2016 Adult Expo Interview: Adriana Chechik

Captain Jack Interviews Adriana Chechik

Adriana is an explosive adult performer. In fact, I chose her as my Captain Jack Off Performer of the Year for this year. With all due respect to everyone who won an award this year, there was no doubt in my mind that Adriana deserved the award. I talked to enough people in Las Vegas that agreed with me. Needless to say, Adriana is one of the top performers in the industry and she will keep doing what she does. Every time she appears on screen, you can’t take your eyes off her! Sexy, beautiful and smart, Adriana is one of my favorites!

Adriana Chechik

Captain Jack: You’ve had quite a 2015. Three showcase films including The Turning which involved some acting.

Adriana: The Turning was probably my most exciting project of the year just because it was really outside of my realm and my normalcy. I don’t think people expected me to act so well and it was such a different experience. I still get nervous for sex scenes but I really get nervous for acting. Bree Mills and Stillsby Alan were such good coaches. Honestly, I’ve done some acting after that and I don’t think it was as good. I just had such good coaches talking me through it that it made for a whole different experience.

CJ: Along with Adriana’s A Slut and Adriana Chechik: The Ultimate Slut….what more can you accomplish in this industry?

Adriana: There’s always more goals. There’s always more that I can accomplish. The further in porn I get, the more fantasies I have so you’ll have to wait and see. I have 3 good fantasies that I want to do. I’m not going to name them; I’m hoping for another showcase at the beginning of next year. It should top everything anyone else has ever done. It’s an idea no one has ever done before.

CJ: You do some wild and crazy things on camera. How has your on-screen persona affected your personal sex life?

Adriana: I think I’m a little more crazy in my personal life now than I am on screen just because I crave multiple sex, I crave the DP’s. It’s definitely brought out more of the wild side. I don’t like to be a freak on camera and then go home for boring tame sex. I do love to be loved and have lovey sex but, for me, DP’s are my favorite thing. I have more DP’s off camera than on camera!

CJ: Do you have a boyfriend?

Adriana: I do have a boyfriend.

CJ: How does he handle all this?

Adriana: My boyfriend is the best person in the world. He’s super cool. He loves to watch, he gets turned on by it. He’s not lucky, I’m lucky. (laughs)

CJ: Are you still on Tinder?

Adriana: I still use Tinder quite frequently. I just discovered an app that’s like Tinder but for threesomes. It’s fucking amazing. And you can set it up so where you can put your test on line. You can find couples that are tested and it’s a really good experience.

Adriana Chechik

CJ: What are the requirements of a guy to hook up with him?

Adriana; If you treat me like I’m a normal person and you’re a nice guy, I’m going to fuck you over the douchebag with muscles any day. I think guys get the notion that just because we’re pornstars, we want the guy to come up and be real aggressive. That’s all good and well and I’m going to want you to be that way after you’re nice to me. If you just hold my door open for me, I’ll probably give you a blowjob!

CJ: This interview’s over!

Just kidding, people still talk about your triple anal in Gangbang Me 2, do you have any more planned?

Adriana: I’ve done 3 triple anals since then. One in my Jonni Darkko Ultimate Slut showcase, I did one for my website and I recently did another for a company that will be announced soon.

CJ: Do you still have the same reaction like you did the first time? You said it was like a religious experience.

Adriana: The fact is, it’s not only the orgasm you have but the fact that guys are willing to push their bodies to make you feel good.

CJ: You’ve been in it for 3 years now, is there anyone still out there that you’d like to work with?

Adriana: I’ve never worked with Riley Reid. I’ve been trying to work with her for a year. At this point, it’s mainly just women. I really want to work with Maddy O’Reilly, she’s on my level of nastiness and I’m so surprised that we haven’t been paired together yet. As well as Abigail Mac. Right now, I’m really into women so I want to work with only girl/girl performers because they eat pussy the best. (laughs)

CJ: Matchmaker wants to know, in girl/girl scenes, what’s do you like about working with girls your own age?

Adriana; I love older women but I feel girls my own age are more sexual. Not only do they have something to prove but, at this point, I have a name, so girls want to show off to me. I like that, it’s a turn-on. They want to fuck me when the camera’s off; they want to try to make me feel good because of the name I built for myself. I think that’s fucking cool and it’s a turn-on in a weird way. The most fun and the most orgasms I ever had in a girl/girl scene, I just filmed with Mia Malkova for Girlsway. It’s ironic because the whole scene I’m supposed to be getting raped and tell her no. That was a super weird turn-on for me. I was pushing her off and she would tackle me and fuck me and I have a puppy dog crush on her way too much.

CJ: And what do you like about older women?

Adriana: I prefer women in between their 30s and 50s. I like the sexual drive they have and their charisma. I just think they do sex at a higher level than even I would.

CJ: What’s your favorite part about doing porn?

Adriana: My favorite part about doing porn is the fucking orgasms. I’m in a bad mood, then I get fucked, then I’m in a good mood. (laughs)

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you most like to fuck?

Adriana: Together, it’d probably be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie because that would probably be the craziest orgasm of my life!

CJ: If you could pick one Kardashian to bob for french fries in hot grease, who would you pick?

Adriana: None of them because I love all of them! They can do no wrong in my eyes!

CJ: Ron Jeremy: Yes or No?

Adriana: No.

CJ: How can the fans get ahold of you?

Adriana: On Twitter, I’m @AdrianaChechik And I’ve been getting real involved in my website at www.adrianachechik.com so if you want to be sure that you get an email back from me, join the site. I know it sounds like I’m trying to get you to pay me money but I’m seriously there for the connection. You can find me on my webcam for free and you can get more of an intimate experience that way. If not, I’m into Sexting and I’m on ChatStar.

Adriana Chechik

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