Angela White Video Interview

Angela White Video Chat with Javi Mac at the 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Angela White chose to use her real name in porn because she wanted to be herself, not a performer, having sex on camera. If you don’t know Angela you might think her boobs are her best asset. As this video interview makes clear, it’s her mind and heart. Thanks, Angela White for being one of the most beautiful parts of Adult DVD Talk!

Thanks to the Javi Mac for two years of AVN Expo Porn Star Video Interviews!

A few Angela White quotes from the video:

“Kissing girls in the playground was not cool when I was doing it.”

“Pornography was the first space where I saw women being celebrated for expressing their sexuality…so at 14 I thought, ‘those are my people!'”

“I was once a fan, that’s how I got into the industry, watching porn… I came to conventions… I waited in line… Now I’m fucking the people that I lined up to see.”

Angela White Video InterviewPhoto by @seandps. See more Adult Expo photos #ADTatAVN.

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  1. Angela I know in the little time I’ve known about you you’ve proven many things to me as I am greatful to want to learn from you. You’re such a class act and I know that I can learn more from you slowly but surely

  2. Does Angela live in the USA, east coast or west coast

  3. One of the hottest women in porn for sure!

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