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Captain Jack interviews Belle Noire

I had a chance to talk to Belle the other night. It was quite a treat. She usually doesn’t give phone interviews so I was honored. Belle is a very intelligent, down-to-earth girl with a wide variety of interests. She has traveled quite a bit in her young life and, luckily for us, she has decided to make porn her career. We discuss it all and a few of the answers below, I only wish you could have been on the phone with me because she really got my motor revved up!

Belle Noire

Captain Jack: Tell me about Belle Noire. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc.

Belle: I was born in Oklahoma and had a pretty wholesome upbringing. My family was pretty close and we’ve always been that way. I went to a private Christian school and was a nerdy art kid who wanted to have sex with everyone. (laughs) I’m a very sexual being. I’ve never been very athletic. I tried out for teams but didn’t get on any of them. I was a ballerina and gymnast and dancer ever since I was 2. And I’ve been acting, mostly theatre acting, I got into film acting when I was 15. I’m really into costumes and theatre. I love old films, like film noir, which is where I got my name. My whole childhood was very theatrical and whimsical.

CJ: You texted me and said you traveled a lot and lived in different places, how did that come about?

Belle: It started much younger. I didn’t move from Oklahoma until I was 16 but I traveled a lot. My biological father moved to Chicago when I was 7 so I used to travel there by myself. My family lives all over the country so I was always traveling. My brothers never did this but I did and I thought it was totally normal. I lived in Spain for a little bit. I’ve also lived in Arkansas, North Carolina, Italy and now Los Angeles.

CJ: So how did you make the move out to LA?

Belle: I was living in NC as a makeup artist and PA on various films and projects and eventually moved to LA to finalize my education at Toni & Guy Academy and embark on new adventures. I traveled back and forth from the East to West coast and became a pole dancer which I LOVED except for the seedy lap dances, I was definitely not into that, as I prefer the stage. I was also a burlesque performer and eventually came back to LA to complete my goals.  I now live here in LA and don’t have any plans to move any time soon. (laughs)

CJ: You said you were very sexual; did you lose your virginity at an early age?

Belle: Oh, goodness, that’s a whole other story!  I found the movie, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, lying around and I was maybe 4. I put it in my VHS player and fell in love with it. I loved Lucy; I loved Nina. I wanted to embody both characters: a sultry coquette and a shy yet coy lady of elegance. I got into lingerie because of Lucy. A whole lot of my fetishes came from that movie, like vampires, animal heads on humans and stuff like that. I also admired famous sex symbols of every generation like Betty Boop. So I was always very sexual. As for my virginity, I lost it when I was 15. I shouldn’t say lost because it didn’t go anywhere, I gave it to someone. (laughs) I was 15 ½ and it wasn’t a big deal for me because I had been waiting my entire life, ever since I saw Dracula. Finally, the time came and I had a boyfriend. I grew boobs and I thought it was the best day of my life. “Yeah! Someone can rub my clit besides me!” (laughs) And this guy was so nervous, I was his first too. I was in a hurry and just wanted to do it. I masturbated so much since I was a little girl and I was like, “Will you just please put it in me?” It was fun!

CJ: Were you very promiscuous after finally giving it up?

Belle: After him, I was very promiscuous, yes. I was only into older men. I always felt I was pervy. I remember at recess, I would try to kiss boys and they wanted nothing to do with it and I remember going into the bathroom with a girlfriend and we licked each other’s tongues. After my boyfriend went to college, I turned 16 and I started getting partying like normal teenagers do. My dad worked next to a venue where bands came to play shows. So I hung out there and hung with different bands and I got into the tattoos and the long hair…basically the bad boy type. None of my friends could get in so I hung out with older people. I ended up having sex every night and my parents had NO idea! I would sneak them into the house, which was so dangerous because my parents were so strict. I would leave the door open because if it was shut, they knew something was going on. So the door would be wide open and anyone could walk by. So when someone did, we hid under the covers. There were so many guys! Also, I was a huge instigator of orgies. I threw so many sex parties that people never knew what was going on. I would invite a bunch of people over and would bring out my dad’s Viagra and just played stupid, “maybe we should eat it?!” We weren’t really into drugs but we experimented. Then I would bring out alcohol, maybe loosen up their inhibitions. Finally, I would have different costumes out and all of a sudden people were naked. “Oh, hey, we’re naked, wait, we’re drunk! Now we’re making out! Now his penis is in me, maybe you should put your penis in her too!” (laughs)

CJ: You said you were always into older guys, what’s the oldest guy you’ve been with?

Belle: I think the oldest guy I ever slept with was maybe 70. I thought he was 45 or 50. He was very spirited and light hearted. We’re still good buddies.

Belle Noire

CJ: So back to the story, you were in LA as of last year, how did you get into the porn industry?

Belle: It’s always been a thought of mine since I was 12. I saw my first porno ever and I don’t remember the name but it was about space aliens. There were really hot alien women that came down to earth and they abducted men to use their penises to have sex with them. And I thought it was so fucking hot that I wanted to be one of those women that just used penises! At a hotel I found these red vhs cases that had no titles or anything and I watched them all. I thought it was fucking amazing! It was like a real movie with acting and everything and then they had sex! So I was intrigued but I knew it was not ok with society and my parents and church. So I just blocked it out but would talk to my cousin about it. However, she was younger than me and didn’t totally understand. So I had no one to talk to. I had many regular jobs and I went to school. I went to college for a semester and went to hair school. I just didn’t fit in anywhere. I worked in porn shops since I was 18 because every other job I had, waitress, secretary, whatever, I got fired from because I was too sexual. I was always flirting with the boss. So last year, I was bored, bored with life, bored with people and was thinking about what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something sexual but there was no way I was becoming an escort and the strip clubs in LA suck so hard. I didn’t know what to do. Then one day, like magic, this famous photographer found me on Model Mayhem. He said my photos weren’t that great but I seemed like I could take direction well and I had a lot of spirit in me. I saw his site and it was beautiful bondage bdsm photography and I was so nervous but then I saw a shot of Dita Von Teese tied up that he had shot and I was so down because I love her! So I went there and he shot me. I had never been tied up like that and had some forced orgasms and thought it was awesome! I went to parties with him and besides the alt girls, some porn chicks were at these parties. And they were so beautiful and glamorous. Finally, I decided to do girl/girl but then did boy/girl right away and fell in love with it.

CJ: So what was your first porn shoot like?

Belle: It wasn’t an actual scene. It was a live webcam show with Tommy Gunn and a GG scene right before with Megan Salinas. He was late so I didn’t meet him beforehand. I was live on webcam and then the door opens and he walked in butt naked. We were live and didn’t even have a chance to say hi! I don’t know, I thought it should be more ceremonial with candles lit and party streamers and confetti jumping out after the cum shot. (laughs) The next one was a lot more fun and it was with Kick Ass and the talent was Eric John. I love that company.

CJ: You said at first you were going to do just girl/girl, so you’re into girls?

Belle: Oh, yeah. Sometimes I think I’m actually more into girls than guys.

CJ: I kind of knew that. I just saw you in College Cuties Seduce MILF Beauties with Veronica Avluv and Tanya Tate and that was a pretty fucking hot scene.

Belle: Oh yeah! That was a fantasy of mine, actually. I remember I got called into the shoot that morning and they told me whom it was with and I was “Done! I’ll be there!” I’ve always loved MILF’s. My mom’s always been gorgeous and everyone always told me she was a MILF. I was always so proud of her. Just because you’re a mom, you can still be hot. I love older women that have children and can still have a very nice look. It’s tough to be a woman and keep up with kids!

CJ: Does your family know what you do?

Belle: Yes, I’m very bad at lying to people. My mother and I are close. I’m sure she knows how sexual I am. I called them one day and told them I was thinking about it. And this was last November when I started thinking about it and I didn’t get into it until April, so I really thought about it. I called them in April and told them I was going to do the porn thing and they were like “Noooooo!” They’re dealing with it now; they just invited me home for Thanksgiving.

Belle Noire

CJ: Do you have a favorite scene so far?

Belle: My favorite scene so far, I don’t think it’s out yet, was for Smash Pictures. I don’t know what it looks like but the making of it was so hot. I think it was a darker romance story with Johnny Castle. It was a shower scene and it’s going to be sooo hot. Also any of my scenes with Sara Luv are hot as hell, I really enjoy touching her. I can’t forget how I really love blowjob scenes. I really like the one that came out recently for Evil Angel Video, Sloppy Cocksuckers with Mike Adriano. I think all the blowjob scenes are really good but that one’s in my top two. The other one that just came out was for Zero Tolerance, Head Case 6. Another sex scene I recently did that I really liked was the Boardwalk Empire Parody with Ryan Driller. We had great costumes and that one was so much fun.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Belle: Honestly, I used to always say doggie but I think I’m into mish now. I’m very old fashioned and I like to connect with the person I’m having sex with. And if it’s really good sex, we can make eye contact and I love that. I also love to pretend I’m a doll made for fucking and laying face down with my arms to my sides and legs together. Use my holes!

CJ: What exactly do you like? What gets Belle off?

Belle: If you can make me laugh, if you are educated, if you have a cultural background where I can really see you on any level, that’s what really gets me. Looks are so minor to me, it helps but if I see someone very attractive, I don’t necessarily think about sex… It’s not hard for me to get turned on, but it’s a different level. I like present, positive, happy, driven, successful, and explorative people.

I get off to a bunch of random things but mostly watching guys masturbate. I think masturbation is so erotic and beautiful especially when the guy cums on himself. I also like fucking on mid-century furniture.

CJ: How often do you cum, if ever, during a scene?

Belle: A lot. I get really pervy and so turned on that people jerk off to me. In a scene, you usually start out with a little tease, a little masturbation and then the guy comes in. It is at that point I forget about everything and look into camera lens. I see this audience of people touching themselves, looking at me and I have to make every single move perfect, sensual and sexy so they can get off. I get so turned on by that. At the same time, there are all these people in the room too. So that’s even more live interaction for me. And when the guy comes into the scene and his penis comes out, I just see it and think, “That’s for me! That’s for me!” (laughs) And everyone gets to see it! Then it’s in my face all of a sudden and I get excited and happy. All these people are wishing it was their cock right now and I’m going to show them what I would do with it. I get so turned on while giving the best head and just before we have sex I get so excited I can cum instantly even before I’m even touched! I love my pussy teased. Multiple external and internal orgasm city over here! If someone puts their dick in me for a second and I don’t move at all, I can just explode. I’m like “Oh my goodness there’s a penis in me!” It is so much fun. 

Belle Noire

CJ: Have you learned anything sexually about yourself since joining the industry?

Belle: I’ve learned that I’m rather old fashioned when it comes to dating. There are many people that think because I am a porn actress that I will put out right away. No, no I won’t. As we grow and experience we evolve and learn more about ourselves. I try to learn something new every day.

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Belle: Absolutely. I get really excited when they come out. I’ll watch the previews and pick up the DVD when they come out. When I masturbate, I’ll watch them. I’m really into mutual masturbation and I have a few friends where we’ll just sit and masturbate and watch porn, and my porn too, and it’s sooo hot. It’s a lot of fun. It’s so naughty. We’re friends and we’re masturbating! We’re not supposed to do that!

CJ: Damn, you’re getting me hot here. So how much do you masturbate otherwise?

Belle: Every day, a few times a day.

CJ: What’s the preferred method? Fingers? Toys? Hitachi?

Belle: I do not own a Hitachi, they kind of freak me out. I mostly use my fingers and like to feel myself. I like to wear silk panties or a lovely fabric and pull it up against my clit. The whole feeling of the panties on my clit, I just love it. And when it’s sheer, sometimes you can feel the air brushing up against my skin, there’s so many sensations. I grab my little kitten with my hands on the outside and tease myself. I pull my panties to the side and I don’t even take them all the way off. Especially if I’m in public and driving, (which happens a lot) I do a little pull it to the side action. It’s so naughty. Then I lick my finger and it’s warm and wet when I put it on my clit and rub it. Then I slowly slide my fingers down to the lips and go inside. And then when they’re inside of me, not even all the way in, it’s “Oh my God!” just on the inside of my lips. And I feel the finger sensation. My pussy is throbbing for something to go in. “I need it! I need it!” I’ll stick a finger in and it’s glorious!!

CJ: If the porn thing doesn’t work out, you always have phone sex to fall back on.

Belle: (laughs) Oh, totally!

CJ: Holy Christ, you almost make me want to jack off right here!

Belle: (laughs)

CJ: How often do you have sex off camera?

Belle: Not that often, almost never. I’m very focused on my career right now so I’m not dating anybody. I don’t just sleep with anyone. I get my fix on set for the most part but off set it’s mostly girls and masturbation! Guys seem to just fall in love too easily with me… “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

CJ: Would you say you’re more interested than women or men?

Belle: I think it’s equal; it just depends on who you are and how you make me feel.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Belle: On camera, I want it on my face because it’s theatrical. So I love it. Off camera, I’m kind of a germ freak. So if I do my hair, which I do once a week and it takes me 3 hours, I’m like “don’t get it in my hair!” (laughs) but I love it on my tits because I like to play with the cum. If I’m dating someone and I’m really into them, I like it if they cum in my mouth, straight down my throat. I also think that cumming inside me is erotic and I’ve only done it once or twice.

CJ: I’ve talked to a few women and they say a creampie feels amazing especially if they’re into the guy. It’s a very intimate act.

Belle: Yes, you expel so much energy into each other and you feel all these sensations and it’s something you don’t have to do, you choose to do, unless you’re getting paid for it (laughs). Sex is a spiritual thing for me, cum is part of your body and this happens because of sex and it’s magical. To release your cum into my body is cosmic and beautiful  (laughs) sharing is caring!

Belle Noire

CJ: So I have to ask you the big question, will you do anal in the future?

Belle: Yes, I definitely want to do anal. I’ve never done it in my personal life but when I was younger, on my birthdays, I would try anal with whomever I was dating but never worked out. I’ve definitely dated some innocent guys. We tried and they got the tip in and one guy went all the way in and I was like “Woah! I wasn’t even breathing! Take it out!” it was more of an awkward thing. However, from working in porn shops, I have a collection full of anal toys that I am so curious to use. I just feel like I need a play partner that is willing to help me.

CJ: Well, I could catch a redeye and be out there in about 4 hours. I’m willing to help!

Belle: (laughs) Right? I need people like you! Where are they? I just need someone that wants to chill out, have a glass of wine and watch me play with my toys and occasionally lends a hand. Help me breathe and that sort of thing. If I do it by myself, it’s awkward like a chore for now. I’ll learn eventually!

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Belle: A gang bang. I want to do a double penetration gang bang really bad. I think that would be really epic!

CJ: You’re young and hot and comfortable with your sexuality, have you ever used that to get special favors like getting out of a speeding ticket or getting free repairs?

Belle: That’s the advantage of being a girl. (laughs) One time, I had to get new tires for my car and this older guy was helping me. When I’m around older men, I naturally get very coy and very innocent. I was telling him I couldn’t afford new tires and maybe I’d get some used ones. He insisted that I needed new ones and I was talking in this little girl voice. When I came back an hour later, I had new tires on my car and he didn’t even charge me. (laughs)

CJ: Yeah, guys are stupid that way. And you didn’t even have to put out!

Belle: Yeah, I know. It was great! (laughs)

CJ: OK, what are your goals for the future?

Belle: I would like to have a lingerie and fragrance line, as well as a sex product line. I would like to write several books of many topics and categories. I have many plans and goals but I don’t want to share all of them just yet but you will be seeing/hearing my name in the future!

CJ: How can the fans find you?

Belle: On Twitter, I’m @BelleNoireXXX and if anyone is good at building a website contact me! I need help with that!

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