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Captain Jack Interviews Anna de Ville

Anna is a sexy redhead with the cutest heart shaped butthole that I have ever seen! She recently visited Europe to shoot some extreme content and she came back excited to tell me all about it. We delved into her antics with some help from her fans. Anna is really growing as a performer and I’m happy to bring you her story!

Anna de Ville

Captain Jack: You are a very outgoing young woman. When you go out, how often do you approach men? Or do you let them approach you?

Anna De Ville: It really just depends on the vibe that I get from someone. I can be kind of introverted and reserved so I’ll let people approach me a lot but if there’s someone that sparks my attention, I don’t have any problem going up to them and talking.

CJ: You’re only 19, do you date a lot? Because it must be hard to date being with what you do for a job.

Anna: I have a boyfriend.

CJ: Is he in the industry?

Anna: No he’s not. He’s a technician back home in Portland.

CJ: How does he handle your career?

Anna: He likes my career. I’ve actually brought him to a few industry parties when he’s been in town visiting me and I’ve introduced him to different directors and performers and friends in the industry to get him acquainted to it. It’s mostly the distance of the relationship that sucks.

CJ: You told me you were a big fan of public sex. Where are some of the craziest places you’ve fucked?

Anna: (laughs) Well, there’s a long list but I think the craziest was becoming a member of the mile high club. I fucked in my plane seat one time without even going to the bathroom. I kept my dress on but I don’t wear underwear and he laid down and it looked like we were cuddling.

Anna de Ville

CJ: You recently shot in Europe for Legal Porno. For those that aren’t familiar with European companies, can you tell us something about them?

Anna: They are without a doubt the most hardcore company that I’ve ever shot for. They really like to push you and challenge you but if you can’t do something, they’re not going to force you to do it. They are most hardcore scenes I’ve ever done. It was a really great challenge and it taught me a lot about myself working for them.

CJ: The impetus for this interview is when you messaged me and said you did 9 scenes for Legal Porno and am more proud of that body of work than any of your other shoots. Why are you so proud?

Anna: Just the general body of work. It’s the most hardcore scenes I’ve ever done. I did 5 double anal scenes and I had only done one before this. I’ve only done a handful of DP’s before this. Just how much I grew and found out about my body and myself as a performer. It’s my favorite body of work that I’ve done.

CJ: How long were you over there?

Anna: I was there for just under 3 weeks, 18 days.

CJ: You did 5 double anals in that time?

Anna: Yes, I did 5 double anals, 3 DP’s and 1 normal anal.

CJ: Fuck, did you have trouble walking after that??

Anna: (laughs) No, not at all.

CJ: Well, you sent me a picture of your ass so it bounced back nicely!

Anna: Yes, it’s still fine, it doesn’t hurt! (laughs)

CJ: How does double anal feel?

Anna: It’s so hard to explain. It is very intense and I can definitely orgasm from it because, at that point, there’s so much inside of you. The dicks are being pressed up into the g-spot and it’s so stuffed!

CJ: Did your pussy get filled too? Or just the double anal?

Anna: I didn’t do scenes with any less than 3 guys. It was 3 to 5 guys in every scene except for the one normal anal.

CJ: Is a triple in your future?

Anna: I actually am already talking to Legal Porno about going out there for that. So, yes, it’s definitely in my future.

Anna de Ville

CJ: Kuaheyden asks, in the 9 scenes, how many times did you come?

Anna: I have no idea. Quite a few of my scenes had squirting in them so you can see that I was actually orgasming.

CJ: With all the anal, what did you do for meals since Czech food can be heavy.

Anna: I just threw all my care and precautions out the window when it came to dieting and working on a schedule with anal because I was going to be out there for 3 weeks and, with how much I was shooting, there was basically no way to starve myself for half the trip and do a good scene. I just ate like I normally do, I still drank like a bottle of wine every night. I just learned to flush out really good before my shoots in the morning. I stayed clean and they were great shoots. That was part of what really told me how my body works and what I can do.

CJ: Dark Falcon wants to know if your Legal Porno experience made you a stronger performer than you were before you traveled?

Anna: Absolutely. I feel myself getting better with every scene that I do but after being with Legal Porno for 3 weeks and doing a ton of scenes for them, it’s definitely one of the most growing experiences I’ve had yet in the industry.

CJ: What would you say is your strongest sex act now that she has shot with Legal Porno?

Anna: Probably, definitely, DP’s.

CJ: Finally, he asks do you feel like you’re more of an international porn star as a result of your Legal Porno experience?

Anna: I already felt like an international porn star because that’s how I got my start in porn. I did 5 scenes in London and then I came back to the States and decided to keep going with it. My first fans were mostly my fans from the shoots in London.

CJ: Anonymous wants to know, if you know, was the 9 scenes for Legal Porno a record?

Anna: I’m not sure. That’d be something that you’d have to ask them.

Anna de Ville

CJ: Do you think they’d release a showcase?

Anna: They might. I’ve been talking to Proxy Paige about going out there and doing a special 10th scene with her. I would love to go back out there anytime. We’re still in communication with each other. It’s definitely in the future to keep working for them. If they want to give me a showcase, I’m sure they would.

CJ: Arditti wants to know is there a female performer from Legal Porno that you would like to work with?

Anna: There’s a girl that I met and have been talking to on Twitter. She’s Ava Austin. She’s really pretty and I would love to work with her. There’s also from when I first started, out in London, everyone commented on how me and Alessa Savage look like each other. So that’d be cool to go out to London and shoot a scene with her.

CJ: Carter81 wants to know if that’s the first time you’ve squirted?

Anna: No, not at all.

CJ: LoneWolf asks, you said in an interview with Porn Fidelity that you preferred vaginal to being fucked in the ass. Is that still true?

Anna: I wouldn’t say that I necessarily prefer it to getting fucked in the ass, it’s more of a convenience thing that I prefer. It has nothing to do with the sensations or the enjoyment. If I’m doing anal, it takes a bit more mental prep to think about what I ate, if I need to go rinse out, if I need to take Imodium… it’s always thinking about that in the back of your head if you’re clean. Vaginal sex is just easier and more convenient but I like them both enjoyment wise about the same.

CJ: What’s the difference between a vaginal orgasm and an anal orgasm?

Anna: Anal orgasms are definitely way more intense. I feel like it works because your uterus and your vagina only go so much up your body but when you’re getting fucked in the ass, it’s going into your larger intestines and smaller intestines. It’s all connected and it’s also pushing on your vagina so I feel like it activates a lot more areas in a lot more areas of your body and so it’s a very intense orgasm from doing anal.

CJ: Did you have anal orgasms before porn?

Anna: It was definitely after getting into porn. I did anal before porn but only here and there. I don’t think it was ever something that I orgasmed from. I don’t think I was ever with a guy that ever wanted to do it that much, maybe here and there but not really get into it.

Anna de Ville

CJ: Your gapes are exceptionally huge, is that taught or does it come naturally?

Anna: That just comes naturally. I guess I was gaping and prolapsing before I started porn. I remember I went to a “go see” one time for an anal shoot and they asked me if I could gape and I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. I said, ‘I think I can’ and they asked me to show them and I bent over and stretched and they said, ‘Oh yeah, you’re fine!’ I didn’t even know what was going on. (laughs) It took me a while to figure out but I’m sure it’s just a natural thing. It’s never been something that I practiced or work on. I don’t wear plugs or stretch normally.

CJ: Any fantasies that you want to live out on-camera?

Anna: I have a ton of fantasies. I would really love to do a mid-evil gangbang. There are two empires or villages that are at war with each other and a reigning army pillages one of the villages and captures all the women and throws them down in a dungeon and gangbangs them. I think that would be a really fucking awesome scene to do. I love history and I love hardcore rough scenes. And I think the costumes and the dungeon set-up and it would be completely realistic. I think that would be a fucking awesome scene to do.

CJ: Xfactor90 wants to know what are the most amount of guys you’ve been with at once outside of porn?

Anna: Two guys and they were both male talents from porn but it was off-set fooling around. (laughs)

CJ: What about on-camera?

Anna: 5.

Anna de Ville

CJ: KillBill wants to know about your relationship with Violet Monroe.

Anna: Yes, Violet and myself have been good friends for a while now. We met back in December or January on a Hustler set for a girl/girl scene. I just happened to have all my anal toys at the bottom of my suitcase just in case and we ended up doing anal for that scene even though we weren’t booked for anal. After the scene, she said, ‘Oh, we’re both butt sluts! We have to hang out again!’ and we’ve been hanging out ever since playing with each other’s butts.

CJ: After shooting such intense scenes, when you come back to the States, do you want to keep it going or are you happy for the break?

Anna: It’s nice to have easier scenes back here and take a break. But I’m already missing the hardcore and the fast pace of Europe. I really liked those scenes. I liked the energy in them and how crazy they were. The crazier, the better, it always makes for a more fun and exciting day.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Anna: On Twitter, I’m @AnnadeVilleXXX. Instagram and Snapchat is annaisasuccubus

Anna de Ville

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