Alina Li Interview

Keith Mason Interviews Alina Li

Alina Li

Name: Alina Li

Birthplace: Shanghai, China

Hair Colors: Black/Light Brown

Measurements: 34B-23-34

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Tatoos: Pistol design right belly

Non-Ear Piercings: Navel


Biographical data courtesy of the Internet Adult Film Database.

KM: Where did you come up with your name ?

Alina: I was actually thinking of Asa when I came up with my first name Alina since her first name started with A. and for my last name I wanted it to be simple so I picked Li.

KM: Where did you grow up ? What was that like ?

Alina: I grew up in many places from China. I was born in Shanghai, then I got moved around to places because of a divorcement between my parents when I was 3. I did not grow up with neither of them. I lived with my aunts, uncles, grandparents, 6 months with mom when I was 6, and 2 years with dad when I was 7 but he never took care if me. I was constantly moving school to school, city to city. It was quite complicated because I wanted to be with my parents all the time and I couldn’t. Through out the years it has made me a really strong person, easygoing and independent. I am also innocent and impolite because my parents taught me nothing growing up, obviously not.

KM: Do you think you’re a better actress or a better performer ?

Alina: That’s a question for my fans to answer haha. I don’t watch any of my stuff so I will never know and I’ve heard I am not bad but there are always room for improvements.

KM: What’s an average workweek like for you ?

Alina: I work about 5 or 6 days a week like a normal job. When I’m not working I go to the gym, go pole dancing, or go walk around. Sometimes I tweet.

Alina Li

KM: Do you enjoy watching your own scenes ?

Alina: No I’ve never seen a scene of mine. I don’t know how I perform on camera, and I don’t want to. But I will look at my pictures though.

KM: What do you like to do to prepare for a movie shoot ?

Alina: I show up, get my make up done, get dressed, then I fuck, and go home. I don’t need preparation, I was born ready.

KM: What professions other than your own would you like to attempt ?

Alina: Oh a lot, I am very ambitious. But that’s not something I should be thinking about right now. I am focusing on performing and my movies.

KM: What about favorites – favorite movie, T.V. show, musical artists and things like that ?

Alina: I like shows such as Shark Tank, Undercover Boss and competition shows such as American idol. I won’t waste my time on watching something I can’t learn from. I also really LOVE the walking dead, and game of thrones. I know I don’t look like the type of girl that would watch any if these but never judge a book by its cover ;). I don’t have a favorite musical artists, they’re not very special to me because I can’t fuck them.

KM: Is there anything you wish to say to readers ?

Alina: I just want to let you all know that ALL OF YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thank you for watching my scenes because that’s something I can never do ;p

Alina Li

(Special thanks to Mark Spiegler of for arranging the interview)

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