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Captain Jack interviews Bree Mills

Bree is the Head of Production at Gamma Films and is a producer, writer and director at Girlsway, a film company that is distributed by Girlfriends Films. She has been making quite an impact in the lesbian film market recently, especially with the release of The Turning. Special thanks to Aya from the ADT forums for suggesting Bree and also for coming up with some of the questions. Some of the queries, we had in common but I consider Aya a co-interviewer of Bree. Enjoy!

Bree Mills

Captain Jack: How did you get your start in porn?

Bree Mills: It’s funny, I come from a pretty mainstream background. My academic background is in English and Film and my business background is in marketing. I actually got recruited from Gamma Entertainment about 6 years ago for a marketing position. It certainly hadn’t been the type of product or project that I had been working on beforehand. I actually worked for Tower Records for several years. It was fine. I had always been interested in erotica, particularly vintage erotica. It was somewhat similar so I thought I could get into it. Instead I got sucked into the full-fledged world of porn and I have been on the dark side ever since.

CJ: Did you just start directing this year?

Bree: In terms of our products, yes. This is the first year that I had directed. I had certainly done some directing in school and growing up but this is my first foray into adult film directing.

CJ: As a Production Manager, do you come up with the storylines and the themes?

Bree: Yes. I’m pretty hands-on in my approach. I do have a team. It depends on the print. For example, with Girlsway, I’m extremely hands-on. It really was my pet project so I do all the scripts, I’m the producer, I oversee most of the marketing with a team we have in Montreal and I work with Alan, my director, and oversee the general content we put out and then co-direct the big projects. So that’s me on steroids. Then there are other imprints that we manage. We have a team of writers who will do the bulk of the work and I just make sure it’s in line with the vision I have for it. It really depends on the level of my personal interest in the project. (laughs)

CJ: There is a lot of taboo storylines for Girlsway. That is a popular genre nowadays. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did you have these ideas before they became popular or are you just capitalizing on the trend?

Bree: I think we were part of a wave of content producers that helped to kick it to the point where we are now. We were certainly not the inventors of it. Family role play fantasies have been around as long as people have had dirty thoughts. When we developed Girlsway originally, one of the themes I wanted to explore based on what I was seeing out in the market and based on feedback from girl/girl fans was all of those mommy storylines. We decided we would try it and then it became the breakout hit of the first 6 months of the Girlsway brand. One of the things that I’m really proud of is something we did do differently is we had conversations with fans of that type of content. We tried to understand the little details and the drivers behind the fantasies that they liked and incorporated that into the stories. We found very creative ways to portray what otherwise could become a very boring formula. I’m all about imposed family dynamics. We’ve had a lot of fun with it and tried to be as inventive as we can. I think that’s the reason it became so successful for us. You can easily try to do the family role play stuff but if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Slapping a ‘stepmom’ on the title doesn’t quite cut it. I think we kind of shined a little brightly because of that.

The Turning

CJ: Which Ladies that have not been on Girlsway yet does she most want to work with?

Bree: I have a pretty long wishlist. I’m pretty active in seeing who’s out there. There are a few girls I would love to get and it’s a shame they haven’t been on yet. Raven Rockette would be one. She’s a pretty established girl/girl performer. We recently got Sinn Sage on the site which was long overdue. For me, it’s really anybody that’s particularly a girl/girl performer that has built a career for herself. Those are the types of girls we definitely want to take part in Girlsway content because we try to support girl/girl performers.

CJ: Besides Sinn, how many ladies will be making their Girlsway debut by year’s end?

Bree: We have Aspen Rae who we recently shot. I’m excited to see how people react to her. Lily Cade is a pretty big lesbian performer. She’s making her debut in a pretty funny retro series called Plumbers. That’s something that her fans should be excited to see. We are featuring a lot of Cassidy Klein, we shot her a lot recently. Abella Danger as well. Her debut is coming up this month and we just shot her in a bunch of stuff.

CJ: Will “Project Pandora” be released this year? If not, how much info will we get about it?

Bree: I will be shooting Project Pandora in November and it should be released early in 2016. Our goal with Girlsway is to try to have one feature airing at any one time. A little bit like a cable channel, when one big show ends, the next one begins. The Turning is running through November and we are releasing the DVD and the VOD at the same time. After that is going to be a series called Sharing The Bed. We originally aired it as a pilot a few months ago and was one of the more successful scenes of year so we expanded it to a film. And after that project, Pandora will be coming out. I think that one is going to be quite fun.

CJ: What’s the status with that Clothed Female/Nude Female scene idea you mentioned?

Bree: (laughs) It’s an interesting idea. I think what you see in terms of how I interact with people on Twitter and through portals like AdultDVDTalk is to swap ideas and source a lot of my inspirations through their suggestions. I think one of the users came up with the suggestion and it was an interesting concept. I’m usually production planning out about 2 to 3 months ahead so I have it slated for one of our next runs to do a test scene around that concept and see how people react to it. I think early next year is when you’ll see that pop up.

CJ: What about a Casting Couch scene?

Bree: One of the other ideas that we had that we worked with a bunch of our models through a Twitter campaign to generate some buzz for the idea of dream pairings. We’re fortunate to have really good relationships with many of our models who we have come back regularly to shoot with us. We often ask who is on their wish list. For us, that’s a key ingredient, the chemistry. Recently, Alan and I did a very secret study to find out who has a crush on who and then cast them. It kind of exploded into this thing where all the girls campaigned for their crushes. We are going to select a couple of them and shoot them over the next couple of months. How we are going to organize it is not so much a casting couch scene. It’s going to be more like we have a girl like Vanessa Veracruz who is hard core campaigning to shoot with another model. So much so that I’m at the point where I’m getting daily updates on the status. That’s probably going to be one of the ones we’ll try to make come true. I asked her, what story would she want to use, what fantasy. I had her write out a scenario and send it to me. What I will do with her and other models is to do something like that. That’s how I’ll probably handle that type of scene.

CJ: Would she ever consider having a Contract Girlsway girl?

Bree: That’s another thing that we’ve thought about. We have Girls of the Month that is women that I want to highlight. We’re going to be running a Big Girl of the Year concept which will be fan voting. Girls of the month are someone that I choose but girl of the year will be chosen by the fans. Of course, there’s going to be prizes associated with that which we’ll announce shortly. It would be the perfect opportunity to give a contract to someone. I find that with the experience of other producers and companies I have spoken with, that it never really works out well. Once you get somebody into a contract, yes, they’ll only shoot for you, but it sucks a lot of the energy out of the woman. It almost always leads to some kind of meltdown 6 months later. We’re really fortunate, in a way, without having formal contracts, because of the amount of work that we do, it’s almost like an unwritten contract. They are free to shoot with whoever they want but they enjoy their time with us and they do some of their best work with us. So we keep booking them and they keep coming and doing a great job. So, in a sense, they kind of already exist. We’re very proud to promote them and vica versa. It’s like a contract without all the bullshit. I’m not as inclined to go the contract route but I am more inclined to do a brand ambassador route. That would probably be more likely how we approach that subject in the future.

CJ: How has the reception been so far to the introduction of more Romantic scenes? Could we see a marriage themed one down the line?

Bree: The reception has been pretty overwhelmingly positive. A lot of Girlsway content is pretty melodramatic, soap opera style, silly, over-the-top, even supernatural sometimes. I’m a fan of when we can hit that chemistry on the right note. Even if the scene is very simple, it can just be an incredible scene. I think one of the best examples of that in the past year was the Sharing the Bed scene with Sasha Heart and Shyla Jennings. The storyline wasn’t too elaborate, it was the ol’ first lesbian experience scenario that we’ve all seen a million times. But because the chemistry was so strong and it felt very authentic and it had a real sensual and romantic aspects to it, it was one of most viewed scenes this year. It kind of showed me, let’s keep trying that. So we’ve produced quite a few more couples and girlfriends and established lesbian scenes. It’s not necessarily being seduced or being tricked or those type of things. It’s really just two girls who like each other or love each other or are dating or all of those things. It does really well with fans because they want to buy into the authenticity of what they’re watching.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Bree: On Twitter, I’m @TheBreeMills Fans can also follow my Instagram @thebreemills, I use that to post any and all inspiration for girl/girl stuff. I’m also very active in the forums on adultdvdtalk and lezlovevideo as well as the forums in the Girlsway member areas. Just hit me up, I’m quick to respond and very happy to respond.

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  1. Bree is a very talented woman. I adore her work.I am from Pakistan and a huge fan of Bree’s work.

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