Anikka Albrite Interview

Keith Mason Interviews Anikka Albrite

Anikka Albrite

Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you initially became interested and later involved in the adult business? What was your motivation concerning your career choice?

Anikka: I have always been a fan of porn, since discovering it as a young teenager. I would fantasize about being a part of the glamorous & sexually-charged porn world. I was always a very sensual person & it just seemed like the natural thing to do. I contemplated joining the industry for a few years before actually taking the plunge. I was very aware of how it might affect my future, & during that time I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the risk. Then, after a few years of working in other fields, I was laid off from my job. I had rent & bills to pay, & I was trying to save money for my advanced degree. I decided that was a sign from the Universe to join the adult industry. I figured, I only live once, & I want to live in the now & try something that I’m really passionate about. After I made the decision to get in, a friend of mine introduced me to my old agent, & I jumped right in! I am really glad I joined the industry! My only wish is that I would have joined it a few years earlier. I believe my real-world life experiences have helped me keep my head straight on my shoulders though, & I am grateful for that.

Where did you grow up? What was that like?

Anikka: I moved around with my family a lot as a kid; Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona. I grew up mostly in Arizona, before moving to California. I loved the outdoors, & my Mom raised me to know everything about the surrounding wildlife. That’s where my passion for Science began. I was fascinated with looking at encyclopedias & books on human anatomy as a child. As I grew older, that fascination grew into a sexual fascination for the human body. I was very shy, and always in my own fantasy world. I dreamt of traveling to faraway worlds & being a part of other cultures. I was always a free-spirit. I loved music; I started playing the flute at age 10, & I was a part of a traveling girls chorus. We would sing all over the State at different events. I also loved sports. I started playing basketball at age 6, & I played on boys basketball teams. My parents believed it would make me tough, & it did; I grew a reputation for being really strong with defense. I also played volleyball, & ran in track & field.

For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see. What can you tell us about Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Axel Braun Parody and your role in it? Do you enjoy the acting element of performing in adult movies?

Anikka: I would recommend people check out my movie “Anikka”, directed by Mason for HardX studios. It showcases myself as, not only a performer, but as a person as well. It includes my 1st Anal, as well as my 1st Boy/Boy/Girl Interracial scenes. I also recommend people check out Sleeping Beauty XXX, where I play Sleeping Beauty. Being a part of Sleeping Beauty XXX was a wonderful experience! It was a lot of hard work, but very rewarding and I had fun every step of the way. Axel Braun is a brilliant director who I truly admire & respect, and it was a tremendous honor working for him in this movie. Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite fairytale, and it is a dream come true for me that I was asked to play Aurora in this visionary production! I love the acting element of performing in adult movies! When I was younger, I did theatre. Acting was always a passion of mine!

Anikka Albrite

How do you pick which movies to be in? What draws you to a project?

Anikka: I love to be a part of any movie that challenges me to really become the character I am playing. I like to get into my character’s head & really get to know & feel what it’s like to be that character. I feel that that is what brings the character to life, & in turn makes for a better movie.

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try? What do you like the most in your body, and why?

Anikka: I like whatever position suits my mood & feels best at the time. Many times, missionary is my favorite position because it allows for the most intimate connection with my partner. Missionary allows for lots of eye contact, where you can sync your breathing with the person & literally get lost in each other. If you want to try something a little different though, I recommend up and over pile driver. It is so amazing getting filled up completely & pounded in this position. There’s nothing else to do but hold on to something & enjoy the ride! Many times I bite myself in this position because the penetration is so intense & it feels so good! I kinda just lose it & turn into an animal!

What I like most about my body is probably everything. I don’t mean to come across as conceited. It’s just that before I came into the adult industry, I had a bad self-image. I thought my breasts were too small & I wanted to get implants. I thought my butt was too big & was always trying to lose weight. I thought my pussy lips were too big & wanted to get labiaplasty to shorten them. I didn’t like lots of pubic hair & was always shaving it off. I didn’t feel comfortable going out without makeup on. Once I joined the adult industry, I learned to appreciate myself more & be proud of who I am. I love my natural medium size breasts! I love my longer labia, & found they provide more sexual pleasure to my partners as well because there’s more to play with. I love my butt & curves, & found many people love them too! I love pubic hair now, & feel more womanly with it! I love my natural look now & love not having to wear makeup everywhere!

Anikka Albrite

What’s an average workweek like for you ? What makes for a good day on the set of an adult movie shoot?

Anikka: Every week is a new adventure! There is no average schedule for me. I try to balance out my work weeks with enough sleep & healthy eating, & as much exercise as possible.

A good day on set is when I work with people on set (includes crew, director, makeup artist, & talent/s) who are fun to work with, professional, & passionate about what we are creating.

How about interests and hobbies away from work? Where do you like to shop?

Anikka: When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, traveling, scuba diving, sky diving, reading a book, playing my flute, riding horses, visiting museums, watching plays, wandering around farmers markets, checking out festivals & conventions, watching a movie, going to the beach, & doing pretty much anything that is outdoors-related. I’m also a big sci-fi nerd & love doing anything that is sci-fi related!I like to stay active & try to live life to the fullest. I don’t really have any specific places I prefer to shop. My fashion tastes are very broad, and therefore, I shop mainly at boutiques & on-line for clothes. If I need something quick, Target is always a great place to find cute clothes too.

What about favorites – favorite movie, T.V. show, musical artists ? Do you like zombie or western movies?

Anikka: I have no particular favorite movie. My favorite genres are sci-fi, action, comedy, drama, & documentaries. My favorite tv shows are: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Dexter, & The Originals. I like zombie movies & western movies, but my real love is vampire movies! I always fantasized about becoming a vampire. My favorite musical artists are: Bobby Darin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Blackmill, Lindsey Stirling, Tiesto, Oceanlab, John Legend, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Adele, Lana Del Ray, Journey, Abba, Avicii, & Bassnectar. I have a very diverse musical palate, haha!

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on movie?

Anikka: I have a bad-ass western movie coming out soon with Adam & Eve, where I play the lead role. I am also currently working on something really special with one of the best gonzo companies in the industry right now. I can’t give too much away yet, but I can say it’s going to be really big & totally epic! People can find me on Twitter @AnikkaAlbrite, and Facebook , as well as on Instagram @alotofbritesmiles

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