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Keith Mason Interviews Anna Polina

Anna Polina

Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you entered the adult industry initially? What was your motivation concerning your career choice?

I was stripping a bit, and was a model for erotic photos, just for fun and to pay for my scholarship: I thought it was nicer than being a waitress. I took a liking to it and got interested in the porn industry. It was mostly a whim at the start, I did not want to start a career. But I loved the friendly atmosphere on the sets, I discovered I had an exhibitionist side, and I’ve always loved to travel… I therefore stopped my studies, and I made my choice: porn would be my main activity and would be my job.

Where you were raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

I was born in Russia before moving to France. I spent my teenage hood in Paris: I had the privilege to go to very good schools and and to have very nice classmates. Apart from small heart breaks, I spent a really happy teenage hood. I’ve always been attracted by boys, art and seduction!

What are the advantages that come from working for a company like Marc Dorcel? Tell us about some of the movies you have appeared in thus far.

It’s very interesting to work for a company such as DORCEL for many reasons : there is a precise management, nice projects that go beyond the porn universe. I therefore had the chance to the Dakar Rallye to be a participant’s “godmother” on the race, to go the Cannes film Festival, discover some communications, marketing, digital strategies: it is very enriching to represent a company of this scale.

Also, it is a very beautiful opportunity for a porn actress: I’ve worked with great directors that are very concerned about image & photography: I am thinking about Michael Ninn (The Ingenuous), Herve Bodilis (Pornochic Anna Polina)… I love Inglorious Bitches (the XXX remake of Inglorious Basterds): this movie allies the qualities of a good porn movie and a traditional movie.

Mostly, being a contract girl is the best way to satisfy some sexual fantasies while feeling safe with a team and actors that you know well.

Anna Polina

You have recently participated in DJ Mr Viktor’s Ivory video. Are you interested in pursuing further mainstream opportunities?

Of course! I participated in many videos, I had a radio show, and I have many projects running. I’d like to be multipurpose: I don’t want to leave the adult industry but I don’t want to feel limited. I’d like to write, host shows, and why not direct movies? As long as I am not asked to be musical, I feel able to do many things!

What is your favorite scene of all time that you have done so far? Do you have interest in directing or doing anything behind the scenes?

My most striking scene is the uncensored version of “4 sullied girls” from La Bourgeoise. The scene was directed by Herve Bodilis who did not cut the shooting at all, and let us go completely wild in a very particular atmosphere. It is a violent scene, but also a love scene: indeed, this is when I met my best friend Nastazya!

What is a typical day on the set like? Any interesting stories from the set?

I get up early, between 6 and 8am. I run into the shower and then I go to make up and to the dresser. At 11am I start the film promotion photo shooting, then we start shooting the comedy scenes before doing the hard scenes, and the soft version. I have dinner around 9pm with my vital glass of red wine before nestling in my bed. I am usually really wise during shootings, as a hard movie demands a lot of energy so I protect myself. But as soon as I have a day off, I motivate everyone to go out and party: I recently got myself and porn star Nikita Bellucci to climb the gates of an ultra protected house in Spain, before getting arrested by nice policemen who took us out for drinks in a nice bar!

Anna Polina

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

When I am not working, I like to hang on the terrasses of Parisian cafés with my friends, read, go to the theater and see art exhibitions. I also lead an intense nightlife: I go out a lot in nice Parisian clubs, drink vodka/cranberry cocktails and have lots of lovers: I am young, single and make the most of it!

What about favorites – favorite movie, T.V. show, musical artists? Do you like western movies?

I am a Woody Allen specialist, and I love Pedro Almodovar ! I also like action movies. I’ve just seen the last Fast & Furious: I am a big fan! I listen to every kind of music, and just to mention: Die antwoord , the xx , woodkid , marylin manson , the kills . Serge Gainsbourg …

Are there any current or upcoming projects you would like to mention or anything you wish to say in closing to readers?

I invite all readers to follow me on Twitter: @annapolinaxxxx. I hope you like my movies and enjoyed this interview! As for my future projects: I work with my fingers crossed, but as I am really superstitious, I prefer to keep them secret for the moment!

Anna Polina

(Special thanks to Adeline of Marc Dorcel for arranging this interview)

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