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Captain Jack Interviews Brandi Love

It’s been a couple years since I first talked to Brandi. She has proven to be my most popular interview to date! Everyone thought she was coming to the end of her career but, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of her retirement have been greatly exaggerated! Brandi recently signed an exclusive girl/girl contract with Sweetheart Video that will run for the next year. After that? Who knows? I discuss all this and more with Brandi!

Brandi Love

Captain Jack: Everyone thought you were on the verge of retirement but you just signed an exclusive contract with Sweetheart Video. How did that come about?

Brandi Love: Well that’s really a multipart question and a good one! So let’s start with Sweetheart Video.

A little over a year ago I sat down with Jonathan Morgan at Nexxxt Level Talent and we had a heart to heart about where I wanted to go with my career. I kind of liken my career to that of a musician. In those beginning years they produce music that they like but there is also the element of producing what the studios believe will sell the best. Then somewhere along the artist’s timeline you invariably hear them say… “And now I get to explore the music I have always wanted to make” They have paid their dues & now they want to really get creative.

I’m there.

I gave Jonathan my “Fuck-it-list” and he is delivering!

Sweetheart Video, at least to me, has always produced indie film quality erotica. That has tremendous appeal to me. Everyone has his or her kinks, tastes and preferences. For me intimacy with a man is supposed to be raw & primal. By contrast intimacy with a woman is HOT when it is sensual, seductive & nuanced. There are only a few studios that shoot G/G this way and Sweetheart Video is at the top of that list.

I’m not sure who contacted who first but what I do know is that Sweetheart Video was on my “Fuck-it-list” and I am as excited as I’ve ever been to shoot!

Now regarding my “Retirement” lol

The rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated! I’m a strategic planner & as such I know that my time in front of the camera is necessarily limited by time. The question was asked a little over a year ago about my plans and the answer was sensationalized into “Brandi announces retirement.”

Here is the answer I provided… and this is still true.

“As 2014 drew to a close, I felt it was important to reflect on my experience in the last 365 days as well as in the industry overall. This reflection helped me take an emotional, professional, personal, and financial account & step more confidently into the New Year. The result of this reflection? It’s time to enter into a new phase of my career and life. Lets just call it the transition period. From 2004 until today, the goal has been to build a brand that the fans respect while continuing to stay true to myself. It began with my website and has evolved to include shooting for professional studios, live cam, feature dancing, authoring a book, mainstream television and more.

While there have been high’s and low’s I have always known that this pace & phase couldn’t last forever.”

Brandi Love

On that note, the time has come for another transition in my career. As many know, I have been slowly but surely building two “mainstream” business & they are at that tipping point where I need to dedicate a lot more time. That said, I’m profoundly grateful for my career in adult entertainment and for my fans, so during this transition period which will likely last through 2017, I’ll be focusing on three things:

  1. My adult industry bucket list
  2. Activities that focus on interaction directly with fans.
  3. Projects that allow adult entertainers to truly have a career as well as a future.”

My 12-scene deal with Brazzers represented the first step in the transition.  They were the first ones to step up and say “Brandi… how do you want to be remembered? Let’s shoot that.” I love the people there and it meant a lot that they showed a level of interest beyond me being a means to a dollar. Once those scenes are complete, I’ll be jumping into my personal bucket list with the support of my friend & agent Jonathan Morgan at Nexxxt Level Entertainment. I can tell you that my shoot schedule will be intense & the shoots more passionate than ever. The best is really yet to cum.

You have to remember, I have a fairly healthy imagination so my bucket list is rather extensive!

CJ: It’s a one year exclusive girl/girl contract, are you still going to perform boy/girl for other studios?

Brandi: Absolutely!

My agreement with Sweetheart Video only pertains to girl/girl scenes…so if there is a penis involved it’s fair game!

CJ: What are the first titles you will be doing for Sweetheart?

Brandi: At this point I do not have that information so we will be learning this together 🙂

CJ: Is there a set number of scenes you’ll be doing for them in the next year?

Brandi: A Minimum of 20 scenes.

CJ: Since it’s girl/girl, who are some of the girls that you really want to work with that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?

Brandi: Great question and not to evade it but that list will be exposed when the “you help decide” campaign hits social media to help choose the dream hookups for my showcase film with Sweetheart.

Brandi Love

CJ:  Do you prefer to have sex with women of your age or do you enjoy youngsters more?

Brandi: Both are amazing for very different reasons. Often times with a younger lover there are teachable moments and times when I am looked to for guidance. That is incredibly sexy. With a woman near my age there is a sensuality, and eroticism that is present. We both already know what we want and are capable via verbal, as well as body language to obtain it.

CJ: You got into the industry when you were a little older and established in life, were you aware of the social stigma attached to being a porn star and did that influence your decision in one way or the other?

Brandi: I feel very fortunate to have come into the adult industry in my “MILF’y” years. I didn’t start in adult until I was 31 years old.  I had already experienced college, marriage, corporate life, starting my own business etc. etc. I knew that I needed to craft a career rather than just shoot a scene or make a quick buck. I also wanted to somehow, in some small way, cause people to rethink what it means to be a sexual woman while also being a wife and mother. It’s not only ok…it’s the way it should be!

Because of when I entered the business, the social stigma (which is ridiculous btw) was a welcomed challenge—Something to dispel rather than be concerned with.

CJ:  Sexy Sadie from the ADT forums asks, you have represented porn a number of times in mainstream situations like speaking at East Carolina University. What is your opinion regarding the the double-edged relationship between porn and the entertainment industry generally? Sometimes porn is acknowledged, satirized and almost celebrated in movies and TV, at other times it is scorned, misrepresented and vilified.

Brandi: So, that’s an excellent question loaded with land mines lol!

I’ll begin with this: I believe that a certain segment of the industry and I stand apart when it comes to views on this subject.

Speaking for myself, when I speak at universities, I speak from a very pro-porn / pro alternative relationship platform. I believe the double standard exists and it shouldn’t. I also believe that some of that is our own fault as an industry. I’m a loud & proud type of woman. I look at how the gay & lesbian community gained acceptance as the benchmark. They didn’t get there by hiding in the shadows.

There is a sizable segment of the industry that believes that if you mainstream porn, you dilute the taboo associated with it & as a result you hurt revenue.

My view is…we are too often our own worst enemy.

Brandi Love

CJ: BravenRob from the ADT forums asks, you usually have the role of an experienced woman who introduces youngsters into sex, do you enjoy that role? Or since you are (for the industry) a mature woman this is the kind of scene you are usually booked for?

Brandi: One of the reasons I work so hard to stay in top shape all year is because I want to be able to shoot both MILF and non-MILF scenes.  I feel very fortunate because the non-MILF scenes tend to be parodies like This Ain’t The Game of Thrones XXX and features, while the MILF niche continues to be a powerhouse.

The key for me is authenticity or fantasy coupled with passion!

CJ: Do you find unfair that glorious women with incredible and healthy bodies like you, Kendra Lust or Ava Addams are considered “old”?

Brandi: I have to chuckle at “Considered Old”…40 is the new 30 if you are doing it right!

Using the most recent Pornhub data, they state that the most popular porn genres are:

  1. Teen
  2. MILF
  3. Mature

So two out of the top three most popular genres are related to those of us who are more experienced, it’s hard for me to feel bad about my age when viewed in light of the facts. Besides, I’m proud of how I look. 🙂

CJ: Even if your breasts are enhanced, you look very fresh and balanced. I know that you work a lot to maintain that heavenly body of yours, do you think is more a question of genetics or hard work?

Brandi: Genetics can only take you so far. Elite athletes may be genetically pre-disposed to their sport, but without training, diet and practice they wouldn’t achieve much. The same with me. I may be “genetically fortunate” but with the way I like to eat…I could be huge! I love looking and feeling fit so I make choices with my diet & exercise regimen that keep me looking & feeling how I like.  It’s not easy though!  As a foodie & lover of wine I sometimes seriously resent it lol.

CJ: A couple of fans wanted me to ask you about Manuel. We talked last time about your scene with him in Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 6. Do you regret that you didn’t get to work with more than you did?

Brandi: You know…I’ve found that regret is usually a waste of time.  The good news is, unless Manuel has retired, I’ll have a chance to work with him a lot in the future

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant and is it different with men than with women?

Brandi: I have the ability to be both. It very much is determined by who my mate is. My personality is naturally more dominate but sexually speaking and whether man or woman, it all depends on the individual I am with and their natural propensity.

CJ: Did you watch porn before you got into the industry?

Brandi: Honestly my husband and I have always enjoyed watching adult entertainment together. I have to give Nina Hartley credit for her instructional vids. I watched one while my husband was away on a business trip some 15 years ago and man when he got home he was shocked with my new BJ skills! Not only has porn always been a fun sexual adventure for us but also it has taught me so much.

Brandi Love

CJ: What was your favorite genre?

Brandi: From the beginning I have always enjoyed the more sensual passion filled vids such as Andrew Blake and Marc Dorcel. There are so many producers shooting incredibly hot scenes now a days that it hard to pick just a few. But I will share this with you; I am shooting with all of my favorites this year!

CJ: Do you have any “go to” stars when you want to get off a quickie?

Brandi: I am not a huge fan of “the quickie” but I will say the “pornochick” series works every time.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Brandi before her first scene, what would you tell her?

Brandi: Always have fun, let go (no hang ups) and always stay true to who you are. Honestly, I have managed to do that. A little reminder never hurts. 🙂

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about doing porn?

Brandi: It is incredibly liberating. To allow yourself to be so vulnerable will make or break you. I feel very fortunate it has been a continual ride into self-discovery.

CJ: If you weren’t in the industry, what would you be doing right now?

Brandi: With a sincere heart I cannot answer that. I feel I am doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I cannot imagine another life.

CJ: A year ago, you signed a 12-scene contract with Brazzers and said that would mark the end of your porn career. Now, you have the Sweetheart deal. Is this it? Or are you keeping your options open?

Brandi: As I had mentioned above, I am in a transitional period. I do not have an end date but what I know is my time in adult is limited *wink*.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you? (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

twitter : @Brandi_Love

tumblr :

Instagram : official_brandilove

Thanks so much always a pleasure!

Brandi Love

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