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Captain Jack interviews Bonnie Rotten (Part 2)

I first interviewed Bonnie 8 months ago. I thought it was the definitive Bonnie Rotten interview but how wrong was I? So much has happened in the past 8 months including winning Performer of the Year that I just had to touch base with her again. For the first part of the interview, click here. Otherwise, please read on.

Bonnie Rotten

CJ: I have seen awards shows for years and years on TV… Oscars, Emmys, Grammys. In January, I attended my first awards show in person and I was so fucking happy that you won Performer of the Year.

Bonnie Rotten: Aw, thank you.

CJ: What emotions went through you when they called your name?

Bonnie: First off, I was very surprised. Secondly, it was a moment of relief. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it and it felt like all my hard work was rewarded. It was really an awesome feeling.

CJ: You were very emotional about it, did you ever dream about that moment?

Bonnie: I did but from the beginning I was told that I would never even work so I didn’t exactly depend on becoming the top girl or the top performer because I was covered in tattoos and that was an obstacle that I had to overcome.

CJ: You were named the latest Squirtwoman for Elegant Angel which was released April 8, what does that honor mean for you?

Bonnie: It’s so awesome! It’s so cool to be one of Elegant Angel’s signature models. It’s a really cool honor! They haven’t done it in so long and I was talking to Jim (Crawford) about it and he was like, “Let’s do it!” Then they set it up and me and Toni (Ribas) got together and decided what we were going to do and then it happened! I was so happy with the trailer and I’m going to go there after I get off the phone with you and pick a copy up.

Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman

CJ: I saw a press release talking about it and it seems like it’s going to be sort of a documentary.

Bonnie: Yeah, it’s a cool little exploration from the beginning of my squirting through the end of becoming Squirtwoman.

CJ: If I recall correctly, when we first talked you said Veronica Avluv taught you how to control your muscles and to squirt like you do and you have her in the DVD? Was that your choice to put her in it?

Bonnie: Yes, I picked everybody that’s in it. We had to put her in it and she was so cute, she kept saying, ‘The student is the master!’

CJ: I saw the trailer too, it’s so fucking hot, you two aim your squirt at each other’s pussies!

Bonnie: It was like a squirt fight.

CJ: I also see you’re doing your first double anal! How was that?

Bonnie: Well, it was really tight. It wasn’t exactly my favorite but it was a cool experience.

CJ: Are you ever going to do it again?

Bonnie: Um, I never know when something else might slip into that hole so I guess we’ll see.

CJ: I’ve never been with a girl who squirts, so is that really cum?

Bonnie: Yes.

CJ: Do you squirt everytime you cum? Or is it just the more intense orgasms?

Bonnie: It just depends on the kind of orgasm it is and what position I’m in.

CJ: Now I know what pussy tastes like but what does squirt taste like?

Bonnie: Well, some girls when they squirt, it’s really pee so sometimes it’ll taste like piss and it’s really gross. But I’ve been told that my squirt is really sweet.

CJ: You should bottle it!

Bonnie: I know, right? Maybe I’ll ebay squirt.

CJ: Did Toni need a raincoat during the shoot?

Bonnie: Oh my God! It was really funny! He had the cameras wrapped in plastic and then he taped it so it wouldn’t get into the camera. And I went over the camera and it got in his eye. It was really funny. I said ‘Hahaha, payback’s a bitch!’ (laughs)

Bonnie Rotten

CJ: You are also directing now, for Mental Beauty distributed by Girlfriend Films, talk about that.

Bonnie: The first movie’s done, it comes out on April 14. It’s called To The Core. That went so well and I was so happy with the editing. It’s very artistic but also very hardcore. So I like to say it’s like a combination of Andrew Blake and Kink. Pretty but fucked up. The girls I have in that move are Aiden Starr and Ashlyn Molloy and they make a great pair. Ashlyn was so cute… Aiden would spit on her face and she would smile. She was just amazing. Allison Faye did a sensual scene which was really erotic and very cool. Skin Diamond did some masculine/feminine play where she had a mustache with a little cabaret outfit on. It was very cute. I did a scene with Alina Li where she was a little schoolgirl. She took it really hard. I had her in a cage and I had a big silver bowl filled with ice and water. And I poured it on her. And I put the ice in her pussy and in her mouth and made her keep it. It was great. It was hardcore and she was amazing.

CJ: How is directing different than performing?

Bonnie: It’s a lot harder. I just did my second movie for Mental Beauty this weekend and it was pretty amazing. It’s all anal sex and candy. It’s a candy wonderland. Every room was bright and filled with candy. They put it in their butts… gummy bears and jawbreakers. Sarah Shevon and Tommy Pistol did an amazing scene together. It was pretty crazy. He was shoving gummy bears down her throat while he was gagging her. It was pretty intense. Then she put a jawbreaker up her butt and popped it out. I love her. She’s awesome.

CJ: Who else is in that one?

Bonnie: Me and Skin Diamond did a really awesome rainbow milk enema scene. I did blue and she did purple and we shot it out at the same time. And we dressed like we were in the 60s with retro clothes and afros and we were outside in our candy wonderland for a hardcore anal scene. And we had Penny Pax and Dahlia Sky, formerly known as Bailey Blue. They did a great scene together. The makeup for the movie was amazing. We did very bright makeup, I made the bikinis. It was just very colorful and fun. Oh! And the last scene was me and Mike Adriano.

CJ: Wow, that’s pretty impressive. I thought he only did his own stuff.

Bonnie: Every once in awhile he’ll do something else. It’s candy and milk enemas and speculum. And guess what? Mike had sex with me and it wasn’t POV! (laughs) I said, ‘We have to have real sex, it couldn’t be POV!’

CJ: When you are in a scene, do you stop and start to check the footage, or do you have a co-director that is telling you what to do?

Bonnie: I’ve been working with David Lord and he’s awesome. He’s so much fun to work with. He’s really good at knowing what he wants because he’s shot a lot of movies. What I did was shoot the first scene to get it out of the way so I could be involved in the last couple of scenes. But I set-up all the scenes, I looked in the camera, checked out the shots, made sure the positions were what I wanted but David pretty much helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve.

CJ: How often will you have a release?

Bonnie: Once every other month, so six times a year.

CJ: Do you think up all the concepts yourself?

Bonnie: Yes I do. This one drove me crazy. I wanted everything colorful so I bought all this candy. I put a lot into it. I really wanted it to be creative. I haven’t seen too many movies that involved and are themed around sex and candy. So I’m really excited about that one. And I think To The Core is something everyone’s going to like.

Bonnie Rotten To The Core

CJ: Come next January, which would you rather win: a repeat as Performer of the Year? Or an award for Director of the Year?

Bonnie: I’d like to win Performer of the Year again, that’d be awesome! So how about both? (laughs) I don’t know. I just think it’d be really cool to be nominated for Director of the Year. That’d be amazing. I don’t think I’d win that but I think it’d be fucking cool to be nominated.

CJ: Matt123443 has a question, would you ever do a pegging scene?

Bonnie: I will be doing a pegging scene. I’ve been talking to Joey Silvera and we’ve been planning something.

CJ: Lastly, your new toy line, of which you were molded yesterday. When’s that coming out?

Bonnie:  It’ll be coming out in the July Anme Show in Burbank. It’s going to be called the B.Rotten Superstar Signature Line. And we’re doing sex dolls, pussy molds, strokers… a lot of different things. I’ve been coming up with different things and we’ve been working together creating some awesome stuff for both males and females. Plus, everything we’re working on, we have in all different price ranges. So if you wanted a sex doll, you may not be able to afford the $400 one but there’ll be one for the beginning level or the intermediate level.

CJ: You’ve been working on so many things, is there anything I’m forgetting?

Bonnie: I’m working on a couple of special projects that I can’t really mention yet. And Cape Fear is wrapped, so watch for that.

CJ: And once again, your Twitter address is….

Bonnie: @thebonnierotten

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