drama it was crazy ! I ended up getting kicked out of performing art school though after I sold a kiss n tell story to a newspaper and for shooting the porno to get back at my ex…. Apparently performing arts don’t like porn??? Haha

Brooklyn Blue

Keith: What have been the personal highlights for you since getting involved with the industry ?

Brooklyn Blue: My personal highlights of my porn career so far has to be that I was nominated for three awards in my first year! Also that my first brazzers scene got over a 1000 likes within a few days ! I’m also really proud of the fact I got the chance to go to America and shoot all over LA and Vegas!!! Which was amazing! Although I nearly got married in Vegas which wasn’t as good! But I didn’t. And I’m still single.

Keith: What professions other than your own would you like to attempt ?

Brooklyn Blue: I actually would love to be a policewoman! I think I would be fantastic at the job! Because I think if I turnt up to arrest someone they would think I’m a strip ‘o’ gram and probs would be willing for me to handcuff them which would make me such a good copper!!!! Don’t you think? And I wouldn’t mind having sex in the back of the police van while on duty!

Keith: What do you like to do to prepare for a movie shoot ?

Brooklyn Blue: To prepare for a movie shoot I just do your typical prep…. So shower, shave everything, go into make up come out looking like a pornstar and then I always have a Redbull! As I need energy ! This is real! I could sit here and say I play with my pussy for half hour and get turnt on ready to take some rock hard cock but this is just not true! And as u guys can see from my twitter I’m completely real. Although saying that I have turnt up on set before and been like omg! I get paid to fuck him!!! He’s so hot!!!!!!!

Keith: Do you have multiple orgasms at work ?

Brooklyn Blue: I have had orgasms at work and I’ve squirted too ! I think some of the best sex experiences I’ve actually had at work!!! One of my favs was facial fantasy for brazzers ! Was so hot!!!! And there was so much cum everywhere. It was crazy!

Brooklyn Blue

Keith: Are you constantly working or do you always find some time to chill ?

Brooklyn Blue: Well the past month I literally have worked non stop!!!! I’ve had more cock and pussy in the past month than I’ve had hot dinners ….. Ok well maybe not that many, but a lot!!! But yea when I take time off I literally get in my pjs and catch up on my tv I’ve missed or I’m out partying till 3am! Getting a tad drunk and dancing on a pole normally!

Keith: Do you watch any mainstream movies and do you read any books ? Do you like zombie or western movies ?

Brooklyn Blue: My fav film ever is sex and the city!!!!!!! I love it!!! I’m a proper girlie girl at heart! And I watch it with my pug princess! I also love a horror! But normally half way through wish I hadn’t started watching it lol. I’m not really into Western or zombie type films although I did shoot a vampire porn scene for my own company worldofbrooklyn once so does that count??? Excuse the pun! Count? As in Dracula ?? That was a rubbish joke….. I’m really bad at telling jokes by the way.

Brooklyn Blue

Keith: Anything you’d like to say to the readers and your fans ?

Brooklyn Blue: Yes!!!! I appreciate every single one if my fans! Without u guys I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now! So thank you! And keep watching and wanking to my porn u sexy fuckers !!!! Love u all!!!! Xxx


Brooklyn Blue on Twitter

Keith Mason on Twitter.

Special thanks to Mark Schechter of ATMLA / Adult Talent Managers for arranging the interview.

  1. Brooklyn your so hot i always wank to your videos

  2. I met Brooklyn blue weekend and she’s a lovely women and she’s has the fittest body ever… every girls dream 😉 x

    • you are right on that one she is fucking hot xx

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  3. I wanna eat her out…she us fuckin hawtt…her boy friend must be a mad to cheat her

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