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Keith Mason Interviews Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you entered the adult industry initially?

I’ve always been interested in experiment with my sexuality and I also enjoyed a lot to watch porn, so at some point I started to ask myself, “Could I become a porn actress?” I sent messages to all the companies that I could find on my country, but I was really disappointed with their answers. The scenes they were offering me were not the kind of porn I wanted to do, the technical quality was really low, the stories were degrading and the payment was small. I just had started my university degree in Fine Arts. I was learning how to use a video camera and I became specially interested in the field of photography, so taking the basis I was learning on my clases I started to record my own porn videos. At first it was only a hobby but step by step I improved my skills and took it more seriously.

Then I started to create my own porn company. I created a huge repository with my own porn videos and later I included other girls and boys. I was 19. Knowing everyday a little more about the industry, I could see soon that my place to shoot was outside of my country, so I did a research to find good companies to work with. By this way I discovered, an Australian website actually based in Amsterdam. With them I shot my first scene outside of my company. At first I only did solo and girl/girl shoots but soon I decided to go further and shoot also boy/girl. I finished my degree last year and since then porn has been my full time job, developing my own company and also shooting for other ones. I love to work in this industry and I feel really proud of what I’m doing.

Amarna Miller

Where did you grow up? What was that like?

I was born in Madrid, Spain. It’s a nice city with lots of history but I have always think that it’s “too much city” for me. I really love nature; to be in the wilderness it’s probably one of the things that I enjoy the most, so when I’m in a city for a long time I feel like trapped. Anyways I really shoot a lot outside of Madrid so at this moment of my life I only spend there about four or five days per month. I am lucky because with my job I have the possibility to travel almost everywhere in the world and usually with flight and expenses covered.
Last winter I went to Australia for shooting there and after being shooting for three weeks in Melbourne without stop, I rented a four wheel drive and went to discover the countryside! It was an amazing experience. I cannot think in a best way to spend my money. Going back to your question, I like my city but It’s not the place where I want to live forever.

Do you think you’re a better actress or a better performer?

I love to act in my scenes, but in the sex part I’m never performing. One of my own rules to accept a job is to really feel attracted for the actors and actresses I’m going to shoot with, so when you watch me fucking it’s the real “me”, doing the things that I like. Not fake sex, please! Despite this, I think I enjoy both areas of my job equally! Sex is always welcome, and I really love it, but to get into one character and improve my acting skills in the comedy part it’s also exciting.

What’s your favorite part of having sex on screen?

I’m terribly exhibitionist, so the best part of having sex on screen is to know that there are going to be a lot of people watching me fucking. I also love to have new experiences and fulfill sexual fantasies that would be complicated to do in a normal life. Everyday I’m in a new part of the world, knowing people and having fun. I love my job!

Amarna Miller

For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see.

I like the scene “Lonely banger”, that I did for DDF Network one year ago. My partners were the Spanish actress Amber Nevada, who is a good friend of mine (and really hot!) and the actor Markus Dupree. And also the scene I did with Franck Franco for Bang Bros series “Big Mouthfuls”. Also, if you really like high quality porn I would recommend you to see the scene “Before the guests arrive” made by the swedish director Erika Lust for the website I look like Audrey from Twin Peaks! And the sex was absolutely amazing. Some of the scenes I have enjoyed the most are not yet released, but I would recommend you to be patience and look for two boy/girl shoots I did for one with Franck Franco and the other one with Juan Lucho…I know they’ll be great. Also I cannot wait to see two of the scenes I did for Evil Angel: my first shoot with Rocco Siffredi and an orgy with Nikita Bellucci, Ian Scott, Markus Dupree and Mike Angelo.

What are the advantages that come from working for a company like Private Entertainment?

To shoot with Private was a dream that become true.They are one of the giants in this industry, and their quality is amazing. I admire their films and the labour they did shooting sex scenes in normal, complex movies with a huge argument. Currently there’s nothing like that. I did my first scene with them about one year and a half ago. It’s a threesome with Eris Maximo and David el Moreno and despite it was a really hard shoot (about 14 hours!) the results are great and we had a really good chemistry. It really surprised me that they chose my image to be the cover of the DVD, because there were really famous performers on the film, like Anissa Kate or Erica Fontes! Some months ago I shot another scene for them, this time a natural, romantic boy/girl with the Spanish actor Juan Lucho. Last week the DVD finally was released and the pictures are great, I look like a redhead valkiria! The name of my scene is “Belle de Jour”, you should see it!

How about interests and hobbies away from work?

So many things! I studied Fine Arts and I enjoy art in all its forms, specially photography and video. I take a lot of pictures when I’m travelling and I always upload them on my blog. I can focus in this area of my personality thanks to my website, as I’m always taking pictures of the shoots thinking “By this way people can see how my life looks like”! I like antique things, specially dolls. I started to learn how to restore them when I was 14 and my collection is enormous. I know this is a little weird but I usually go to auction houses to see face to face the old furniture and objects. I enjoy to go to museums but I usually don’t have time to do it! Everyday I save one two hours for doing exercise, read and meditate. It calms my mind and allows me to confront my day in a happy, positive way. I also love to have outdoor experiences, from walking though the forest to taking pictures of wild animals. I was recently in Australia and it was probably one of the best experiences in my life: so many nature and wilderness everywhere! I do scuba diving and I want to learn how to climb.

Amarna Miller

Do you watch any mainstream movies and do you read any books? Do you like zombie movies?

Yes, I usually do a “cinema night” every week. Which means that I save one night to watch a movie that I really like, my movie of this week is “Canino”. I love Cronenberg, Terry Gilliam, Gaspar Noe, Larry Clark and Aronofsky. Probably some of my favourite films are “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Videodrome”. I have a huge list of films on my laptop to see them while I’m waiting in the airports or flying in the planes (In fact I’m answering this interview in a plane from Madrid to London, where I have a shoot for Marc Dorcel), and at the moment I have pending “Altered states”, “Upstream color” and “Stoker”. And also some chapters of the new edition of “Cosmos a spacetime odyssey” and “Game of Thrones”.

About the zombie movies, I used to like them but currently I feel overwhelmed by the quantity of films, tv shows and books about this topic. Probably my favourite one is “Brain Dead”.

I also love to read, but at this moment of my life I feel complicated to focus on a novel, so I’m only reading books about positive psychology (“Feel the fear and do it anyway”, “Search inside yourself”…). I’m always trying to learn how to control my reactions and emotions in a positive way, to improve as a person and have a full, happy life.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote?

At the moment I’m specially focused in two projects: my personal website in which everyday I update the blog area with new galleries, ideas, adventures and random stuff about my life inside and outside porn. I love to write and my website allows me to show to everybody what’s on my mind. And I also have an area to sell my used underwear!
My other project is to start showing my photographs to the world! I’ve been taking analog pictures since 4 years now and developing an artistic project that I wish soon will be public…
Thank you for give me the opportunity of answer this interview, I really hope you have enjoyed to read it!

Amarna Miller


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