Abigail Mac: 75% Lesbian

Captain Jack interviews Abigail Mac

Abigal is a stunning woman. She has a very pretty face and an amazing body. She’s also very intelligent and has a great personality. So there’s that too, lol. Our schedules finally aligned so that we could set a time to talk. We had a wide ranging interview and I got to know Abi just a little bit better!

Abigail Mac

Captain Jack: The first time I talked to you was before your first boy/girl scene. Now you’re an award winner for that! Which means you’re one of the best fucks in the world! How does that feel?

Abigail: I’m trying to put it into words because I don’t even know. It was very humbling and it made me feel proud. I feel pride in everything I’m doing. A lot of people will say, ‘Oh, you’re just a porn star! You just do porn!’ but it’s so different for me because I love what I do, I love the people that I work with. I’m 28 years old and in the last few years, I’ve finally felt comfortable and proud and happy with myself. Every single day, I wake up and I feel so good. So winning the award made me proud. I put in so much work that year. So much time and effort. Working with friends and people who I really trust. It just gave me an ‘Ahhh’ feeling. (laughs)

CJ: I tell you, I watch a lot of porn but every time you appear in a scene, you are mesmerizing. I can’t keep my eyes off you. You are just so damn sexy! You were in Oil Overload 14 and were all oiled up. My God, that was just a beautiful site!

Abigail: Awww, thank you so much. I had my makeup dripping down my face too. (laughs) That oil took 2 days to get out! If anybody gets covered in oil, use Dawn dish soap, it’ll get it out.

CJ: You have a fantastic body, what’s your workout regimen? Or do you work out?

Abigail: Oh no! I never work out! I just look like that naturally! I just think about having muscles and they appear. (laughs) I work out almost every day. I don’t really take off days. An off day for me is ‘Hey, let’s go to the park and play tennis.’ I’ll take one, maybe 2 days off during the week but I’m still doing activities, just more fun, relaxing things. Besides that, I do body building training. For a really long time, before I got into the industry, I would be one of those girls who went on the Elliptical or maybe do a little bit of running and some body weight training. And my body was fine but I wanted to take it to the next level and I watched a lot of videos in YouTube or Instagram of women who do body building. I liked that muscular look. Even if some people don’t like it, that’s what I like. So I go to the gym 4 or 5 days of the week doing isolated lifting, working out and exercising. I lift really, really heavy weights. One day, I’ll do shoulders and back, bis and tris, abs and calves, I do an isolated workout and then I’ll do a leg day.

CJ: I went out for coffee last year with Romi Rain so I know you two are best friends, I just saw your scene on Brazzers together. How was it working with your best friend?

Abigal: She’s amazing. If I could work with Romi every day, I would because not only is she beautiful, she’s a riot. She is one of those people in the industry that inspires me, she motivates me because she puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. She’s just a great, genuine person. It’s nice to be around somebody who has the same passions, the same goals, and is as driven and motivated as you. She makes everything, like literally everything she does, fucking epic. Everything. ‘We’re either going to do this 100% or not at all!’ That’s the person she is in life. She’s just great and I think that scene really showed how we took it up a notch and did everything really full out. And we were able to show, beforehand, that, yes, we actually are friends. We go out to eat, have a cocktail and bullshit and hangout because we genuinely like each other.

Abigail Mac and Romi Rain

CJ: She had an interesting question for you, every job has its up and downs. What’s the ups and downs of doing only girl/girl?

Abigail: There are a ton of ups because girl/girl is still my go to. It’s my passion. I still do more girl/girl than boy/girl as most people know. If you look at my Twitter, you’ll see a ton of girl/girl stuff because I’m really into girls. Everybody’s on that spectrum of ‘how gay are you?’ and I’m at 75%. I love men 100% but I do love women more. People know that. There are a lot of ups. Downs? I don’t really know. I guess one of the biggest downs of doing girl/girl only is that a lot of girls that you work with aren’t really into girls. Which is kind of a bummer because you’re there with this beautiful woman who’s not really into you. I found that, with men, most of the time, guys might have one or two bad experiences but it’s not even that bad. They’ll have a huge connection. Most men have such a connection with you and I don’t know where it is. I’ll have that connection sometimes with women too but more times with guys. I’ll just feel wanted and enthralled with them. I feel there’s a lot of connective passion. With women, sometimes, it’s harder to find.

CJ: Aya from the ADT forums wants to know how do you approach a scene working with a newer girl as opposed to one with more experience?

Abigail: I feel like with a new girl, I sit her down and try to make her extremely comfortable. I try to talk to them about who they are in their real life. Ask questions about who they are, kind of get to know them, almost like a first date but not awkwardly. I try to banter and bullshit with them, to really get them to realize I’m chill and we’re going to have a good time. I want them to be comfortable with me. I ask them what they really like and what are they comfortable with and not comfortable with because I’m not here to make them uncomfortable. I’m there to make them feel amazing. And if we can have a really great time and have as many orgasms as possible, that’s the end goal. Forget about the director, forget about opening up, just let go and let’s have a great time. I feel like I do that with newer girls because a lot of times they’re nervous and worried about the camera. I’ll tell them, ‘Fuck the camera, you’re here with me, let’s just have a great time.’ When it comes to really experienced girls, I still, before every scene, ask them what they’re not comfortable with. People have their limits and I never want to cross those limits. But I’m there to have a really good time. Fuck it, let’s go! You really have to have that conversation. But some women, like Vanessa Veracruz, I’ve worked with 12 or 13 times. We can just go. I know her body and we know how to open up and we don’t have that conversation. Our scenes flow so well because we have fucked so many times and she’s so experienced.

CJ: You just said you ask girls what are their limits. If someone were to ask you, what are Abigail Mac’s limits?

Abigail: Oh yeah, of course. I don’t like things in my butthole besides the tongue. So I don’t like fingers in my butt. I’m just not into it. I want to feel good and have a great time the whole time. Most people are extremely respectful. If girls are into it then, fuck yeah, I’ll do it. I feel like fingers in my butt I don’t like. I don’t like getting hit in the face, I’m not into it at all. In certain scenes, I’ve done it in maybe two scenes where someone has hit me in the face and it was ok but I don’t want to repeatedly be hit in the face. I want you to fuck me and like me and, for me, hitting me in the face puts a little halt on it. Some girls love it so do what you want to do. But for me, I’m not really into it.

Abigail Mac

CJ: You said you’re not really into anal but didn’t you recently add girl/girl anal to your modeling profile?

Abigail: I have done some girl/girl anal but if I go to a shoot and I know I’m doing anal, it’s different. I prep the night before. So if I show up and they say ‘Oh, we’re going to put something in your butt!’ Absolutely not. No, I’m not prepped. I didn’t stretch last night or this morning and I’m not going to like it. If I go on a set for an anal scene, sweet, I am prepped, I am clean, I am stretched and I’m ready to go. I play around with anal in my personal life and a lot of times, you really have nothing to worry about. But when you’re under a bunch of lights and cameras, you want to feel sexy and confident. You might to make sure there are no issues or problems. I want to relax and have a great time and put on a great scene.

CJ: I know you probably get sick of this question but I have to ask it. Are you going to do boy/girl anal on camera?

Abigail: I’m not sure. I might. Never say never. Right now, I’m not ready. Everything I do on camera, I’ve never done anything on camera that I have not done in my personal life. I have to be comfortable and like it in my personal life to do it on camera. End of story. With anal in my personal life, I have a hard time with stretching out. I’m a really little person. I don’t think people understand how little I am. I know girls that can stick things up their butt and it’s really, really easy for them but, for me, it’s a challenge. Even if I’m relaxed. I do massages and work it out, stretch it out, do little toys then go bigger and bigger. I’ve done everything. So it’s been very difficult for me up until this point. I’m just going to keep practicing and keep trying and as soon as I love it in my personal life and can orgasm from anal sex and be really, really comfortable with it and comfortable with myself, then I’ll do it on camera. But until then, I never want to put a scene out there where people think I’m uncomfortable or in pain or not enjoying myself because I don’t think a woman should ever do anything or put anything into the world that other women and men can see that ‘she isn’t really enjoying herself’ because that’s not what sex is supposed to be. Sex is supposed to an art, it’s supposed to be pleasure. It’s supposed to be something good and until I can perfect that and love it in my personal life, I’m not going to do it on camera.

CJ: I respect that 100%. What do you like sexually? What gets Abigail wet?

Abigail: For me, as far as physical traits go, that’s not what I’m really into. What gets me going is just the way someone looks at me, the way someone makes me feel. When I feel like I’m the only thing on that person’s mind and they don’t want anything but at that moment, that’s what turns me on. Just a genuine connection with someone is what I need in a scene and in my personal life. To be loved and wanted and to be completely enrapted in that person. When you have sex with that person, you’re like, ‘What the fuck just happened? I don’t know!’ I want something to last and then you go, ‘Damn, that was amazing!’

Abigail Mac

CJ: Before you got into the industry, were you a porn fan?

Abigail: I wasn’t at all. Nope. (laughs) Which is crazy. What I did do, before I was in porn, I worked at a porn store. I didn’t watch a lot of porn but I worked in the store. I was always very open about my sexuality. I never thought sex was a bad thing. I loved looking at beautiful women. The store I worked at was more women and couples focused and a lot of women came in feeling insecure about their bodies or didn’t know how to pleasure themselves. So I loved picking out toys and talking to them about things that would help them. I always thought it was cool learning about your body and feeling good and getting pleasure.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Abigail: My mouth. I’m a swallower. A lot of people don’t like that but that’s where I like it the most. 1) It doesn’t make a mess; 2) There’s tons of protein in cum and I work out all the time and I could use that extra protein; 3) Why waste it anywhere else? I don’t want it inside me, we’re not trying to make a baby here. I’m not into that so I’m just going to swallow it. I think some girls do creampies because of the same thing…it’s less of a mess, it’s really hot, if he cums, you have that connection…For me, it makes me think of how to make a baby so it doesn’t turn me on but I really get turned on if someone finishes in my mouth and I can really just take him in. ‘Yes, I like you so much that I want to eat your fucking cum!’ I just think that’s really hot.

CJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Abigail: It doesn’t matter. People have been asking me, ‘you’re starting to do a lot of IR, so you must be a size queen’, nope, I’m not at all. It doesn’t matter. Well, it matters to a certain point because if it’s 2”, it’s probably not going to work out. As long as there’s something and there’s a connection and I feel wanted, that’s really important.

CJ: Aya wants to know how did it feel being chosen by AJ Applegate for AJ’s Angels?

Abigail: It was great! AJ and I have fucked before for Reality Kings. We didn’t know each other, we got along but we actually hadn’t worked with each other. We did such a great scene! We had an instant connection. We were kind of just being girlfriends beforehand and as soon as Dani Daniels, the director, said ‘Action! Do whatever you want!’, something just happened where we were devouring each other! I would say it’s one of my Top 10 girl/girl scenes of all-time. When she brought me on for Round 2 in AJ’s Angels, I told her, ‘Round 2 girl! This is going to be even better!’ It was great, it was kinkier than our first one. We had toys and things like that. We stepped it up a notch but equally as fun. She’s another one of those genuine girls. She loves girls. She LOVES girls! (laughs)

Abigail Mac

CJ: When it comes to G/G, what do you prefer; soft and romantic, or hard and raunchy?

Abigail: It really depends on the person you’re working with. It’s really the connection you get and it’s kind of how I feel that day. I was talking to Dani and I did a scene with a new girl recently and she told me that I was really aggressive. I didn’t even realize that! I guess it just depends on the person I’m working with and my mood. Some days, I just want to worship them and rub you and make you feel good; othertimes, it’s ‘I’m going to bend you over and I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!’

CJ: Cormac wants to know what girls do you want to work with but you haven’t yet?

Abigail: Wow, that’s a great question. There are a lot, for sure. I finally got to work with Kendra Lust and she was at the top of my list. I got to cross her off my list! There’s so many! I met Alexis Fawx the other day. We got to hang out and she’s such a joy. I would love to do a scene with her. I would love to do a threeway with Peta Jensen. I haven’t worked with Alexis Texas…I haven’t fucked her yet. I’m sure there’s a ton more but that’s off the top of my head.

CJ: That’s the thing about girls, there’s so many coming into the industry on a daily basis!

Abigail: That’s true. It’s hard though because I can list 100s of people and it’ll fill up my head but until I actually meet someone, I have no idea who they are. When it comes to social media, I don’t look at other people’s social media because I really try to stay true to my brand. I feel like it’d take too much time and I can only be concerned with what I’m doing. As far as social media goes, I don’t really know who you are because I don’t look at other people’s profiles. So if I don’t meet you at AVN or on a set, I don’t know who you are. Not to offend anybody but I just focus on what I’m doing. I don’t know who these people are.

CJ: You mentioned you just went grocery shopping, how often are you recognized in public?

Abigail: Moreso, lately. A lot of people won’t really come up to me. In Vegas, they will. I was walking down the street in Baltimore. I was there dancing at Fantasy’s. Somebody recognized me. People will look at me then they’ll get home and email me. ‘I just saw you here!’ Why don’t you come say hi? Then I was recognized in the Vegas airport and, again, people email me afterwards. Just say hi! In Vegas, people will come say hi to me but usually not in real life. I’ll usually get a look from somebody then an email. If you see me, I am not threatening in real life at all! I don’t wear makeup, I don’t wear sexy clothes, I’m the most down-to-earth, grubby person in the world. Just come say ‘hi’ and we can chat for a couple minutes and go on with our lives! (laughs)

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you most like to fuck?

Abigail: I have to be 100% honest, I’m not really into celebrities. I’m trying to think of anybody who’s inspiring to me and then I would want to bang them… can I say Deepak Chopra? (laughs)

Abigail Mac

CJ: You said you’re into people that inspire you, if you were at a bar or wherever, how would someone approach you and keep your interest?

Abigail: Number 1, you have to look me in the face. (laughs) Look me in the eyes and carry on a conversation. In this digital era, it’s really hard to find someone who will look at you and have a normal conversation. It’s very, very rare to find that. Look at me and have an actual, genuine conversation. Not, ‘Hey shawty, what up? I wanna put my dick in yo ass!’ Really? I’m really interested in people who have talent like a painter or a writer or a doctor or a chef. If you have skills, that’s pretty awesome. Talk to me and if you don’t take yourself too seriously, that’s pretty much what I look for. Just someone who enjoys life and is motivated and is actually excited about life. I hate people who are always pessimistic. Everyone will have their bad days, even I do but I tell myself to snap out of it!

CJ: Would you ever be interested in directing?

Abigail: I don’t know. My website, I pretty much came up with the ideas but as far as directing goes, I think a lot of girls “direct” who never pick up the camera. They don’t know about lighting or anything like that. So until I can pick up a camera and I can make sure the lighting is good, the settings are good and all that, I can’t even think about it. If I’m going to be directing, I’m going to be holding the camera. Dani Daniels actually does that. A lot of girls say, ‘I want this, this and this’ and let the other people do the work, that’s not directing to me. Never say never but I don’t really know. I have so many other things that I’m doing right now that I haven’t even thought about it.

CJ: I started out by talking about your award from last year, what about this year? What are some of your best scenes?

Abigail: I’m proud of every single scene that I’ve done because they’re all awesome. (laughs) I did a movie for Wicked called Trouble X 2, I would love to be nominated for Best Actress for that or Best Couples Sex Scene because me and Ryan Driller have done some great scenes. He’s fucking hilarious and I love working with him. I think Lex The Impaler 9 was really good. Holy shit, Lex is one of my favorite performers of all-time! Not only is he a gentleman, he is a great performer and a joy to work with. He’s another genuine person. I was so happy that I was able to be on set with him. I hope that can get nominated for Best Boy/Girl. There’s a lot. One of these days, I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I don’t know any other girl who does a girl/girl scene like I do and I still haven’t won an award for anything related to girl/girl. I would love to win a best Girl/Girl sex scene or something as well. Oil Overload 14 with Manuel was awesome as well. I have that one in my closet, I take it on the road with me and it sells like crazy!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Abigail: On Twitter, I’m @AbigailMac. Instagram is also @MsAbigailMac. Snapchat is @RealAbigailMac. I have my own YouTube channel, just type in youtube.com/abigailmac And I have my own website at abigailmac.com.

Abigail Mac

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