Ava Courcelles Interview

Keith Mason Interviews Ava Courcelles

Ava Courcelles

Keith: Can you give us some background on yourself and how you entered the adult industry? Why did you choose to be an adult movie star as your profession?

Ava Courcelles: I started stripping. I rapidly had the chance to strip on the main stage of Eropolis Tour which is the hugest erotic fair in France. There, I started discussing with french adult movie stars and I’ve been surprised discovering that we had the same way of thinking. Especially regarding sex and pleasure. So I decided to call Dorcel Production. They told me to send them photos and a letter explaining why I wanted to enter the adult industry. I think that mysending has pleased them : they called me back on the day to meet me the day after. I played in my first movie one week after. I’m talking about 6 months ago. I played in seven movies with Dorcel Production until today.

To tell the truth, I started this profession as a challenge. I didn’t have the real project of being an adult movie star. But now, as I really enjoy this profession, I’m so happy to have made this decision !

Ava Courcelles

Keith: Where did you grow up? What was that like?

Ava Courcelles: I grew up in Paris. I did not really know my father, as he left us early (I was 5 years old). My mother quickly got married to another man. But I didn’t really have good relationship with him. I often ask myself if I didn’t choose this profession as a revenge on my father and on the men in general. It may has been the trigger of my personal guidance but now, I feel like a free woman who made is own professional choice. And I love being admired by the men(and by the women too).

Keith: For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see.

Ava Courcelles: My first scene, which was The revelation for me : Allan THEO X (my twin sister is also in this scene)

Films :

* Secrétaire de direction

* La jeune Avocate

* 40 Mariée mais libertine

Many more movies are coming…

Keith: What are the advantages that come from working for a company like Marc Dorcel?

Ava Courcelles: I chose to enter adult industry with Marc Dorcel production because I appreciated the way it high lightened its girls. I wanted to be considered like that. And that’s the way it is. In France, Dorcel girls have a special status. It’s a kind of award. People congratulate you. It’s amazing !

Ava Courcelles

Keith: You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try?

Ava Courcelles: Girls… you have to try a DP ! Even if you don’t like sodomy. The feelings have nothing to do with a simple sodomy. The most intense sexual experience I know. The pleasures, the way you feel with these two men… It’s hard to explain but there’s nothing comparable. I prefer by far DP to sodomy, that’s the reason why I’m always asked to do some in the movies.

Keith: Do you want to do features or gonzo or does it matter?

Ava Courcelles: Hum… It’s always more interesting to do things in movies you didn’t do before.

Keith: Are you constantly working or do you always find some time to chill?

Ava Courcelles: As I said before, I’m a free woman. So, when I want to relax, I don’t hesitate.

Keith: What types of movies do you like to watch? Do you like zombie movies?

Ava Courcelles: I LOVE horror films ! Obviously, I also like typically feminine movies but there’s no comparison with horror ones.

Keith: Are there any current or future projects that you would like to promote ? What are you currently working on movie?

Ava Courcelles: As I was asked to keep the secret, I can’t really speak about the forthcoming movies. The only thing I can say is that I’ve found my way and I’m always curious to experiment new situations, new fantasies. You won’t be bored with me !

Ava Courcelles


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Special thanks to Camille of Marc Dorcel for arranging the interview.

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