2015 Adult Expo Interview: Tanya Tate

Captain Jack Interviews Tanya Tate

Last time, I did an interview with Tanya, it was a quick one so I thought it was time to follow-up. I sat down with Tanya at the recent Adult Expo and tapped into the beautiful blonde cougar’s mind about different aspects of the industry and the new UK censorship laws.

Tanya Tate

Captain Jack: You are a cosplay queen and have been to Comic Con more than a few times. How did you get into that?

Tanya Tate: In 2009, I was actually in San Diego at the time. I saw the big San Diego Comic Con convention taking place and was wondering what it was. All the streets were filled with superheroes! I found out what it was then the next year, I found out I was going to be in America at the same time it was going on and thought I’d go. I got myself a costume. It was a white queen, white tube top and white gloves and a little white mini skirt and thigh high PVC boots. I put the costume on and you can’t park near the convention so I parked way far away. We started to walk in and everyone was asking to take my picture and it was kind of wild having people take my picture while fully clothed. (laughs) People really liked it so from there I started the cosplay blog which is www.justalottatanya.com and it grew from there. I use it to document my superhero adventures. I started collecting stuff and go to different conventions and it just grew.

CJ: Do you incorporate cosplay into your own personal sex life?

Tanya: I have! But I’ll be honest, in my personal sex life, I’m naked. (laughs) I do so much sexy stuff on camera that when I’m home, I just want to be naked. (laughs)

CJ: Growing up in England is a little bit different than the States. Over there, sex and sexuality is so natural and violence is shunned to the background. It’s just the opposite here. Saying that, did the culture influence you at all when you got into porn?

Tanya: For me, it just felt natural for me anyways so I wasn’t aware of the environment. I wasn’t so much aware of how it was perceived. I did make headlines on the islands and porn was really frowned upon. Island is a very religious, very family oriented place, at least on the outside. That was scandalous. They thought I was forced to have sex. C’mon, everyone came willingly and there were several of emails exchanged about the location. Everyone came willingly but it was frowned upon. You think that sex is accepted, well, it kind of is. People do watch it but people find it scandalous. They just brought out some new laws in England about censorship. It’s just an absolute joke. There are now guidelines as to what you can show on the internet, if it’s a UK based internet. If it’s cable television in the UK, if it’s DVD’s sold in the UK with the UK license, there are things that you can’t have. Things like strangulation. I don’t like that personally but I like to face sit. So if you want me to stick my big ass on you, you’re not allowed to show that. You’re not allowed to do certain acts that are implied like people underage. So you can’t do schoolgirl even if everyone’s of age. Schoolgirl stuff is gone. Dirty talk is gone because you can’t talk derogatorily. I used to do the Tanya Tate Casting Couch and now I can’t do that anymore. So if you think sex is accepted, it is in the main but now they put a big stamp on it so people are going to think that it’s really bad. So now you’re making people take a step back and rethink what is acceptable. Sex should be open and you should be the judge of what you’re going to watch. Now, even when you sign up for a new internet service, they put a lock on it and you have to phone them and tell them you want to watch porn. It’s not like a childlock, it applied to everyone. The government is controlling everything over there.

CJ: I really liked the feature you directed, Lesbian Family Affair, now #2 is coming out. Tell me about that one.

Tanya: It’s coming out in February. I shot all of the 8 scenes for the two movies all about the same time. Part 2 is with Jillian Janson and Abby Cross. Jillian is my daughter and she’s a party girl. I tell her and her friend to be quiet. The next day, she comes out with Abby and after they start talking, it clicks in my head that it’s the daughter that I gave away. To cut a long story short, we all end up banging on the sofa. There’s all threeways and there’s another scene with Kendra Lust and Whitney Westgate. It’s just a hot feature.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Tanya wet?

Tanya: I’m not a rough type of girl, you never see me in really hard core scenes. I like the kissing and the touching and the licking. I like the passion. I really believe in foreplay.

CJ: Do you prefer women off camera?

Tanya: Well at the show, I’m feeling a lot of asses and boobs! (laughs)

Tanya Tate, Kendra Lust, Julia Ann

CJ: What do you look for in a woman off camera?

Tanya: I just like cuteness. If I see a woman and she has a nice ass or nice boobs or a pretty face, I’m just down with that. (laughs)

CJ: All your directing titles have been lesbian features, would you like to direct boy/girl?

Tanya: I would like to. I’m not exclusive to directing lesbian movies. It’s just that the company I direct for is exclusive to girl/girl. I would like to direct some more movies and if that includes boy/girl scenes, I’m up for that. We’ve still got the condom law and that’s a big issue for the industry so that’s a little bit of an issue.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Tanya before her first scene, what would you tell her?

Tanya: To be fair, I think the experiences that you go through make you a better person. I think I would just be forewarned a little bit about how my career was going to go so maybe I could have directed it in a certain direction. But the experiences make up the journey and it’s been amazing. There’s nothing that I say, ‘God, I wish I hadn’t done that.’

CJ: You’re one of the hardest working women in the industry. You perform. You direct. You also have a PR agency. Tell me about everything you have going on.

Tanya: We have the publicity company, which is StarFactoryPR. At the AVN Awards 2015, we have a lot of people that have come on board with us. Some of them are only temporary. The ones that have come on are good people. I have a hardcore website, www.tanyatate.com Expect a change this year, it’s going to be moving onto a different platform, it’s going to be even better, more interactive, so I’m excited about that. The cosplay blog, I’m going to get more involved in that.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Tanya: On Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, it’s @TanyaTate. Facebook is RealTanyaTate. And you can fuck my pussy at FuckTanya.com which will take you to the Fleshlight page. You can text me and call me at www.tanyatate.com. You can buy all my stuff at www.tanyatatestore.com

Tanya Tate

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