2015 Adult Expo Interview: Phoenix Marie

Captain Jack Interviews Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie is legendary in this industry. She has a large rack, a big ass and deep throat skills second to none! I’ve seen Phoenix at a few adult conventions over the year and finally had the chance to talk to her briefly. She is very open and very fun loving, just as she comes across on camera! This is just a brief primer for what will hopefully be a longer interview soon

Phoenix Marie

Captain Jack: I’m always interested in how girls got their start in porn, so what’s the Phoenix Marie story?

Phoenix Marie: I got my start in porn, honestly, because I liked sex. My ex was really into porn and I had never even watched it before. He said, ‘you should try it!’ I came to AVN in January of 2007. Then I met Randy Spears said I should try it. October of 2007, I split up with my ex, I said, ‘You know what? I have this car, I have this company, I think I’ll try it!’ I met up with Derek Hay, Ben English to those who watch porn. I tried it and I liked it. It was amazing. My first scene was for Vivid’s Brand New Faces 2, I did a second scene with Julius Ceazher, I liked it and I kept going.

CJ: Did you have any corporate jobs before you started in the industry?

Phoenix: I was with Harley Davidson for 7 and ½ years. I worked for Red Rocks and Sahara out here in Vegas.

CJ: When you joined, were you aware of the social stigma associated with porn or didn’t that matter to you?

Phoenix: I knew nothing about it. I had been with 5 guys before porn, all long-term relationships, kind of kinky but nothing crazy. I did anal before porn and liked it. I just thought, ‘why not?’

CJ: Who are your favorite performers to work with, men and women?

Phoenix: Flower Tucci, I never got to work with Olivia O’Lovely but we’re very good friends and she’s amazing. Manuel and I do amazing scenes, Kieran Lee and I do amazing things. Also, Lexington Steele and I do amazing scenes. 

CJ: For anyone that is not familiar with your work or has been living under a rock, if you could point them to the ultimate Phoenix Marie scene, what would you say?

Phoenix: Let’s go with the throwback with Evil Anal 7 with Manuel. That’s the first time I really got manhandled. I would say anything with Jay Sin, Anal Buffet, stuff like that. Any Jules Jordan, Ass Worship 11 comes to mind.

Phoenix Marie

CJ: I saw you in a BTS once. There was just this 12” dildo lying on a table and you put the whole fucking thing in your mouth like it was nothing, where did you learn your deep throat skills? Did you learn that in porn?

Phoenix: I learned it in porn, I’ll be honest! If you look at something like Brand New Faces, I’m looking like I was intimated by the dick, I wanted to throw up. Ramon Nomar and myself used to date years ago and he told me that I have to learn how to deep throat. I was a little apprehensive but he actually choked me on the bed and made me throw up all over it. He was holding my throat open and taught me how to do it.

CJ: If I see Ramon here, I’ll thank him.

Phoenix. (laughs) You should, he’s the man!

CJ: You have a fantastic body, do you have any special diet or exercise plan?

Phoenix: I work out everyday but I eat a lot of junk food.

CJ: What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions about porn?

Phoenix: Everyone thinks we’re all whores. But everyone knows how picky I am, I have a ‘yes’ list. I’ll fuck any girl though, I’ll be honest. (laughs) ‘You’re very cute! Let’s fuck!’

CJ: Do you have any fantasies left that you want to live out on camera?

Phoenix: I do know a lot of T-girls, Foxy being one of them. She’s one of my really good friends. She keeps wanting to film and Kink keeps saying, ‘Yes, please. Yes, please. Yes, please.’ Jay Sin wants to shoot me with a 3-on-1 T-girls like Venus Lux, Foxy, probably like Mia Isabella or Vanity. He thinks it would be an awesome movie.

CJ: Have you ever done a double anal?

Phoenix: I have but it was taken down because it was too violent. It was for Brazzers.

CJ: I’ve seen you at a few of these shows now. It always looks like you’re having the time of your life, does it ever get old?

Phoenix: Meeting fans never gets old. There’s always new ones that I’ve never met at these events. If you treat it like the amazing thing it is, it’s not work.

CJ: A couple girls that have been in the industry for awhile like Lisa Ann or Francesca Le’ have turned to directing. Do you want to do that?

Phoenix: I do, yes. I’ve actually directed before for Penthouse. I did a whole Phoenix Anal 101 thing. I directed for Angela White for her website. I actually directed her first anal on camera. She was so cute, she was taking off her stockings and rolling them up real slowly, I was like, ‘Bitch, really?’ Do it again! (laughs)

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold you you?

Phoenix: On Twitter, I’m @PMarizzle. Instagram is Phoenix Marie and on the internet, go anywhere!

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Phoenix Marie


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  1. Small correction: Instagram is PhxMarie

  2. hi marie iam your biggest fan please reply me i want to say something to you please?

  3. You have to come to Anguilla someday, so that I can meet you in the flesh Wonder Woman, you are the Greatest..Wow..

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