2015 Adult Expo Interview: Kendra Lust

Captain Jack Interviews Kendra Lust

Kendra is one of the top MILF’s working in the industry. In fact, she’s getting bigger and juicier roles every week! She is one of the top adult entertainers on the feature dance circuit and will have a showcase movie dedicated to her nasty sexual antics early in 2015. I caught up with her at the recently completed Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas and we got caught up!

Kendra Lust

Captain Jack: Last time we talked, you told me you were an honor student so your parents never had a problem with you. But, you were very promiscuous. When did you lose your virginity?

Kendra Lust: I was in high school, 15. I was just really horny and the guy I was dating at the time, I knew he was very shy, so I kind of wanted to take it from him and I did. It was the best 33 seconds of his life.

CJ: Were you with girls before porn too?

Kendra: Oh yeah, not as much. I had maybe a few experiences. It was never full bore, it was just licking, touching…nothing too crazy. Women were my first love but I never engaged in hard core sex with a girl really until porn.

CJ: How many guys were you with before the industry?

Kendra: Maybe 9 or 10.

CJ: You had 34DD’s as a 16 year old, when did you discover the power of the pussy or the power of the tits, in your case?

Kendra: Probably the day they grew out and I found out what they did to guys. (laughs) I had a lot of fun with them.

CJ: When did they start growing?

Kendra: I didn’t have boobs until 9th grade summer and then in 10th grade they just blossomed.

CJ: I have to ask you about a big release that came out towards the end of 2014, The Booty Movie.

Kendra: I liked that one! I hope it gets good reviews, I really do.

CJ: I gave it a good review.

Kendra: Thank you but I have to ask people. That was hot, that was fun. There was a lot of sexual tension between Prince and I for a long time. I like big guys like him, not even necessarily muscular like him, just big guys. He’s so in tune to women and their bodies and what feels good. We kind of clicked so I was loving every inch of him!

CJ: That was your first interracial, why’d you wait so long?

Kendra: Honestly, for me it was a business decision. I’ve been with black men in my personal life so it’s not a big deal to me. But when it comes to the industry, it’s a niche and it was something new that my fans hadn’t seen. I was ready, so let’s just do it. I do what I want to do when I want to do it and I knew it was the right time for it.
Kendra Lust

CJ: So you established a relationship with Arch Angel, you’re even signing for them this week, you also have a showcase movie coming out. What’s going to be in that?

Kendra: I’m excited. There’s going to be some anal stuff going on. But it’s with toys! It just highlights me a little more raw. It’s dirtier. The last scene we’re going to really spice it up.

CJ: Is it filmed yet?

Kendra: All but that last scene.

CJ: A year ago, you said you had plans. Here we are one year later, are you ever going to do anal?

Kendra: I’m just not there yet. I want to be ready and I need to practice more in my personal life. If it’s not something I do on a regular basis and it’s not something I enjoy, I’m not going to do it on film just for a paycheck. I want to put on a good scene, I want it to feel good… it has to be right.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually in the 3 years you’ve been in the industry?

Kendra: I have learned that I have more intense orgasms when I put a finger in my ass. (laughs) I’ve learned that I can squirt. I don’t squirt a lot, I’ve only done it in a handful of films.

CJ: You also recently wrapped up a title that I’m intrigued by, Lesbian Family Affairs #2.

Kendra: That was for Filly Films. I don’t know why but I’m telling you, that was such a turn-on. Maybe because I know it’s so taboo. My pussy was so wet. You didn’t even have to touch me and… ‘Wow!’

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Kendra: I am a big sports fanatic. So I love watching football. I watch basketball. I’m a big WWE girl, I love Monday Night Raw. I do like to read when I have time, there’s a nerdy side to me. I don’t like working out but it’s important.

CJ: You have your own line of t-shirts?

Kendra: I’m in the process right now of opening my own store. Right now, that’s currently in the works. I’ll have other things besides shirts too, like hats and decals.

CJ: Of course, you are one of the top adult performers on the feature dance circuit! Any upcoming appearances?

Kendra: I just featured in Detroit last weekend. I’ll be in El Paso, Texas on February 13 and 14. I don’t have anything scheduled in March but in April, I’ll be in Chile.

CJ: Finally, you’re involved with something called Fab Wrap.

Kendra: It’s really cool. They’re PG pictures. They’re sticker decals that you can put on your refrigerator. It’s me in a bikini and shots like that. You can get your favorite girl to put on your favorite device.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Kendra: On Twitter, it’s @KendraLust Instagram is @TheReal_KendraLust and you can check out some of my dirty scenes on www.kendralust.com

Kendra Lust

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  2. wow. great!!!,. Love you Kendra,. your IR scenes are amazing. Thank you so much for entertaining us.
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  6. She is so beautiful I want to spend some time with her.she is stunning and very adorable. Luv u kendra uuuuummmmaaaaa

  7. I love u Kendra wants to spend my whole life with u

  8. Hi! Congratulations for your blog. It’s great to know another side of the performers! My favorite scene of hers is Brazzers’ The handicam and the whore with Ramon Nomar. She looks unreal there (giving me serious Monica Bellucci vibes) and it’s the only one where she looks overwhelmed by the stud. She has another hot scene with Bangbros (the one where she’s fucked in a warehouse, it was one of her first ones). I think she has potential to be one of the best performers ever (best body in years), but unfortunately her recent output is more of the lesbian and “milf teaches boy” kind which IMO is pretty boring and wastes her potential. You industry guys should convince her to film a scene with Nacho Vidal, the only guy that could pose a threat to her. A combination of these two would be an instant classic! Cheers.

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