Anna Bell Peaks Talks with Captain Jack

Anna Bell is a very popular tattooed performer but she is so much more than that. She is an intelligent woman with a drive second to none! She is a success in the adult world because she worked hard at it. She has a unique looks and I think she’s sexy AF! I had a good time talking with Anna about sex, her likes and dislikes and her former life as a CPA!

Captain Jack: You said you were (and are) a porn fan, what was your favorite genre to watch back in the day?

Anna Bell Peaks: I have to watch dick so I can’t watch girl/girl…it does nothing for me. (laughs) I really like the D! I have to watch someone that looks like they’re actually cumming. You know how if you watch a girl have butt sex and sometimes you look at her face and you know she’s not happy…I can’t watch that! I’m putting myself in her position and I’m saying that I’m not enjoying this anymore. So there weren’t a lot of girls that I freakin’ loved because a lot of girls have that face like when they take a super enormous dick or they take it in the ass, something like that. So I like looking at things like POV or really close-ups of penetration because that’s what gets me off is watching the penetration of the dick going in the vagina.

CJ: Did you have any favorite stars that you watched and then you finally got a chance to work with?

Anna Bell: Rachel Starr. I got to work with her. Before I did porn, I didn’t know anybody’s names. And I would say that I didn’t watch it often. A lot of times, I would read erotica because then you can visualize it on yourself. I would read erotic stories and that would get me going. And I was a dirty talker, so once I did that, I called my man to slide on over so we could have some fun. (laughs)

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Anna Bell: You know how you go to a bar and someone asks you your name and you don’t really want them to know your real name? My name was Anna. And for probably 2 or 3 years, I was always ‘Anna’ whenever I would go out. And when I was coming up with a name, I said Anna Peaks. That sounds amazing. Then my agent said that it had to have more of a ring to it. I’m from the Midwest, so he came up with Anna Bell. Anna Bell Peaks, sounds like a good Midwest name.

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant?

Anna Bell: Both. One of the things that turns me on the most is the give and take of control. So if the man is always is in in control then the woman never gets to display that control herself. The give-and-take…so if you start something and the guy is in control and he puts me up against the wall and he’s telling me what to do and he’s grabbing my hair forcefully, that’s awesome. But do that and then I start pushing back. Be like fighting right back at him. I push you down and you eat my pussy and I’m going to climb on top and I’m going to ride you the way I want to. There’s something sexy about that.

CJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Anna Bell: It doesn’t matter. I tell everybody that it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. There are some guys that have an enormous dick and they slam it into you in a way that you don’t really like it and it can be painful! But I can take an enormous dick for some reason. Thank you, Mom for good genetics! I can take a really big dick! I’ve taken the biggest ones there are and I’ve had a freakin’ amazing time. So people see that and think ‘my little thing could never do that to you.’ But I tell you, if the guy knows how to use his tip and he knows where to put it in the right positions, then you can pretty much have fun with anything. And I love doing it!

CJ: You finally did your first anal scene this year. How was it?

Anna Bell: I did! I figured out that I can take a big dick in the butt too. Wow, thank you mom again! (laughs) I was really surprised because I never thought I could take anything in my butt. And I had never had private life butt sex. Never. My guy didn’t like it. We tried maybe two or three times a long time ago and he wasn’t really down for that. It wasn’t feeling great for me so we just moved on. I started practicing and I practiced with Preston Parker. He was the first porn dick that I ever took in the butt, privately. I called him and told him I need him to come over to his house and he has to have butt sex with me. I need to make sure that porn dick was going to fit because I had a scene the next week and I was really nervous! (laughs) He was, ‘Fine. I’ll come over and have butt sex with you.’ And it fit perfect! It went really well. I was clean so I knew I was doing stuff right. And it took a lot of pressure off me because I thought, ‘Oh, I can do this!’ Now, I’ll tell you. I don’t have orgasms from butt sex. I need vaginal penetration to have an orgasm. But if a guy can give me one position where I can have a really good orgasm then my butt opens up and I can take anything. It’s pretty amazing.

Photo courtesy of OC Modeling

CJ: Are you going to do more anal?

Anna Bell: Absolutely. Since then, I think I’ve done 5 scenes for professional porn. I’ve done one for Brazzers, one for PornPros, two or three for Evil Angel with Mike Adriano and my first one was for New Sensations. I’ve done all of those and I’m not opposed to doing more but I’ve done a lot for my personal website., if you like butt sex then go to it! (laughs) I get to pick my talent, I get to pick the person I do it with; I can pick professional or amateur, I can pick how it’s done. There’s a classy way to do butt sex then there’s a real degrading way to do butt sex and I do not ever want to do a scene where I look degraded or disrespected. I don’t think it’s the right thing for a woman. There are plenty of girls who love that stuff but that’s not me. Because I have that concern because I don’t know necessarily what I’m walking into and then I might show up for a scene with a real professional leading company and they want it to go in that direction. I tell them that sorry, I won’t unless they class it up a little bit. I thought that if I’m going to have that concern then I’ll just do it for my website.

CJ: MattyD74 from the ADT forums asks, any plans to do a DP?

Anna Bell: I would like to try. (laughs) Let’s just say that I’ve attempted it one time in my private life and failed. We just couldn’t get the position right. Apparently, we need to watch a lot more porn. (laughs) I was trying all the different positions and we couldn’t get them both in at the same time. But when I have private sex and I slide a toy in with the dick…..OH MY GOD! I think that I scare the neighbors. (laughs) It feels so good. It would be cool. It would definitely only be on my website but I’m working towards it.

CJ: You’ve done double vag, any plans for double anal?

Anna Bell: No. I don’t think so. I think there would be limitations. And I’m not into doing things that wouldn’t be healthy for my body and at some point, I think some of that is unhealthy. Some girls can do it and they can do it in a healthy manner then more power to them. I just don’t choose to do that.

CJ: You said before that when you watch porn, you need dick in it. You don’t do many girl/girl scenes, are you into girls?

Anna Bell: Yes, I do girl/girl scenes sometimes. I don’t do them a ton and that’s because I think there are a million girls out there. I love girls. When I see a girl get naked, like when there’s another girl on-set and they’re finishing the scene and we’re up next, I’m staring at the girl because I love a set of nipples, girls are so sensual, their touch is so good…they’re freaking amazing! I love girls and I will go to town on a pussy…it’s always good! I like it! But in terms of me getting off, I need penetration, I just do. If a girl is going to do a girl/girl scene with me, they have to be not afraid to ram the shit out of my pussy with a dildo. It’s not the same as a dick, there’s a lot of different feeling with a dildo so you really have to put some good time into a dildo to make it feel kind of close to a dick. How about threesomes? I’ll just have the girls to play with and the guys to fuck and I’ll be happy. (laughs)

CJ: He also mentions that most of your lesbian scenes have been with Lynn Vega, How did you 2 meet and what’s the secret behind your chemistry?

Anna Bell: She is freaking amazing! She loves girls. I love girls but she LOVES girls! Or maybe she just loves me, I don’t know, but we have some freakin’ hot chemistry together. I met her on the set of a Brazzers scene. I believe it was The Slut In The Shower with Danny D and I’m wearing a fishnet outfit and I’m the fantasy. Lynn is the wife of Danny D and she tells me to go clean the house and he’s fantasizing about having sex with me. And then he gets in the shower and we have sex. That’s how we met and I said to her, ‘Let’s do some cam shows together because you’re freakin’ hot!’ And ever since then, we’ve been really great friends.

CJ: If you got booked for a lesbian showcase, what 4 performers would you want to work with?

Anna Bell: Lynn Vega, Rachel Starr. Rachel, oh my God! I’ve never seen a girl wield a strap-on like her so she can fuck me anytime with one of those things. Those are the top two. Adriana Chechik because she is so good at just being dirty and fun and wild. And then we’d have to throw a random in there just to see. (laughs)

Photo courtesy of OC Modeling

CJ: Teddy Rattlesnake asks about your hair. You always have it colorful, any plans to go to a more natural color?

Anna Bell: Probably not. I really like red. So I started, when I was a CPA and I was tired of being the blonde that everyone thought was a secretary, I went from blonde to red. Redheads have more fun; I was feisty, I was fun, it seemed to fit me really well but it looked like a red or a maroon color. But I was 25 or 27 and I thought it was a little boring for me, so I would add little bits of pink just to spice it up a little bit. And then I would add a little bit more and more and more. If you look at all my scenes, sometimes it’s a little redder and sometimes it’s a little pinker and sometimes it has some black undertones and sometimes it has some blonde undertones. And that’s about how I’m going to keep it. I love the hair color and I think it’s kind of me now and people know what to expect and they like it. So I just change up the blend of colors.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?

Anna Bell: I don’t do enough of them and I would like to do more because I think they’re hot….boy/boy/girl scenes. I really like the D. (laughs) I can’t get enough of it! I can just have it all day long and it would be amazing. I’ve done one gangbang, maybe two, but if you get too many D’s, then it’s not any fun. It becomes like a merry-go-round…next! Next! Next! And I don’t even know who you are anymore. I think a maximum of four would probably be sufficient. Then you have one in each hand, one in the mouth and one in the pussy and you can just go crazy. Any more than that and it’s too much. I like between two and four because I really love the D!

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera? Do you have to have a certain type? Or does he just have to have a dick since you love dick so much?

Anna Bell: I know! I do! The truth is, I always thought I had a type. I really like Johnny Castle, he’s the quintessential porn crush that I have. I like Ryan Driller. I generally like a guy that’s very confident and just a little bit aggressive so I know that he likes me. I don’t like the shy type; I don’t like the submissive type. But beyond that, I noticed that the way they look doesn’t necessarily matter (although they have to be pleasing to the eye) but I haven’t noticed that I have to go for a blonde or I have to go for shaved or unshaven, although I do like a clean shaven man.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Anna Bell: An amazing amount of stuff I’ve learned! That might be one of my favorite things about being in the industry is that when you go on set, one of the first things you do is talk to your other partner and find out their likes and dislikes, what’s on their no list, what really turns them on, stuff like that. And you have to do that day in and day out when you’re on set and it helps you figure out what you really like! And what feels good. And when you have multiple people having sex with you and everyone does it a little differently, you find out pretty quickly ‘Holy shit! I love that! Do that a lot!!!’ (laughs) So you really find out sexually what turns you on the most and what you also really learn is to not be judgmental. Because all of a sudden you find out, you love a certain thing. Like I have a huge panty fetish. I have no idea why but I freakin’ love panties! And if I see them and you start pulling them off and putting them on and stuffing them in my mouth, it’s a huge turn-on to me. Everyone has their own thing and it opens your mind to not be judgmental.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Anna Bell: Some of the wild and crazy things I think I do are not that wild and crazy. Like, for example, over the weekend, I gave a blowjob to my guy on the Jersey Turnpike when we were on our way to Exxxotica and we videotaped it! Because it was fun! So now it’s on my Only Fans and you can see it. He popped in my mouth and then I pop it up and show it to the cameras and I swallowed it. I thought, ‘That was freakin’ awesome!’ So public sex is a huge turn-on and that’s the kind of stuff that I consider wild and crazy.

CJ: Do you miss your old life as a CPA?

Anna Bell: Yes, sometimes I do. The honest truth is, I’m a businesswoman so, in the end, I do a lot of stuff that is analytical in my mind. There is a lot of brainstorming and marketing and goal-oriented type things which helps me because I still get to use my brain. You have to think about it, when you’re on set, you don’t really have to use your brain. Sometimes, I get off set and I’m done and I’m done with my week and I’m on cam all the time and I talk about how much I love to nipples and play with my boobs and stuff like that and it’s not really stimulating to that part of your brain. So I still do my continuing education for my CPA license. I keep my license valid every year. I love the business side of the line of work that I do because it helps keep my mind engaged.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Anna Bell: On Twitter, I’m @AnnaBellPeaksXX. My website is Instagram is @AnnaBellPeaksXX. Facebook is TheAnnaBellPeaksXX. I’m on YouTube at AnnaBellPeaksXX. I have an OnlyFans at AnnaBellPeaksXX. And of course you can find me on Chatterbate, MyFreeCams and CamSoda. I’m literally everywhere. I try to keep up my social media so you can find out what I’m doing.

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