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Alexis Fawx Talks with Captain Jack

Alexis is one of the top MILF’s in the industry and she just keeps getting better and better! In fact, she’s about to have her first anal scene released which her fans have been clamoring for a long time now! Alexis has so much more going on in her life and we touched on a variety of subjects in our latest talk together.

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Captain Jack: You were a tomboy in high school. When did you blossom into the sexy woman you are today?

Alexis Fawx: I’ve always been a tomboy and still am one today. I’ve also always been sexual but now I’m more comfortable in my sexuality. I’ve turned my tomboyishness into more of a feminine look. (laughs) But, on a regular basis, I never wear makeup, I’m in flip flops, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. My favorite thing lately has been gardening. I’m so bad everytime I go into get a pedicure because my feet are always dirty. I’m always in the garden with no shoes on. I’m just that type of girl. I’ve always been that way and still am today. Now, I have a little bit more feminine touch to it. It’s fun to explore the more feminine side of me which I never did when I was younger.

CJ: You told me the story last time of your first threesome with your boyfriend and his best friend. Did that take a lot of negotiating?

Alexis: (laughs) No, it really didn’t from what I remember. (laughs) I didn’t have to push for it.

CJ: You entered the industry at a later date than most girls. How much thinking did you have to do about it? There’s still a stigma attached to porn.

Alexis: I didn’t think about anything. I didn’t care about that. I don’t feel bad at all. Yes, some people won’t let us work around children. But there are some people who are in “moral, respectable jobs” that are not good people. Your work is just your job. It doesn’t mean you are a good or bad person. When I made the decision to do it, I didn’t think about what would happen down the line. I didn’t give a fuck what people think. At all. I just really don’t. It’s my life and if I know what’s in my heart; if you’re true and you’re honest and you’re authentic and genuine and have a good heart then who gives a fuck what I do for a living. That’s only a part of it. If that’s all you look at, you can fall off the world because you’re not part of my world. I don’t want someone with that small of a mind in my world, I don’t have time for you.

CJ: You are about to do your first anal scene for HardX. How did that come about?

Alexis: I’ve never done anal. I thought, ‘Why not just try it? Do it!’ Find out what it’s all about. Where I come from, people had showcases; people worked hard and held out certain acts…that’s just the era I came from. I felt it was just the right time to do it. And I really want to do it for the fans. I don’t even do it in my personal life, it’s a really fresh and new experience that I’m having and I’m sharing it with everyone.

CJ: Who’s the scene with?

Alexis: My first girl/girl anal scene was with Cherie DeVille. Mick Blue was my first boy/girl and I just did my second boy/girl with Prince Yahshua.

CJ: You had some big boys in there!

Alexis: (laughs) I guess! I have to tell you though, I wanted to do girl/girl anal first so I could get used to it. With a toy, it’s so much harder to take it in the butt than a penis. A penis gets hard but it has some give and it’s easier going in. And I really think uncircumcised might be easier than circumcised. That’s what I really love about the industry, is that I’m able to explore my sexuality even further in a safe environment. Every job that comes in, my agent tells me about it, who’s it with, etc. I want to put out quality and work with people that really put out great stuff.

CJ: You said that you don’t even do anal in your personal life. Did you practice at all going into it?

Alexis: No. (laughs) The only practice I did was prepping for anal when I stuck I dildo in there the morning of. But I didn’t prepare myself with anybody else.

CJ: Did you enjoy it?

Alexis: Yes, I did. I really did. It makes me want to explore more of that in my personal life with my boyfriend. If it comes up, it comes up!

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CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Alexis: I have been part of so many great scenes recently. Definitely my anal scenes. I have a lot of good girl/girl scenes. I had a good scene with Brandi Love and Cherie DeVille. That was really hot. That was a lot of fun. I try to have fun on all my sets.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What turns you on?

Alexis: Someone’s brain or intelligence. If they’re really super smart and they read a lot, that’s a big start with me. Someone you can talk to and knows a lot of interesting things and can carry a conversation. That is so important, I think we’re losing that all the time. Someone who has experiences. And then, obviously, touching and foreplay is so important. Taking your time and kissing your neck and your ears and your nipples and all those things that are erogenous zones. I love my neck kissed and I love it whenever I’m in bed and I can feel his breath on the back of my neck. That’s fucking hot! I get instantly turned on by that. But, then again, giving a blowjob turns me on too. (laughs)

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Alexis: I don’t get kinky much now, I feel all my kink happens on camera. Vanilla sex is kinky. (laughs) Just exploring someone else’s sexuality is a turn-on. When I try new things that turn-on my man, that’s a turn-on. And that’s always interesting and fun and kinky.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Alexis: Yes, there’s quite a few actually. And throughout the next few years, you’ll see that.

CJ: You were recognized for your acting abilities with Best Supporting Actress nominations for The Preacher’s Daughter and Best Acrtress nominations for Fantasy Factory. What do you like better, gonzo or storyline based porn?

Alexis: I like both actually. I like learning a new character and stepping out on the ledge. The skill of memorizing and exercising my brain is fun. It’s cool when you do a bang out job, especially when you nail it and the director’s happy with it. And gonzo is a nice thing to go back to. It’s a sure thing. You do the tease and then go fuck. I can’t say I like one more than the other. I like the fact I can do both.

CJ: You are also a girl/girl contract star for Mile High Media. How did that come about?

Alexis: They called. (laughs) We talked it out and it was a fantastic offer and a good company. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t with just one website. There are several websites and I like working with everybody. I like the company a lot, obviously!

CJ: How long is the contract for?

Alexis: It’s for a year and we’re talking about signing another one. I love girl/girl scenes, to be honest with you. I love being able to dive in. It’s just so much fun to work with the newer ladies and work with other women in the industry. That’s so nice when they pair us up together.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Alexis before her first scene, what would you give yourself any advice? Would you change anything?

Alexis: I don’t know. I had to experience the first scenes for what it was. And that’s what developed you into what your character is today, that fantasy. I’ve definitely changed over the years. Where I was in 2010 is totally different to where I am now. If you look at everything I’ve done in 2010, I think you’ll see a person who has improved and having more fun now than she’s ever had.

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CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Alexis: Oh my God. I’m learned a lot about myself just with this whole anal thing! Honestly, I didn’t know my butt could take that! (laughs) When I’m booked for an anal scene, all I want to know is how big it is. I don’t care who it’s attached to, I just want to know how big it is. (laughs) I have to think about that going into my butt. (laughs) I’m still new at it! (laughs)

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Alexis: How it feels! Feels good. I just really like having my freedom. It’s nice to be empowered as a woman; when you work, who you work with, how your work, your rate, how you want to take your business. That empowerment is fucking beautiful and if you can give that to anybody, that’s a great gift. That’s one of my favorite parts about it, that I have control of my life.

CJ: Do you wish you had gotten into the industry earlier or was that the perfect time for you?

Alexis: I don’t know if I was ready for it earlier. I was young and I was trying to figure myself out, like we all are in our 20s. I went into the military out of high school, then I went to college and moved to Florida. I don’t know if I was ready for it. I had to go through whatever I had to go through to get me to the point of where I am. I like who I am today and where I’m going. I don’t know if that would have changed had I entered the industry earlier.

CJ: Since you just started doing anal, do you think a DP might be in your future?

Alexis: Who knows? I never did a DP before so who knows?

CJ: Any other big projects on the horizon?

Alexis: I’m hosting a live variety show in LA called High As Fawx. It is a variety show, it has comedians, it has musicians, fans, performers and all different things. I host it and produce it and that’s really something brand new. It’s going to run monthly. It’s a really chill, cool vibe. I also have a couple other projects that will be coming out in September. I’m working on my website too.

CJ: You’re hosting the variety show. Do you have any hidden talents that you’re going to spring on us?

Alexis: Who knows? I don’t know. I’m usually alone in my car when I sing. (laughs)

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Alexis: On Twitter, I’m @AlexisFawx. Instagram is @AlexisFawx and my backup is @HighAsFawx. My Snapchat is private, you can email me for that at . My Only Fans is at AlexisFawx.

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