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Captain Jack Interviews Amber Chase

Amber has been in the industry for a while now. She has shot mostly girl/girl scenes but plans on doing more boy/girl from now on. We discuss all that and also talk about a new addition to her career. Enjoy!

Amber Chase

Captain Jack: Tell me about Amber Chase.

Amber Chase: I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a really, really small town. We had graduating classes of less than 60 people. (laughs) I was a free spirit in the sense that I didn’t like to conform to the school schedule but I could totally doing the work. I didn’t have any problem doing the work, I just didn’t like to show up on time or be there. I wanted to go do stuff. I dropped out in the 10th grade. I got my G.E.D. Then the story gets better, don’t be judgmental. (laughs) Then I went to college and I got a BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Arts, a BS in Anthropology with a focus on Archeology and a minor in history and a minor in Contemporary Native Issues and a Masters in Public Administration with a focus on Tribal Governance and Role Development. So although I was a little bit of a rebel, I just wanted to do my own thing. It wasn’t that I wanted to fuck off. I needed to set my own time.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry now?

Amber: I started taking amateur pictures in 2007 and I was winning contests on “submit your own picture” sites, I can’t remember what any of them were called. It was like every week, I was earning $400 or $200 or whatever. They were just shitty little pictures I took myself with no lighting and off a grainy webcam. Somehow I ended up with somebody’s number that took foot pictures. We met in a park and it was totally clothed. I had a great day taking pictures of me barefoot in the park in the grass. And he gave me the number of someone who submitted pictures to Homegrown Video. I met that person and we talked and I thought about it and 2 weeks later, I borrowed some camera equipment and made a film. I then sold it to Homegrown Video. That was technically my entry into porn and that was at the end of 2007. But my first porno experience was for Bellezza Video. It was up in the northwest and it was with Anna Stevens. She then became my modeling buddy and we did a lot of arts photography together and softcore stuff. Her and I did a shoot in Arizona for First Time Video Girls. That was my first time ever on a plane. (laughs) That was amazing. Natural lighting, no light stands in your face, glaring you out, it was totally do your thing and we’re going to document it. Be free and do your own thing. We got a little crazy and that was in March, 2008.

CJ: Was there any nervousness when you started filming? I mean all these people are there. Were you nervous? Intimidated? Turned on?

Amber: Super turned on! Oh my God! Something’s different about me, I guess. I just really love the thought of people out there stroking it to me. It didn’t stop at that first Homegrown Video, I shot a couple. I think 6 altogether. One was Anna after I met her on the porno set. (laughs) So I wasn’t nervous at all with those because it was people I knew. I really got turned on by that. When I made my first one and made money from it, I started thinking, ‘Oh my God! Sometime this is going to be on a satellite and it’s going to be beamed into somebody’s living room! A lot more people are going to watch this.’ I had just thought it’d be a one-time thing that I do and it’ll be drowned in a waterfall mountain of porn that’s created every single day. I didn’t think that it would affect me very much until I had that thought and it turned me on so much so I filmed one more. And that turned into 6 until I filmed that real porno with Anna.

Amber Chase

CJ: I was looking at IAFD, you’ve shot mostly lesbian scenes but only a couple boy/girls. Do you prefer women to men or is that just the way it’s worked out?

Amber: No, I was going to college the whole time. I graduated technically in 2012 but then I had to take care of some internship requirements. Why I haven’t shot boy/girl except for stuff that I shot for my very own self and decided to share it with the world is that I was in college and could only leave at Spring Break or during Christmas. If you had as big of an ambition as I had at the time, you actually have homework that you have to do during that break time. I didn’t have a lot of time to do ‘go sees’ or whatever but I knew Dan O’Connell from Girlfriends Films and I had an email for someone at Sweetheart Video and I would tell them that I was taking a break during spring break and I would ask them if they wanted to set me up with any cute girls. (laughs) They would book all my time and a couple of things that are out that are not girl/girl up until just very recently, another model referred me or it was a content trade and it was sold. Now, I’m with Society 15 and I’m totally doing boy/girl.

CJ: Going in the wayback machine, when did you lose your virginity?

Amber: (laughs) I lost my virginity technically right when I turned 13. I hung out with a lot of older girls and I guess I was influenced by them. You don’t really pick a time when it’s going to happen, you just let it happen. I had a lot of bad girl influences.

CJ: When was your first time with a girl?

Amber: (laughs) One time, when I was about 11, this girl asked me, ‘Do you want to practice kissing?’ and we did. It was a really weird, awkward situation. That was my very first interaction with a girl. Then, the first time I was in a bar bathroom, this girl just shoved me up against the wall and started making out with me. I liked it!

CJ: Being bisexual, were you with a lot of people before porn? Were you promiscuous?

Amber: On and off, yes. I’ve always had a promiscuous streak.

CJ: Do you have a count of how many people you were with before porn?

Amber: I’m going to guess 10, something like that.

Amber Chase

CJ: You have an impressive rack, what size are they?

Amber: They are so fucking nice! Depending on the type of bra, it’s either a 30G or a 32F.

CJ: Those aren’t real, are they?

Amber: No, I just got them. I was a double A 32, which means it’s a negative A, less than an A cup. I didn’t have any trouble getting work at all as a model and I really liked my tits. But some things about being flat chested are if you want to exchange in sexy talk over the internet or webcam, a lot of people will want you to be a 12-year old and I was tired of that. It also fed over into my real life. I couldn’t wait at the bar for my takeout food, I got carded for buying matches at fireworks time. Really weird stuff just because I was flat. Also, if I wanted to cuddle with someone in spooning position, I wanted them to feel my tits and feel feminine and sexy. It was really surprising, after they settled and got soft, I was surprised at how sexual they felt in a way that they weren’t sexual with an A cup.

CJ: You went straight from an A to a G, with no stops in between?

Amber: Nothing in between. No stretch marks, they’re beautiful. None that I didn’t have before.

CJ: As a guy, I don’t know this. Going from an A to a G, isn’t it like carrying around a little baby on your chest? Is your back hurting?

Amber: (Laughs) That’s a myth that boobs make your back sore. It’s not true. It’s not really a bunch of weight. They’re both 650cc so it’s like 5 pounds on my chest. Initially it does feel like a lot because your body has to stretch to that capacity. Your muscles are very strong and tight and there are ligaments and stuff. There are ligaments in your boobs, can you believe that? Who knew? When I picked the size, I picked 700cc but in the process of surgery, it was determined that my body size would not allow for that.

CJ: What’s your favorite position and is it different for men and women?

Amber: One of my favorite positions is where the girl is on the edge of the bed, one foot on the floor and the other leg either stretched out or her foot down on the bed in an N shape and the guy is doing her from behind. He can really grab on and get some leverage. For girls, 69 with the leg lock where you’re both on your side and your legs are locked in a hook.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Amber wet?

Amber: It really depends on the mood and the context, stuff like that. I like both rough and romantic. I like being spooned and I also like a little bit more intensity. I have a particular line I draw for porn in how far into the roughness I’ll go but I like to explore a lot of stuff.

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant and is it different with men than with women?

Amber: I would call myself a leader rather than submissive or dominant. I seduce or lead the way and can be very, very dominant. I have a split persona. I have Amber Chase the pornstar, which you all know and love and also the Goddess AC who is an entitled Goddess, a femdom, a Princess and I’m actually pretty good with a whip. (laughs) And a strap-on. The first person that I strap-oned was Chastity Lynn for Girlfriends Films.

Amber Chase

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Amber: Several times a day. Of course, there will be the rare day that I’m on the go from morning to night and I don’t get to but, generally, anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day?

CJ: What’s the preferred method?

Amber: A lot of times, it’s just fingers. But I have this one toy that the tip rotates and I haven’t even penetrated myself with it yet and it’s already my favorite. The tip rotates, it vibrates, it’s smooth, all one piece but it’s a rabbit but it rotates like a tongue. I’ve had it for 6 months now and I’m cumming before it’s even inside.

CJ: When you use your hands, do you taste yourself?

Amber: Oh yeah. What am I supposed to do? Wipe it on my shirt? No, I’m going to lick it off my fingers. (laughs)

CJ: Did you watch porn before you entered the industry?

Amber: On and off, some porn. I like cartoons. On occasion, I’ll watch gangbang porn. Conventional gangbang porn where the girl tells them how she wants to get fucked.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Amber: I like it on my tits. I don’t like it in the eyes.

CJ: Are you a swallower?

Amber: For some people, yes.

CJ: Are you ever going to do anal on camera?

Amber: Oh yeah, I already have. Not just for the stuff I shot myself but yes.

CJ: Have you done it a lot or just a couple times?

Amber: I did it once for Dogfart and it’s on my profile so I’m sure I’ll be doing it some more.

Amber Chase

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Amber: I’ve had sex with someone who was driving a car. It was a ’69 Buick Skylark. It was really cool, it revved up a lot and we got it on. I’ve had a lot of public sex.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Amber: I’ve always wanted to do a live sex show at a theater. And to have that filmed and documented would be incredible.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Amber: That I don’t like chocolate syrup up my nose. That I am more dominant than submissive. I did dom training at the beginning and I’m not into being a damsel. I don’t like being degraded, I like running the show.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Amber: I like to longboard, I like a lot of physical things like rock climbing. I’m going to learn knife throwing this year, I hope. I draw, I paint, I sometimes do sculpture. I like to get out with my dogs. I like going out in the woods. I love the outdoors. I go to concerts, I love music and feeling the energy. I only recently started getting recognized in public, I don’t know how I’m going to handle that.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Amber: I like a variety. I did belly dancing for 7 years so I love belly dance music. I also like T.I., I like more mellow stuff as well. I love the Glass Animals, they are so good.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Amber: I love movies but I have a funny little glitch where I forget movies really quickly. If I remember it, it must be amazing. Some that I remember are Snow Piercer or the Resident. I like anything from ironic comedies to dramas.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Amber: I unplugged in 2009 but I recently got back on it through Hulu. I like The Flash, Smallville, How I Met Your Mother and The Young Turks.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Amber: I was vegetarian for 8 years so right now I’m discovering my favorite food. It’s really hard to explain why I thought it would save the world. It’s really not healthy for everybody. I did it really well. I wasn’t a junkfood vegetarian. It didn’t work out for me. But I tried. For 8 years. Right now, my favorite food is everything.

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Amber: I love that people are watching me, it turns me on. The second favorite thing is being with these amazing, hot people. The third thing is the fucking. You can probably switch the third thing with the second thing.

CJ: What does the future hold for Amber Chase? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Amber: I’m still going to be living carefree and doing my art stuff. In 5 years, I might still be doing scenes but probably directing, who knows. I’m working on a fashion project as well. Who knows?

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Amber: My Twitter is @AmberChase. Instagram is @theAmberChase. Another Twitter is @Goddess_AC

Amber Chase

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