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Captain Jack Interviews Angela White

Angela is one of the top performers in the adult industry. She is also one of it’s proudest ambassadors. She has been involved in porn since she was 18 and she shows no signs of slowing down! Angela runs her own company and recently made the move to the United States so she can shoot for a wide variety of companies. This is our 3rd interview and we never run out of things to talk about!

Angela White

Captain Jack: You moved from Australia and live in LA full time. Was it a culture shock to you?

Angela White: Obviously, I’ve been to the States many times so I know what I’m getting into. There are some differences between the U.S. and Australia but I wouldn’t say there was any real culture shock. It’s great to be over here, I’m very excited to be here shooting.

CJ: What’s the main differences between the two countries?

Angela: Some of the words we use are different. It’s not really that big of a deal but sometimes people will have no idea what I’m talking about. For example, you don’t use ‘savory’ in the same way that we do. In Australia, ‘savory’ is the opposite of sweet but over here, ‘savory’ is something yummy. These little differences make a difference when I communicate with people. It reminds me that I’m foreign. (laughs) We’re very laid back; Australians are very laid back. I’m in California so California is pretty laid back too so there’s not too much of a difference there. The differences are not always glaring. There are subtle differences.

CJ: What are the main differences in the views on sexuality between the two countries?

Angela: It’s really difficult to say because on some levels, I would say that we’re more open and we have more of that European influences. In other ways, we’re very much the same. We’re very open about going topless on beaches unless it’s specifically a family beach. It’s really difficult to say what the differences are.

CJ: What are the biggest changes in your life?

Angela: I’m shooting a lot more than I ever have or ever could in Australia. There is an industry in Australia but it is a lot smaller than here in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the hub of pornography production in the world so I’m able to shoot a lot more. That’s the biggest change for me in shooting for a lot of other companies. I’m used to my own productions and now I’ve opened myself up for a lot of new experiences which is absolutely incredible. I’ve enjoyed every minute so far.

CJ: How often do you get back to Australia?

Angela: I haven’t been back yet. I’m shooting so much, there is no way I can go back. (laughs) I Skyped my family over the holiday period and that’s how we’re staying in touch.

Angela White

CJ: You mainly produced your own content in Australia. Is it hard going to work for other directors now?

Angela: It really depends on who I’m shooting for. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult, it’s just different. I have to let go a little. Obviously, if I’m there as a performer then I’m helping to make the directors’ vision for this scene and movie come true. It’s not necessarily my vision. But it’s fun. It’s fun to be creative and to try and create something out of nothing with the help of a director and another performer. Sometimes, there are certain things that I would do a different way than a particular director. Sometimes that’s great because it introduces me to a new way of looking at things. I might even incorporate that into my own scenes at a later date. And sometimes I will disagree with how something is shot but it’s not my place to say anything because I’m a performer at that point. I have to let the director decide how we do things. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s difficult, it’s just a sense of letting go and realizing the director wants to create a different product. I might prefer to look a different way but I’m here for new experiences and I’m here to produce something different. I want my fans to see me in all different looks and all different lights. If I go to shoot for other directors and I don’t take their direction then I’m not going to grow as a performer.

I would also say that most directors have been respectful of the fact that I also direct and sometimes they will collaborate with me on things. There is a lot of respect that people have given me on set and that’s really lovely and a compliment. I’m really here to have as many experiences as you can. I want to open myself up to different opportunities. Maybe it’s not always the final product is as I would have imagined it but it’s something different. It’s something different for me, it’s something different for the fans and that’s exciting.

CJ: You weren’t at the awards last year but this year you cleaned up. How was it being there in person?

Angela: It was a great honor. I’m so thankful for both XBiz and AVN for honoring me again with some awards. It was great for my “Angela Loves…” gonzo movie to win some awards because I’m very passionate about the gonzo genre especially given that gonzo has been criticized from mainstream journalists to anti-porn feminists, all sorts of different areas, it’s been criticized for being degrading to women, violent, it’s been suggested that women can’t and shouldn’t enjoy gonzo. I really want to produce that series to show people that women like gonzo sex. Being a woman doesn’t mean that you only like a certain genre of pornography in your personal life. It was really fun to make that movie and really great to have it recognized as being a great movie so that was a real honor which I’m very, very thankful for. My “Angela Loves…” series won both at XBiz and at AVN which was really great because it’s my heart and soul. I put everything into that! I’m pretty overwhelmed by it, to be honest. Very, very exciting and I’m very grateful.

Angela White

CJ: Our resident girl/girl lover on the ADT forums, Aya, has a few questions. Were you with a lot of girls before porn?

Angela: Yes. (laughs) Yes! Yes! Yes! I love women. I’ve been with a lot of women. I dated a lot of women, in high school as well which was one of the reasons I decided to get into porn. That was one of the reasons I decided to get into porn. No matter how I expressed my sexuality, it wasn’t accepted so when I fucked men, I was seen as a slut. When I fucked women, I was called a lesbian. Actually, in Australia, we call them lemon, that’s the derogatory term. Pornography was that space where I saw that you can have sex with as many different people as you want, various genders, group sex, whatever. It’s celebrated, rather than criticized. So, yes, I had a lot of experience with both men and women before I got into porn. And even more, elaborate and interesting things now that I’m in porn.

CJ: You mentioned your high school years and how people called you names. You got into porn when you were still in high school so were you even more ostracized from your classmates?

Angela: It was in the last year of high school when I just turned 18 and, at that point, I had really come into my sexuality and even though people weren’t going to accept me or accept my sexuality, I had accepted myself. At that point, I think that the people that were going to ostracize me, we already weren’t friends and I had already surrounded me with people that had also accepted me and had accepted that I liked to express myself sexually. I liked experimenting with things and sexuality was one of those things. I had surrounded myself with good people so I was blind to any sort of criticism from my peers. If anything, there were people that were curious and wanted to speak to me about it, people who hadn’t spoken to me before. I couldn’t be ostracized by people who were already negative towards me.

CJ: Which do you like, younger women or older women?

Angela: I really am not about age. I’m not attracted to people based on their appearance, based on their age, based on their ethnicity. I am attracted to people based on passion and chemistry, that’s what matters to me. It doesn’t matter if they’re a blonde or a brunette or skinny or fit, if they’re young or old, I just want to feel something with that person. I don’t have a preference for younger women or older women, I have a preference for connection, passion, chemistry, intensity, that’s my preference.

CJ: I was going to ask this later but since you just brought it up. The best scenes have intense chemistry between the performers, how do you create chemistry if you’re not into that person or not attracted to that person?

Angela: Because it’s not a physicality thing, it doesn’t matter if I’m not physically attracted to someone because I’m a sapiosexual – I’m attracted to their mind. Usually, I will talk to them and see what it is that makes them tick because that will turn me one. Why are they here? Why are they on set? Who is this person? What are they passionate about? It doesn’t even have to be regarding sexuality. If someone comes on set and they’re really passionate about cars or whatever it might be, and they start talking to me about it and they get animated. Their heart rate increases and they get excited and they smile, that’s that sexy energy. I believe that everybody has something that they’re passionate about. And I feel like as long as you can tap into that and can tap into that positive sexual energy, then I can find a way to connect to them.

Angela White

CJ: Aya also wants to know, do you think that the Girl/Girl genre’s lower status in the industry is deserved? Personally, I don’t feel it has a lower status, I just think it’s not as popular as boy/girl.

Angela: I don’t think that people look down upon it. More and more people are looking at porn. Not only do they have more access to it but they have a right to their own sexual pleasures. That means people that may have felt ostracized by pornography, maybe they felt left out by just watching heterosexual boy/girl pornography, those people are now feeling like they have a right to watch porn too. The internet has democratized pornography. Anybody can pick up a camera and produce something. Women are watching more pornography. A wider variety of people are watching pornography and they are demanding the kind of pornography that they want to watch. The girl/girl genre is actually picking up fans. More girl/girl content is being produced. The majority of people that watch pornography are probably heterosexual males who like boy/girl content but that’s not everybody. It’s still probably the majority. As viewership changes, pornography will change. I don’t think it’s looked down upon. Like you said, it’s less popular.

CJ: Have you ever been another female performer’s first lesbian experience?

Angela: That’s a good question. I never ask people that! (laughs) I’m sure it has and I’ve forgotten. Those are little tidbits of information that never stick with me because what’s important to me is that we have a great time, we have a great connection, we have great sex. I’m pretty sure my first lesbian kiss was her first as well. I don’t know the answer to that question. I probably have been!

CJ: Speaking of which, when was your first lesbian experience. How old were you?

Angela: It depends on how you define ‘lesbian experience’. A lot of people would say, they go for the most obvious thing like the first kiss or the first time you had sex. But you can have experiences that are not necessarily sex but they are sexual. Was my first lesbian experience when I was playing doctor and nurses at a very, very young age? Was my first lesbian experience when I was in the swimming pool change room when I looked at an older woman when she was getting changed and I was getting turned on, even though I didn’t know at that point that I was turned on, just that I had some funny feelings. So what do you define as first ‘lesbian experience’?

CJ: I would say, since this is a porn interview, the first time you ate out another girl.

Angela: The first time I ate somebody else out I was really young. It was a really fucking hot experience. This girl was slightly older than me and she had really long fake nails. We started having sex and she realized that the nails would be way too intense. So she sat there in front of me and pulled off every single nail one by one. It was so hot because that hurts! Ripping off fake nails is not a pleasurable experience so the fact that she was willing to sit there and rip them off to give me pleasure was sooo fucking hot! It was just a very intense sexual buildup. It’s like a tease…fuck, that was hot. I don’t know exactly how old she was. I was 14 and I would think she was 18 or something like that. It was really fucking hot.

CJ: Was that before or after you lost your virginity?

Angela: Oh, shit. I have to get my old diaries out to look at them! I know I’m strange because people remember their own timelines. Their first kiss, the age they got their first blowjob, etc. I never sat there and remembered the whole timeline. I’m always about the next experience. I don’t know if I had sex yet. I definitely fooled around with guys. I definitely would have blown guys at this point. I think I had lost my virginity already. I think. All my firsts happened in very quick succession. I just exploded in terms of sexual exploration. Everything from blowjobs to sex to anal to group sex were all within one year. I was just going nuts trying to get all these experiences under my belt. If I hadn’t lost my virginity already, I’m sure I lost it shortly after that.

Angela White

CJ: Would you ever consider competing on DP Star?

Angela: I would consider it. To be honest, I haven’t watched it although I know about it. I definitely would consider it but my main thing is connection with people rather than competition. I don’t know if I would be the right choice for that series but I wouldn’t say no to an experience.

CJ: Brazillion asks, is there any pornstar (male or female) that is currently retired that you really wanted to work with but didn’t have a chance to?

Angela: Tori Black, for sure. Belladonna as well. I would have definitely would have loved to. I did get a chance to work with Gianna Michaels but I didn’t do a full-on scene with her. There are so many amazing performers like Sasha Grey that this could go on forever!

CJ: Any current performers that you really want to work with?

Angela: That list is way too long! I don’t even want to go there! You’ll see them all coming out on my DVDs! Every time I shoot a DVD, I think about the next movie and how I can narrow it down! There are so many amazing performers right now! I feel very, very lucky that I’m here at this point with so many performers—including men—in the industry!

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant?

Angela: I’m a switch. I’m all about energy. I don’t submit easily so I’ll need a very strong presence and a very strong dominant energy from somebody. I’m generally more dominant, especially with women. If a woman’s going to dominate me, she’s going to have to have to have a hot fucking presence and be so strong. I love to submit to women when I can but I really have to believe the woman. With men, it’s a little easier for me to be submissive because they generally tower over me so their presence is already bigger than me. If a man is bigger than me, it’s harder for me to dominate them. I’m starting from a smaller point. Doesn’t mean I can’t dominate them but, as you know, I’m very petite. I’m very small. People think I’m very tall but I’m a very small human. (laughs) When I’m with a really huge man, unless he’s willing to submit or is a submissive man and wants to submit, it’s going to be very difficult for me to get to that point. I switch and I would love for men in the industry to be willing to be submissive in scenes but it’s not necessarily the way a lot of the top performers are. I probably come across as very submissive to men and very dominant with women but that’s not the only way I roll but that’s the way it is in pornography.

CJ: Rosco Fuji wants to know about your off-screen sex life and how is it different than on-screen?

Angela: Well, I guess the main difference is that I’m so bush that it is hard for me to maintain my off-screen sex life. Obviously, I run a business. I run a website, I edit all my movies which a lot of people don’t realize. I edit all the AGW Entertainment movies. I’m editing every scene, I chooe the music, I make the cuts, I do the trailers….it takes a lot of time. Maintaining relationhips off-camera takes time and effort. I try my best to have my own personal sex life when I can but, as a business woman, it’s difficult. In terms of the actual sex, when I get to have it, it’s great! I’m in a very privileged position where I get to work with some of the best fuckers in the world. I take whatever I learn on set and take it to my own personal sex life which is a lot of fun!

CJ: How often are you recognized in public?

Angela: I don’t know. I feel like I was recognized more in Melbourne but maybe I’m too busy now to even go out in public that often. I’m not sure. I think that I’m oblivious to it. I think if I am recognized that I’m so busy that I don’t even notice. In LA, there are so many celebrities walking around, does anyone even care? Is anyone even going to look? I don’t know.

CJ: Is it tough, when you meet someone, to determine whether they like you for being a pornstar or that they like you for you?

Angela: I pretty much only have sex with and date friends. I’m not saying I wouldn’t date outside of my friend circles but I know when they’re my friends, even if we just fool around, I know that they like me for me. I’m also a very shy person so I find that meeting people in public and starting a relationship is difficult. It’s easier for me to date and have sex with people I’m friends with and I already know. It makes more sense as well because they are well aware of what I do and how it’s going to work.

Angela White

CJ: Being shy, was it difficult for you at AVN because you have to be an extrovert?

Angela: The weird thing about me is that I’m shy in small situations but when it’s a big crowd, it’s not terrifying. I’m very good at public speaking, I’m very good at being in front of thousands of people, it’s more the intimate things when I get shy. It’s not difficult for me at AVN. I’m coming to this realization as I’m talking with you. I think it’s because, at AVN, everybody knows what I do, everybody has already seen me naked…there’s no surprises! Everybody is there because they like sex. When I meet people in public, I don’t know if they’re going to accept me. I don’t know if they’re even going to be ok to talk to me because of what I do. I don’t know if they’re going to be weird about it. Whereas at AVN, everyone’s a fan and even if they’re not a fan of me, they’re a fan of porn. They’re open sexually and they’re not going to be judgmental like people in the outside world.

CJ: Your website, has also won awards for best performer website 2 years in a row. What can fans find on there?

Angela: The great thing about my website is it shows my progression as an adult performer. When I started the website, I was just doing boy/girl and girl/girl. I wasn’t doing anal. I wasn’t doing DPs. I wasn’t doing gangbangs. As the website progressed, I started doing all those things. Harder things, crazier things. By joining the website, members get to see all that growth. It’s my baby. It’s where I get to produce and direct everything I ever wanted. I get to make my sexual fantasies come true. I get to create these scenarios that are going to get me off. Most of the time, it’s ‘I want to fuck you!’ and ‘I want to fuck you!’ and let’s just get to it and have a great time. That’s my favorite way to do it. I also do webcam shows with members so it’s a great way for me to chat with my fans, to see what they’re liking; to see what they want to see next. It’s been really amazing having the site up and such an amazing honor for being recognized for putting the effort into it.

CJ: Are all your scenes archived? If someone logs in, can they see an 18-year old Angela White?

Angela: I shot for the website in 2012 and the website went up in 2013. You can’t see all the way back. It’s only the content that I produced myself. It has everything that I’ve directed.

CJ: Since you webcam, what is the strangest thing a fan has asked you to put inside your pussy?

Angela: Hmmm. This is a good question, there have been many things. Just as a caveat, nothing is strange to me anymore. It takes so long to answer these questions because I think, ‘Is that strange?’ I did some balloon tricks with my pussy but that’s not really that strange! (laughs) There’s nothing, when it comes to sexuality, that is weird or strange to me at this point. Putting peanut butter in your vagina, that’s not strange, is it? (laughs)

CJ: You have spectacular all-natural 32GG breasts. Where do you buy bras???

Angela: Some of my bras are custom made and there are also some websites in the UK that I can order them online. There are a lot of great companies that are now making sure they take girl of the girls with the big boobs. They have pretty stuff too! I order a lot of my bras online.

CJ: When you started at 18, were your breasts fully grown?

Angela: Yes my breasts were bigger then. My cup size is basically the same but my breasts were bigger.

CJ: When did they start growing?

Angela: They kind of grew overnight. I was flat chested at 13. By the time I was 14, I was a double D. There was this huge fucking growth spurt. And from there, they just continued to grow and grow and grow.

CJ: What are you going to release this year for your Angela White Productions?

Angela: Next one is Angela Loves Women Volume 3. It’s the best one yet, I’m so excited about it. It’s with Abella Danger, who is just a fucking little pocket rocket. She’s nuts in the sack. Also, Karlee Grey, who I absolutely adore; I love her so much; Valentina Nappi, who I’ve had sex with before in a threesome with Manuel, it’s just incredible and the Girl/Girl Performer of the Year, Jenna Sativa, so you know that it’s going to be good! I’m really, really, really, really excited about this one. I don’t have an exact date yet but it will be very, very soon. After that is Angela Loves Threesomes Volume 2. I’ll keep it a surprise as to who’s in that. Then I’m going to work on Angela Volume 3 which is a huge one but that’ll take me some time. I’ve got until September to make sure it’s all in the bag.

CJ: And how can fans get ahold of you?

Angela: is the hub of everything Angela White. On Twitter, I’m @AngelaWhite. Instagram, I have two. My main account is @theangelawhite. Then I have a backup in case the first one would get deleted. It’s @OfficialAngelaWhite. On Facebook, the only real one is Tumblr is

Angela White

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