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Captain Jack interviews Anya Olsen

Anya is an unbelievably super sweet and super cool girl. I had reviewed a couple scenes of her and liked what I saw but I had never met her before. The first day, the first hour, of the recent Adult Entertainment Expo was when I first met this babe. Within minutes, we were on a couch in the Tushy/Blacked/Vixen booth having a long heart-to-heart conversation! We talked like we had known each other for 10 years! When it was time for her to sign, Morbid Thoughts asked me how the interview went and I told him that there wasn’t an interview, we were just chatting! Needless to say, we immediately made plans to do a long form interview. This was absolutely the most fun interview I’ve had in the almost 500 interviews I’ve done! Plus, it is the longest! Anya made it so easy and had some great stories! We’re already talking about a part 2! I hope you enjoy this talk as much as I did!

Anya Olsen

Captain Jack: Tell me about Anya Olsen.

Anya Olsen: I was born in upstate New York and I lived there until I was 5. My family moved to this tiny, tiny, super tiny town in Kansas where everyone knew everyone and everyone was very religious. Super stereotypical Midwest town. I grew up there, from the time I was 5 until the time I was 13. I was very sheltered. Didn’t know anything about drugs or alcohol or sex, nothing like that, super sheltered. Unbelievably sheltered! If you called someone a name, you were sent to the principal’s office where the principal would spank the students. Weird! (laughs) But when I was 13, my parents moved back to New York, right outside the city into this super very impoverished area. Completely different from Kansas! Everyone was fucking everyone and there were drugs! Everything! The worst you could ever imagine. After being so sheltered and having everything thrown at me all at once, that’s when I started having sex! I lost my virginity at 13. I didn’t really experiment with drugs a whole lot. At all, really, except for a little weed. A drink here or there but it was mainly sex. And my poor parents! Oh my gosh! I ended up getting kicked out of high school in my sophomore year for having sex in school multiple times and getting caught! So my parents sent me to an all-girls boarding school up in the mountains of New Hampshire for about a year and a half to straighten me out. Unfortunately for them, I found out that I also like girls! (laughs) My younger days are not much different than these days. (laughs)

CJ: Did you ever get caught with a girl?

Anya: No. My parents were unbelievably strict after that incident of getting kicked out of school. My parents wouldn’t let me hang out with any girlfriends… no one! I was definitely not a normal child, I was the bad kid of the family. I was allowed to go to school, come home and do my homework, that was basically it. I had no freedom because my parents were just so worried about me getting pregnant or something. For good reason too. (laughs)

CJ: Did you have a habit of getting caught? Because I saw an interview in Pure 8 where you said you got caught while giving your first blowjob.

Anya: Oh yeah, on the school bus! It was my first ever blowjob and it was in the back of the friggin’ school bus! Horrible! You know, your first time, you’re like, ‘What do I do?’ I don’t want to teeth this guy up. I decided to pick it up a notch by doing it on the school bus! There was this guy who was the guy everyone wanted in high school. He actually dated my sister before this! We would make out and cuddle on the school bus, stuff like that. But on this particular day, he brings me to the very, very back of the bus and whips it out! He put my mouth on his dick and I went at it. How we got caught was the bus driver’s daughter used to sit on the very back seat. She was across from us when this was all happening and, of course, she told daddy and we got into trouble the next day. We got called down to the principal’s office. I didn’t get kicked out, at that point, just a stern talking to. (laughs)

CJ: That guy was pretty bold to just take it out and slam your head down on it.

Anya: Yeah! I was 13 and he was like 15, I was a freshman and he was a junior. (laughs)

CJ: You said you didn’t know what you were doing. Did you do a good job?

Anya: I guess I did because I remember after I lost my virginity, which was a few months after the blowjob situation, I went crazy and needed sex 24/7. If I was happy, I needed sex; If I was sad, I needed sex! Any emotion, I needed sex, sex, sex! (laughs) I ended up hooking up with a lot of guys. Not necessarily having sex with them but giving blowjobs. And every single one of them would tell me that I gave them one of the best blowjobs of their life! So I don’t know if they were lying to me but I don’t think so because multiple guys said that multiple times. So I guess I learned pretty quickly. (laughs) I definitely googled a few times ‘blowjob tips’ to teach myself. (laughs)

Anya Olsen

CJ: How old are you?

Anya: I’m 22, just turned 22 in September.

CJ: How long have you been shooting?

Anya: Just over a year and a half, it was a month before my 21st birthday.

CJ: You said you needed sex. I love a girl like that. Do you have a count of how many guys you slept with before porn?

Anya: Before porn, yes. After? No. Thankfully, outside of porn nowadays, I don’t really have sex with anyone, I’m just obsessed with my Hitachi. Before porn, I don’t know the exact number, but it was around 60 or 70. It’s horrible because from the time I was 16 until the time I got into porn, I was with a boyfriend, so that all happened in 3 years. (laughs) I was a little whore back then! (laughs)

CJ: You have a great personality and you’re also gorgeous, when did you learn the power of the pussy?

Anya: I don’t know! I don’t use that to get things! Is that horrible? Should I start? (laughs) Obviously, I know that we girls have it so much easier but I’ve never used my vagina to get something that I wanted. (laughs) At least I don’t think so! (laughs)

CJ: You were a whore but you slowed down after getting the boyfriend, why did you decide to jump into the porn industry?

Anya: I, obviously, have always been a very sexual person and, from a very young age, just constantly thought about sex. The older I got, years before I was 18, I thought, ‘If I could dance, I could be a stripper!’  (laughs) But I always thought I could get into the adult industry. I was just always way more comfortable being naked than in clothes. It’s weird. If someone’s talking to me in a normal setting and we both have our clothes on, I get super awkward and shy and kind of close down. But as soon as our clothes are off…man!  (laughs) I’m out there! (laughs)

CJ: I’ll make a mental note for next time I see you and just start talking to you in the nude.

Anya: (laughs) Just rip those clothes off!

CJ: Trust me, you do fine with your clothes on too!

Anya: I do have clothes on right now. (laughs)

CJ: Your family was very strict. How do they handle your career?

Anya: My parents, they’re actually, very surprisingly, very, very supportive. I don’t actively talk to my dad about my job in the industry but they know. My older brother knows and my older sister knows. And I have two younger brothers who, hopefully, don’t know. (laughs) But they’re at that age where they’re looking up porn. When my mom first found out, to my surprise, wasn’t angry at all. My boyfriend at the time actually told them when I was in Miami shooting. I got this phone call from my mom when I was on set. I said, ‘I can’t do this.’ She was going to be yelling and being so angry and if I listen to it right now, this scene is going to be shit. I didn’t listen to it until after my scene. All she said on the message was to give her a call when she was ready. That she was there for me and just wanted to talk. I didn’t call her back. I was flying back home the next day so I didn’t call her back. When I got back home, she picked me up from the airport and didn’t say anything. At all. It was like nothing at happened. I was getting nervous and was thinking that she was taking it way too well. For a whole month, nothing. It was right before I let her know that I was going back out to Florida to shoot for another week where she was, ‘Hey, can we sit down and talk?’ I honestly knew what it was about and she sat me down and had all these articles that she wanted me to read about these ex-pornstars. I thought, ‘Here we go!’ She basically said, ‘You’re my daughter, I’m your mother. I love you very, very much. I’m going to support whatever you choose to do as long as it makes you happy. You’re an adult, you can make your own decisions. I raised you for your first 18 years and I did my job. You’re free to do whatever you want, girl, as long as you’re safe and happy! I’d much rather be there for you than have you go it alone.’ Even to this day, I can talk to my mom about it, who I’m crushing on, how great the sex is…everything! (laughs)

CJ: Did you tell her about me?

Anya: (laughs) Not yet! (laughs)

Anya Olsen

CJ: So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all these people around. Were you intimidated? Nervous? Turned on?

Anya: My first scene, I won’t tell you what company it was for, but it was a solo, actually. It was literally just me and the camera guy. I had a super creepy experience my first scene. The camera guy, after the scene was finished, started crushing on me and started offering me money for a blowjob. And I was, ‘Ooooh, Lord! Let’s just keep this professional!’ That’s all I said to him and he didn’t persist. After that, I was wondering if that was how porn was really going to be like. Thankfully, I totally give it another chance. I had another solo for FTV girls and it was great. And I eventually had my first boy/girl scene and it was amazing. That’s when I fell in love with porn! Ever since that first time, I never had any other bad experiences!

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Anya: It probably has to be pile driver. Just the way it gets in there nice and deep. That and the complete opposite, I like missionary. With the right person because it’s very intimate. It’s completely different. (laughs) And doggie! I like them all! It’s horrible! (laughs)

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Anya: Yes, actually, a few just came to my mind. These are the 3 scenes that I constantly masturbate to. (laughs) My DP scene for Greg Lansky for Tushy with Christian Clay and Jean Val Jean. The whole thing with European men and their European accents and they’re both very passionate when they have sex. They were fighting over me and, ah, it was sooo amazing! It was very great! For me, it gives me the craziest, most outrageous orgasms very quickly to have my ass have an orgasm while my pussy is having an orgasm. And I’m totally in my car right now thinking about going hands free. (laughs) I’m a pervert! And then I have a scene that was shot pretty recently for Kink. Oh my God, I love Kink! It was with Phoenix Marie and Xander Corvus. It was more or less experimenting with my limits. We did these little zappies on me, I was tied up and Xander was fucking me and they were both zapping me, I was just squirting everywhere! I couldn’t move but I wanted to because I was all tied up. It was so intense! I really liked that one! And then I have a scene for Nubiles. It was with Cherie Deville and Tyler Nixon. What I loved about it, and it was weird because I felt, on my end, it was a really weak performance. And then after watching the scene, it just came out so amazing. Tyler is very passionate and Cherie is very dominant and it was an amazing balance. I constantly jerk off to it. (laughs) I did this morning! (laughs)

CJ: So you masturbate to yourself?

Anya: Only those three scenes, yes.

CJ: You said you’re addicted to your Hitachi, how often do you masturbate?

Anya: In the last 12 hours, I masturbated 5 times. (laughs) My clit’s a little sore right now. After this, I’ll probably go home and masturbate because I’m so horny. (laughs) I typically don’t masturbate that much, I don’t think, but it’s been a rough week! All the stress of AVN, I need to relax! When I do masturbate, it’s usually once or twice a day and it’s for an hour at a time. I’ve grown accustomed to my Hitachi that it really doesn’t give me the full effect that it used to. Or compared to having sex with an actual person. When I’m with an actual person, I cum so easily. The Hitachi has been letting me down a little lately, I need to find a newer toy! (laughs)

CJ: Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship?

Anya: I wish! Actually, I don’t think it was that inappropriate but I definitely fucked my boss a few times in his office. But that’s not inappropriate! (laughs)

CJ: What kind of business was it?

Anya: I was just a server, serving and bartending. I fucked him in the cooler too one time. It was horrible! (laughs) Still not inappropriate, in my opinion! (laughs)

Anya Olsen

CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Anya: I actually really prefer a more mature man. If a man is 30 or older, it totally turns me on! Actually, I was kind of like that before porn too. They didn’t turn me on as much, before porn, but I definitely had my fair share of having sex with much older men than me. This sounds horrible but even when I was under age, I was having sex with people, 10, 15, 20 years, older than myself. It didn’t really phase me besides all the guys are very attractive, they have really nice kisses and they know how to use it. (laughs) Everytime I go into a scene, I try to talk to my talent, male or female, and just kind of get to know them. Pick out qualities about them that I really like, especially if I’m not attracted to them. But that’s only happened a few times. Just so I have some sort of connection, something about them that I find attractive so that we can be passionate and have a highly rated scene.

CJ: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with off-camera?

Anya: I was 14 or 15 at the time and this guy was 39. That was the biggest age difference. (laughs) I regretted it immediately. It was really horrible! I went over there and he had the world’s tiniest penis! It was a little micro penis. I totally faked an orgasm until he came and then I frickin’ ran out of his house to never return! (laughs)

CJ: Was he just a friend or where did you meet him?

Anya: A total stranger. Total stranger!

CJ: Where did he pick you up? Or where did you pick him up?

Anya: (laughs) I had just moved to the area in New York at the time and I would go on walks a lot, especially in this one particular part of town. I would just see him all the time and we always had small talk. One day, I was walking and he was driving and asked me if I needed a ride. We ended up at his house. Yeah, it was bad. I ended up walking home. (laughs) You didn’t even need to give me a ride, please! Please! (laughs)

I usually say ‘size doesn’t matter’, and I say that in all honesty but when it’s THAT small, I’m not doing ANY-thing! When it’s the size of my own clit, we can’t work this out! (laughs)

CJ: So you liked the Kink scene, so are you submissive?

Anya: It’s weird because I’m submissive with men but I’m dominant with women. So I’m a switch. I have dommed a few guys and I had a few guys on-camera and off-camera that I pegged. I’m super into that. Honestly, I guess it depends on what day you get me! (laughs) Or hour! (laughs)

CJ: So you’ve pegged a few guys off-camera. How does that come up? Are you in the bedroom fucking and then say, ‘Hey, I have an idea!’?

Anya: I’m going to regret saying this but who fucking cares. It was mainly with my ex-boyfriend. We started with me eating his ass and, for the record, I absolutely LOVE eating man ass! I enjoy licking a girl’s ass but I definitely prefer eating out a guy’s ass. For some strange reason, it gets me unbelievably wet. So we did that for a while and then I said, ‘Hey, babe! I heard if I stick a finger in your ass, it feels really good!’ So we tried that and then it became two fingers, then three and…no fisting but toys and stuff. And then, one day, he surprised me with a strap-on! That started my love for pegging! (laughs) Then there were a few other guys after that relationship where I did it. Not even throwing it out there, just saying, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do and you’re going to like it!’ (laughs) And they ended up liking it so I don’t feel bad about it!

CJ: Did you watch porn before you got into the industry?

Anya: I did. Like I said, my parents were super strict where it got to the point of parental locks on MTV and VH1. Also, on the internet, my mom would constantly check history so I would have to go back and delete the history. I did whenever I could but I really, honestly didn’t start masturbating until after I had sex, which is weird, right? (laughs) I’m just a weirdo! (laughs) I always thought about sex but I never touched myself. I’m just weird! (laughs)

CJ: What type of porn?

Anya: I really liked super rough stuff. Also, anal. I really loved watching anal. Probably because it tied in with the whole rougher genre. I had never had anal at that point so I imagined that it hurt. And for some reason, pain really always turned me on. So I think that’s why I liked it. (laughs) Now, I can’t jerk off to it because it’s pleasurable. (laughs) It doesn’t appeal to me unless I’m the person getting fucked in the ass because it brings me back to all the pleasure and the feelings I had at that moment. Oh, I love it! (laughs)

Anya Olsen

CJ: Did you have any favorite stars that you watched?

Anya: I always felt it was so weird that people actually knew our names. Whenever I would masturbate before I got into porn, I never once looked at someone’s name and was like, ‘I need to know that name because I’m going to jerk off to them again!’ No, not at all.

CJ: When was your first anal experience?

Anya: It was when I was 14. It’s funny because it was with a total stranger. I had these super weird fantasies where I enjoyed getting dominated and gangbanged by strangers, by people I didn’t know at all. It was horrible because I did it so young. Looking back, I was so stupid and it was so dangerous and I now know why my parents hated me so much! (laughs) They kept me on lockdown and I really understand now! I would go out and I would literally find random people on the street and say, ‘Hey! Let’s go!’ The night I lost my anal virginity, I had gotten gangbanged by 4 or 5 cousins!

CJ: Your cousins?? That’s a little inappropriate too!

Anya: (laughs) No! Not my cousins. Oh my God, no, clarify! That came out wrong! We were not related! The guys were! I got gangbanged and dick downed by the 4 or 5 of them and then one guy took me to his room and said, ‘Hey, I want to put it in your butt!’ I said, ‘OK!’ It was weird because the first few times having anal, it was just pure pleasure. It didn’t hurt one bit, not one bit. Maybe it helped that I was drunk. (laughs) By the 3rd or 4th time, it hurt and I said, ‘What? What is happening?!’ So I stopped having anal until my boyfriend, when I was 16, he had never had anal and wanted to try. He tried it and took it very slow and made sure it felt super good and I fell in love with it again! (laughs) I love taking men’s anal virginity. Not sticking it in their butt but the first time they fuck someone in the ass. I met some guy once. It was after getting into porn and I was shooting down in Florida. I used to call him my Florida boyfriend. I had a roommate at the time and she said, ‘You guys can’t have sex in here! You have to go out to the car!’ So we went down to his car and I told him I wanted him to put it in my ass. I grabbed his cock and went to put it in my ass and he came in my hand! Just from touching my asshole, just the sight of it! I said, ‘Nooooo!’ I love that, however. I love it when a guy cums so quickly. I love it. (laughs) As long as he can go round 2 and makes sure I cum! (laughs)

CJ: You love anal. But what about double anal or double vag? Do you think you’ll ever try that?

Anya: Eeesh. That’s a little sore spot, man. I don’t think that I could ever do double anal. I love double penetration, one in the pussy and one in the ass, but I don’t think I could ever do two in the ass or even two in the pussy. It was my second scene for FTV girls and I fisted myself and I had never done that before. It was just so painful for me. So anytime someone brings up double vag, I’m like ‘Ahhhh’, my head goes back to that scene where I’m in so much pain. I don’t think I can fit two cocks in me! I don’t know! Nooo! (laughs)

CJ: You were just at the mall. How did you dress?

Anya: Today was a lazy day. I have my chucks on, I have jeans and a t-shirt and my hair is in a bun and I have no makeup on. Totally how I go out now. Before, I would really get dressed up. But I don’t think I like to now because at work I’m always getting dressed up. So when I’m not at work, I just want to take a break!

CJ: Are you wearing a bra and panties?

Anya: No. Total commando. No bra. I never wear a bra except for porn. And it’s so sad because I have such a wonderful collection of bras. I literally own all of Victoria’s Secrets but I never wear them. Ever.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Anya: Other than being totally lazy and just drinking wine and chilling out (laughs), laying in bed, I’m super into my cars. I’m such a car girl. I actually take my car when it’s not winter and 0 degrees up here in New Hampshire, I take my car to the drags and I race it at the quarter mile. I really like rock climbing or anything outdoorsy. Camping, hiking…anything to keep me active. It’s like the polar opposite! I totally dig lounging lounging naked in my apartment, totally alone, hanging out with no one, just drinking wine and reading a book. That has me content.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Anya: I really listen to everything but I really love country. I also really love The Weekend, a lot. It gets me in the mood. It’s good sex music! (laughs)

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Anya: I really like anything comedy. I’m not a huge, huge movie person but lately I’ve gotten into Prison Break. It’s A-mazing! I’m addicted to watching it. I do have some favorite movies. Anything with Seth Rogen or James Franco.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Anya: Pizza. Pasta. Anything that would totally make me fat. Now I’m totally craving pizza. I could live on pizza. There was one week where all I ate was pizza. It’s horrible! (laughs) And candy. And grape juice. And I’ll be fine!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Anya: I have a Twitter @AnyaOlsenXXX and I only have Instagram which is @AnyaOlsen. Everyone is asking me for Snapchat but I haven’t gotten on board with it yet! I really need to! Maybe in another few months, I’ll jump on that!

Anya Olsen

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