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Captain Jack interviews Angelina Chung

Angelina is a cute 20-year old of Asian descent who is starting to make a name for herself in the industry. With Asa Akira’s contract and Alina Li’s retirement, she has a chance to become one of the biggest Asian stars in the industry today! We had a recent conversation about her life in porn and where she goes from here!

Angelina Chung

Captain Jack: Tell me about Angelina Chung. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc.

Angelina Chung: I was born in Atlanta and I’m familiar with the area and go back home pretty often but I have lived in California for the past 15-16 years. I did go to college for a bit, a technical school to be a surgical tech and that was here in Orange County.

CJ: How old are you?

Angelina: I’m 20.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Angelina: About a year and a half.

CJ: You’re very hot and everyone loves Asians. Did you have a lot of boyfriends in school? When did you lose your virginity?

Angelina: I had 2 boyfriends my freshman and sophomore years and they both lasted a full year. I’ve been in relationships my whole life, pretty steady since my junior year in high school. I lost my virginity pretty young, I want to say I had just turned 14.

CJ: Is there a good story behind it?

Angelina: I wish there was but there really isn’t.

Angelina Chung

CJ: How many guys were you with before porn?

Angelina: I want to say 6, maybe 7.

CJ: Were you with girls before porn?

Angelina: I did makeout with a girl one time but it wasn’t anything crazy and I wasn’t too into it at the time because I was so young.

CJ: At what age did you learn the power of the pussy? That you could get men to do stuff with just a smile?

Angelina: That’s pretty true. I have a boyfriend now and I can get whatever I want. I probably learned it at about 18-19 years old.

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Angelina: It was more of a money thing, definitely. I ended up staying because I really, really liked it. They ended up taking me out to Miami for a few days and I met all these awesome girls and I thought it was pretty cool. But it wasn’t going to go any further because of my boyfriend. Finally, we talked things out, 6 months later and we decided that he was ok with what I was doing as long as it’s just work. And I’m ok with it too.

CJ: How does that work, he’s going to the office to do his work and you’re going to your office and it’s too fuck some guy. Does it present problems for you guys?

Angelina: He doesn’t like to bring it up a whole lot. When I say ‘work’, he’s like “alright, ‘work’, you’re coming home with a nice check, who cares?” As long as I come home.

Angelina Chung

CJ: Were you aware of the social stigma attached to being a porn star and did that influence your decision in one way or the other?

Angelina: Yeah, I definitely thought about it but I read an interview by Belle Knox and she was going to school and she was asked about her future job prospects because everyone knew she did porn. She said, ‘you know what? I don’t want to work for anybody that’s that close-minded.’

CJ: I think that was my interview! Does your family know what you do?

Angelina: They actually just found out about it! They didn’t take it so well. I think they were more mad that I didn’t tell them for a year-and-a-half.

CJ: So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all these people around watching you fuck!

Angelina: My first scene, there was actually an audience there watching me fuck. At first, I tried to get out of it by saying I was on my period and not knowing how the industry worked. The guy was like, ‘who cares?’ I was so super nervous and the guy I was working with wasn’t the most attractive guy in the world and I was thinking that no guy in porn is actually that attractive. Luckily, I made friends with two of the other girls that were there. It was a group sex scene with one girl/girl and one boy/girl and I happened to be the boy/girl. The other girls made me feel extremely comfortable with everything and the guy I was working with was really nice. One of the girls was Belle Noire and she because really popular really fast.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Angelina: I’m not sure what it’s called but face down, ass up.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Angelina: I just had one. I shot a girl/girl scene with Cindy Starfall and she’s amazing. At first, I thought she was kind of mean but it turns out I was just intimated by her. As soon as the camera turned on, I never had a scene go by so fast. She’s just completely awesome.

Angelina Chung

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Angelina wet?

Angelina: I do like a little bit of roughness; I’m more submissive than I am dom which I hate because everybody wants to hire me for dom stuff. I suck ass at it! Definitely, a little bit rough. One of my biggest turn-ons is a guy’s reaction, how he moans and the way he reacts to my body is the biggest turn-on.

CJ: Where’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Angelina: I’ve had sex so many times I honestly can’t remember! (laughs) If I had to choose, it’d probably be a car.

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Angelina: At first I did, I stopped doing it. I don’t know why I did, I just studied myself. I guess now, I see a difference between now and when I first started and can see the difference. So I guess I still do.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Angelina: Twice a day, maybe three times. (laughs)

CJ: Favorite method? Hands? Toys? Hitachi?

Angelina: I used to use the Hitachi all the time. For everything. But I lost it so I started using a regular toy. Then that ran out of batteries. So now I use my fingers. So all three! (laughs)

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Angelina: I really like it when a guy pops on my chest or my bush. I do swallow a lot of cum though. (laughs)

CJ: Are you going to do anal?

Angelina: I can’t say never but I don’t know. Right now, I don’t have plans on doing anal any time soon.

CJ: Do you do anal in your personal life?

Angelina: I do anal all the time in my personal life. (laughs)

Angelina Chung

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Angelina: A gangbang.

CJ: You’ll have to do anal then.

Angelina: I know. That’s probably a big factor why I haven’t done it. But it’s a fantasy of mine. It’s the porn I watch. I like gangbang porn. I love double vag porn.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Angelina: I definitely found out what my turn ons and turn offs are. I definitely found that eating pussy is one of the key things to sex. I don’t get it a whole lot in my personal life. I definitely realize it’s the thing to do.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Angelina: I love swimming. I was a swimmer and a water polo player in high school. I really enjoy the outdoors. I like camping and hiking.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Angelina: You don’t really want to know that but I listen to Justin Bieber and pop. I’m from the South and I don’t mind country either.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Angelina: I really like comedies.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Angelina: My favorite right now would have to be Scandal.

CJ: Do you play video games?

Angelina: I used to when I was younger but now I only play Super Smash Brothers.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Angelina: A long time ago, someone tied my hands together with a scarf or a sock and then fucked me. And there was one time in my life where my vagina was different and I thought my uterus was going to fall out of me and so it wasn’t penetration. And he took his dick and rubbed it all over clit and I didn’t even know I squirted. I felt like pee and I asked if that was him or me. I don’t know if that’s kinky or not.

CJ: What does the future hold? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Angelina: I wish I could tell you but my life is such a mess right now. I’m 20 years old, I hope to be back in school and still doing porn. Just working on what I want to do in the future.

Angelina Chung

CJ: Any upcoming scenes that your fans can look forward to?

Angelina: There’s one that came out today and I know fans have been doing to see me and Alina Li together. It was for All Girl Massages and it was also with Marika Hase and Cindy Starfall. I’m also shooting one tomorrow that’s an all-Asian theme with Kalina Ryu, Vicki Chase and London Keyes.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Angelina: On Twitter, I’m @XAngelinaChungX . I have a Tumblr that’s It has a lot of BTS of the scenes that I do and my unfiltered thoughts. Twitter’s filtered but Tumblr is unfiltered. My Instagram is catgx3 and I have a website that’s

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