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Rosco Fuji Interviews Ava Little

I discovered the gingerlicious Ava Little in a roundabout way and I must say that I’m glad I did. I was at a hockey game recently and I ran into the very lovely Camille Black whom I had the pleasure of interviewing for this site about a year ago.

As we caught up, Camille invited me over to the Desperate Pleasures Studio to meet a hot new model who would be shooting a scene for Desperate Pleasures’ and their Taboo Diaries (tentatively) line of incestuous titles. I wasn’t sure my schedule would permit me making the shoot, but the moment Camille told me Ava had a really cute vagina, I knew I that had to make to visit. Think about it! One hot girl is telling you another hot girl has a cute vagina; you’re going to make the trip. I arrive at the studio and am catching up with head honcho JW Ties and Camille when in walks Ava. I was smitten immediately as Ava is sporting short red hair, a fair and freckled complexion, and natural breasts that are just the right size. A comparison to Claire Robbins would not be out of line. On top of that, she has a sweet sounding voice that will drive me a crazy a little later in the afternoon as I had to stick around for the shoot. We chatted before, during, and after the shoot and both JW and Camille would chime in every now and then, so their comments might be included also. Besides just chatting with Ava, the high point of the afternoon was listening to her ad lib dialogue during the scene that peaked with her riding in RCG and cooing, “I’m such a dirty girl for fucking my Uncle!” After almost 3 hours on set, which included a full on Uncle fucking with creampie, a frog tied Ava getting worked over with an Hitachi, Ava writing her dirty fantasies in her diary, and Ava giving her uncle a blowjob until she makes him cum in her mouth, it was time to go. Adieus were bid and the whole production went their separate ways. Ava is tentatively scheduled to shoot again for the studio up in New Jersey during the Exxotica show in early November.

Ava Little

Rosco: Tell me about yourself:

Ava: I’m Ava Little, I’m 21 years old and just got into the adult industry and it’s been pretty fun so far. I don’t do much other than porn, but I do like to write.

Rosco: What do you write?

Ava: I mainly write poetry.

Rosco: Where are you from?

Ava: I’m from Bangor Maine but I moved down to Charlotte, North Carolina with my family to be closer to other family members and to also leave behind the cold weather. We moved when I was 18 and I could have stayed in Maine, but I do like the warmer weather.

Rosco: How many scenes have you shot so far?

Ava: Oh my god! I don’t know exactly, maybe close to 50, but not all of them are out yet, but roughly 30 have been released so far.

Rosco: Are these scenes for sites or were they DVD releases?

Ava: Yeah, for smaller websites, Clips 4 Sale and Many Vids, that type of thing.

Rosco: How did you gravitate towards porn?

Ava: I started webcamming but I really wasn’t making the money I wanted, so I said let’s try something else, so I tried stripping, and I really like stripping a lot, but I thought I could make more money than this, so I said let’s try porn and it’s been really fun.

Rosco: Did someone contact you or did you contact an agent?

Ava: I never contacted an agent initially, but I just recently got with an agency; Coxx Models, but before that I was a free agent, just networking and getting with people.

Rosco: Does your family know you’re a performer?

Ava: No, but I have In-Laws and they know, but my family doesn’t know, and I feel they’ll never find out, but you never know. I won’t be horrified and I hope they never find out, but if they do, oh well, I’m not trying to hide myself.

Rosco: How does your husband feel about your porn career?

Ava: He loves it and he’s totally cool with it.

Rosco: Have you done scenes with him?

Ava: I’ve done a couple with him on Mike Nasty and East Coast Booty and I’ve done a couple others with him but they haven’t been released yet. I also like to do content with him and it’s been kind of fun.

Rosco: So, when you’re webcamming you’re doing it with him?

Ava: I have done webcamming with him, but I haven’t done any camming lately.

Ava Little

Rosco: What is your average day like when you’re not shooting?

Ava: I feel that I’m traveling so much for work that whenever I have a free day, I just like to relax.

Rosco: Do you travel a lot?

Ava: I travel to New York City a lot as I have a lot of people there that repeat shoot me. And this is my second time in Florida shooting, so it’s pretty fun. I like coming to Florida because it’s something different after going to New York all the time.

Rosco: Do you find that the average civilian treats you different once they found out you’re a performer?

Ava: Yeah, usually it’s a good thing most of the time, depending on who it is. I don’t tell many people but most times, its “Oh, you’re in Porn, that’s awesome! I’m going to send you some pictures now.” I’m usually like “Ookkaay!” That’s pretty much the only reaction I’ve been getting.

Rosco: So no real creepy ones who are obsessive?

Ava: No not yet, but I’ve been lucky so far. I have a lot of fans but so far no one too creepy.

Rosco: Were you nervous at all on your first shoot?

Ava: Oh yeah, very nervous. I felt that on my first two shoots I was just thrown around on the bed and I was like, what just happened, I think something just happened but I don’t know what. They were like, look at the camera and I’m like, why what am I doing, what is going on. It was fun, I was like, I don’t know what happened just now. It’s horrible, but it’s fun.

Rosco: What is your favorite position either in porn or real life?

Ava: It would be doggy in both

Rosco: What is your favorite scene that you’ve shot so far?

Ava: They’ve all been so exciting and fun that I can’t really choose one over the other.

Rosco: Is there a type of scene that you haven’t shot yet, but you’re looking forward to shooting?

Ava: Just fetishy type of stuff. I haven’t shot very much but I am so looking forward to doing more. But I want to do more as I really like bondage and I want to more fun stuff.

Rosco: Is it just bondage or something else?

Ava: I haven’t really done any feet fetish stuff or other types, but I’m game.

Ava Little

At this point, Camille starts poking JW to take the hint that Ava is game for the type of fetish shoots that JW shoots and is right in front of him.

JW: Stop poking me, I’m listening.

Rosco: Okay, we’re going to come back to that towards the end for some comical questions.

Ava: Cool.

Rosco: Does any aspect of shooting a porn scene turn you on?

Ava: Yeah, pretty much. Having sex is pretty fun; it naturally just turns you on. I guess everything.

Rosco: How long do you plan on doing porn?

Ava: As long as I can, as long as possible.

Rosco: Do you think you’ll ever make your way out to LA?

Ava: I’m thinking of moving to either LA or Florida to be closer to the production locations. I’m still waiting to see if the LA thing (Prop 60) passes. Florida seems better though, so that’s what I’m thinking.

Rosco: But there is talk that if the condom measure passes a lot of the companies will be relocating to Las Vegas.

Ava: Well, that is true and I could always travel.

Rosco: Would you consider going there also?

Ava: I don’t know. I’d probably just stick with Florida or LA as I don’t know too much about Vegas. I’d have to go there to see if I like it.

Rosco: What type of scene are you shooting today?

Ava: Well, I don’t really know but it’ll be fun.

JW: It’ll be a straight up Taboo scene where you fuck your uncle.

Camille: We’ll throw in some bondage also for good measure.

Ava Little

Rosco: Your ideal first date?

Ava: I haven’t had a first date in a long time; I guess the anything really as long as it doesn’t involve me going to their house. For me sex on the first date is kind of uncomfortable, so I don’t know.

Rosco: Laughs, I wasn’t asking if you’re having sex on a first date.

Ava: Well, I feel that if you bring someone to your house, you’re going to have sex with them. I guess I’d like to go to dinner at someplace like Dave & Buster’s where they have a lot of games. It’s like the best first date ever.

Camille: I think that was my answer also.

Rosco: Who would your famous person hookup be?

Ava: I have a lot of people that I’d love to hook up with that are famous, maybe Bradley Cooper would be one of them. He is like smoking hot.

Rosco: During porn, you have the inevitable pop shot. Where do you prefer it?

Ava: On my face of course. I love facials, (chuckles); I love facials as they’re the best.

Rosco: So what you’re saying is you’d be up for a bukakke scene or something like that?

Ava: I did a bukakke scene recently.

Rosco: Really?

Camille: Yeah, for Texas Bukakke, it was so hot watching all these guys cum on her face.

Rosco: Texas Bukakke?

Ava: It was for Texas Bukakke. You can find them on twitter. It was so much fun.

Rosco: How many…

Ava: (Not letting me finish my question) It was 13 guys! I had so much cum on my face that I came so hard just thinking about it later on that night.

Rosco: Was it just you giving them head?

Ava: It was head, it was sex, it was anal, and it was everything. They were cumming all over my face again.

Rosco: Was your face coated?

Ava: It was covered! My eyes were so red afterwards that I looked like a demon. So red, but it went away in about an hour. So it was fine.

Rosco: So your eyes were wide open?

Ava: Yeah, I kept my eyes open as wide as I could. I was thinking “I’m going to do this!” I got it all in my eyes. It was so crazy.

Rosco: I’ve seen scenes where the girls are literally holding their eyes open and begging for the guys to cum in their eyes.

Ava: No nothing like that. But I was trying to be a trooper. I’ve had enough cum in my eyes.

Ava Little

Rosco: When you masturbate, are you ever able to squirt?

Ava: I think I could squirt with my Hitachi but I couldn’t do it by myself, I’d have to have someone else do it to me. For me, it’s a pretty intense thing to do to yourself.

Rosco: Do you like anal?

Ava: Yeah, I like it.

Rosco: Would you consider doing a DP?

Ava: I’ve done DP’s on camera, it’s not my favorite thing to do, but I’ve done it. I’ve done it twice.

Rosco: Was your husband involved?

Ava: I’ve done it 2 times with him on my first 2 scenes. And then on Texas Bukakke I did a DP also.

Rosco: When did you first do anal? Was it in your private life or on camera?

Ava: I think it was in my private life as I’ve done it off camera several times.

Rosco: Do DP’s carry over to your personal life, or is it strictly for porn?

Ava: It’s strictly for my porn scenes.

Rosco: On that note, does any part of porn sex carry over to your personal life? Have you done threesomes, foursomes, or moresomes at home?

Ava: I’ve done a few threesomes and foursomes in scenes, and like being with 2 guys at once if it’s with my husband and another guy or something. And I like having threesomes with another girl and him and fun foursomes.

Rosco: So does he pester you to bring home girls.

Ava: No, he actually likes me to be with other guys more than he likes me to be with other girls, so it’s pretty cool.

Rosco: What is your ultimate sex fantasy in either porn or your personal life?

Ava: I guess it would be to be tied up and fucked by 2 guys. That’d be a pretty cool fantasy.

Rosco: Who is your biggest porn crush?

Ava: I don’t have one yet. I haven’t worked with any real talent yet. I’ve been most working with POV photographers so far, so I haven’t met anyone and don’t really know anyone yet. The guy on Twitter from Blacked, I think his name is Jason Brown, he is pretty good looking.

At this point, Camille is swooning about Jason Brown and also adds the name Rob Piper to the list.

Ava: You’ll have to show me who that is. You like Jason Brown?

Camille: I love him, he is so fine.

Rosco: What about Prince?

Camille: I can’t even say his name, so he’s out and besides his penis is so large that in doggy, it’d probably come out of my eye socket.

Ava: That’s scary.

JW: Oh come on, we know how big your butt is.

Camille: I know.

At this point, the interview takes a hard right turn with lots of hysterics.

Rosco: If you could force 2 celebrities to have gay sex, who would you pick?

Ava: What??? I have no idea.

Rosco: You have to have some idea.

Ava: This is so weird.

Rosco: I told you it was going to be silly, and don’t worry it goes downhill from here.

Ava: Is it guys or girls or does it matter? Because I’d pick guys over girls. To Camille, “did you really choose?”

Camille: In an instant. I knew immediately who I was going to choose. I’d been waiting for that moment my whole life.

Ava: That’s so bad. It’s funny though. I’d say Johnny Depp and somebody. But I’m really mad at Johnny right now, so I don’t know if I want to pick him.

Rosco: All the more reason to pick him.

Ava: Maybe I should.

Rosco: So, who do you want to take Johnny from behind?

Ava: How about Johnny Depp and Ryan Reynolds?

Rosco: Now is Ryan dressed as Deadpool and he’s pitching or catching?

Camille is again literally swooning out loud as she has a serious Deadpool fetish.

Ava: I don’t know, they can do each other, they can do me, let’s just get it on.

Rosco: No, sorry. You’re not in the picture; you’re forcing two guys to get it on.

Ava: Well, I guess, I’d like to see Ryan fuck Johnny in the ass.

Rosco: The fate of the world rests on your shoulder and you have to inflict punishment on Kim Kardashian’s face. Your choices are; making her bob for French fries in hot grease, running over her with a lawn mower, or having her face chewed off by some wolverines?

Ava: Jesus, what the fuck? That’s horrible.

JW: Or have lesbian sex with Hillary Clinton?

Ava: I guess the first one would be her best fate because getting her face burned off would probably be better than getting it ripped off.

JW: He doesn’t like Kim Kardashian.

Camille: I picked the bobbing for French fries.

Rosco: Your next gangbang is planned, but it’s a fetish type of gangbang, what would you choose: is it going to be a group of midgets or a group of old as dirt Texas Albinos?

Ava: Old Texas Albinos???? What the fuck???? I’d pick the second one.

JW: I’d pick the Albinos also because with the midgets too much would go over their heads.


Rosco, Ava, and Camille: laughing hysterically.

Rosco: I just thought of this one on the way over. If you’re going to have a regular job, where would you choose to work? The Titty Twister or the Pink Taco?

Ava: I’d pick the Titty Twister.

Rosco: Do you have any upcoming appearances:

Ava: I’m getting very excited for Exxxotica New Jersey Nov 4-6! This will be my first show, so I’m looking forward to networking in the industry and most importantly to meet my fans and also to make some new fans.

Rosco: How can fans get a hold of you/social media sites?

Clips 4 Sale Link from the afternoon of this interview:
Twitter: @Avalittlexxx
Tumblr: Avalittletiedup.tumblr.com
Manyvids: manyvids.com/avalittle
Current model profile: http://coxxxmodels.com/portfolio/ava-little

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